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Environment/Science Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Half of all jobs will be obsolete in 15 years, warns China’s leading AI expert
By with comments by Ron
Jan 14, 2019 - 9:21:02 PM

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 Half of all jobs will be obsolete in 15 years, warns China’s leading AI expert
Almost half of all current jobs will become obsolete in just 15 years, according to one of China’s leading experts in artificial intelligence (AI).

Kai-Fu Lee, a writer, venture capitalist and technology executive who has over 30 years’ experience in AI, claims the world of employment is facing a crisis.

[Ron: The advent and development of AI will only precipitate a crisis in relation to employment and hence attitudes to personal identity and social cohesion, IF currently dysfunctional anti-spiritual, materialistic ideas, beliefs, principles, attitudes and practices continue to govern concepts of personal identity and inter-personal relationships. Currently humans here have forgotten their sovereign identity and Oneness through son and daughtership in the Creator. That ignorance has translated into a slave mentality that has resulted in acceptance of personal dependance and authoritarian productivity and governance arrangements.

Our current global dystopia arises from widespread human feelings of individual inadequacy and lack of personal sovereignty. That is the reason that humans here accept the slavery inherent in free range serfdom, personal income taxation and tyrannical governance arrangements.Those feelings and the beliefs they engender MUST be eliminated and replaced with a sense of godly sovereignty and independance if we are to turn the coming so-called unemployment crises into freedom from endless work in order to survive, into the independance, abundance and increased leisure which is the BLESSING that it truly is.

Once we replace the effects of widespread Talmudic atheism with a spiritual understanding of WHO we are and our place in the Cosmos, we will be free to replace our fearful, ego-centric, alienated attitudes to self and others with loving, empathetic, inclusive, inter-personal relationships. As that happens we will naturally embrace active communal caring and sharing of all human activities including work and its producton and distribution.

This will require a fundamental change in human consciousness on this planet. Increased consciousness is a spiritual attribute which must be attained before various truly human and effective practical methods of societal governance can be implemented.

If members of future communities do not attain significantly increased awareness and hence a state of higher spiritual consciousness, all materialist utopian ideas will remain utopian; and social experiments to achieve them will end, as previously, in dystopias. Why? Because in the absence of higher spiritual consciousness individuals and collectives sink down to the the level of the lowest common consciousness denominator among community members. To be genuinely effective, future governance arrangements must be born of, and foster, spiritual evolvement that creates a sense of Oneness among community members. Formal contractual legal obligations will not do that.

To achieve harmony and Oneness current negative memes associated with competition and ego-centrism need to be eliminated.The primary culprit in this regard is the money meme which fosters separation, psychic alienation and individual isolation, ego-centric competition and societal disharmony. The result is a fear ridden population which inhibits co-operation, sharing and caring, ie Oneness. Fearful people exalt force and violence and seek governance structures that satisfy that trait.

Accordingly, to avail ourselves of the Blessings that release us from the constant, onerous work the development of AI, robots, and all other technological advances will bring to us, we MUST eliminate the money meme and the mind controlling belief that we must work for "money" and compete with everyone else for work, money and survival. The whole point of AI and technological advances is that they FREE humans from the endless labour hitherto needed in order to survive.

AI and technology are god-given tools designed to assist humans to grow and develop at the appropriate time in their evolution. For instance, over a century ago Nikola Tesla was gifted with much technical knowledge meant to assist humanity on this planet to develop and grow into higher consciousness. Tesla's inventions and patents were stolen and suppressed and used only by global banksters and their Deep State minions and enablers. The same suppression treatment was meted out to Royal Raymond Rife and many others. As a result humanity here has largely remained ignorant and almost unconscious. In truth AI and robotic developments presage humanity's coming Golden Age on this planet. When it happens everyone will finally be free of perpetual drudgery and enslavement. Those who cannot see this prospect or refuse to accept it will be moved by Universe Management to other planets more suited to their level of personal spiritual development.

Money is a mental construct developed by those who seek to control and exploit others. Money has no value other than what humans project upon it. All its members can thrive spiritually and physically once a community understands that health, welfare and abundance for all depends on the shared physical work and ingenuity of its members carefully using and conserving available physical resources provided by the planet.

Humans here are not ready to ditch the use of "money" so, as a first step towards the Golden Age, every community must control money creation and its fair and appropriate distribution to ensure that ALL community members are catered for without anyone hoarding wealth for any reason. Proper control of money creation and use will quickly result in abundance for all. Concomitantly, the money meme associated FAUX legal system created by our global matrix controllers, including the creation of FAUX legal persons called corporations, must be eliminated.

Corporations are fictions created by humans using bits of paper and electronic digits. Like digital currency, they have no real existence. Currently, corporations granted legal (BUT unlawful in Divine, cosmic terms) PERSONHOOD are used by the global matrix controllers (aka Jewish banksters and their hidden controllers) to own and control most governments and almost all trans-national corporations that dominate the global economy. That situation must be eliminated if humans on this planet are to be free.See eg:Citizens United v. FEC: Corporate Personhood Must be Eliminated if Humanity is to Survive. -


in due course, a critical mass of humans needs to understand that the money meme is merely an enslavement device, and reject it. The future belongs to those who seek to serve others more than self so that human life will be lived in sharing, caring communities instead of fragmented, antagonistic societies based on competition and the pursuit of gain at the expense of others.

Prior to the demonic creation of the money meme and its imposition upon human consciousness on this planet thousands of years ago, families and tribes worked together to produce the means for survival and abundance. THAT model prefigures the social structure needed to cope with our future as a technologically advanced civilisation. The reason that the Talmudic cultural Marxists are seeking to alienate everyone by destroying the very idea of males and females let alone families, is so that the entire human population will be alienated and atomised by that antagonistic, Talmudic divide and conquer ideology. In that situation everyone is in conflict with everyone else and hence those who survive internecine conflict are unable to resist domination and control by the Talmudists.].


He'll appear on CBS 60 Minutes on Sunday to spread the word and warn those most at risk so they can start retraining for the new world. Lee also warns that education will need to adapt to prepare younger generations for the new landscape.

AI may be the future, but it can’t do everything, claims Lee, who says certain professions are safe from the revolution. Especially those that involve empathy or human to human interaction like therapists, nurses, teachers or doctors. Innovative and creative professions are also safe because AI generally struggles to do the work of scientists or to deal with the unknown.

READ MORE: Rise of Artificial Intelligence could hurt women’s careers & widen gender gap – WEF

The jobs most at risk in the next two decades are roles than can be easily filled by robot technology, like telemarketers and telesales, customer support, warehouse workers, cashiers, fast food workers and dish washers.

AI will increasingly replace repetitive jobs, not just for blue-collar work, but a lot of white-collar work,” says Lee in the upcoming episode. “Chauffeurs, truck drivers, anyone who does driving for a living; their jobs will be disrupted more in the 15-25 year time frame”.


[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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