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Environment/Science Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

The Ultimate E-Cat Cold Fusion Transmutation
By Hank Mills
Jul 10, 2012 - 3:33:55 PM

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The Ultimate E-Cat Cold Fusion Transmutation

Our world is a harsh place that can induce despair in the hearts of many, but the E-Cat cold fusion technology is about to provide the ultimate transmutation.


By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Life is a learning process. As we age and grow, we have new experiences and gain knowledge about the world in which we live. Among many other lessons, we learn about the concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, what the mainstream considers real, and what they claim is made up. If we do not stray from the narrow path of what our school teachers tell us and what the "mainstream" teaches, reality is not really too awfully complicated. But when we look outside of the box into all of the exotic possibilities, the world becomes a fascinating place full of limitless potential. 

The mainstream view of reality is that we live in a civilization that has already discovered all the really significant "big things." According to this tragic mindset, there is really little more to learn of tremendous practical value. Although there are frequent advances in consumer products such as computers and cell phones, it is said that we should not fantasize about true solutions to the energy crisis. We should also not hope for a way to master gravity, and harness it for the benefit of mankind. In addition, we should be content with tediously slow rocket based space propulsion that limits us to the exploration of our solar system, because any hope for something more advanced is science fiction.

The skeptical viewpoint we are taught extends further. No one *really* gives us hope for the idea the human aging process (which is just a complex disease) could eventually be reversed, or even cured. Children are just taught that everyone grows old and dies, eventually. We are also conditioned to be impressed by countless mediocre inventions. New hybrid cars that have slightly improved gas mileage, improved solar panels that may yield a few additional percent efficiency, and longer-lasting light bulbs are supposed to make us think, "Wow, that's cool!" We are supposed to think of all these minor innovations as significant, when in reality they change very little.

This limited reality, with only slight room for improvement, is enough for most people. To cope with the harshness of reality, they choose not to think about certain facts. They ignore the millions of annual deaths due to malnutrition and disease, look the other way at the massive pollution that is being emitted into our environment, and accept the idea of the government giving oil companies never-ceasing subsidies to keep our civilization chugging down fossil fuels for the foreseeable future. To keep themselves occupied and their minds distracted from these realities, the majority of people throw themselves into materialism. Having access to the latest high tech cell phone, being able to play on the video gaming system with the best graphics, having the fastest car, and wearing the most expensive name brand clothing becomes a mind-numbing drug. This, combined with the increasing sexualization of our society, is enough to molify the masses, for the most part.

However, there are some of us who are not happy with reality. The state of affairs on this planet deeply disturbs us on a fundamental level. The reality the mainstream espouses just seems too cruel, too limited, contains too few possibilities, offers almost no hope for the future, and seems to be a continual source of despair.

Perhaps we have tried to fill our lives with other things to distract our minds from the harshness of the current civilization on this planet, but it did not work. Despite trying to walk the line and forget about the things wrong with the world, we could not keep our minds from wondering if there must be something more, something better, something truly worth living for.

Although I'm a Christian and believe that, due to my salvation, I will have a home in heaven one day, I do not find an overwhelming sense of immediate satisfaction from that. Right now, I'm on Earth, this planet is my home, and the knowledge of the future paradise I may reside in after my death does not diminish my shock at the horrors that are taking place here.

So in my life I've searched for possibilities.... nuggets of information that could provide glimmers of hope for a better civilization on this planet. Those of us who have gone down this path have found different ropes to mentally clasp onto, that we can use to pull our minds out of the abyss of hopelessness.

The Stars and Beyond

The search for such possibilities started at a young age for me. I remember watching Star Trek for the first time. The possibility of traveling across the galaxy to other civilizations fascinated me. The idea of interacting with extraterrestrial species -- many of which could have been around far longer than humanity -- fascinated me. The sheer amount of knowledge we could learn from such an advanced intelligent species motivated me to read more, search more, and to keep digging for answers.

I ended up becoming fascinated with incidents such as the Roswell UFO crash that took place in early July of 1947 outside of Roswell, NM. The possibility (now a probable certainty, in my opinion) that humanity made contact with extraterrestrial life forms during the incident was a breakthrough revelation in my life. After spending years researching countless sightings, incidents, abductions, remote deactivation of nuclear hardware, and other related phenomena, I became convinced that we are not alone in this universe. In fact, humanity is being observed and interacted with, and has been for a very long time.

As I grew older, I was able to grab on to other sources of hope in a world I grew increasingly unhappy with. I read about alternative energy research, and eventually heard about cold fusion research. I read about Pons and Fleishmann and their early experiments, and started to investigate other exotic technologies, such as magnet motors, overunity transformers, and even the work of Nikola Tesla, who found methods of harnessing the aether.

