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Environment/Science Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

By Tyler van Houwelingen
Jan 12, 2013 - 2:37:03 PM

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Analysis by Tyler van Houwellingen

Originally presented August 17, 2012, ICCF – 17

Updated: December 22, 2012

Version 4.0

See full report at:


With the head scientist at NASA Langley research saying LENR is confirmed along with confirmation from Labs at Toyota, Mitsubishi, and STMicroelectronics as well as Amaco, the US Navy research labs, along with a course on the Fleischmann/Pons effect at MIT and working replications of the Celani reactor at academic sites around the world as well as hundreds of confirmed and peer reviewed experimental paper, that professors and Nobel prize winners are saying it is real and that Patents now being granted, the case that LENR is a real working system of cold fusion is proven.

The fact that oil companies like BP, Shell, Exon, and a host of others are all selling off their oil fields around the world, that Petrobas who spent a decade to aquire the controling interest in a texas oil refinery, now are desperate to sell it at a loss.

The fact that Nuclear power plant owners are cancelling their big investment projects, and preparing to close their plants.

The fact that Siemans have have dropped all their Nuclear Power plants and attached industries as well as all of their green power industries where they were a world leader, including a multi billion dollar project to place their solar cell technology in the Sahara to provide electricity to Europe that they just cancelled like it was nothing despite millions already invested; and that they then went and bought a small heat and power plant company in Italy originally worth a few million but they bought it for 1.5 billion.

That STMicroelectronics a leader in mobile phone electronics and owners of Ericsson mobile have dropped all that mobile phone technology to manufacture electronics for combined heat and power plant.

The fact that in August President Obama signed a rare executive order that combined heat and power units can be licensed and sited in any factory in the USA, that the EEC has started a crash funding project for LENR research.

That a certain Mr. Rossi in August was researching and getting excited about something New in his already developed energy catelizers which he anounced in October his more powerful hot cat.

That the same Mr. Rossi has anounced a civil heat and power plant using his technology will go live at a site in the USA this February.

All point to one fact: The world is about to change.
by walkerig1 (4 comments )

Siemens did announce their abandonment of nukes but I believe it was in response to the Fukushima tsunami.

Shell, BP, and Exxon are in "biz as usual" mode.
Posted by mongander (2 comments )
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Hello all

In Reply to mongander's post:
I could literally fill this post with links, it is well known in the Oil industry that the major players are on a divestment and diversification strategy. Many are giving various excuses, but when you check them they do not pan out. We are shifting to US based fields is a common one, but when you look they have bought options to consider buying or leases rather than the asset.

That is key no buying only renting. You rent assets when the asset value is about to take a hit.

Shell has been on a massive divestment strategy on its oil field assets, from Africa to the Far East for the last 12 months, or since Rossi did his first demonstration this time last year.

Other Fossil Fuel companies on a divestment strategy are BP who are selling their stakes in fields in the North Sea, Russia, the Arctic and the Gulf to name but a few and not even batting an eyelid about being refused license to buy future assets in the Gulf.



Even the pipeline parts and refinery companies are joining the rush to divest the fossil fuel business.

Do a Google search for any oil company and the phrase "Oil field" and the words divest or sell.

Some are trying to cover their strategy and the risk by divesting half of the asset others are just cashing in their chips.

This year has been an Oil Field Night of the Long Knives as all the major players have been dumping these soon to be seriously downgraded assets.

The price per barrel dropped 20+ dollars since May.

I expect the real drop to be when the 60 day and 30 Day options on the price per barrel get shorted when the Rossi announcement is about to be made. I expect the price per barrel will drop below 70. Then it will resurge as people realise LENR will not happen overnight. Then Oil and other fossil fuels will go into a long decline with investors on a business decline strategy making money out of the asset stripping and running the oil fields into the ground. Natural Gas will be the longest lived of the Fossil Fuel assets.

