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Environment/Science Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

New Ebola vaccine will be worthless
By Jim Stone
Oct 2, 2014 - 6:05:42 AM

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New Ebola vaccine will be worthless

With 368 mutations already found, there will be no vaccine that will work. Any pushing of an ebola vaccine will be for something other than providing immunity for Ebola, and for anyone who is aware of the recent CDC bust of vaccine links to autism, that "other" is not likely to be good.


It may not even be Ebola at all, and is likely to instead be some sort of engineered hybrid.

Prior to this outbreak, Ebola had a very high genetic stability and remained unchanged through multiple outbreaks. In fact, Ebola has been so stable that it was considered remarkable for this. Why then, with this outbreak, are there so many mutations of this new type, when in past outbreaks NO mutations have been noted at all?

Additionally, this new outbreak has none of the characteristics of previous outbreaks

There is something missing in this Ebola outbreak, and it is the bloody eyes and ears, and bleeding through the skin. This time all the bleeding is internal and nothing shows outwardly. All the bloody blistered skin photos on the web are from previous outbreaks, with this particular strain people look outwardly normal up until death and die from internal bleeding, vomiting up blood and having massive stools of black goo from internal bleeding. In this way, the new Ebola is mimicking Parvo in dogs, and I would at least tenuously bet that traditional Ebola has been merged in a lab with a different virus that is known for causing only internal bleeding, possibly parvo.


368 mutations in a previously stable virus screams BIO LAB

This is where things may go amiss. Previously, Ebola was a stable virus that could have had a predictable cure. The current strain is mutating so rapidly that if all the recorded cases were added up and divided by the number of mutations, each mutated strain would have only infected an average of 20 people. That is a phenomenal mutation rate, which will render any vaccine attempt useless.

And how could it have happened other than willful intent? The answer is obvious - a lab created this new strain, that lab did not have endless people to kill to prove their virus stable and they just let it go in live tests, out in the wild. And because it was not stable, they now have a mutating monster on the loose. That is the best explanation there could possibly be for why Ebola, which has remained stable as far back as records go, suddenly became a chameleon. This new bug is an unstable bioweapon, possibly more unstable than its creators intended.


Beware of history rewrites, which will provide plausible deniability for whoever did this

Watch out for any news saying how Ebola mutates continuously without mentioning that prior to this outbreak Ebola was VERY STABLE, and question strongly WHY this new strain is so different from past strains, from outward symptoms, to incubation times, to mutation rates, it is all far too different for this to have happened naturally in a formerly stable virus. Someone did this and the question WHO DID THIS should be kept front and center until we get the answer. We know an American biowarfare firm was in this area "testing Ebola detection kits", I suggest people start with that.


There are very few pictures of people infected with this new strain, and none show the normal bleeding. Why?

Take a look at a google image search with all photos dated a year or more old, and compare them to a google image search of pictures dated to within the time frame of THIS OUTBREAKAND NOTICE THAT EVERYTHING OUT THERE FOR THIS OUTBREAK THAT IS RECOGNIZABLE AS EBOLA IS JUST A REPEAT OF OLD EBOLA PICTURES with anything new just showing people without any blisters.

Almost all of what we are seeing is body bags which show NOTHING, with all other pictures showing none of the classic symptoms. The picture to the left is a prime example, this man who reportedly is an Ebola victim is showing NOTHING that would indicate he ever had Ebola at all. So why is this so different? People in Africa could certainly publish pictures to the web, why then is all we are seeing is pictures of something that is obviously not normal ebola? Pictures dated to before this outbreak clearly show what ebola looks like, I challenge you to find any photo at all from this new outbreak that looks even remotely similar to traditional ebola.


The symptoms say it all

Here are the symptoms from the current strain,
•Fever (greater than 38.6°C or 101.5°F)
•Severe headache
•Muscle pain
•Abdominal (stomach) pain
•Lack of appetite

In other words, the current symptoms mimic the flu (except for the noted internal bleeding this outbreak has). Now for the classic ebola symptoms:

"After 3-4 days of non-specific symptoms and signs, patients typically experienced progressively severe sore throat, developed a maculopapular rash, had intractable abdominal pain, and began to bleed from multiple sites, principally the gastrointestinal tract. "

And the pictures of this current outbreak prove the classic ebola is not what we are dealing with this time around. The biggest thing in common is gastrointestinal bleeding.


Recovery times also indicate this new ebola is more like a souped up flu than ebola

Usually, with ebola, recovery takes months and sometimes never happens completely because the liver, kidneys and other organs including the brain get damaged. Yet we see in the media pictures of ebola "survivors" that are up and about only two weeks after having it. This is not possible with real ebola, this outbreak really is more like a really bad flu than anything else


The bottom line is that the symptoms are not consistent with classic ebola. Recovery times are too fast, and the current CDC list of symptoms does not match the old list except when the CDC combines the new list with the old list to muddy the water. Something is amiss with this, and the new vaccine can only be bogus with so many mutated variants. There is no way any vaccine can be real, we are dealing with a bioweapon this time around which makes that impossible, avoid any "vaccine" like you would the disease itself.


Ebola and the “Rapid Vaccine Response”. The U.S. Government Filed for Patent on Ebola in 2009. See:

Ebola, AIDS Manufactured by Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD? See:


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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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