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Robotoids respond to conventional routine medical tests in the same way as humans do; they eat, drink, breathe and bleed if cut and can be killed. Robotoids can also think, but they think only in the sense that a computer thinks. So their brains have to be programmed for each assignment given but they have an enormous biological computer brain memory capacity. Thus they can be programmed and think in such complex patterns that they act human. Russian robotoids have a “holographic brain”. This brain duplicates essentially the entire memory of the person being copied. The key technique for this is called an “ultrasonic cerebral hologram”. Using high-frequency sound waves, which are inaudible, a complete three-dimensional picture is made of a person’s brain. This is a painless, non-destructive process; and under proper conditions it can be done without a person being aware of it.The holographic image of the brain is a complete record of the neuron patterns at the moment the hologram is made. It thus contains all memories and knowledge in the brain up to that moment. As a result the robotoid will do many things like repeating mannerisms and recognising old friends without the need for specific programming

Robotoids don’t grow or reproduce and have a very limited life span.their metabolism is very inefficient. They can be manufactured at short notice, a matter of a few hours but degenerates physically and mentally within weeks or months. They can be programmed with a donor’s memories in a few hours.

To manufacture an organic robotoid a pattern is needed. That pattern must be a genetic coding from a few cells from the body of a human being. The Russian robotoid manufacturing technique sounds like cloning but is totally unrelated to genuine cloning. A robotoid is produced in a matter of hours, and it simulates the human donor at his current age. Robotoids are copies and so they always have some minor discrepancies in appearance and behaviour but these are rarely great enough to arouse suspicion.

When Peter Beter revealed the existence of the Russian robotoids the Rothschild’s rushed through development of a competitor which they were developing. They, together with their Bolshevik and Zionist puppets produced “synthetic automatons” or “synthetics” which are similar to robotoids in certain respects. Each is an artificial life form designed to simulate a human being, but synthetics also differ from robotoids in important ways. In particular they are generated by radically different methods. Both utilise genetic samples from actual humans as their starting points but thereafter everything is different. The Russian process is a close relative of recombinant DNA techniques involving bacteria. The details are secret but it enables robotoids to be generated from scratch very rapidly. The Rothschild process, by contrast, does not start from scratch. Instead, certain tissues extracted from cattle are the starting point. The synthetic is then generated in a process that changes the genetic make-up in order to simulate a person being copied. It is the outgrowth of a discovery made in France in 1959. The experiment involved two species of ducks called khaki Campbells and white Pekins which was reported in the book: The biological Time Bomb by Gordon Rattray Taylor.

The Bolshevik (Rothschild) synthetics are not as good as the Russian robotoids but they do not require a cerebral hologram.

Thses writings were extracted  Phoenix Journal #29, End of the Masquerade,Let’s Pluck the cuckoo bird, page 38.

And Phoenix Journal # 24 ,Shrouds of the Seventh Seal, page 93.

And also: Phoenix Journal 52 and Phoenix Express Vol. V., No. 11 & 12, p.7 (Theronotoid mind”).


Another form of artificial human-like being are the synthetics created using ET technology which utilises cattle glands, nerves and other parts of cattle in the production process. It seems that many of the stories about ETs mutilating cattle arise from real incidents in which Little Greys or human Black Ops people went out collecting biological cattle ingredients to be used for this purpose.

Dr Peter Beter discussed robotoids at some length in his Audio Letters 46 and 48 and elsewhere. Among other things he said:

An organic robotoid is an artificial robot-like creature, it looks

and acts exactly like a human being and yet it is not human. A

robotoid is alive in the biological sense but it is an artificial

life form. Robotoids respond to conventional routine medical

tests in the same way as humans do; they eat, they drink, they

breathe, they bleed if cut; and they can be killed. Robotoids

can also think, but they think only in the sense that a computer

thinks. Like any other computer, the brain of a robotoid has to

be programmed for each assignment it is given; but unlike many

electronic computers, the biological computer brain of a robotoid

possesses an enormous memory. As a result, robotoids can be

programmed to communicate and think in such complex patterns that

they act human.

Organic robotoids are remarkable creatures, but they have many

drawbacks. They don't grow or reproduce but must be manufactured

one by one in the desired form. They also have a very limited

life span, measured in months or even weeks, depending upon how

they are utilized. This is due to the fact that their

metabolism, while it resembles that of humans, is very

inefficient. A robotoid can be manufactured on very short

notice, a matter of hours; but after a few weeks or months it

suddenly begins to degenerate physically and mentally. When that

takes place, the robotoid has to be removed from service and

disposed of. To extend its useful life as much as possible, a

robotoid is customarily cooled down to slow its metabolism

between assignments. Organic robotoids are extremely expensive,

troublesome creatures to produce and utilize; and robotoid

capabilities do not exceed those of human beings. All they can

really do is simulate human beings; but, my friends, for

Intelligence purposes that's all they have to do!

To produce an organic robotoid it is necessary to have a

pattern to go by. The pattern required is that of genetic coding

taken from a few cells from the body of a human being. In this

respect the Russian technique sounds like cloning, but the

technique itself is totally unrelated to genuine cloning. A

robotoid is produced within a matter of hours, and it simulates

the human donor at his current age. Like any man-made copy of

anything, a robotoid is never a perfect copy of the human that is

to be simulated; there's always small discrepancies in appearance

and behavior, but these are seldom great enough to arouse any


When the initial Russian break-through in robotoids took place

years ago, the Rockefeller-Soviet alliance was still functioning.

The Christian group who now rule Russia were already secretly

more powerful than the Bolsheviks, but the final overthrow had

not yet taken place. When the robotoid break-through took place,

they moved quickly to minimize the amount of information obtained

about it while those Bolsheviks still retained positions of

power. They also tried to prevent information about it from

leaking through Intelligence channels to the CIA, nevertheless

partial information did reach the CIA and the late four

Rockefeller brothers. By early 1975 the Russians were known to

have successfully created at least one organic robotoid in the

laboratory. Meanwhile the CIA was coordinating a feverish

research effort aimed at accomplishing the same feat. Up to now,

robotoid technology in the United States is far behind that of

Russia. The American capability in robotoids is not even close

to being operational, whereas the Russians are deploying them

right now.




[Ron: No doubt the technology has developed enormously since Dr Beter's time.].





“These ‘genetic/holographic’ DNA/RNA replicas have been in the perfecting for well over four decades. All that is required is a holographic fragment (literally, one cell) and a replica can be reproduced. Then all that is required is down-loading of the memory data and programming of the manufactured entity.