Coal might die out out in as little a year and a half as converting coal power plants to use Rossi's Hot Cat or other LENR tech will be very easy. Oil will be next. Converting all power plants could take a 5 to 7 years but the fact that President Obama changed the Law to allow Combined Heat and Power means that many plants will end up being scrapped before they can convert, as faster cheaper more nimble competitors will create power plants on customers door steps, that provide power at a tenth but theoretically at up to one thousandth of the cost.

Buckle in people it is about to get real bumpy!
Posted by walkerig1 (4 comments )
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Shell, exxon, like STMicro, like Toyota, like Mitsubishi, like National instruments, EPFL, SRI, are in "split reality", or "betting on all horses".

They continue business as usual, yes... they invest in visible future, development of shale gaz, problem of wind/solar intermitence, green fashion, AGW consensus, unpredictability about nuke from stall to bounce, alliance , merging, geopolitics...

at the same time, they create Technova, Shell game Changer, ST new venture, LENr-Cities, LENr cars, to get a technological or business position.

moreover the cold fusion domain is so satanic, so promising today, that they both work on it, and do all to hide they work on it. Basically they best method is giving budget to subsidiary and fellow senior executive, and closing the eyes.
"if it fails, We will deny having any relation with you"


make a bayesian analysis of what have been cowardly just admitted, and what have been cowardly not denied.

Then assume temporarily that all is, as the official version says, a big fraud (no so great science error is possible. it is a global conspiracy, a convergence of lobbies... which lobbies? fusion? ah ah! anyway assume):
see what have been done, and what have not bee done to control the risk...
a corp is very strict to control this kind of risk, and if nothing have not been done, it is not an accident...
If something have been done it can be an error, an oversafety, but not the opposite.
of course to understand that, you have to know how behave a fearful corp.
and be honest (not so common).

I don't see many acts toward LENr support, except National Instrument coming out at NIWeek (4 conference, 1 big boss talk, preceded by 2 Big Science boss talk in Brussels and rome).
However i see many continuous back-room support, non-suppression.
And huge thing that are NDA, but you have to trust me, and you should not, because you don't know me.
Defkalion (see tovima tribune, translated on have also huge claims about shell, exxon & alike... that you can trust or not. It depend if you trust a greek-canadian economist, and business partners, to invest cash where they will win money, or not.

all that might look mystery to you, if you don't catch the history... check it on lenr-forum...
Posted by AlainCo (2 comments )

Found at:


The History of MIT's Blatant Suppression of Cold Fusion. See:

Top 5 Free Energy Technologies Unfolding Now. See:

Michael McKubre on Cold Fusion's rise despite political academic suppression. See:

What is the E-Cat? See:

The Ultimate E-Cat Cold Fusion Transmutation. See:

The New Solid State E-Cat. See:

Cold Fusion coming to Home Depot in 2012?. See:

The Limitless Potential of the E-Cat: An Interview with Andrea Rossi. See:

One Full Year of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology.. See:

Cold fusion devices produce far more energy than they use; quickly approaching commercial viabilit. see:

E-Cat Free Energy - Get Ready For The Changes! See:

Liars Pass A Lie ... Or, Put Another Way ... Australian Parliament Passes Divisive (Who Gives A Shit What The People Think?) Carbon Ta. See:

The Game Changer: E-Cat Device from Andrea RossiSee:

E-Cat News Coming Fast and Furious:Zero Point Energy is here at last. See:

Cold fusion devices produce far more energy than they use; quickly approaching commercial viability. See:

Cold Fusion Proven True by U.S. Navy Researchers - Will Suppression of this Science be Repeated? See:

The 'Holy Grail' of science: The artificial leaf researchers claim will turn every home into its own power station. See:
A Curious Coincidence - Was It Suppression Of The Self-Powering Battery? See:

The 'Holy Grail' of science: The artificial leaf researchers claim will turn every home into its own power station. See:

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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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