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Environment/Science Last Updated: May 8, 2019 - 8:05:55 PM

The Atlantic Finally Covers the Same Story Natural News Warned the World About 15 Years Ago
By Ethan Huff
May 8, 2019 - 8:02:12 PM

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Image: The Atlantic finally covers the same story Natural News warned the world about 15 years ago

In its May 2019 issue, The Atlantic magazine published a powerful exposé about how pharmaceutical drugs are polluting our water supplies and destroying our environment - which is exactly what Natural News tried to warn the world about 15 years ago.

The well-written piece by Rebecca Giggs explains how the circle of life, in essence, is being completely disrupted by Big Pharma runoff. Everything from smolts, or small salmon, to birds, to woodland forests are being negatively affected, she warns, drawing much-needed attention to this prolific and growing problem.

"Pharmaceuticals are emitted from our bodies, homes, and factories, entering waterways and accumulating in fish, bugs, mollusks, crustaceans, birds, and warm-blooded animals," Giggs writes, going into great detail about how nearly every thread in the complex tapestry of the world's ecosystems is being damaged by pharma pills.

"Areas around drug-manufacturing plants are hot spots for this kind of pollution. So too are watercourses near hospitals and aging sewage infrastructure. But medicinal compounds have also been detected in remote environments, imbuing surface waters even in Antarctica."

Nearly every type of Big Pharma product, as Natural News also revealed, from antifungals to antimicrobials to antibacterials - and everything in between - is now turning up in sea, air, and land life. And if current trends continue, Griggs warns, pharmaceutical pollution will increase another 66.6 percent by the year 2050.

"Already a variety of symptoms has been observed in lab studies," she notes. "Amphetamines change the timing of aquatic insect development. Antidepressants impede cuttlefish's learning and memory, and cause marine and freshwater snails to peel off rocks.".

"Drugs that affect serotonin levels in humans cause shore crabs to exhibit ‘risky behavior,' and female starlings to become less attractive to males (who in turn sing less). Dosed with Prozac, shrimp are more likely to swim toward a light source - a dangerous tendency, given that many predators hunt in sunlit zones."

For more related news, be sure to check out

Big Pharma pollution is the real public health threat, not unfluoridated water, raw milk or measles

It's basically everything that Natural News has been warning readers about since forever ago, even as mainstream media outlets like The Atlantic have continued to remain mostly silent or even in denial.

Ironically enough, The Atlantic is one of the mainstream media players that has long advocated for things like genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), crop pesticides, vaccines, and yes, Big Pharma drugs, all of which directly contribute to the destruction of our natural environment.

The Atlantic actually invited Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in for an interview about alternative medicine several years back, only to never even use it as part of a story "debunking" therapies and healing modalities that contradict the Big Pharma narrative.

You can read a transcript of The Atlantic‘s never-used interview with Mike Adams at this link.

Besides illustrating the utter hypocrisy of The Atlantic, what this latest piece about contaminated water reveals once again is that the biggest public health threats in the world today aren't people skipping measles vaccines or drinking unfluoridated water or raw milk, as health "authorities" would like us all to believe. Instead, it's things like pharmaceutical pollution in our drinking water, which threatens the entirety of life on this planet.

"Interestingly, most pharmaceutical chemicals are not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, and thus there is no enforced limit of pharmaceuticals in the drinking water," Adams warned back in 2004.

"In fact, in the United States, there is no government agency that is even testing the level of pharmaceuticals in public drinking water on a regular basis. So it is possible, and in fact likely that these levels will continue to rise in the years ahead without being detected or reported to the public at all."

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