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Environment/Science Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

Goodbye cash and cheques, faster electronic payments are nearly here
By Caitlin Fitzsimmons with comments by Ron
Jan 8, 2018 - 12:03:10 AM

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Goodbye cash and cheques, faster electronic payments are nearly here

By Caitlin Fitzsimmons

It's one of the most important pieces of public infrastructure so far this century, but most people haven't heard of it.It's called the New Payments Platform or NPP and, after several years in the making, it's finally going live soon after Australia Day.
[Ron: If it is sooo important, WHY haven't most people heard of it? Shouldn't the general population have had a significant input into such am allegedly important piece of "public infrastructure"? No? Why Not?].

When it does, you'll be able [Ron: And be generally required?!] to make "real-time" electronic payments to other Australian bank accounts – meaning the funds arrive within minutes. You won't even need to know the recipient's BSB and account number, just an email address, mobile number or their "PayID".When politicians talk about infrastructure, they usually mean projects requiring physical construction – roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, airports, stadiums, convention centres, the NBN, Snowy Hydro...

But for my money, the NPP will be far more transformative for the Australian economy than most physical infrastructure. [Ron: Despite the fact that most Australians have not even heard of it let alone any ability to understand and influence the outcome of the process.].

For starters, faster payments will reduce a lot of the friction with transactions, not only between businesses and their customers but also between individuals.

[Ron: Really? What is faster than exchanging cash for some product or service? Be aware that this NPP technology is not what it seems. It is a giant step towards forcing Australians to accept a cashless society. Be aware also, that a cashless society is not a moneyless society. A moneyless society is a spiritually oriented society in which everyone in the community contributes according to their ability and as needed; and the community as a whole "owns" the planet's God given resources, which means that, among other things, each community as a whole, is the responsible guardian and controller of all relevant physical planetary resources and the technologies, robots, machines and human resources needed to sustain everyone in abundance while preserving the integrity and ecology of the planet. Such societies will develop in due course, once humanity evolves in consciousness and integrity. But unfortunately, we are not there yet. Currently private individuals "OWN" the corporations and governments that "OWN" the planet's physical resources and the factories, technologies, machines and intellectual property etc that CAN produce abundance but they only produce what they require for their own use and benefit, and/or can sell for a profit.

As private individuals and the corporations (including governments) they own, also currently "own" the resources from which abundance is produced, a cashless society will have the opposite effect from a "moneyless" society. Why?  Because the money meme and the materialist Capitalist ideology it has spawned, will remain dominant. As a result, at best, everyone will be required to remain a free range serf, ie a wage slave dependant on employment, welfare payments or other "charity" contributions and “benefits” from governments, corporations and plutocrats, for needed wages, sustenance payments, "compensation" or other charity, however described.

Moreover, taxes, charges and levees of all kinds are currently extracted, by force by governments but in a "cashless" society they will be extracted at the press of a keystoke. In that environment the elimination of cash, ie physical "money" tokens which "wage slaves" can currently hold in their hands and exchange for goods and services, will usher in an era of total enslavement, and dependence upon those who control society including of course the banks contolling the NPP, who  issue digital money credits to be used in lieu of cash wages and other cash payments.

THINK ABOUT THAT! Once a society becomes cashless, everyone becomes totally dependent upon the banks and those who control the banks, for the ability to satisfy their daily needs in virtually every way. Assuming that the banksters and corporatist controllers of governments even allow them, the sole exceptions will be gardening communities and co-operatives where the members are virtually self sufficient in food production and other things. Anyone dependant upon wages, salary or government handouts or "compensation" packages processed by the NPP or any other banking system will live or die depending upon whether that system provides them with appropriate digital credit payments, when needed. So, if an individual's access to his/her digital "cash" is eliminated for any reason (for instance if relevant computer systems crash, electric power supplies cease, or banks, governments or other authorities simply terminate that facility for a given individual or individuals, the individual(s) affected will starve unless supported by the charity of others, if any, who still have access to "cashless" digital money tokens or some physical means of sustenance.].

Currently it usually takes about two days to transfer money to an account at a different institution, which is a huge disincentive.

