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Environment/Science Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Letter to Canberra Times
By Ron Chapman
Jan 13, 2020 - 1:26:16 AM

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Letters Editor

Canberra Times,

11 Januasy, 2020

Crispin Hull (CT 11/1/20 ‘Morrison has proven he’s not up to the task’ p. 23) says: ‘no amount of action by Australia alone could have prevented the fires.’ YET: ‘ Burning fossil (abiotic?) fuels for electricity, and oil for transport, should be phased out as quickly as possible.

IF we cease using oil and gas for transport and power generation WHAT will be used instead?

Wind turbines, solar PV panels, and the grid itself are all manufactured using cheap energy from fossil fuels. When those costs begin to rise such highly manufactured items will simply cease to be feasible. Even now they are only produced using huge tax subsidies.

Solar panels and wind turbines aren't made out of nothing. They are made out of metals, plastics, and chemicals. These products have been mined from the planet, transported, processed, manufactured. Each process leaves a trail of devastation: habitat destruction, water contamination, colonization, toxic waste, slave labor, greenhouse gas emissions, wars, and corporate profits.

The basic ingredients for renewables are the same ubiquitous materials used in industrial products, like cement and aluminum. No one is going to make cement in any quantity without using cheap fossil fuel energy. And aluminum? Bauxite mining and smelting is a destructive toxic nightmare.

All so called "renewable energy" and other "green technologies" are rooted in the same industrial extraction and production processes that lead to the destruction of the planet. (

Wind energy is definitely not RENEWABLE. Wind turbines are not lasting as long as the industry forecasted 20-25 years. A 2012 study by Gordon Hughes, researching the relatively mature Dutch and UK Wind Industry suggested that only a few wind farms would be operate for more than 12-15 years.

Germany's wind and solar experiment has failed: the so-called ‘Energiewende' (energy transition) has turned into an insanely costly debacle.

German power prices have rocketed; blackouts and load shedding are the norm; and idyllic rural communities are now industrial wastelands

Hundreds of billions of euros have been squandered on wind and solar subsidies in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide gas emissions. That objective has failed too: CO2 emissions continue to rise.


That CO2 rise is a good thing. It has increased crop production globally. Be aware also, that IF current CO2 levels are halved, all life on this planet would cease.

[Ron: After the coming Magnetic Reversal and stasis we will finally get some access to the suppressed technologies discovered by Nikola Tesla, Mehran Keshe and others. Those technologies will solve the pollution and other problems associated with use of abiotic fuels for transportation and power generation. So be it.].


Australia's Hottest Day on Record 1828 -

Progressive Eco-Group Admits It: Renewable Energy is a Hoax that Benefits its Greenie Elmer Gantries like Al Gore -

The Renewable Green Energy MYTH: 50,000 Tons Of Non-Recyclable Wind Turbine Blades Dumped In The Landfill -

Another Expensive Solar Scheme Bites the Dust -

Fighting Fires with Fire -

500 Million Animals Killed as Australia Fires Create “Apocalyptic” Smoke Plume Wider Than Europe -

Desperate koala stops cyclist and clings to her hand while gulping water from her bottle as temperatures soar to nearly 40C -

2020 Just Began, And Weird Things Are Already Starting To Happen All Over The World -

If You Want to Stop Wildfires, Put Qualified People Back in Charge of Forests -

Climate Experts Suggest Trump Was Right When He Blamed California’s Wildfires On Land Management -

Koalas Are Near Total Extinction Due to Australia Bushfires, Wildlife Expert Warns -

Environmentalists Made Australia’s Bush Fires Worse -

Global Warming is Not to Blame for the Horrific Bushfires in Australia -

Authorities in Australia have arrested close to 200 people for deliberately starting the bushfires that have devastated the country, yet the media and celebrities continue to blame “climate change” for the disaster. -

St. Greta Exploits Australia's Bushfire Crisis, gets Rebuked by Prime Minister Morrison -

#SWAMPPANIC: S_leimani, DS $/Ops Cut, Aus Fires= NWO Land Grab #STOPUSMCA -

High-speed rail plan back on the table as southeast Queensland considers Olympic bid -

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