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Environment/Science Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

The Game Changer: E-Cat Device from Andrea Rossi
By Andrea Rossi
Sep 22, 2011 - 6:00:12 AM

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The Game Changer: E-Cat Device from Andrea Rossi: Cold Fusion; an almost free energy gets closer to being Confirmed!

The Rossi E-Catis said to only burn about an ounce of powdered nickel every couple of months while continuously generating enough heat to boil water and use the steam to drive steam turbines to generate electricity or to heat buildings.If it's capabilities are proven it will change energy production world wide, drastically  reducing the demand for Oil and reducing ithe cost of electric power. See:

The Ultimate Ni-H Cold Fusion E-Cat Test

Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer), is planning multiple upcoming tests of his technology. These tests should provide even more confirmation that the E-Cat technology is valid. The coming weeks may not be pleasant for cynics!

One of the fifty-two 27-kW modules that make up the 1 MW unit.
Screen shot from video by Mats Lewan, Ny Teknik.


by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology is real and works. Several tests over the last year have proven that the technology is valid, beyond any reasonable doubt. Although many of the tests were not perfect, no reasonable statement can be made refuting the fact the technology works as claimed. Hardcore cynics and skeptics have continually tried to pick out flaws in the experiments, and create problems where none exist. However, everything considered and despite any flaws, the tests clearly indicated very large gains of energy. 

Currently, there are multiple tests of the E-Cat being planned that will resolve any of the imperfections in previous tests and provide evidence that no one (except for paid trolls) will be able to criticize. In these tests, there will be long periods of operation in "self sustain mode" which will show "heat after death", meaning energy production after the input power has been turned off. "Heat after death" was already demonstrated to a limited degree during the recent
performed on an E-Cat by Mats Lewan of NyTeknik. Oddly, after only 35 minutes in self sustain mode, he asked for the test to be ended. The fact the test was ended so quickly is very frustrating. Even though the 35 minutes of heat production without any input was a clear indicator of a true nuclear effect, another hour or so in self sustain mode would have produced evidence *no one* could try to shoot down.

One of these tests will be performed on the one megawatt plant when it is launched in October, which will be operating in a mostly self sustaining mode. The one megawatt plant will be composed of 52 individual reactors that each contain multiple cores. The reactors are of a new design that we do not know much about, except that the amount of lead shielding has increased, the volume of water that can be held inside has increased, the power density per cubic centimeter has stayed the same (the last model could produce a maximum of 10kW per 50cc), and the surface area of the reactor has increased (this will improve the transfer of heat from the reactor to the water).

Many scientists will be present during the test of the one megawatt plant, along with representatives from the company that is purchasing the one megawatt unit. The location of the test is not yet known, because Rossi has stated the moment someone learns where the test will be held, the identity of the well-known, big-name partner company would be easy to figure out. This test should prove to the world once and for all that the technology works as claimed. Also, the test will stream live on the internet, and will include a live feed of a power meter measuring the input power.

It has also been revealed that along with the one megawatt plant, a 5 kW E-Cat heater for use in homes will be demonstrated and tested. This device will not directly heat water, but will utilize a closed system in which water is phase changed into steam and then reused. The heat from this closed system will be transmitted through a heat exchanger that will then heat water for the home. Andrea Rossi recently mentioned a test he has performed on such a system that produced 9 kilowatts of excess output.

Andrea Rossi
September 14th, 2011 at 2:05 AM

Dear Frank Acland:
I am referring to the small units for households too. We are very advanced. Yesterday we made a test with one of them, making hot water, we got a fantastic result. Very satisfied. What we did is make steam, exchange heat with a heating water circuit, condense the steam, recirculate the water. It worked perfectly, stable, with a power of 9 kW, also in self sustained mode. We will test publicly this system together with the 1 MW. Lot of work to do, but we are going through: the toy for the mass market is very close.
Warm Regards,

Before the test of the one megawatt plant, another test will be performed at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. This test will also be a closed system in which the water is evaporated and re-used. The test will also demonstrate the system in self sustain mode.

