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Environment/Science Last Updated: Jun 7, 2020 - 6:56:09 AM

Pope Francis: Wounds of Mother Earth ‘Bleed in Us’
By Thomas D Williams PhD with comments by Ron
Jun 7, 2020 - 6:26:18 PM

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Pope Francis delivers his message on the occasion of an audience with participants of Rome's diocese convention in St. Peter's Square, at the Vatican, Sunday, June 14, 2015. Francis engaged in some self-promotion during his weekly blessing, alerting the thousands of people in St. Peter's Square that his first solo ...

ROME - Pope Francis employed some of his strongest environmental rhetoric to date Friday, insisting the planet earth is "sick," "wounded," and "bleeding."

Writing to the president of Colombia, Iván Duque Márquez, on the occasion of World Environment Day, the pope said that "protection of the environment and respect for the biodiversity of the planet are issues that affect us all."

"We cannot pretend to be healthy in a world that is sick," Francis said. "The wounds inflicted on our mother earth are wounds that also bleed in us."

"Caring for ecosystems demands a look to the future, one that is not concerned only with the immediate moment or that seeks a quick and easy profit, but rather one that is concerned for life and that seeks its preservation for the benefit of all," he added.

The official celebrations of World Environment Day would have taken place this year in Bogotá, Colombia, but because of ongoing lockdowns because of the coronavirus will be held virtually, he noted.

"Our attitude toward the present state of our planet should indeed make us concerned for and witnesses to the gravity of the situation," the pontiff stated in his letter. "We cannot remain silent before the outcry when we realize the very high costs of the destruction and exploitation of the ecosystem."

"This is not a time to continue looking the other way, indifferent to the signs that our planet is being plundered and violated by greed for profit, very often in the name of progress," he insisted. "We have the chance to reverse course, to commit ourselves to a better, healthier world and to pass it on to future generations."

[Ron: Sooo, how about the Vatican and the Catholic Church start the ball rolling by divesting a substantial portion of its wealth in the form of, say, construction of proper water treatment and sanitation facilities throughout Africa, India and Third World nations? If the secular Chinese government can do it for 1.4 million people in China WHY can't the Catholic Church do it for a similar number of disadvantaged people elsewhere?].

"Everything depends on us, if we really want it," he said. [Ron: Yes it does!].

In his message, the pope also referenced the fifth anniversary of his encyclical letter on the environment, Laudato Sì, "which drew attention to the cry that mother earth lifts up to us."

"I would also invite all of you to participate in the special Year that I have announced to reflect in light of that document and, together, to become more committed to the care and protection of our common home, and of our most vulnerable and marginalized brothers and sisters in society," he said.

In April, the pope issued an indictment of humanity's failure to care for the planet in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of "Earth Day."

[Ron: Question: The Vatican and the Catholic Church have been a dominant political, economic, social and spiritual power in Western civilisation for 1500 years. WHY is its leader NOW admonishing everyone else for failure to properly care for this planet and its people?!].

"Because of our selfishness we have failed in our responsibility to be guardians and stewards of the earth," the pope said in a video-streamed General Audience. "We need only take a frank look at the facts to see that our common home is falling into serious disrepair."

[Ron: Physician heal thyself. Who does the Pope refer to as "we"? Wouldn't it be more accurate and honest for him to say "I and the Catholic Church corporation and its managing hierarchy " HAVE FAILED TO BE GUARDIANS OF THIS PLANET AND HER INHABITANTS.].

"We have polluted and despoiled it, endangering our very lives," the pontiff continued. "For this reason, various international and local movements have sprung up in order to appeal to our consciences."

[Ron: REALLY?! WHY? Isn't it a prime function of the Vatican and the Catholic church to "appeal to our consciences" and assist us to live in accordance therewith? What other function does the Vatican have? ].

"We have failed to care for the earth, our garden-home; we have failed to care for our brothers and sisters," Francis said. "We have sinned against the earth, against our neighbours, and ultimately against the Creator, the benevolent Father who provides for everyone, and desires us to live in communion and flourish together."

[Ron: Yabba, yabba, hypocritical clerical claptrap, yabba. For starters it would help if the Pope stopped using pejorative language BLAMING everyone for mistakes made by human societies under the ostensible leadership of the Vatican and the Catholic church. Also, we don't "sin against" the Creator, rather our mistakes reflect adversely upon ourselves since they constitute misuse and attempted misdirection of the divine energies that create and maintain us and the cosmos.].

The pope also said that the fiftieth Earth Day provides "an occasion for renewing our commitment to love and care for our common home and for the weaker members of our human family."

[Ron: Really?! What unctuous contumely! What does the Pope mean by "the weaker members of our human family"? Is he talking about spiritual, physical, mental or moral weakness; or poverty? And aren't we all subject to weaknesses of one sort or another?].].

"As the tragic coronavirus pandemic has taught us, we can overcome global challenges only by showing solidarity with one another and embracing the most vulnerable in our midst," he said.

"In today's celebration of Earth Day, we are called to renew our sense of sacred respect for the earth, for it is not just our home but also God's home," Francis said. "This should make us all the more aware that we stand on holy ground!"

[Ron: More endless clerical claptrap! The cosmos is created by divine energy; Creator consciousness pervades everything. Moreover every ensouled human being (HUman) is indwelt by a fragment of the Creator which means that WE are Temples of God - God's home. Never mind "standing on holy ground! WE ARE 'holy ground'!].

The pontiff also declared that the Wuhan coronavirus is "nature's response" to humanity's failure to address the "catastrophes" wrought by human-induced climate change.

[Ron: Really?! And here i was thinking that the Wuhan laboratory was producing bio-weapons and the the coronavirus originated from man-made experiments there and in Fort Detrick funded by Fauci and the NIH. Apart from the fact that the  the coronavirus is not especially unique in that its effects are apparently similar to other corona viruses, and it can generally be successfully treated by hydroxychloroquin if administered early, its man-made characteristics evidence that it is a human artifact and NOT "nature's response" to anything. Moreover, the obvious LIE that climate change is "human-induced" is ridiculous on its face. As I understand it, increasing divine cosmic energies coming from the centre of the galaxy are impacting this planet and those gamma rays bring information that is affecting us and our DNA in these apocalyptic times. Apparently those incoming energies can cause some individuals who have deteriorating health or defective DNA, or negative mental attitudes, to be adversely affected. Some may sicken and die as a result.].

Asked whether the COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for an "ecological conversion," the pope insisted that humanity has provoked nature by not responding adequately to the climate crisis.

[Ron: This nonsense must be deliberate and not simply delusional given that the Vatican has more than adequate scientific resources needed to know the truth. THIS evidences that the Pope and the Vatican are part of the demonic New World Order that seeks to TAX the inhabitants of this planet into oblivian. The claim that humanity "has provoked nature" by "not responding adequately to the climate change" is risible to any sane rational observer.].

"We did not respond to the partial catastrophes. Who now speaks of the fires in Australia, or remembers that a year and a half ago a boat could cross the North Pole because the glaciers had all melted? Who speaks now of the floods?" he asked.

[Ron: the fact that people believe this nonsense boggles the mind.].

"I don't know if it is nature's revenge, but it is certainly nature's response," he added.

[Ron: Sooo, the self proclaimed INFALLIBLE leader of the Catholic church reckons that COVID-19 is nature's response to the failure of the human population of this planet to accept being taxed into oblivian because of climate change?! Ya better believe it Pilgrims OR "nature" is really gonna get angry. Perhaps you can assuage "Nature's anger by quadruplying contributions to "Peter's Pence"?].

[Colour fonts. bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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