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Environment/Science Last Updated: Aug 23, 2019 - 8:13:17 PM

“Huge Win for Wildlife”: Peru Vows to End Deforestation Driven by Palm Oil
By Elias Marat
Aug 23, 2019 - 8:09:59 PM

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Peru End Deforestation Palm Oil

Peru has vowed to put an end to palm oil-driven deforestation by 2021, according to reports, in a move that is being hailed as a "momentous win" for wildlife and sustainable agriculture by conservationist group the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

The Andean nation joins Colombia in its pledge to produce the oil without deforestation. Palm oil cultivation has been a booming crop across Latin America, but has also been one of the foremost drivers of deforestation in rural regions.

The NWF partnered with local conservationist group Sociedad Peruana de Ecodesarrollo, as well as the Peruvian government and national palm oil Producers' Association (JUNPALMA) for two years before making the announcement.

Kiryssa Kasprzyk, who led the federation's campaign, said in a statement:

"This commitment is a momentous development for the people of Peru and the global effort to confront climate change. It underscores that we can feed the world without hurting biodiversity or clear-cutting tropical forests."

National Wildlife Federation✔@NWF

Huge win for wildlife: Peru just agreed to a zero-deforestation agreement. The Peruvian is one of the world's most biologically diverse areas & this agreement will help the chestnut-eared aracari & other species thrive in their natural habitat.

Peru's Commitment to End Deforestation Driven by Palm Oil ‘a Momentous' Step for Sustainable...

The National Wildlife Federation heralded the Peruvian palm oil Producers' Association's newly announced commitment to enter into an agreement for sustainable and deforestation-free palm oil produc...
5515:36 AM - Aug 17, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

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Palm oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from the fruits and seeds of the oil palm, also known as the African palm, and is a common additive on supermarket shelves across the globe.

Oil extracted from the fruit of the palm is not only used in foods like instant noodles, yogurt, ice cream, and wine, but is also used in biofuel and a range of household products including laundry detergents, shampoo and cosmetic goods like lipstick.

Roughly 66 million tons of palm oil are produced each year, driving a trend that has seen forests burned and land robbed to make room for plantations, contributing greatly to global deforestation and the displacement of rural populations.

Since 2000, the production of palm oil in Latin America has more than doubled, according to Al Jazeera.

In Peru this translated to 140,000 hectares (or 540 square miles) of lost forest land in 2018 alone, putting the South American nation in seventh place in terms of forest loss, according to Global Forest Watch.

Sara Laughter@GreenAwakening

Guatemala-one of biggest exporters of palm oil-plantations buy land from subsistence farmers, who migrate-palm oil companies now largest employers, but do not pay a livable wage- >50,000 Guatemalans migrating as families apprehended at US border in 2018 ...

Guatemalan farms shift to palm oil, fueling family migration

Farmers have given up land that long fed them, with many now co-dependent on palm oil companies that do not pay well enough to stop people migrating
1611:05 PM - Jan 7, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

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The expansion of palm oil production across Latin America has also driven land, labor and environmental conflicts in rural regions, with armed conflicts, water shortages and mass displacement resulting from the growth of oil palm plantations. This, in turn, has been a driver of indigenous migration from the Global South to the north in countries like Guatemala.

Campaigners have also sought to shed light on the need to curb deforestation, which is toppling one of the world's most important defenses against greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Deforestation is responsible for 10 percent of carbon emissions worldwide.

Palm oil production has also driven orangutans to the brink of extinction, with the species now classified as critically endangered. Bornean orangutan populations have fallen by more than half between 1999 and 2015.

The announcement by the federation comes amid increasing global awareness and sensitivity over the importance of responsibly managing, utilizing, growing and defending sensitive habitats in South America and throughout the globe, including the Amazon rainforest, given forests' importance in the fight to preserve biodiversity and combat rampant climate change.

Sierra Club✔@SierraClub

These indigenous women are organizing to protect their right to farm as palm oil plantations spread across Guatemala (via @Sierra_Magazine)

As Palm Plantations Grab Land, Mayan Women Organize

In Petén, Guatemala, food scarcity is on the rise as arable land shrinks
462:00 AM - Dec 31, 2018Twitter Ads info and privacy

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By Elias MaratCreative

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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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