It was easy to conclude that a cheap, safe, and unlimited source of energy was one of the top discoveries that could change the world. Such a paradigm-shifting breakthrough would have countless implications including changing the geo-political state of the world, giving greater independence to the individual, potentially reducing the power of government, and improving the human condition on this planet.

With a source of unlimited energy, the world could become a very different place. Instead of millions of people dying of hunger and thirst, if used appropriately, free energy technology could be used to provide life-giving sustenance to every human on the planet. In the process of doing so, the economies of the world could be improved. Instead of destroying our environment to sustain humanity, we could actually fix and reverse much of the damage we have done. We could turn deserts into farmland, extract CO2 from the atmosphere (to be put back in the atmosphere if we needed to, in a potential mini-ice age), send ships around the world's oceans collecting the massive amount of garbage floating around, and even sort through every piece of scrap metal put into a landfill.

The E-Cat Arrives

Of course, some of the specific technologies I hoped could provide such energy have not yet been fully developed and commercialized. However, since early 2011, I have been aware of a technology that is real, works, and is rapidly moving towards the marketplace -- or may even be currently sold on a small scale. This technology is Andrea Rossi's E-Cat or Energy Catalyzer. And his company, Leonardo Corporation, is not the only company pursuing this type of energy, providing redundancy and healthy competition to the industry.

The E-Cat utilizes tiny amounts of nickel powder, hydrogen gas, and undisclosed (for proprietary reasons) catalysts to produce nuclear reactions, with the result being a massive release of energy in the form of heat. In every way, this technology matches what I had hoped for throughout my childhood and later on in my life.

  • It is environmentally friendly, in that it produces no nuclear waste, consumes no nuclear fuel, and emits no pollution into the environment.
  • It is safe, because, unlike traditional nuclear reactors, if the fuel "melts down", the nuclear reactions automatically cease due to the nickel powder melting. In a worst case, a small hydrogen explosion is possible, but no nuclear holocaust.
  • It consumes tiny amounts of cheap fuel. A typical reactor capable of producing ten to twenty kilowatts of heat for months utilizes only 1.5 grams of nickel (less than the weight of a dime) and only a few grams of hydrogen. The catalysts and processing of the nickel is said to add only 10% to the cost of the fuel. So literally speaking, a home could be heated for a year utilizing a couple dollars worth of fuel.
  • It is portable, which means it could be used in cars, planes, boats, and space craft.
  • It has a high power density. A small reactor with a volume of only 50 cubic centimeters (about the same as a D-Cell battery) can produce kilowatts of power.

During 2011, I read about many tests of the E-Cat that took place that utilized many different engineers and scientists from around the world. Many different types of E-Cats (shapes and sizes) were tested, and the tests were conducted in different ways. In some tests, hot water was produced, and in other tests steam was produced. The results of these tests were positive again and again. The gains of energy found were huge -- often in excess of 6x, and many times much higher.

Some of the tests utilized periods of self-sustained operation, in which the E-Cat consumed almost no power whatsoever. One example was a test by Dr. Levi in which an E-Cat consumed less than 100 watts, but during a period of time, produced over 120 kilowatts of heat. For the rest of the test, around 15 kilowatts were produced. The gain of energy was obvious.

I also heard about (from multiple sources) tests conducted by many different organizations including Defkalion (which previously had a business relationship with Andrea Rossi), Ampenergo, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and others. These tests showed again and again that the technology worked. Even some of Rossi's biggest detractors will admit in private conversation that the technology works and there have been successful tests, while publicly they attack him.

Then again, at the test of the one megawatt plant, a huge amount of power (almost have a megawatt) was produced, while only a fraction of the power was utilized in the form of electricity. The agent of the military customer signed off on the test, and agreed the test report was accurate.

A Cynical Infarction

Of course, due to the very bold claims made, the cynics and pseudo-skeptics came out in full force. They continue to attack the E-Cat and Andrea Rossi to this day. Every time I go online to view the latest news about the E-Cat, I read posts made by these cynics. They try to attack Rossi in every way they can, and even go so far to often tell flat out lies, make up problems that do not exist, and try in every way to influence the public into thinking that he is a snake oil salesman that is perpetuating a scam.

The good news is that the days are numbered that these pseudo-skeptics and cynics will be capable of continuing to attack the reality of the E-Cat. This is because the E-Cat technology is flat out real. It is as real as conventional nuclear fission, as real as the internal combustion engine, and as real as antibiotics.

