Some thoughts on Nikola Tesla's "Free Energy" and other inventions
By Ron Chapman
Jul 5, 2011 - 10:07:58 PM

Some thoughts on Nikola Tesla's "Free Energy" and other inventions

Ron Chapman


The failure of mainstream society and science to embrace Nikola Tesla’s more esoteric and potentially world changing ideas is obvious so I won’t belabour the point.

In the first decade of the 20th century Tesla would have given our world free energy transmitted wirelessly had J. Pierpont Morgan not withdrawn financial support for the Wardenclyffe Tower facility in New York because there was nowhere Morgan could “put the meters”. Never the less in 1943 the Supreme Court of the United States credited Tesla as being the inventor of radio.


Tesla's patents and theoretical work form the basis of modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems, including the polyphase power distribution systems and the AC motor, with which he helped usher in the Second Industrial Revolution. Those inventions were acceptable and allowed to develop because Tesla sold the patents which were then owned by the plutocracy which was able to commercialise them for the purposes of profit AND social control.


Later Tesla invented and apparently successfully tested a means of propelling a motor vehicle without any apparent fuel source. This invention was ridiculed in the media and Tesla was denigrated in much the same manner as occurred with Pons and Fleischman's discovery of cold fusion and other zero point energy discoveries today and so he didn’t pursue the invention (presumably much to the relief of the oil majors and the executives and shareholders of GMH, Ford and the like).


If encouraged, Tesla may also have substantially contributed towards public knowledge of, and possible availability of anti-gravity airships, teleportation, and time travel, among other things, had the plutocratic US power elite allowed it. NB The Philadelphia Experiment in 1943 evidences that US Black Ops military pursued Tesla’s time travel ideas. Arguably also, the US and Russia have developed anti-gravity space/aircraft, scalar weaponry (including weather modification technologies, eg HAARP) and mind control.


Tesla’s ideas about a "thought photography" (for context see for example Tom Bearden’s comments on energy and electromagnetism ) machine have also come to pass such that there are now cameras that can photograph thoughts so that down-loading a mind is said to take only a few hours. In the result the Russians  (initially while the USSR still existed in the 1970s) and later the Bolsheviks Khazars who fled the USSR in the 1970s) in the US, created robotoid pseudo-humans and developed the ability to program them as bionic computers. That process has been  going on for decades and is now a routine operation. Moreover, it’s said that by combining the techniques of nuclear transfer with those of in-vitro fertilisation, the technology for cloning human embryos is now on line. Worse yet, using the same basic techniques of serial transfer, scientists can duplicate the same embryo over and over again thereby cloning not just embryos but human adults.

  • As I understand it, scientists have long been able to trick adult body cells, normally differentiated to perform specific tasks, into going backward in time to an early embryonic stage when all genes were fully turned on and all things were possible. So researchers were able to “turn back the clock”, making an adult cell young or duplicating a being at any age level through manipulation.
  • As the brain is a liquid crystal, transfer of the contents of a brain only requires knowledge of the psychochemical way in which memory is stored. With the proper psychochemical balance it is similar to the process of a transfer of material from one computer disk to another.
  • Particularly scary is the fact that with "cloned" brains and memory transfer, an individual can now be raised to the nth power without the capacity of moral conscience, which we usually call soul. That presumably means that those who program the clone’s brain determine clone “emotions”, “morality” and physical performance.
  • Ever wonder why Kissinger and Bush Senior seem to live forever or why Bush junior and other neo-cons seem to be such moral idiots?


But I digress.


According to wikipedia Tesla was critical of Einstein's relativity work, calling it:

...[a] magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king...., its exponents are brilliant men but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists....”

Tesla also argued:

I hold that space cannot be curved, for the simple reason that it can have no properties. It might as well be said that God has properties. He has not, but only attributes and these are of our own making. Of properties we can only speak when dealing with matter filling the space. To say that in the presence of large bodies space becomes curved is equivalent to stating that something can act upon nothing. I, for one, refuse to subscribe to such a view.”

I think Tesla was right.

It seems to me that both Einstein and the mainstream scientific community that relies upon Einstein had/have no clue about the nature of “space” (the ether) or what gravity is.

As with other seminal thinkers and inventors, the question I have about Tesla is: “Why did I never hear about him or his ideas and achievements… either at school, university or in the mainstream media during the last 60 years? Why does the mainstream media and the scientific community always talk about Einstein and the science allegedly based on his work while no one refers to Tesla and Tesla’s real (let alone potential) direct impact on our daily lives? Surely not all scientists, academics and journalists are ignorant in thse matters? Their silence is treason to their professions, humanity and God. And many of those who genuinely do not know about such matters accept their  professional standing and financial rewards under false pretences.




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