“There are technical advances upon your planet, already in use by the Elite, which would boggle your senses—robotoids are simplistic in relative comparison. They are comprised totally of physical “matter” manifested into what you perceive as physical coalition of these physical matter particles coalesced according to the DNA/RNA holographic blueprint whereby the re-creation will be a projection of that which is being copied at the time of replication.”


SHROUDS OF THE SEVENTH SEAL (The Anti-Christ Whore of Babylon), JOURNAL Pg. 93, Doubles, Robotoids and Replicas:



How is it that you find this difficult to accept? These “genetic/holographic” DNA/RNA replicas have been in the perfecting for well over four decades. All that is required is a holographic fragment (literally, one cell) and a replica can be reproduced. Then all that is required is down-loading of the memory data and programming of the manufactured entity. I have spoken of this procedure prior to this and will not take precious time to repeat and repeat for those who simply do not wish to go back and effort at gaining the information. You see, I, Hatonn, care not in the least whether or not you believe me nor if you understand the mechanism by which it works. You are “willing victims” of the lie and YOU will awaken or sleep on—it is up to you. Our commission is to outlay the Truth unto you—YOURS IS TO CONFIRM AND ACKNOWLEDGE—OR NOT, AS YOU WISH. There are technical advances upon your planet, already in use by the Elite, which would boggle your senses—robotoids are simplistic in relative comparison - - - [and the rest of the document is repetition.]


Know that you will read my discussion (or it got omitted which I think not probable) that there are already working duplicates of, for instance, cattle. There are also the projects in research to clone “body parts” for identical transplantation of heart, limbs, etc., without rejection of the attachment for it will bear identical genetic structure and the body will not recognize the difference. Now to a bit of specific technology to consider.

There are two kinds of cells in the body—the germ (the sperm cells and the egg cells, which produce the next generation) and the soma (the cells of the blood, brain, muscles, and everything else).


Each somatic cell has two sets of chromosomes in its nucleus. When it divides into two cells, all the chromosomes double, and each daughter cell receives a complete double set. But when the eggs and sperm are formed, by a process called meiosis, the two sets of chromosomes are broken up, and only one set goes to each of the daughter cells. Each egg cell and each sperm cell carry a random mix of half of an individual’s traits; the only time they have a complete set of chromosomes is when their nuclei come together during fertilization. At the moment of fertilization, life begins anew with an individual that is identical to neither its mother nor its father but rather is a 50-50 combination of both.


Starting out as a single cell, the embryo grows rapidly, not in size but in number of cells—first two cells then..... The growth begins when the nuclei come together during fertilization. The point then, of replication is to introduce two identical nuclei from the same entity. Upon integration they will multiply identically as above stated for it represents fertilization—the cell recognizes no difference. And thus begins replication of an identical clone.


As the cells multiply the embryo is a mulberry-like cluster of cells called a morula, scarcely bigger than the fertilized egg. As division continues, the morula turns into a hollow mass called a blastula (blastocyst in mammals), which is first hundreds, then thousands of cells strong.


In the event of “artificial cloning” it is much like a test-tube embryo except that it is completed in a medium which allows the nutrients of life to be utilized. While this is happening—there is a holographic image available for alteration as necessary for duplication of the finished entity.


In the early division, all the cells of the embryo are indistinguishable from one another. But later some of the cells begin to specialize, and the process of differentiation begins. As development proceeds and the embryo takes on shape and form, more and more cells become committed to a particular pathway, changing in form and function. The blood cells make hemoglobin, the muscle cells make a muscle protein, and so on. The facts are, and research now shows—every single cell in a body contains all the necessary things to reproduce a replica.


It must be noted that adult differentiated cells and egg cells, are on two very different time tables for division. The egg is on the fast track, ready to spring into action about an hour after fertilization if left absolutely alone, while the far slower differentiated cell is programmed to divide every two days or longer. So when the nucleus of an adult cell is placed in a recipient egg, it is forced to divide before it is ready. Chromosomes get left behind or are torn apart. The result is that some of the clones have chromosomal abnormalities and may be genetic “monsters”.


Now it gets more technical and tedious. Several things must take place to reproduce a “well-rounded” duplicate. As the cells are growing there must be introduced something which will accelerate growth and reproduction. You have in each body a functioning gland called the pituitary (I think is your label) which regulates growth. If something happens, say a tumor, in an adult wherein the pituitary gland becomes hyperfunctional, a disease, which I believe you call something like “acromegaly” which is chronic hyperpituitarism marked by progressive enlargement of hands, feet, and face—, occurs and within very short periods of time the body will simply outgrow itself—become huge and because the bone structure cannot house it the monstrously rapid growth can simply kill itself from overgrowth. So, if the pituitren from the gland is introduced in increased amounts during the early formation and duplication of cells—the growth rate is incredibly rapid. As the body reaches proper proportion and the cells mature into proper function in the proper placement—the hormone is decreased and additional amounts stopped completely. Understand that this is oversimplification of a rather complex mechanism—however, once the duplication process has been accomplished once or twice, the amount of additives is pretty well decided and the duplication becomes indeed rote.


I believe you can understand that as these reproductions are created they become less stable and much less sturdy although they will replicate even to the age category depending on giving additional hormones or withholding same. Then what is not perfected by “natural” growth and aging can be surgically altered.


So, what have you? You have a body functioning as a machine and a pretty empty mind of a womb-infant. It becomes very easy to download information from one brain to another—especially if there is no preconceived ideas or thoughts in the recipient brain. It becomes simple to place the outgoing replica or “person” into a state of imaging and the images in response to questions and input guidelines are extremely rapidly “read off” just like a rapid-fire computer system. Don’t be fooled by that which you are not told much about—but there are cameras which can now photograph thoughts—down-loading a mind is nothing and can be completed in only a few brief hours. During this same period of time programming for current and future functioning is integrated. “Flaws” in personality will most often be continually exaggerated and this is that which becomes the problem—that of keeping the entity under control.


What happens to the original? It goes where all first creations go—the soul departs and goes to its proper placement for progressive experience. The clones, when no longer useful, are simply “dumped”. If the expression within the essence is recovered and given again the gift of soul entrance through Grace (and there is no other way, beloved ones) then the “clone” becomes a functioning “whole” and separate entity but will bear the mental rememberings of the original and will pretty much continue the original’s experiences. Hence comes the term of terms—”walk-in”. Now I remind you ones who like to consider yourselves “walk-ins” for God—forget the concept. Clones are of evil beginnings by any measure of the term. Replacement of energy form into an existing body is indeed of evil. God needs no such fabrications. If God needs a body, He creates one. Remember, “Satan” as you call him, cannot create—he must utilize that which is already created—havoc is all that evil one can create.


