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Environment/Science Last Updated: Mar 16, 2019 - 12:09:06 AM

Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmore College
By Anthony Holland with comments by Ron
Mar 16, 2019 - 11:19:31 PM

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This 17' 09" video was published by TEDx Talks on Dec 22, 2013:

Publisher's Comments:

Anthony Holland: Associate Professor, Director of Music Technology, Skidmore College. DMA, MM, MM, BM; President: Novobiotronics Inc. [a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable and educational company]. Discovered the ability of Oscillating Pulsed Electric Fields (OPEF) to destroy cancer cells and MRSA in laboratory experiments. Expert in custom digital electronic signal design, synthesis and analysis for biological effects. Member: Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS), European Bioelectromagnetics Association (EBEA). Postdoctoral work: Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) Stanford University. Advanced Digital Synthesis and Analysis studies with: Max Mathews (the ' Father of Computer Music'), John Chowning (founding Director of CCRMA, Electronic Composer and Inventor (famed FM Synthesis Patent); Jean-Claude Risset (Electronic Composer and founding Director of the Digital Synthesis Division of the internationally renowned IRCAM center, Paris, France); John Pierce: former Director of Sound Division: Bell Laboratories.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

Laura Larue
Holland never mentions 2 important facts. 1) He is not the inventor of this technology, Royal Raymond Rife invented this cancer shattering frequency tech and was destroyed for it. Medical science has been sitting on this life saving technology for decades which is medical science fraud. 2) Rife's technology eliminates the need for vaccines. Oops! I have the feeling this Ted talk is nothing more than a limited hangout, because unless Pharmaceutical corporations have a come-to-Jesus moment we won't be seeing drug free, cancer killing tech released any time soon. I wonder if my comment will be accepted?
Randy Tan
Rife was one of the early pioneers in bio-resonance therapy in the USA. Bio-resonance frequency can eliminate pathogens and flush out heavy metals and chemicals from our body. Unfortunately the drug companies reign in the medical world in the USA and little was done to advance bio-resonance treatment which will negate the drug protocol culture. However in Germany, they are more open and now produces the best bio-resonance machines in the world. As a bio-resonance therapist, I have seen Herpes Simplex 1 and 2 and allergy cases healed. For cancer patients the approach is to reduce the load of pathogens and contamination in the body and hopefully the immune system can tackle the infection load. Bio-resonance works best with vials containing specific pathogen frequencies compared to frequencies stored in the computer. Recently a set of vials containing degenerated cell frequencies have been produced and bio-resonance therapists are excited to see whether it is able to detect and eliminate cancer cells. Rather than reinvent the wheel again, perhaps Pro Holland can use the German technology to advance his research.
Spice Williams-Crosby
This is the work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife almost 100 years ago! Dr. Morris Fishbien, president of the AMA, destroyed this man's work, burned his lab down, and had his partner murdered! I love what this guy is doing but he should give credit to RIFE!
Sammy A.
For people who are first hearing about this I have some sobering news for you. #1 This is absolutely not a "new" discovery or research. I believe the original similar tests goes back 90 years to Dr. Royal Rife, who in the early 20s did the SAME exact research and discoveries. In fact, his lab was well into the research of curing virtually any virus or microbe ascribing the same concepts mentioned here. Here's the KICKER, Guess WHO is holding this type of research back, and who DOES NOT WANT a cure? You guessed it the biggest drug pushers in the world.. BIG PHARMA. PEOPLE listen to me, when will it be clear to you that there are EVIL people on this world, Criminals people on this world. Do you really think that these criminal organizations are willing to give up a trillion dollar industry for a cancer CURE (vs treatment on expensive and toxic drugs, which are rarely successful) the answer is NO. YES we've had cures of all diseases for YEARS now, and yet millions of people are still dying not because of lack of knowledge, rather a lack of ethics, morals, and spirituality of very corrupt and very powerful EVIL PEOPLE. If you refuse to understand this then you will never HAVE YOUR CURES that are waiting for you. The real cancers and the real virus will always be EVIL.
"They hadn't seen anything quite like it. Seems to be a new phenomenon". How outragious! This knowledge has been known for many decades now and was discovered by Raymond Rife. The fact that this technology has not been embraced by the medical establishment speaks volumes about the power of Big Pharma. I am amazed that this TED talk was authorized. Ask yourselves why the mass media don't bring this news to the masses. This Ted talk was given already 2 years ago.
Sara Jacobsen
dr royal rife did it first! #justicefordrrife
Dr. Royal Raymond Rife discovered this almost 100 years ago. Not only did he discover that it destroyed cancer but hundreds of other viruses and bacteria's. He was the 1st to discover that cancer actually comes from a bacteria. He also created the 1st microscope that was able to see a virus in a live state. The electron microscope cannot do this because the specimen is dead before it is put in the scope. He made 4 of these microscopes. He was a genius and master in many fields. The US Government has kept this info confidential and hidden. Dr. Rife did a cancer experiment in which he had a dozen of the top physicians in the US overlook. He took 100 cancer patients of which he cured ALL of them with in 30 days. The last patient had a tumor the size of a basketball in his stomach and he cured it :)
Garden Girl
They should award a post humous Nobel prize to Royal Rife for this and give the money to victims of cancer! Not going to happen, but a beautiful idea.
Arthur Rimbaud
