Heads up on a potential NWO trap
By Jim Stone
Nov 16, 2018 - 10:10:07 PM

There's little question the New World Order has real scientists that know there will be a mini ice age in the near future, rather than global warming. They know that the demand for fuels (which now have a carbon tax applied to them) will reach astronomical heights once this happens. The snowfall in New York is a key indicator, and even here in (central) Mex it has been so cold you can see your breath already this year. It is unprecedented cold.

Consider this: If the Farmer's Almanac called this winter correctly in advance, there's no chance whatsoever that the globalists do not have scientists that also know what is really going on. Even NASA has come right out and said it. The sun is simply not cooperating with the global warming scam, there's no way fractional percentages of CO2 will change anything when whole percentages of water vapor have far more impact, it is all a sham and now we get to see it, for real.

So what would the reason be for Al Gore knowingly fronting a global warming lie? The answer is easy:

The carbon tax is what will fund the New World Order, and since their scientists already know the world will be cooling, they know that people will be forced to pay exorbitant amounts into this tax just to keep from freezing to death. Already, in Ontario, some normal middle class families have to pay 5, 000+ CAD a year for the carbon tax alone, all hidden in artificially inflated fuel prices. ALL going to the New World Order. A scam of epic proportions.

Like America's election process, people need to realize the entire global warming ruse is a sham and a lie used to front a liberal globalist agenda. You can bet that even after the world has impaled itself on an ice dagger the globalists, who live for a lie, won't give up on the global warming scam and will instead rejoice as people destroy all wealth they have just to stay warm, while the inevitable future will evolve to 10 percent of what they pay to stay warm actually going to fuel, with the rest going to fund the new world order. They will probably say they made a mistake, and burning fuel to stay warm is what caused the cold. Whatever lie it takes to maintainpublic consent. One way or another, the carbon tax will be kept in place forever, now that they have it.


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