So you see, it is not even longer speculative among the scientific community. By combining the techniques of nuclear transfer with those of invitro fertilization, the technology for cloning human embryos is now on-line. Using the same basic technique of serial transfer, scientists can duplicate the same embryo over and over again thereby cloning not just embryos but human adults.

Scientists have long been able to trick adult body cells, normally differentiated to perform specific tasks, into going backward in time to an early embryonic stage when all the genes were fully turned on and all things were possible. The researchers reached the power to turn back the clock, so to speak, making an adult cell young or duplicating a being at any age level through manipulation.


You must understand that in the beginning of this idea it was set forth as wondrous to be able to have a second set of organs, etc., if ever needed for individuals. Well, of course one secret thing led to another until they were taking a cell from an individual, transferring it into an enucleated egg, growing the embryo in culture for a few days, and then putting it into a surrogate uterus. After about six weeks into the embryonic development, the collection of primitive cells called the telencephalon, the forerunner to the higher brain, would be removed and frozen. In this way the body clone “would never develop a brain capable of anything more than secreting hormones and commanding the most basic vegetal bodily functions. It would never perceive pain or love. Without any portion of the higher brain, the body clone would be less human than the fish that graces your dinner table.


Once the body clone would be grown to the appropriate size by intravenous feeding and hormone injections, it could serve as the equivalent of a brain-dead organ donor, only in this case there would be no rejection of a transplant. Since the clone would have exactly the same genetic makeup as the person from whom it was derived, all its parts—from the facial features to vital organs—could be replaced as though they were the person’s own—which they would be. If now, the desirability is of having a functioning higher brain, then the additional steps would need to be taken to re-establish the telencephalon.


The problem that many scientists face in cloning is that in the reproducing much of the “personality” which makes a human sexual is lost and also it gets rid of all the very characteristics that are enjoyed about a human. As a matter of fact, as dangerous as the actual cloning of beings is what is happening already on a massive scale—the brain control which causes everyone to act in various controlled manners. How is it that a hundred million Americans watch the Super Bowl, or millions of people buy little plastic disks with scratches on them? Basically this is worse for the perfectly good and functional gifted mind is wasted. The potential for abuse is incredible and so it has become a fact.


The fact that contents of a brain can be transferred only requires knowledge of the psychochemical way in which memory is stored—and you have known how memory is stored in a computer. With the proper psychochemical balance it is merely a matter of transfer as from one computer disc onto another. With cloned brains and memory transfer, the individual is raised to the nth power—but without the capacity of moral conscience as given unto man in the form of soul. You see, the purpose is not to just serially immortalize but to produce parallel infinity.


Please allow this to be sufficient for this sitting as I have a very weary scribe who is wishing I would just clone her a little bit more time and a few more fingers.

I thank you for your inquiry and I hope I have been complete enough to satisfy without overburden. I am sorry to leave out any of your questions but I simply may not jeopardize my beloved counterparts by speaking of the other advanced technical achievements at this time. Too much information makes you targets and I refuse to allow that as my scribe, for instance, is marked like a neon sign already and therefore I give her nothing more than any of you have in access for if there is nothing to gain from her, she is left alone and our adversaries know that she is given nothing for they glean exactly that which I give her—right as she writes it on this apparatus.


Our sole mission is to “awaken” mankind—not invent new or re-invent old technologies and man’s problem, already, is that his technology is far advanced of his ability to socially survive. Know that as things are acceptable, proper ones will be given into knowing the information in proper sequence. God does pretty well at planning—and remember—HE WINS! THAT, BROTHERS, MEANS WE WIN!

Close this out, Dharma. I want to share the other information and confirmation received from A.B. regarding Egypt, etc., but we are too fatigued for this day. Thank you, chela, for relentless service and know, dear one, that when we pull this off—then you can go clean your cupboards. In great love beyond your knowing, I humbly bend in appreciation to you precious ones who struggle along with us in this journey acting as alarm clocks—the rewards shall be grand indeed for the promises of God are always met although you rarely have perceived them properly. Even so—they are always more wondrous than you can imagine.

In brotherhood and friendship I take leave this evening.

Hatonn to clear, please.

4/17/91 #1 HATONN


Dharma, it is long past lunch time and we need a break. Then I wish to discuss a few more points regarding robotoids for I seem to have stirred up the hornets. You will note however, that you now have first-hand information from one who is on the “inside” and knows the CIA very, very well and you got confirmation, precious—even moreso you learned that the replications coming out of Japan are even more superbly crafted than those coming prior to now.

Also please note the newly coming co-ventures and meetings with Gorbachev of Japan’s top people—in Japan. Also note that within the week Gorbachev requested 500 million dollars in additional food credits—FROM YOU AMERICA—and got it! That means that all the prior is used up and now the flow will be quite steady. Pray for a good grain crop this year, chelas, for all your reserves are gone! So be it. Let us take a rest, please. Thank you.




I don’t even have the proper language to further discuss this subject with you for it is obvious that the general public is so uninformed that I hardly know where to begin. Therefore, in light of that which I gave you a week or so past, I shall try to move back in years to incidents and utilize descriptions as we move along. An excellent place to begin is, say, around your years 1978 and 1979 because robotics were on the scene, having moved from “doubles” and “look-alikes” into robotoids and then on into synthetic automatons which are referred to as “synthetics”.


Doubles had been utilized frequently and with astounding results for some years prior to 1978 but in Spring of ’79 Russia had begun to deploy this astonishing new Intelligence weapon. Those were the “organic robotoids”—artificial robot-like living creatures that simulate human beings. By introducing the robotoids, the Russians were able to make a shambles of the Bolshevik plans then in progress. Preparations were moving fast for a new Bolshevik socialist revolution right there in the United States, but the Russian robotoids stopped it cold. The major problem—then as now—the Zionist Elite have no real loyalty to any cause save their own so that which comes forth is utilized in any manner necessary to gain their own desires and the “host” factor is usually done-in while the wolf hides behind the lead-sheep’s wool.