This is not a discovery. In physics we call it RESONANT FREQUENCY (W0). Sounds for a long time have been known to be healing. It has been proven over the ages in many way, unfortunately it has been swept under the carpet by big greedy pharmaceutical companies and doctors who make their living from human suffering.
Hal Taylor
Dr Royal R. Rife developed AND perfected this method over 75 years ago!!! He was crushed by the pharma industrial complex because his machine would have destroyed their industry. Perhaps you should do your research! "The Cancer Cure That Worked" by Barry Lynes. If you were to study Dr Rife's work you would learn that destroying a cell that is cancerous will NOT,necessarily, cure the cancer, Why? Because killing the cell may NOT kill the cancer causing virus, it merely releases it to reinfect another cell. Dr Rife developed frequencies that attacked the cancer causing entities DIRECTLY, not harming the human cells. He also cured many other diseases like tuberculosis and many many others.  Dr James Bare of New Mexico copied Dr Rife's device. It would be nice to give credit to the original inventor who dedicated his life to this work.
Koen S
you forgot to mention Royal Rife. He took it to another level with his  plasma tube device.
Jacob Becomes Israel
Even today, Dr. Royal Rife gets no credit for the technology HE created long before Bare did his work. I'm embarrassed for this presenter who apparently doesn't even know his name.
Charles Sirius
It amazes me how anyone can talk on this subject without the mention of Royal Rife's name??? 
John Hilder
Yes Royal Raymond Rife was the genius of his day and indeed we owe a lot of gratitude to this brilliant man who really cared about helping his fellow men. He was literally destroyed by the greedy medical fraternity who broke him in the end. But I am sure there a many people out there who really understand what he done and a great full for all the work he achieved and even today it has stood the test of time. Long live the spirit of RRR
Prof. Karl West
Okay YouTube, you've convinced me that only 24,525 people in the world care about the cure for cancer. Since it is now the end of Aug 2015 and that is all the views we have here... Yeah , right!!!  I do wish the story of Raymond Rife was finally discussed by Academics and the Mass Manipulation Media too.
Hugh Jorgan
Dr. Rife would be proud. OR there's a real good chance that he would be furious it has actually taken this long to apply what he told the medical industry back in 1934. It seemed by far ,to be much more important to let all those people suffer and die than to give up all the money that could be made by applying radiation.( once more for the cheap seats) RADIATION!! Think of all the families destroyed. Needlessly. Someday the pharmaceutical companies will have to be held accountable for their shameless greed. Bless you for the courage to come forth . Please never sell the integrity of such endeavors as healing.
Ria Swift
Science is great but this guy is a drudge.  It's unfortunate, perhaps, that people are so unaware of what has come before.  Dr. Darius Dinshah did this with color, Hanna Kroeger did it with her hands, products and her belief.  Royal Rife did it kind of accidentally.  David Slater does it.   ACIM does it.  Lots of  computer programs are testing people's frequencies and  raising those said frequencies.  There are all kinds of  products in the world that  work on this level.   I got rid of breast cancer with a similar therapy in 1988. This is not new.  What is always interesting to me is how it's already been done.  The problem is that it takes 'science' so long to catch up to these types of things.  Not to mention lots of people have gotten rid of cancer without medicine. LOTS!!!!!   These  people are not studied, usually.  Finally, there is some interest in people like me who have healed without all the hoopla and BS. So much medicine doesn't understand about healing because it's too damn repetitive in its efforts.  It's stuck in it's own box....can't get out of its own way.  Didn't work the first several 100 let's try it again in almost the same way.  Healing is about tuning into the consciousness of the illness or the body part  that is waylaid.  We are connected to ourselves, our cells, our breath, our gait, our mind etc.  Medicine treats us as if we are not part of ourselves.  HUGE mistake.  I found every cancer I had.  I also found a way out, mostly because I didn't have a head crammed with crap about the awesomeness of medicine. I was very willing to leave it behind when it didn't work and try something else, something new. 
cannis solis
He keeps saying this is Dr Barry's invention, but surely this is Royal Raymond Rife's invention
Japfourme Zxr400l9
Well done absolutely pioneering work!! And all using one of the basics of all matter, frequency!! I look forward to a future where this can cure all cancers to the benefit of all mankind. I just hope that the powers that be, dont try to stop this sort of pioneering work in the interests of the giant pharmacutical companies profits, a bit like the free energy syndrome that afflicts us all!! Congratulations on your wonderful research and I wish you all the best for the future!! Robin
Justin Reilly

I bet you discovered antibiotics and that the earth revolves around the sun too! Wow, you're a real pioneer. lol. Rife did more than spark the idea. He went much farther than you, though to my knowledge, he never claimed to have destroyed cancer cells. He did discover the virus-sized pathogen that causes breast cancer ("BX") and that it was pleomorphic and he noted the frequencies for destroying it and it's normal-sized bacterium form. He published with a bunch of other luminaries his experiment of curing 16 of 16 terminal cancer patients at USC/ Scripps Institute. AMA and FDA went after him and destroyed him. I got only as far as AP Bio and I've seen his videos from the 1920's and 30s destroying virus-sized pathogens at 12,000X magnification with his light microscope which is still the highest powered light microscope (up to 61,000X resolution). To see the motion micrographs watch one of the Rife documentaries on YouTube. Patients have been using Rife machines to cure Lyme and other diseases, such as... cancer on their own for decades now, since FDA has shut down any doctor who tries to use one. I wish you much success for reviving his work, it has been desperately needed for 90 years, but please don't claim credit. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt for not lying, but that level of naivete is hard to believe.


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