Suffer Little Children
By The Irish Savant
Sep 25, 2019 - 7:28:34 PM

Suffer little children

God love them, those poor students protesting climate change. According to the MSM the kids are 'deeply troubled' and suffering from - wait for it - 'climate grief' and 'eco-anxiety'. One student said she woke at 2 a.m. and then cried for two solid hours about the warming ocean. Which is surprising because based on what I saw they were having a whale of a time. (Maybe a bad analogy!). If these kids are suffering from climate grief then I want some.

But the images they showed of water-borne plastic pollution were both depressing and horrifying. Just look at the pic on the left. The kids' solution?  'Give up your plastic straws. Just say NO!' 'Make reusable cloth bags from old t-shirts. And do it now!' And if everyone in the West were to do just that it would have the impact of a snowflake in hell. Because, as a study from Germany's Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research discovered, the 10 top-ranked rivers transport 88-95 percent of the global plastic load into the sea. And out of those top ten rivers eight are in Asia and two are in Africa. It's the same all over the Third World. People just dump their plastic wherever they want, often into rivers and the sea. They don't give a flying fuck about pollution. Unless they can use it to extract even more dosh from Whitey.

Plastic, and air pollution so bad you can hardly see the palm of your hand are Third World problems. Even with all its industrial production the West is responsible for only about a quarter of the world's carbon emissions. And that proportion is going down sharply while that of the Third World is rising just as sharply. Even on a per capita basis the West is far below that of the Persian Gulf states. But the towering colossal elephant in the carbon emission room is population. As it is with just about all the world's ecological problems ..... deforestation, water shortages, soil erosion, acidification of the oceans, every form of environmental stress in fact. 

And where is this population explosion to be found? Why, mainly in Africa. So why don't our eco-moralists focus their attention there? Well that would be White paternalism and imperialism. Are you saying their culture is inferior or something? And here's another thing. Big and all as the African carbon footprint is set to become it would be constrained were Africans to remain in Africa. After all building houses of cow dung and eating insects is eco-friendly in relative terms. But the most enthusiastic supporters of mass African migration to Europe are those very same latte-sipping (no straws!) kumbaya-singing hypocrites hectoring Whites about their duty to Gaia.

God grant me patience.

Meanwhile behind the curtain Luciferian Globohomo smiles and pulls the strings.

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