Even more importantly, the joint Bolshevik and Zionist Middle East War plan was temporarily thwarted. This prevented the Bolsheviks from going ahead with the rest of their plan for an American nuclear first strike against Russia and so, the next attempt of serious magnitude was set up for 1982. Yes, you read exactly that and if you know not of which I speak—please go read the Journals for I cannot repeat it all. [See the early Space Shuttle missions we just repeated in the last 3 issues of CONTACT.] After that time, the Russians pressed forward with their robotoid infiltration and take-over of the United States. Within mere weeks, the year-and-a-half SALT II stalemate vanished and the treaty was signed in Vienna; for months major surprises showered the news which were the direct result of Russia’s robotoid “invasion”. At the time there were ones on your place who were being fed information right out of the Rockefeller Cartel and the CIA regarding these beings and it was being written, censored by the media and you the public tossed it aside like limp popcorn. Well, the two major resources were silenced and you were the loser. As we have bits of time on this subject, I shall back up and give you some scenarios which you can confirm, i.e. Sen. (robotoid) Church’s strategy to undo the Cuba crisis and to save SALT II. But this story is for 1979 because it is so important in magnitude.


A most important case in point was to do with America’s new relationship with Red China. In 1978, the Carter Administration was in a state of panic over Russia’s newly deployed crushing military power in space. The so-called China-card policy was the result. America suddenly dumped Taiwan and recognized Red China but the Russians were working fast to unravel the ties between the United States and China. Russia was determined to re-establish her own working relationship with China. In October talks were continuing between Russian and Chinese officials in Moscow with that goal in view. Suddenly a Federal District Judge ruled that it was illegal for President Carter to breach the treaty with Taiwan. Instead, he said, Congress must be consulted. In June the same Judge had refused to rule in the case, but the Russian robotoid take-over in the U.S. had changed things forever. Out of the blue came the surprise thunderbolt of the ruling. It could hardly have been better calculated to shake Chinese confidence in the United States, and it came at the very moment when Red Chinese negotiators were staring across the table at their Russian counterparts in Moscow.


In every possible way, the Russians were trying to make use of their robotoid advantage while they could, because there was a lesson which ran throughout military history and the Russians knew it well. That lesson was that when one side in the conflict developed a new weapon, the other side would soon counter it with a similar and often, better, one. A new weapon can decide a conflict only if it is used quickly.

The United States was far behind that of Russia in robotoid technology as well as space technology, but then the Bolshevik and Zionist enemies of Russia had achieved their own surprise. The Rothschild interests, which controlled both movements, had for many years been deeply involved in biological research of all kinds. They had not succeeded in learning the secrets of the Russian robotoids, but they had achieved success with something very similar. Those developments were called “synthetic automatons” or simply “synthetics”. A Rothschild synthetic was similar to a Russian robotoid in certain ways. Each is an artificial life-form designed to simulate a human being, but synthetics also differ from robotoids in important ways. For one thing, they are generated by radically different techniques. Both utilize genetic samples from actual humans as their starting point, but beyond that everything is different.


The Russian process is a close relative of recombinant DNA techniques involving hormones and other life forms which could be loosely described as bacteria, simply for lack of better description. The details of the process were shrouded in the greatest secrecy of anything in historical reference—but the process (and I have already described it at any rate) enables robotoids to be generated from “scratch” very, very rapidly. The Rothschild process, by contrast, did not start from scratch—ah ha! Instead, certain tissues extracted from bovine (cattle) were the starting point. Are the lights flickering, L. Howe?


The synthetic is then generated in a process that changes the genetic make-up in order to simulate a person being copied. It is the outgrowth of a discovery made in the 1950s in France. The experiment involved two species of ducks called khaki Cambells (go look it up right after the shock goes away), and white Pekins. The landmark duck experiment of 1959 was reported in a book titled THE BIOLOGICAL TIME BOMB by one, I believe, Taylor, Gordon R. It was published around the late 1960s by the New American Library, New York, N.Y. Taylor described the experiment in these words, quote: “They had extracted DNA from the cells of the khaki Cambells and had injected it into the white Pekins, thinking that just possibly the offspring of the latter might show some character derived from khaki Cambells. To their utter astonishment the actual ducks they injected began to change. Their white feathers darkened, and their necks began to take on the peculiar curve which is a mark of the khaki Cambell.” Beginning with that clue, the Rothschild synthetic process continued to be developed—in great secrecy and by the late ’70s, synthetics were beginning to appear on the scene.


I do not wish to frighten Dharma but she must become aware that it was known that she would write these documents from onset of her time here on the planet—only she did not know.


Her brother was in a very high-level military intelligence position; he was replaced at the time of his original “heart attack” and several times since. For your confirmation, chela, remember that they would not allow you to visit—you were also told by astonished ones that when they first saw him afterwards his hair had turned snow white in a matter of hours—from the research medications. “They” usually do not make such errors in presentation but were caught off guard by a persistent wife who stumbled in prior to having the preparations fully under control. The one who came to visit last summer via Nellis Field and Edwards Air Force Base was quickly identified by you but most people will not even question and will attribute changes to aging and “whatever”. Please KNOW, chela, that we wrap you in love and will see you through this journey for it has indeed been a painful walk for you. Don’t concern about your brother, child, for he has long ago moved on, but it was necessary to have a “body” in his place perchance you went to visit—it would make it far easier to keep you in surveillance. Your brother even remembers a lot of his experience and departure and became quite confused in your presence—it is indeed typical and the clues were all over the circumstance.




On October 9, 1979 Carter robotoid No. 18 was scheduled to hold a news conference. Three days earlier, Brezhnev No. 2 had made his proposals in East Berlin for military reductions in Europe. Robotoid No. 18 had been programmed to react positively to the proposals but instead your alleged President said, quote: “I think it’s an effort designed to disarm the willingness or eagerness of our allies adequately to defend themselves.” The Russians were totally dumbfounded. This was a fresh robotoid, surely the recurring instability problem could not be showing up so rapidly. After the news conference, he was bundled off for examination and testing, and that produced the second big surprise. It was not robotoid No. 18 at all, but a total synthetic. The synthetic was then transported to Novosibirsk for further study. There, robotoid scientists were able to establish an important and unpleasant fact: the source of the genetic material used in generating the synthetic had been robotoid No. 18; and whereas the Russian robotoids vary somewhat from one to another, the synthetic was virtually identical in appearance to the missing robotoid No. 18. But an important favorable fact was also discovered—the synthetics are inferior mentally to the robotoids. It wasn’t clear at the time how fast the Bolsheviks would be able to deploy the synthetics, but the guerilla war between the Rothschild synthetics and the Russian robotoids was underway.

Dharma, allow us to leave this for it is now too lengthy.


4/21/91 #1 HATONN



I believe I left you at the point that Russia was in possession of Carter No. 18. The Russians in Novosibirsk discovered that the “Rothschild” synthetics had actually appeared and now were in service. This was expected but, even at that, it was a surprise maneuver on the occasion of the first big public display. Since the Russians had been expecting duplication abilities they were both pleased and a bit disgruntled to find that the synthetics were more perfect in visible duplication but alas, were mentally inferior to the robotoids.