[Ron: A huge disincentive for what? And WHY does this electronic process currently take two days?!]

Fast payments between institutions should reduce our need for cash[Ron: Why?] and put the final nail in the coffin for cheques. On a night out with friends, you'll no longer have to go out of your way to get cash to pay for your share of dinner or the babysitter back home. [Ron: Yadda, yadda, bankster bullshit, yadda.].

Services like Osko on the NPP will make it faster and easier to pay a tradie.

Services like Osko on the NPP will make it faster and easier to pay a tradie. [Ron: And...? Why is that a reason for seguing into a cashless society?].

You'll be able to buy secondhand goods, including big purchases such as a car, or pay tradies with far greater confidence and convenience for both buyer and seller, even on weekends. Eventually even house hunters may be able to ditch the chequebook – currently they need one handy in case they want to bid at an auction. [Ron: WHY, exactly, do Australians need to segue into a cashless society in order to buy secondhand goods, or a car or a house?].

That greater efficiency should have an economic pay-off.

[Ron: BUT will it? And who gets that economic pay off? Why are wages stagnant while bank and mega corporate profits soar, IF "greater efficiency" supposedly benefits the general population?].

Second, the NPP should enable innovation in financial services. (1) That's an overused word, but bear with me.

The platform was specifically designed to allow multiple, competing products and services – something that sets it apart from preceding, international fast-payment gateways. [Ron: Why are 'multiple, competing products and services' necessary? Surely simplicity is cheaper and better for consumers?].

The banks didn't just get together and decide to do this of their own accord.

[Ron: Really?! Well apparently they haven't consulted the general population.].

The first product on the platform is Osko, which has been developed by BPAY to facilitate fast electronic payments – the core purpose of the NPP.

But there'll be more over time. I expect an array of new products and services using the platform to proliferate, from both existing players and start-up companies in the "fintech" (financial technology) space. If that ain't innovation, I don't know what is. [Ron: How, exactly? And who benefits?].

Automation in accounting is likely to be one area ripe for innovation. Currently you can only send a few characters of extra information with a transaction. The NPP will allow far more information to be recorded with each transaction, such as longer descriptions or attachments such as invoices or receipts.

The final way the NPP will benefit the Australian economy [Ron: What, exactly, does "the Australian economy" mean?] is because it will boost competition and help break the stranglehold of the big four banks. [Ron: Really? Do tell.].

Customers can already make real-time payments to customers of the same bank, which is a powerful incentive to stay with a big institution. But if payments only take a few minutes regardless of who you bank with, that's one less reason not to shop around and find better deals with smaller banks or credit unions.

In which case, you probably won't be surprised to know that the banks didn't just get together and decide to do this of their own accord. The impetus came from the Reserve Bank, and it would never have happened otherwise.

[Ron: As the Reserve Bank is owned by the PRIVATE OWNERS of the Commonwealth of Australia CORPORATION, see: Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia & World Wide. See: and it operates as an extension of the Rothschilds' global Central banking system controlled by the BIS, WHY is it assumed that this innovation will benefit Australians? The current usurious Rothschilds' banking system has effectively enslaved Australians at least since private  banksters effectively gained control of Commonwealth Banking policy after the Commonwealth Bank's founder, Denison Miller, died in 1923. See eg: WHAT A GOVERNMENT CAN DO WITH ITS OWN BANK: THE REMARKABLE MODEL OF THE COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA. See:

Today the Australian Reserve Bank ensures that private banking corporations have a monopoly on the creation and distribution of fiat debt tokens ("money") and those private banks decide what level of interest (usury) they will charge Australians for those tokens. This NPP initiative comes from the same Rothschilds' banking monopolists that currently use usury to enslave  Australians. WHY is that touted as a positive reason for the NPP?

This commentator is spruiking for a further extension of debt slaveryin Australia by existing monopolists. The NPP is a formula for total slavery. Until and unless a critical mass of Australians WAKE UP to this fact and WISH it gone, the universe will continue to allow Australians to have what they ostensibly want! I suggest you discuss the implications of usury, fractional reserve banking and the NPP with your friends, family and colleagues, NOW! ].