Andrea Rossi
September 16th, 2011 at 3:07 AM

Dear Pietro F:
Yes we have very big financial problems, because I have spent on this all the money I had, and sold all I had, also because the Customer we counted on could not maintain his financial engagements and this has left the ship in the middle of the ocean without oil for the engine. But we are going through, the 1 MW plant will be ready for the end of October for the test anyway, we are close.
Yes, we will organize e new very important test in Uppsala, and this time we will make the calorimetric measurements in a new way, suggested by the Professors: the steam circuit will be a closed circuit with a condenser and will exchange heat with a flow of liquid water: basically, we will have a primary circuit of the E-Cat and a secondary circuit through a radiator, and the energy will be calculated not from the delta T of the input/output of the reactor, but from the delta T of the secondary, which will exchange the heat by means of a heat exchanger. Of course the calculation of the energy produced will be in our disadvantage, because the heat exchange system has not a 100% efficiency, but I can accept it, because our energy gain is very high. The operation will be made also with self sustaining mode. We are already making this test in our factory, and the results of the energy gain are very close to the measurements we made in past. I am very satisfied.
Warm Regards,

The most important aspects of the upcoming test in Uppsala will be that the system is closed, and the system will be demonstrated in self sustain mode (hopefully for an extended period of time). If the system is allowed to be in self sustain mode for an extended period of time with no input power, then we might see something that would give the skeptics a heart attack -- rising heat after death or "reverse thermal inertia."

E-Cat Skeptic's Doomsday -- Reverse Thermal Inertia

One argument skeptics are making about the most recent test performed is that the system was only allowed to self sustain for 35 minutes before the test was ended. Skeptics are trying to state that due to this short period of time, the energy expended that kept the water boiling was due to "thermal inertia." Simply put, they are trying to say that the heat retained in the metal and other materials in the device was enough to keep the water boiling for 35 minutes. This is absurd for many reasons.

  • The materials of the E-Cat are made of materials that can store very little heat. It has been stated that for the materials to store enough heat to keep the water boiling for 35 minutes, the device would have had to weigh a ton (2,000 pounds) instead of 80 pounds.
  • The steam temperature of the E-Cat only dropped about 10 C (from 130 to 120 C) over the course of 35 minutes. This indicates that a very large amount of energy was being produced via a cold fusion reaction. If there was not a cold fusion reaction taking place, the water would have stopped boiling immediately, and the temperature would have dropped much more.
  • Near the end of the test, the temperature inside of the reactor started to increase. This is despite the fact the input power had not been turned back on.

The third point above is the most important when it comes to the upcoming tests on the E-Cat. If the test had been allowed to continue, the temperature of the inside of the E-Cat would have risen back up even higher AFTER decreasing. This would have demonstrated "reverse thermal inertia." Instead of the stored heat of the system slowing the decrease in temperature, the reverse would be true! If the test had been allowed to continue, the temperature would have increased. Reverse thermal inertia is impossible of course, unless free energy is being harnessed from an unknown source -- cold fusion in this case. According to physics, a device cannot simply heat up after the power is turned off. If the device is heating up, something exotic has to be taking place, like Ni-H fusion!

If a future test shows reverse thermal inertia, it will be the last nail in the coffin of the trolls, cynics, and false skeptics who have been criticizing this technology over the last year. It will also be proof of cold fusion all together, which has been attacked for two decades. Many apologies will be in order!

These upcoming tests should "seal the deal" and kick off the cold fusion revolution, and will make the next month very exciting! Stay up to date by checking back here at PESN for full coverage of this saga.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

Page posted by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated September 16, 2011

Also see this 25' 10" video uploaded by on May 28, 2011:!

A new and potentially revolutionary invention is about the hit the market in October 2011. The silence of the US main stream media is deafening, they pretend as if this cold fusion device weren't exist. Behind the curtain, however, the powers that be are already positioning themselves and preparing for the upcoming energy revolution. I have been following the progress of the alternative energy sources for years now and I haven't ever seen a so promising discovery as this one. I firmly believe that the Rossi E-Cat device could change our world for the better.

You can get up-to-date information of the invention on Rossi's following website:

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