For that reason, the Russians were immediately turning their resources to a re-emphasis of their other weapons in their battle against the Bolsheviks in America. Remember now that this portion continues from the one in prior writings which were staged in 1978 and ’79.


At that time, by the Fall of 1979, they were beginning to use geophysical warfare again as part of their overall campaign to whittle away at the danger of nuclear war. In October Chairman Hua of China was in France, trying to buy Mirage Fighters among other things; but the Russians sent a very clear message to both France and China that they should forget that little transaction. On October 9 a Russian geophysical warfare weapon was set off in an undersea trench in the Mediterranean off Nice, France. It produced a sudden ebb tide, followed by a tidal wave that smashed 36 miles of the French Riviera. Surely you ones remember this for it was prominent in all the world’s news except yours which covered it in less than two broadcasts. This was an entirely new experience for the French, but not for Chairman Hua. The Russians had used geophysical warfare to give him a message more than a year prior.

For you Americans, it was now coming closer to home for, prior to this, THERE WERE IN PLACE SOME 46 BOMBS UNDERGROUND FOR EARTHQUAKE GENERATION IN CALIFORNIA. Dear ones, I didn’t place the bombs—I am simply reminding you that they were in place as far back as the mid-seventies and in 1979 the Russians began detonating those bombs by use of the beam system from Cosmospheres. On August 6 the strongest quake in 68 years—5.9 on the Richter scale, shook San Francisco, and in October (15th) a Richter 6.4 quake was set off in Southern California.


The Russians had become convinced that their robotoids would not be enough to stop the Bolsheviks. They had encountered some problems with them and now the Rothschild element had created replacement synthetics for the robotoids. So rather than allow the Bolsheviks to regroup and launch nuclear war, the Russians turned once again to geophysical warfare, including weather warfare. The West Coast, as with the earthquakes, was a prime target because of the heavy concentrations of aerospace and military activity there. They knew they could (and have done so) control the amount of rainfall and devastate the growing fields and water supply for the “garden” valleys. The big question remains—WHEN will they unleash the great man-made catastrophe on America’s West Coast? They continue to this day to give you warnings at regular intervals and you keep ignoring them and spitefully effort to set yourselves up for nuclear strike against them. Gorbachev is nothing but a puppet of the Bolshevik Elite (Khazar Zionists). The non-robotized leaders of the world do not like you, America, and are aiming to shut you down—would it not be better to stop this insanity on your own account? You could then turn into a world working together in freedom without “World Enslavement”.


Even though I recently wrote on the subject of cloning of cows, etc., I believe you need more current, factual information for you didn’t REALLY accept the first go-through. Let us just name some names and places for you now have synthetic cattle, turkeys, etc. In many ways it is far easier to consider using these synthetics as a food resource but it should be most serious that actual duplication is not only present but working. This, however, is not that which has brought the Hosts of the Cosmos—for the Khazars have also invented a method [scalar beam weaponry] to cause “death” and I speak of soul energy fragmentation which actually destroys the structure of soul essence. This is unacceptable! [And why the Hosts came to babysit—because of the antics with these scalar beam weapons.]




I am going to just give you an example on this subject from that which is already published in your own data avenues—not from technical papers as much as outlined in layman language for better comprehension. Don’t get hung up on intercellular structuring from Hatonn for I shall not jeopardize the position of my scribe, and you of John Doe, ball-game watcher or awakening quarterback in God’s ball game, do not have to clone anything so allow us to accept that which is already available. It is understanding that you need—not specific experimentation in your bedrooms. You have done enough damage in misuse of your bedrooms!

Let us start with milk-giving cows. Biologists can clone a large number of very superior cows from a single embryo. The cows, which are designed to be excellent milk producers, will not be clones of their parents, because they will have genetic material from both: They will be genetic replicas of each other.

Let us follow the path from one through eight steps:

1. A superior milk cow is mated with a superior bull—through test-tube fertilization.

2. After six days, the resulting embryo has developed up to some 32 cells.

3. One cell is removed from the embryo.

4. An unfertilized egg is taken from a donor cow.

5. The genetic material is removed from the egg.

6. The cell from the superior cow is inserted into the egg and a jolt of electricity is applied to fuse the cell inside the egg.

7. The egg is then inserted into a surrogate mother where it is allowed to develop normally.

8. Additional cells can be taken from the original embryo and inserted into other surrogate mothers to create numerous genetically identical cows.


Do you now see that you can duplicate unlimited clones? Do you also now see why a few years back (very few) there was started a sperm bank with only contributors of those considered the most Elite and brilliant “Nobel” prize winners? The sperm cells (or cells) would be utilized from the “chosen few” who would father the offspring through a “chosen select female” and clones made from the offspring—thereby theoretically creating a super-brilliant race! Do you actually think it different from Hitler’s Nazi experiments? Foolish chelas! Moreover, now there is not even a need for surrogate mothers for the entire system can be handled from small artificial wombs and “thriving” containers.


But back to the cows for these are the type of articles which miss your attention—while also readying you for accepting major information as we “spill the beans”. They can then tell you that “, we are only working with turkeys and cows”—and that is a very good time to utilize the term B.S.!


Dharma, just copy the article. It is so outdated that I am embarrassed for you but none-the-less, the readers need this input to prepare for the other Truth possibilities.

[QUOTING: STAR TRIBUNE (Minnesota) 3/24/91:]



It’s roundup time in the petrie dish, where Michelle Sims is herding the cattle of the future.

“Here’s a two-cell. That’s good,” she said of one Holstein embryo. “These have died.” she said, rejecting others.

The critters are mere polka dots, microscopic abstractions of the black-and-white cows they are genetically destined to become. But each has everything it needs to ultimately develop hooves, hairy hide and all the other features of the classic milker.

And each is a carbon copy of the others. This is a herd of clones, genetically identical reproductions.


And there is no limit to the number of additional copies Sims can make at the University of Wisconsin, where she is a research supervisor.

The science fiction of the early 1980s—is at the barn door of the 1990s. Since sheep and cattle embryos were first cloned in the mid-1980s, Sims and other researchers have pushed the technology to the point that companies in Texas and Canada are selling elite breeding cattle from cloned embryos. Another company in Wisconsin is planning commercial sales on farms this decade.


