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Environment/Science Last Updated: Jan 30, 2019 - 7:34:16 AM

Jordan Peterson: IQ, Race & The "Jewish Question"
By Jordan Peterson with comments by Ron
Jan 30, 2019 - 1:07:06 AM

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This 20' 57" video was published by Davie Addison on Apr 12, 2018:

Ron: Jordan Peterson provides a lot of interesting information about IQs and their accuracy in predicting general success in life. No mention is made of the relevance of emotional intelligence or moral influences.

He says Ashkenazi Jews' IQ's average one standard deviation above the population average, ie they are higher than 85% of the population. He infers from this that this accounts for their over representation in positions of power and authority. He says: 'But they are also over represented in positions of competance and its not as if we have more geniuses than we know what to do with and if Jews happen to be producing more of them, which they are by the way, then that's a pretty good thing for the rest of us. So let's not confuse competence with power and authority - even though that'a a favoutite trick of the radical leftists who always fail to make that distinction. [Ron: How is that aside relevant? Radical leftists are Communists and Communism which has spawned cultural Marxism (which is responsible for promulgating Political Correctness, Feminism and LGBTism) was created, and continues to be controlled by Jews in the US and globally.]. So why does this over representation occur, because it does? It also, there's also over representation in political movements, in radical political movements. OK why? Well one, Jewish Conspiracy. That's not a very  good answer. We've used that answer before.

[Ron: WHY isn't conspiracy a good answer? After all it is true. If ethno-centric favouritism does not play a part in Jewish domination of US society. What else accounts for phenomena like: The Shocking, Massive Jewish Racist Discrimination at Harvard.  See or the fact that Jews like Einstein are feted in the US and globally as the greatest thing since (or before) sliced bread, YET almost noone has heard of Nikola Tesla who really was a genius and DID change our world for the better despite the CIA stealing and suppressing most of his work.

Peterson does conclude by saying that the ethnicity vs IQ debate shouldn't let IQ be confused with human value, having just told his audience that IQ testing demonstrates that Jews are smarter than 85% of the population and that justifies them being over represented in positions of power and authority.

What Peterson doesn't say but implies, is that Jews being smarter and more competent than 85% of the population justifies them being in positions of POWER AND AUTHORITY in gentile nations like the US and around the world. Given that Peterson probably has millions of followers that inference is very damaging to the global population because it is grossly misleading.

Each ensouled human being is unique. Each is gifted with a fragment of Creator consciousness, which provides him or her with free will and a unique personality. What a human being does with those gifts differs. New and young souls lack experience and hence a store of individual learned intelligence and so they must rely on the instinctual consciousness provided by accumulated energetically stored planetary (global) genetic consciousness; and social conditioning by parents and society, to grow their thinking, decision making and soul knowledge.

Having Talmudists in positions of power and influence globally (rather than just within their own ethnic political ideological group of about 16 million), means that such vulnerable human souls experience a high risk of being led astray in their thinking by Talmudists peddling Communism, Capitalism, cultural Marxism and LGBTism etc, let alone pornography and atheism which is rampant in Judaism.

The more incarnations a soul has had, the greater the potential for stored soul thinking ability, decision making and knowledge s/he may have acquired. This means that old souls - individuals whose souls have grown from the experience of many incarnations - may have much greater innate intelligence and decision making ability than young souls that have had limited incarnational experience. Real human intelligence and thinking ability is NOT stored in the physical brain but rather resides in the mind, ie the soul which is spiritual, and hence it exists outside of the physical body. Mature souls choose their incarnations and so they may incarnate in any race and place. Their choices are not constrained by skin colour or any other physical, biological or cultural characteristics.

However, by far the greatest difference in true intelligence and thinking ability arises from the fact that many individuals are NOT ensouled at all. Such individuals function as biological robots and although they can learn and become ensouled (by a gift from the Creator) as a result of developing some capacity for moral decision making, most of these biological robot individuals apparently don't evolve in that way on this planet. This probably accounts for much of the great effectiveness of mind control mechanisms and resultant mindless behaviours evidenced by LGBTism and Political Correctness and similar diabolic ideological dead ends peddled by Talmudists on this planet.


The Shocking, Massive Jewish Racist Discrimination at Harvard (Repost) -

Another Moral Panic About Race -



And the 2,825 page treatise on Einstein's plagiarism, Einstein's Zionism, history of Zionism, racism, Judaism, and more. The complete book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein in one 17 Mb. PDF file can be downloaded by clicking on this link:

Albert Einstein’s Letter Warning Of Zionist Fascism In Israel -

Maths overtakes the speed of light. See: And: Nikola Tesla Trashed Einstein as a 'Crank'! See:

Tesla vs. Einstein: The Ether & the Birth of the New Physics. See:

Did Einstein's Wife "Discover" Relativity? -

On the Subject of Einstein's Plagiarism -

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