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Environment/Science Last Updated: Jul 13, 2021 - 10:22:49 PM

Wed 07 Jul: Sow and Reap - Class Standing - Info Coil - Harm's Vessel - Graphene Sins - Vectors - Door Karens
By Tore says with comments by Ron
Jul 14, 2021 - 9:36:38 PM

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Wed 07 Jul: Sow and Reap - Class Standing - Info Coil - Harm's Vessel - Graphene Sins - Vectors - Door Karens

[Ron: Tore says, discusses life as process and information, and the effects of graphene, (especially from the 50 minute mark). She says graphene is not toxic

Partial transcription:

Tore Says: Your DNA is an information antenna in a coil. The quantum information system is innately part of you. Graphene has many many uses. Humans are trying to replicate the Quantum information system that is innately part of you. INTENTION is the Key. We need to understand the DIVINITY of it. This is what we have seen with vaccines that have used graphene. Bio-hackers try to hijack systems. The problem is that when you use things in nature which are there to assist always; to reinforce scaffolding; maybe to make living things stronger, or smarter, or connected, the better. They don't understand the Divinity of it. Graphene has many, many uses... It can create interconnectivity through fields that already exist of energy that noone else can tap. Graphene can actually mimic energy waves... It can be used in the form of rfid. It can be used in many, many ways. These experiments with other things within this biodome which are all here to be used by man, have been done so with the goal of control rather than the goal of liberation. And that would be to free the chains of limitations.

When you do something for ego-centric reasons rather than to help people ie to liberate people so that they become One. Things done for the wrong reasons will fail. There are many things that we have at our disposal . THE INTENTION BEHIND CREATING THINGS ARE WHAT'S IMPORTANT. The intention will provide the life of whatever it is that you are creating. IF done for the right reasons the outcome resonates of "good". This is why good intentions are behind actions. The intention behind your actions is very very important. This is where nature really takes its course. Intention is an energy that is behind action.

So Graphene is pretty much scaffolding. Tore says that back in March 2020 graphene was visible on the "virus" that they supposedly found. It was developed because it had sticky feet - you could see the seam of graphene on the 'virus' that they supposedly found. Graphene creates sticky feet. Intentions are the downfall of wrong actions. Your intention is the most important thing and energy you can do to empower something. The intention!

We are in the position we are in with the COVID scamdemic because it is everyone's fault. It's because of our intentions. For instance failure to report having all the data that Hydroxychloraquin blocks HIV, blocks viruses from acting like parasites.

The intention of how you utilise products is important. For instance niobium applied to enamel actually regrows enamel. So how is it that something living/dead can be activated by niobium? Why are dentists hiding this knowledge fro people? Whoes equestering this information? Niobium can also trigger regrowth of bones. Whoes sequestering that information?

What is a person's intention when they are communicating with you? When they interacting with you? When they are providing a product or speaking to you? Intention is key here and it always is.

Graphene has been around for a very long time. They use graphene to recreate frequencies of energy. They use graphene to create a biological merged rfid chips. By ingesting it you actually have temporary tracking information. By embedding it into your code or being the scaffolding for your code it can allow someone to have access to things remote control. This is real science.

How do we help mankind as a people? How do we participate. There's a way that you can change things... The way the frequencies in your mind work is how you are able to function.

Gamma waves are the ones that have expanded consciousness. Just as gamma waves are the ones that are in x-rays that see right through you.. It's all about communication.

With our DNA there's always miscommunication. Sometimes it sounds like its the same signal but it isn't the same signal. Its's crosstalk. When you're using things like rNA vaccines, and you're providing instructions to hyjack certain proteins to decode mRNA with your machinery, to create a protein, do not be mistaken that mistakes are made. Because every single human being has a digital footprint just like they have a biological footprint. And so when you're using graphene as a vessel, the graphene that you use as a vessel in order to stabilise... graphene stabilises things, this is why COVID-19 was invented and they used graphene to create it. So obviously whatever mRNA vaccine they're going to thow at you, is going to have graphene in it. Because it's graphene created. There's many tangles that occur; there's many reactions, and that because they did blindly. This whole deployment of this vaccine was to eliminate the weakest. I mean why do you think they went for the old people first?

So this graphene is bot toxic for you. It is not toxic. In fact it can solve a lot of problems that human kind has brought upon itself if used correctly. It is an answer to many things. Obviously in conjunction with others. But when you're using it as a vessel to do harm, well that's different. Because they need graphene in order to be able to use it from a distance...

Go and look at patents for crypto mining through humans... So once again, graphene is not something that is toxic. They actually use graphene to monitor how safe or fresh your food is. Didja know that?... They use graphene for a variaety of things. Like I said, tracking, food printing. I have a video about that. See Video... It's changing the actual molecular composition of bread and wood. It's changing the actual molecular composition of the bread, the wood, the potato the cloth and YOU. It is changing your molecular composition. It is not toxic. It is replacing.

So do they say its silcon based life in Venus and carbon here? It's highly identical. What you can do is hijack carbon and replace it with graphene because it integrates. You can take a coconut and convert that into graphene. Now why would we have something like this. It's all conductive. It can conduct electricity. So what we can do now, is make electronics embedded within fabrics and make electronics embedded within wood. ... We can write rfid text directly on boxes so you can trll where it's been, or you put a sensor on the box and see what kind of conditions it's been exposed too... Why would one want edible electronics. Well... can you say take electronics embeded on food and use this as a heat circuit to heat the food more easily . They say an rfid tag written on this potato to say where has it been, how long has it been stored, wheat's it's country of origin and city of origin and what path did it go to to get to your table. All that can be embedded, not on a seperate tag that's placed on the food but directly on the food itself. and these can also have sensors that would detect ecoli, sensors that could detect microorganisms that you might not want that could immediately light up and give you a signal that you don't want to eat this. So being able to barcode food in a sense could have real advantages.

Graphene does not cause you harm. It's just the vehicle. So when people tell you it's toxic, it's not. It's the vector.So you're eating soup that's poison but you're blaming the bowl. OK. Graphene is the bowl. Now is it a bad thing? Yes it is. And I'm going to be quite frank and say that there's a lot of people that were introduced to this technology without their consent and you have been slowly introduced to it; other people were propelled into it. And what this has as its properties that conduct electricity. Can you imagine that you're piece of wood that you put graphene in can connect with the internet, easily...

Imagine that there was a human being that was so riddled with all of this and it didn't fail. But that human being to tap into your thermostat and listen to everything. Tap into your I-watch and listen to everything...Think of it like remote viewing. Imagine how dangerous a person like that would be if they didn't have limitations.


Publisher's Comments:

Operations against the people have entered a more intense phase. The President starts the legal take down of big tech. Go door to door to kick off a war. Sticky feet are not always good. Did anyone notice that seam? Proximity and intentions must go together. Tangles and reactions are just two complications. Delta waves and variants add to the mix. Truth and anger resonate much differently. This just in, MSM is a tool. The secondary effects of vax spreaders. An army of psycho do-gooders. United we're unstoppable, and they know it. Stick to the honest truth because it cannot be cancelled. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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