Now embryo cloning—with other new biotechnology in the works—is driving the $57 billion-a-year cattle industry toward a new era. Barnyard sex has been out of vogue for decades as farmers have found ever more sophisticated technology for impregnating animals. Even with the technology, a superior cow could produce only about five offspring. Unromantic as the mating may have been, they still were subject to the myriad of chances that occur when genes from males and females meet in the old-fashioned way. Offspring might inherit the superior qualities of their parents—or they could be duds.


With cloning, scientists envision a future when a dairy barn could feature cows with guaranteed identical genetic traits. And the farmer could have additional copies in the form of frozen embryos, to be thawed as replacements are needed. That freedom from genetic variations would move farmers toward the kind of management precision and quality control found in factories.


For example, dairy farmers can dramatically boost milk yields by giving a cow exactly the right feed. But because each cow is different, the optimum feed mix must be calculated animal by animal through trial and error. In a cloned herd, much of the guesswork would be gone.


Meanwhile, research into animal cloning has application off farms, said Robert McKinnell, a professor of genetics and cell biology at the University of Minnesota. A pioneer in cloning, he has worked with frogs to learn more about humans. Animal cloning research is unlocking secrets about the subtle functioning of cells, he said. Among other things, the findings are useful in understanding cancer.

But cloning also is controversial. A key worry is the potential for losing genetic diversity of farm animals. Suppose that a nation’s herds gradually evolve toward clones from a few superior parents. Some rare disease accidentally is imported, and this line of cattle carries hidden genetic vulnerability to it. Oops, the nation’s meat and milk supplies are threatened.


The concern is shared by scientists, including Steen Willadsen, who led the world into farm animal cloning, announcing in 1986 that he had produced sheep from cloned embryos in Great Britain. Willadsen is now a professor at the University of Calgary and research director for Alta Genetics Inc., one of the three companies known to be developing cloning for commercial sales.


While Willadsen expressed enthusiasm for the potential in cloning, he worried that cattle production might follow trends in the poultry industry in which a handful of companies own most of the breeding stock.


“We have three companies sitting on the genetic basis for most of the commercial turkeys...Insofar as cloning could be used in that way, which at present it can’t, so we could run into a similar situation here,” he said.


But Neal First, the University of Wisconsin scientist who reported in 1987 that he had produced the first cattle from cloned embryos, said the problem already is being addressed. Among other things, a national program is being established to catalog and freeze germ plasma that could be used to recover lost varieties of animals, he said. There are other ethical concerns, including the potential for cloning humans from embryos. Theoretically it’s possible, although cattle, sheep and rabbit embryos are much easier to clone than humans, pigs and rodents, First said.

May Tacheny, who coordinates rural concerns for the Minnesota Catholic Conference, said important ethical questions haven’t been addressed because religious thinkers haven’t kept up with the explosive growth in new biotechnology.

“We’re changing the whole manner of things that creation so wonderfully is empowered to do,” she said, “We know about the ability of nature to create surprises and the natural way of producing new species...You have to wonder why we are trying to do it.”


Ultimately economics probably will drive the decisions about how far animal cloning goes on farms. Most scientific pieces are in place, said Paul Miller, a vice president at ABS Specialty Genetics in DeForest, Wis., another of the three companies that are developing cloning.


“It’s just a matter now of getting the price down and the success rate up,” he said.

Miller estimates that cloned embryos will be widely used on farms when they can be sold for $500 to $1,000. Right now the cost is “a long way” from that range, he said.

“It’s a lot like producing an electronic calculator”, he said, “The first one may cost $1 million. But by the time you make millions of calculators, that development cost is down to about 10 cents a calculator.”

A key step in mass marketing will come when a company can guarantee the genetics of its cloned lines, which will take years of cloning, testing and recloning, Miller said.

Here’s why: No one knows the genetic value of a given calf until it grows up and starts producing milk. But adult cows can’t be cloned. The process works only with embryos whose cells haven’t “differentiated”, or specialized for individual traits. In cattle, differentiation starts about six days after conception, after embryos have 32 cells.

So researchers must clone some of the cells from an embryo and freeze the rest before they differentiate. Cows from the first cloned cells can be evaluated as milkers. At that point, the remaining frozen embryo cells can be thawed and cloned.

But it takes more than six years to prove those first clones.

The process is underway at ABS’s Wisconsin research facilities, where cloned cattle in the barns match cells being held in freezers at 320 degrees below zero, said Marvin Pace, ABS director.

“We have a lot of bulls sitting around this place,” he said last week pointing toward the ABS barns outside his window. “You make this mating of superior animals, but the recombination of genes is such that you don’t know what the result is going to be...Out of 200 bulls we sample every year, only one in 10 or one in 15 shows up superior.”


With cloning, he explained, “For the first time in the history of animal breeding, we will be able to sell a person a genetic say we’ve got an animal here that is in the elite end, genetically.”


The cloned cattle at ABS are carefully guarded secrets. Barns are off limits to visitors. The firm, also a major player in traditional breeding, is racing with Granada Biosciences Inc. of Houston to claim ownership of the technology and to develop commercial markets.

Pace wouldn’t say what ABS has invested in cloning , but it was enough to build research laboratories, hire 20 employees and finance basic research at the University of Wisconsin, where Sims and First conduct their experiments. Scientists on the leading edge of the new biotechnology say the full impact of cloning will come when it is combined with other developments. For example, researchers are honing techniques for analyzing genes in cattle embryos to predict traits they’ll possess as adults, First said. That would eliminate a lengthy step in the process of evaluating clones.

Other researchers are manipulating the genes of cows to give their milk qualities that would help cheesemakers, he said.



Anybody feel a bit queasy yet? Well, go take a breath of air, get a candy fix or whatever, for we are going to come back and I am going to give you a bit of a rundown on cattle mutilations, vampiring “little grays” and consider asking you to ask Whitley Streiber what else he might like to share with this nation. NO “LITTLE GRAYS” FROM OUTER SPACE, BROTHERS—NO CRIMINAL EVIL ALIENS—CLONING, CATTLE SURROGATE MOTHERS AND NOW VAT-PRODUCED ADULTS—ALL RIGHT ON YOUR PLACE AT THE LOVING HANDS OF THE ELITE SATANIC BROTHERHOOD SET TO TAKE OVER YOUR WORLD. HARKEN UP FOR YOU HAVE NO REAL IDEA OF WHAT IS OUT THERE!

Hatonn to clear until you are ready to begin again, Dharma. Thank you, chela, we are going to “get-there”, precious, and you remain ever in my shelter. Man must face the truth of his circumstance and then he will do that which he will do and we shall have filled our mission.


