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Environment/Science Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Negative Entrophy: Free Energy from the Vacuum - Lt. Col Tom Bearden explains for the layman
By Tom Bearden & comments by Ron
Apr 17, 2010 - 10:32:44 PM

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Negative Entrophy: Free Energy from the Vacuum - Lt. Col Tom Bearden explains for the layman

Ron: Lt. Col. (Ret.) Tom Bearden has claimed that the US military has access to negative entropy technology, anti-gravity machines and scalar weaponry. He is ex-US military and rather pro the US and what he calls a "friendly little country" (ie Rothchildlandia, the Khazar pseudo country created in Palestine for Ashkenazi Jews) which he implies has scalar weaponry also. So usually you have to use discernment when considering his contributions but as regards negative entrophy and free energy devices he seems to me to be a genuine commentator. In this video interview (recorded about the time of the original Disclosure Project Press Club presentation back in mid-2001) he successfully predicted the 2008 ECONOMIC CRASH which is still with us.

He also predicted a no holds barred world war was likely to start in 2007 and that might well have happened absent the intervention of the Celestials and Star Fleet - a possibility he was presumably unaware of. Bear in mind that this interview occurred before 911 and before the US unlawfully  invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. Also, the US and Israel are still striving to spread the war to Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon and Syria and only Star Fleet's deactivation of nuclear weapons and Russia's support for peace has prevented the escalation of US /Israeli belligerance into a world war scenario.

Tom Bearden is a strong advocate for free (Zero Point) energy as a solution to humanity's physical problems. We can all agree with that. Of particular interest in this 37' 22' video is his explanation of how virtually infinite energy is available to us from the vacuum of space surrounding and inter-penetrating our 3D world and the fact that all current electricity generation devices deliberately destroy that energy as quickly as it emerges from the fourth (time) dimension and manifests in our three dimensional environment. He also carefully acknowledges that this ridiculous situation arises from "mistakes" made by mathamaticians, scientists, electrical engineers et al for the last 125 years.

What Bearden doesn't say is WHY that situation of seemingly endless "mistakes" arose namely, due to Khazar bankster manipulation of science, education, finance, politics, industry and the military/security state and so on. He manages to mention that J P Morgan did destroy Nikola Tesla's attempt to gift free energy technology to the world in 1907 and various other successful attempts to suppress free energy technology over the last century. BUT he infers that all these efforts were disparate attempts by competing corporate cartels with perhaps just a tad of Black Project assistance, rather than a concerted and totally ruthless global campaign designed to deny humanity the freedom and abundance that free energy can provide. In this regard Bearden is less than completely frank and his 'blind spot' in relation to the dominant role of the US in this scenario is subtly apparent.

Much of this video helpfully explains how free energy is available and why it is not being accessed for public benefit by those who run our world. At about the 28 minute mark until the end of the video Bearden goes on to indicate some of the effects the suppression of free energy technology has and will have on our world.  In broad terms he is correct. As I understand it, we have made it to 2010 without release of free energy technology only because of covert Galactic Federation intervention to save us from the worst effects of the global controllers' activities. As Bearden suggests, this situation cannot continue without the destruction of our civilisation if not the planet. In effect, although he doesn't know it, he makes the case for stasis - and 'soon'.

The video is well worth a listen. It is at:

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