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Feb 8, 2010 - 10:57:14 PM


John Bedini and Rick Friedrich assemble and demonstrate the Bedini 10 Coil Energizer Kit (video 8' 41")
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Ron: The kit prices listed below seem rather expensive to me and it is not clear just what they can DO. But it may be that Bedini and the distributor are not being specific let alone optimistic as to the actual ability of this "ENERGISER" in order to NOT attract negative attention from the major vested interest corporations etc - in the hope that they will be left alone to start getting this technology out.

Large Bedini 10 Pole Monopole.

Large Bedini 10 Pole Monopole

Monopole replication of the large classic Energizer. This kit is made available because hundreds of people have asked for it over the years. We are providing a service to such people so that they can experiment with this technology and not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars having this system made up by machinists. It is not fully assembled and will not be assembled for people upon request. It is for learning and research purposes. Experiment at your own risk. Kit is molded and machined to the highest quality. This kit has 10 3" motor coils and a 17" aluminum rotor. 80 wires with 80 circuits on 10 circuit boards. It has an aluminum base frame with plexy glass top. You will be able to run the machine not only at 12V and 24V imputs, but over 100V. The larger the battery bank used the more you will get out of it (provided the batteries are in good condition). The system allows for the charging bank to be considerably higher voltage than the primary battery bank (or the same if desired). Also included is a generator coil that powers LEDs to light up the Bedini logo and clear plastic. Includes 80 SSG circuits, heat sink and pads, wire to batteries, clips, small sample of xcelplus. Comes with instruction CD and SSG DVD sold above. Customer assembles rotor, frame and circuit. We will soon have an additional system (for additional cost) that will attach to this 10 coiler that will function like the early Bedini Energizer system replicated by Jim Watson. It will consist of a rotor with magnets, and energizer coils with frame assembly. It will allow for back charging the primary battery bank or powering additional loads isolated from the 10 coiler (see below). The 10 coiler can be run with some of the motor coils replaced with one wire energizer coils for the same purposes. Or this system can be run as a 20 or 30 coiler for additional cost (see below). Orders placed now ship approximately mid to late Jan. 2010. All orders shipped in several boxes. Half the parts will ship mid January.


$4200 10 Pole Monopole (USA/Canada shipping included)
$4400 10 Pole Monopole (International shipping included)


10 Energizer coils added to the 10 coiler kit.

10 Energizer coils

$2500 10 Energizer coils and assembly (USA/Canada shipping included)
$2800 10 Energizer coils and assembly (International shipping included)


Additional 10 coils to make 20 or 30 coils on the same frame. Includes all additional parts to make 10 more coils and circuits with additional backing plate, for double the power and output.

20 or 30 coiler

$3400 10 more Monopole coils, frame, and 80 circuits (USA/Canada shipping included)
$3700 10 more Monopole coils, frame, and 80 circuits (International shipping included)


Classic Bedini 10 Pole Monopole Circuit board (for 8 SSG circuits).

The circuit board has the potential for 8 SSG circuits with neon bulbs holes, diode holes, and several other features. The above kit comes with all circuit parts, including a switch that truns off the board through the trigger wire buss. That is, the trigger wire coming off the master coil (other side goes to negative) comes to the board at one hole. There is also another hole on the board for another wire to connect to go to the next board for multiboard systems like this ten coiler. This then can connect to a switch so that the board can turn off entirely (John's "sense" switch). This is nice on such a big system when you are wanting flexibility for experimentation. From there the buss is in series with a balance resistor, and from there the buss connects to each base resistor, either with a wire terminal block (as provided in the kit), or just directly to 8 resistors. The terminal block allows for easy swapping of resistors (as well as removal of coil) without having to unsolder the board. The board was made as small as possible given the parts used and heat sinking. The transistors are mounted upsidedown so that their backing faces away from the board onto an aluminum sink.

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