Yes, despite what the cynics may say, I feel no hesitation whatsoever proclaiming the reality of the technology. I defy their closed-mindedness and lack of ability to cope with the emergence of a paradigm-shattering technology. As time passes, the evidence continues to accumulate that the E-Cat technology is going to change the world.

Perhaps the best piece of evidence yet will be the report coming out soon of an extended test of around twenty high temperature (over 600 Celsius) E-Cat modules. This test is being conducted for Andrea Rossi's military customer, under the instruction of the agent of the customer. In a matter of weeks, the test results should provide undeniable evidence of the reality of the E-Cat, and the ability of the technology to work at high temperatures in a totally stable manner.

I expect that when the report comes out, it will convince many of the honestly skeptical "fence sitters" who have been waiting for additional evidence with an open mind. However, I expect the hard core cynics, and competitors posing as skeptics, to ramp up their attacks higher than ever. But with the stellar quality of evidence that I expect will be provided by the report, the biased nature of their attacks will become more obvious.

The skeptics that yelled and screamed that heavier than air flight was impossible (months after the first flights by the Wright Brothers) were eventually silenced due to the overwhelming evidence they were dead wrong. Simple reality trumped these overzealous skeptics, and the same will be true with the E-Cat.

Of course these cynics have more to fear than Rossi, because other companies are working on Ni-H fusion as well. It is only a matter of time before the world accepts that Ni-H reactions take place, produce vast amounts of energy, and can be used to end the energy crisis.

The Future Holds the Most Powerful Transmutation of All

It's hard to predict the future, because there are so many wildcards. At any moment, a black swan event could take place that could alter the course of human history beyond what any cold fusion technology could restore. However, I expect it is likely that in the next few months, events will take place that start to force the mainstream media to take cold fusion seriously. By the end of the year, I expect it to be one of the biggest topics of discussion on the internet, on television, on the radio, and even in local restaurants.

I think one reason it will be widely talked about is that it is something very, very rare. It is finally some *really good news* coming out of what people thought was a cold case. For most, it will be totally unexpected. As the masses start to recognize the significance of the technology, the power of cold fusion will not only transmute nickel to copper, but will also be able to transmute despair into hope -- the strongest emotion on the planet, second only to love.

The fact that an "impossible" technology (partially considered so because the benefits would be just too huge) is in actuality a hard reality, will open up countless minds to the idea of a better tomorrow. People may start realizing the world their children will grow up in really does have a chance of being a pretty awesome place full of possibilities, instead of a collapsed civilization in ruins.

Although there will be some opposition to cold fusion by certain entities (perhaps hot fusion research institutes), there will be no stopping the technology from proliferating. The exact speed of its proliferation may depend on many factors, but it will be utilized. There will be nations that simply will not be able to afford NOT to utilize cold fusion technology. I can imagine situations in which one nation may give up on trying to enforce draconian and excessive safety regulations, because they would be losing an economic advantage to other nations that are using the technology widely.

The benefits provided by cold fusion will be many times as significant as those of cheap oil (before it became expensive in modern times) brought to the world a hundred or so years ago, but without many of the drawbacks. With a gram of nickel in a cold fusion reactor capable of providing the energy of multiple barrels of oil, with no pollution, and being completely portable, a new cold fusion age will emerge. What history will call this age is unknown, but it will be a period of time in which the world was dragged away from the edge of a cliff, and towards a future with limitless possibilities.

There is no telling what may emerge in the years that follow the start of the cold fusion revolution. I expect the reduction in cynicism and psuedo-skepticism will allow for many additional exotic technologies to emerge. In a short period of time, humanity could be colonizing our solar system and beyond.

Just maybe, we will finally take all of our "eggs out of one basket" and distribute them across the solar system and then, our galaxy. Of course, this may have already been done before, and in the process, we may meet some long lost cousins -- if they are not already visiting us.

As a fairly young man with the hope of anti-aging technologies extending my lifespan, I hope to see the exciting world that I expect will emerge due to the emergence of cold fusion technology. Perhaps I may even get a chance to travel beyond this Earth, and live out many of my childhood dreams that I still have to this day.

My advice to everyone is to keep living, keep moving forward, and keep hoping. There are wonders around the corner, if we do not give up. Although life is hard, the future is worth living for. It is important to keep in mind that the false world the cynics and the mainstream has painted in the minds of so many is not reality. The true nature of the universe and its unlimited possibilities are about to be opened, and cold fusion is the key.

I await the ultimate transmutation that the E-Cat has to offer.

And cold fusion isn't the only genre of clean, renewable, affordable energy coming forth. There are a number of other very exciting developments that paint a bright picture of hope for our future.

# # #

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