See also:

Phoenix Express Vol. V, No. 11 & 12, Pg. 7, 11/30/90 (The Robotoid Mind)


The robotoid mind has no ability to comprehend danger from the larger perspective. It can comprehend its own possible demise, but there is no “Soul” connection to God. Survival is a most elementary emotional connection to God and in times of great stress (i.e., “all men in a foxhole wholly believe in God”) this is through the Soul. Since the robotoids do not have this connection, they simply intensify whatever activity they are focused upon, unless concerned for their own bodily survival.


Thus we have men in high places who are “soulless” and beyond the reach of normal reasoning process. We speak Truth unto them as to what the consequences are of continuing this insane push and it does not penetrate, for the focus is only intensified. So, the maneuvering goes on in attempts to strike what they believe to be our vulnerable point, the crystal and our ground crews. It behooves all ones of this group to stay close within the area and to stay in constant focus of maintenance of your shields. ’Tis not the time to question the validity of what is going on about you as to reality, but to come into understanding that it is real and that you do play a most crucial and critical role in the sequential playing of God’s hand in the game being played out.


Though we have all manner of scanners and do track and monitor key players, even then we are also somewhat surprised at the audacity of Satan’s challenging us directly at this stage, but we must all remember that man’s plunge into evil has carried him far beyond even that which Satan sanctions. However, neither is he going to put a stop to one of his humans that would carry his plan forward with the creativity that he, Satan, lacks. Neither will he make any effort to protect or salvage these ones. They are way out there on a limb of their own projection; if robotoid, it is a distortion within the original human being that is being followed into manifestation.


The discussion is so that you ones may perhaps grasp the degree of danger that not only you as focused group for God face, but humanity as a whole, for few grasp, accept or even have an inkling of what they are facing when it comes to the layers of evil planning as well as the presence of those Soulless ones that cannot be reached by God for there is no connection. God does not sanction war or death for it is destructive to the Soul to participate in such, however for those that are soulless there is the dilemma of man as to what to do when one such as this becomes focused upon the destruction of God’s real children. How indeed do men of God handle such a situation? How does man know when indeed one such “being” is confronting him face-to-face? One such test is the challenge, “If you are not of Holy God, I command that you stop this instant.” A Soul-connected being will hesitate, even if only for a split second. If you identify yourself with Holy God, then you had better be prepared to defend self, for a robotoid is programmed to destroy that which is of God. It is part of the process. They have not the connection with God that human has with which to identify each other, so they cannot be sure until you declare yourself, unless you are already known to them. That does not mean that you, if you are walking within the shield of God, are left defenseless in a moment such as this. The Presence shall be right at your shoulder and you will be given to know that which you are to do—if you are not in such fear and panic that you cannot instinctively know. Here you could hear words, but the reaction time would not serve you, instead there is a survival instinctual connection that allows for instant perfect action. Thus we encourage you to constantly acknowledge and recognize the Presence within you and without you. It is within this Presence of Spirit that you live, move and have your entire experience. I can assure you that if, in a moment of confrontation, your mind takes you back to a “Rocky” or a Clint Eastwood scenario, instead of connection to your own instinctive God connection that you have cultivated and prepared by holding self in the present moment, your body is either a write-off or you will have lots of incarceration time to ponder your error in not being prepared as you are being given direction to do.


Phoenix Express Vol. VI, No. 4, Pg. 4, 12/13/90 (We Are Ruled By A Robotoid Army)


Phoenix Express Vol. VII No. 6 & 7, Pg. 1, 1/15/91 (Bush Is In His 28th Cycle of Robotoid)


Herein you will simply have to believe me when I tell you that there are replacement ones for your top leaders—and hundreds of “not so top” personages. The 28th George Bush was put into the picture on the 12th of January 1991 at Camp David. He was tested and “smoothed” on the 13th and presented again to you on the 14th. He did NOT go walk alone this morning (15th) to reflect and commune with God—he went to be alone so the messages from his puppet-masters—right out of Moscow—would not be monitored. I ask that, for the moment, you accept this which I tell you and then we can discuss how this can be true for, of course, many men have died because they brought this information. But information, none-the-less, has been given to you-the-public as far back as 20 years past—regarding genetic/holographic robotoids which bear identical memory patterns but are subsequently “programmed”. I have written of it in one of the more recent Journals but will repeat the information as I have time. Suffice it for now, please accept that which I tell you is not only possible but is, in fact, utilized in myriads of instances—right now!

There are several places of top security where these transferences are made and replica holographic information is garnered for necessary multiples. Camp David has been the prime location for it is used as the Presidential Retreat and often social gatherings, such a birthday celebrations, top-level meetings with diplomats, etc., are carried out. This technology has been perfected in the Soviet Union and thus you have the reason that your government seems so indisposed to do anything other than cozy up to Russia.


Phoenix Express Vol. VII, No. 8 & 9, Pg. 15, 1/21/91 (Genetic Duplicates, holographic/cellular duplication, the programming mechanism.)


Phoenix Express Vol. VII, No. 11, Pg. 3 (Programmed robotoid humanoids)


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 4 & 5, Pg. 9 (The world’s leaders are Replicas; Ronald Reagan was slain.)


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, Pg 12, 2/10/91 (Robotoids: The world is inhabited with reproductions of programmed evil.)


The world is inhabited by reproductions of programmed evil with density of darkness and no lighted souls to traverse the heavens for they are birthed of the whore of Babylon who rests her feet upon the heads of God’s precious Creation/creations and laughs at the blindness of the lambs. Man realizes not that he walks and serves that which bears no soul essence within the breasts—he follows reproductions of genetic fabrications in blindness. He realizes not that simply through Truth and confrontation with that Truth shall the evil replicas fall to the wayside.


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, Pg. 13, 2/10/91 (Robotoids)

The lies become so blatant that it astounds that even the dense of dense cannot see—but in many ways the entire masses have been mesmerized by the hypnotic repetition of the robotoids who have been placed in your command to control you.


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, Pg. 14, 2/10/91 (Robotoids)

Your top military leaders go forth to the “front”? They basically go no-where. How is it that your military hierarchy are still in Washington in the war room? They cannot get very far from Camp David is “WHY”. Look at the evil cover-up—even calling the Camp of Evil replication, “DAVID”.




Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, Pg. 14, 2/10/91 (Bush is now in his 30th replica.) This also appears on Pg. No. 92-93 of Shrouds Of The Seventh Seal)

Even a robotoid who comes within the lighted places of God Truth, shall be given soul by that Grace abounding.


