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Environment/Science Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

Keshe Foundation: Formation of study groups
By Mehran T Keshe
Dec 5, 2012 - 3:25:16 AM

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Keshe Foundation:  Formation of study groups

I would like to make a point at this stage.

A number of questions raised on this forum have been discussed and been addressed with multinational space equipment manufacturing organizations over several months.

To cut time short for development, in the upcoming meetings and on this forum we will start releasing the findings of these organizations.

Thus soon we start opening the field of our discussions and investigations done by leading space organizations on the Magravs system.

This meaning that for once and for all we let you know what scientists who worked closely with us over months and gone through every point of the patents have decided and what decision they have made about the manufacture of the Magravs systems having full knowledge about the technology.

These reports are done with full assessment of the technology with intension to industrialize and commercialize the technology.

With this move we show that leading space manufacturing companies after studying the technology in full have independently decided that the technology is valid.

We have kept reports from these organizations confidential for long enough and now that a number of governments have the technology, we let the world to have a look in the operation of the technology too.

Time of government decision making as we promised is limited, and if we see the same process as before with slander to blocking, then the Foundation will release all details that it saves others time to evaluate and assess the technology and hence we can go for the full development of systems for the public by the public.

Please read patent one in detail and understand it according to the definition of the books and I am sure you will develop the reactors in group like this in weeks.

It is time to play universal game, and as the inventor I am prepared to start the game if the forum is ready to take the technology into public to the next step and this is what you have been asking for.

We have made a decision and that is to work with scientists and public as we promised, the governments have had their time and our time for public is about to start.

Let us move to the next step, but please work with your government as their scientists make decisions according to their old understanding and now it is time to play the new game of openness with science and for you to show to your governments your working prototype with the help of others around the world.

You are all welcome to participate, but with knowledge and not to run mayhem.
We give access to limited number knowledgeable and scientists to this process of and teaching and deployment first and then through this study group and their decision as member of public to what to release and when to release of their findings at each stage of development.

Choose your team and once you have done within the next 14 days then we set out the procedure and form work for this study group.

The Foundations development thought group and will not be exclusive and limited to initial members, and we leave the door open to all, but close the doors of control and suppression.

I have a good idea about a few who I think will be good to be part of this study group of the forum, but my decision counts for nothing, it is you who have to check each other knowledge and capabilities and then provide the forum with the list and then we will give you access to very secure position that we can discuss point by point all aspects of design, control and motion in the first place.

Completion time for assessment of the technology should be within 30 days from the set of this group.

The first prototypes developed and made by the group will be within 3 month. So by the end of March, the forum thought study group should be able to show the first system from their point of designer.

We will provide all facilities and cost for development of your prototype.

At the end of the testing, each participant of each nation will get a copy of the working unit to show to their part of the world and not to their own nation alone.
Thus teaching for space technology with world starts from today and now, it is your time to assess each other’s capabilities and understanding of the universe according to your comprehension of new technology.

When you have chosen the team, we are here to serve the technology out to you all.

I think this should bring the space technology in one leap into the public hand, and it will grow among people by the people for the people, rather than us giving you a show and then all asking so what how is it down, now you get to know and teach yourselves and others the full universal process.

You become the peer reviewers of your own technology for the mankind.

I am ready to be your student in this study group if you see it fit to be part of this group as still there is a lot to learn.

We will provide the facility for all your works on the new server as of the 15.12.2012 on the Foundations’ own server which has been bought for these purposes of use in mind.

M T Keshe

Some interested group participants:

Post subject: Re: Formation of study groups
Unread postPosted: 30 Nov 2012, 02:43

Joined: 15 Nov 2012, 14:30
Location: Australia
From: Australia Australia
Posts: 8

Thx (given/received):
4 time - 1 time

Currently reading thru patent one . I would love to join a study group , but I feel I have a lot to learn. My background is electronics and computing more as a hobby.

Would the construction be a regional effort or individual. I have limited facilities but if an Australian project group was to be organized then a joint effort would be fantastic.

Getting excited.
Post subject: Re: Formation of study groups
Unread postPosted: 30 Nov 2012, 05:13

Joined: 24 Nov 2012, 00:34
Location: Australia
From: Australia Australia
Posts: 15

Thx (given/received):
1 times - 30 times

Mr. Keshe, thank you for your timely statement.
It will be an important consideration for our study group, in which, you are without question welcome :) .

Speaking for myself, I don't believe my mind will be fit for such undertakings for at least 4 months, this is approximately the time required to take intensive-single-semester-courses in:
- atomic physics
- plasma physics/electrodynamics
- vacuum and gas systems
- electrical control systems
(I have undergraduate education in physics and mathematics, but no specialized knowledge in said fields)
- and of course a detailed study of your patents and books

However, it goes without saying, that I'm looking forward to the events about to unfold.



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