The NPP is owned by a company with 13 shareholders, all financial institutions including the big four banks and others such as Macquarie, ING, Bendigo, Citigroup and HSBC. They built part of the system, and the other half, the Fast Settlement Service, sits at the Reserve Bank.

Institutions connect to the NPP, then applications such as BPAY's Osko send requests to the Fast Settlement Service. This enables every single payment made on the platform, regardless of size, to be settled in real time – because every bank and credit union already has an account at the Reserve Bank.

As well as the 13 main participants, there are about 50 smaller organisations, such as mutual banks, credit unions and building societies, that will connect indirectly.

While the banking industry no doubt hopes the NPP generates some much-needed good publicity, I've heard there was a fair bit of reluctance and dragging of feet in certain quarters.

Regardless of whatever went on behind the scenes, the fact is Reserve Bank did manage to bring all the banks to the table and the project is more or less on track – I wrote in February 2016 that it would be complete by the end of 2017.

The platform is already on and functional and undergoing extensive testing, but the NPP decided to wait until after the summer hiatus to press "go" for consumers. [Ron: Sooo, they intend to present the NPP as a fait accompli do they? It will be "Our way or the Highway"?].

Of course, the other big reason people don't like to change bank accounts is the hassle of moving all the direct debits. Perhaps the Reserve Bank could kickstart a system to let us port all our regular payments when we change accounts. [Ron: The NPP isn't about changing bank accounts; its about seguing the Australian sheeple into a cashless society and this commentator surely knows that.].

[Ron: End Note !

Be aware that the "financial system" is a "smoke and mirrors" creation of the Talmudists! "Money" is a fictional mental construct which has no substance. The "financial system"is a total scam foisted on humanity by Luciferians and their Judaic minions and shabbos goys. It has no substance and depends upon humanity accepting the fiction that electronic digits created using key strokes on computers that are electronically transmitted around the  planet, somehow constitute REAL value. They don't. Sovereign human beings create value through their mental and physical efforts, acting where necessary, on the planet's God given resources. ALL human needs are provided for by human activity NOT by the Jew created "financial system" which merely sucks out of human society a huge percentage of the value created by human ingenuity and work, giving it to parasitic bankers and financial manipulators. Human ingenuity and labour produces food, shelter, transportation, entertainment, medical care and everything else that humanity creates.

The financial system is an incubus imposed on humanity by Talmudists and their stupid enablers. Capiche? Reliable past estimates based on the usury practiced until the recent incipient collapse of the usurious Western banking system, indicate that usury extracted 40% of humanity's productivity, before its producers got anything. Suggesting that humanity needs this Talmudic "financial system" to enable it to produce goods and services is absurd. What humanity actually NEEDS is increased awareness (consciousness) wwhich will enable it to segue away from the money meme into gifting societies. BUT until money free socio-economic structures are achieved, "money" needs to be created and distributed interest (usury) free and the process needs to be totally controlled and closely supervised by each money creating community (however described).

Humanity is already in the midst of massive and ever growing human unemployment due to advances in technology; and increasingly in Artificial Intelligence and robotics; These developments have made untenable the current false and fraudulent Capitalist private "OWNERSHIP" of God given physical and human resources meme, based on the equally fraudulent and false Jew created "money" meme. The alternative to the gentile world biting the bullet and letting go of the current untenable money meme and Capitalist"financial system" ideology which has enslaved and impoverished humanity, is for gentiles to continue to allow fraudulent Jewish corporatocrisy to have a monopoly on the creation of "money" out of thin air and, as a consequence, to "OWN" the means of production and the planet's resources, which will enable them to starve most of the global population into oblivion, enslaving a remnant for their amusement and convenience. As developments in AI and robotics and grow, the need for the controllers of the "financial system" to have gentile slaves to perform work will all but disappear. The alternative uses to which surviving gentiles will be put do not bear thinking about. Think Pedogate and Pizzagate.].


Caitlin Fitzsimmons is the Money editor for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackeets added.].



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