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 8 & 9, Pg. 2, 2/1/91 (Robotoids-Puppet Masters)


Robotoids and genetic doubles, I REPEAT, have been around and steadily being perfected for four decades of public use right before your eyes. They are a product of the Soviet Zionists and have been your puppet masters for a long, long time—a new twist of sick humor perhaps—”the puppet pulling the human’s strings!”





When I get opportunity to remind you about Russian Robotoids, you will perhaps stop calling us kooks and “your enemies”—we outlined, in the 1970’s, the entire picture and availability of Russian Robotoids and duplicates. [H: Ah ha, you caught me! Yes, we had some receivers as far back as that and one of the best, which I shall still leave unnamed a bit longer—was killed for his efforts.] If your leaders are of Russian control, dear hearts—you will come under the control of Russia, no more and no less—and, you already have placed in your councils—controlled substitutes. These ones are further programmed by pulsed beams and will function according to the overall Global Plan 2000. [H; I ask that someone in the group send R.S. copies of the tapes of our meeting when W.H. was with us for I believe it was at that session I discussed Yeltsin/Gorbachev. One reason that there is so much confusion in the Soviet Union this day is because Gorbachev is a many-times-replaced robotoid and Yeltsin is NOT. This infuriates the Khazar Elite and they will destroy the world along with Russia if that is what is required to gain control.



Pg. 83, Genetic Replicas of Humans:

In the late part of the 1970’s the existence of man-made genetic replicas of human beings was made public. The revealers were locked away instantly and the key tossed. It was disbelieved although motion pictures were made as sci-fi and the subject buried under threat of penalty of death to disclosers. They, however, did (and do) exist and were pressed into service right before your eyes. You didn’t even blink at them—no sir, you just gobbled up the lie, chewed it and swallowed it in total.

When first revealed to you they were referred to as “Synthetics” and in honor of the daring Truth-Bringers we shall continue to label them as such. I request that herein you not ask me for details of the replicas for they are not the point of my story and they will be covered at a more appropriate writing—just know that they DO exist and currently they are used continually to cover the shadow/parallel governments of your nations. Suffice it here to simply state that they do exist and were utilized in the April launch. One reason the preparation time of early astronauts was so lengthy for public consumption was to facilitate perfecting duplication of all segments, including the astronauts. Actually, the duplicates need not be perfect for plans are well laid in case of discovery an alteration can be instantly orchestrated if necessary. People cannot describe a suspect if at the scene of a murder, on oath—you certainly are not paying attention to anything that would cause you to suspect illusion if it remotely resembles the real thing.

“Little Gray Aliens” in underground secret bases? Oh, my friends, you have no conceivable idea what wondrous secrets are in your underground secret bases. Tuesday morning, April 14, genetic replicas called “Synthetics” of the then late astronauts, Young and Crippen, were readied at White Sands. They were programmed to take a computerized ride on the training Shuttle Enterprise. The Young and Crippen entities boarded the Enterprise which was mounted on top of the launched 747. After rocket fuel was loaded for the Shuttle, the 747 took off and headed west, avoiding commercial air traffic. The launched 747 headed out over the Pacific until it was several hundred miles west of Los Angeles. Then it turned back east toward the California coast. On television you were told that the non-existent Columbia was re-entering from orbit.



Pg. 212, Humanoid Robotoids/RNA, DNA Doubles (Genetic):


I will, however, tell you when the Bolshevik use of these “doubles” became mandatory and proliferation blossomed. Now, in addition, you always desire speaking of the “little gray aliens”—OK, get ready, for this is wherefrom came the technology for reproduction of the robotoids. It is NOT like the projections the UFO “crowd” pronounce nor are the secret Majestic 12 uncoverings truthful (the documents are total fabrication).


When I tell you that the problem of “little gray aliens” on your place is not coming this day from the cosmos—believe it. It is the evil on your own placement—now locked into your Earth density, which is your problem. Your immediate perpetrators and expressionists are the Zionists in dispersement throughout the governments and financial communities, along with, of course, the scientific.


Any more recently “transported” “little gray aliens” which are seen regularly and reported by ones who see them and cannot be denied, are mostly reproductions. You are watching the very duplicates made functional by Satan himself come to, what appears, life. It is not the same kind of “life” given through Creator in soul manifested, physical matter. Therefore, KNOW that he can reproduce replicas ad nauseam from genetic blueprints and programming but he still only has robotoids and robotoids continually give him a great deal of trouble for they are easily identified once people realize there is such a thing. It is the ignorance of the fact of it that keeps the secret secure. You witness, say, Mr. Bush acting in a such and such manner and looking particularly young—then over the weekend he is changed and appears either more youthful or older—but definitely “different”. You simply mark it up to “a bad night’s sleep or too much to think about or responsibility” or any number of excuses for the change. Even your magazines and newspapers note the changes and simply comment on the incredible duplicity of the man. No, you are now encountering your 29th replica of George Bush. And with him must come a new Barbara Bush lest the show be spoiled. These duplicates become weak in strain and, under stress, are incapacitated quite rapidly as would be a “growing organism” placed in a stressed environment.

Henry Kissinger is another one to watch closely—he is changed-out frequently, also, for he bears the responsibility of orchestrating the Plan for New World Order. So, if Kissinger is a biggie and is also robotoid, WHO is the PUPPET-MASTER? You guessed it! The prince of deceivers, himself. You were told that—in the ending—Satan would be given total rule over the planet and you now have a very real entity deceiving you as a mass populace of the planet.


“Well, why don’t you do something about it—you who claim to be of the Light?” We are—we are bringing you Truth just as fast as you will accept it—for when you know and accept Truth—you will also be given to know how to counter that which is imitation of life. You who are creations of God Source are not “imitations of life” but experiencing fragments of the Creator’s Self. Satan’s army is now land-locked; unfortunately, it is on the same land upon which God’s Creations are also experiencing. So be it for it is the schoolroom of soul progression. You are simply living out the prophecies as you perceive them to be.


You see, even the prophecies of one Nostradamus are coming into focus—the Mongol in the blue turban, let us say—this represents the Khazar element of the anti-Christ with the flag colors of blue represented by the “turban” (which was the color, or flag, of identification in the ages past). The Soviet Union appeared to have been killed and is now to rise again more deadly than ever. Even the Pope of Rome is a duplicate playing the role of deceiver.

Ah, but WHEN did it become necessary to begin to bring doubles into public perfection? With the death of David Rockefeller.





SHROUDS OF THE SEVENTH SEAL (The Anti-Christ Whore of Babylon), JOURNAL

Pg. 93, Doubles, Robotoids and Replicas:













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