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Environment/Science Last Updated: Feb 18, 2020 - 5:11:07 AM

Globalism's Baron Of Bullshit
By The Irish Savant
Feb 18, 2020 - 3:54:31 AM

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18 February 2020

To this day my first real job remains a source of embarrassment. No, I wasn't pimping out my sister to sailors. It was worse. I was an economic forecaster. Yes, my company based its medium and long-term production plans on my predictions for the economy. (The firm has since gone bust - pure coincidence I assume). My predictions were based on diligent research, cogently argued. And invariably wrong. Sometimes spectacularly so. These failures affected me deeply, driving me away from economics and into this new-fangled computer thingy where, unbeknown to me, a glittering career awaited.

I contrast my reaction to those of other economists whose confidence seems to swell proportionally with every disastrously wrong forecast they make. Those who reassured us in the Summer of 2008 that the Irish banks and economy were among the strongest in Europe (within months we ended up with the worst bank crash in our history and years of economic decline) are still there, undaunted by their endless fiascoes, still confidently telling us what's coming next. However they all fade into obscurity compared to that old favourite of mine, the Emperor Of Error himself, Paul Ehrlich. According to him we should by now be frolicking in the tepid seas of Svalbard or basking underneath its whispering palm trees. warming. Or then again maybe not. Because he also warned us back in 1971 of a new Ice Age, an Age so terrible that "by the year 2000 the United Kingdom will be simply a small group of impoverished islands, inhabited by some 70 million hungry people ... If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000."

That's assuming that any of us would actually be here at all. Because in a commentary on the massive bestseller that made him a science rock-star he confidently asserted back in 1971 that "The death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years." [His English is as lousy as his science]. And that in total some 4 billion people, including 65 million Americans, would perish in the "Great Die-Off." His 1975 pronouncement that India could not possibly feed two hundred million people will surely come as a surprise to the 1.2 billion now living there. And for good measure he assured us that 'by 1980 all animal life in the sea will be extinct" and that the world's oil would be gone by 2010.I'm serious when I say that a Mystic Meg or Paul the Octupus would provide more reliable prognostications than would this fraud. Had his handlers asked Paul - the Octupus - (now sadly with his Maker) about the "Great Die-Off" he'd have reached out from his tank and throttled the questioner for wasting his time. You'd imagine then that, given his record, the other Paul would be somewhat circumspect, quietly retiring to spend more time with his family. Or simply come out with his hands up admitting 'ok, I'm a fraud, a charlatan, I've been wrong about everything. I'm the Baron of Bullshit'. But not a bit of it! He's still going strong. Fairly recently his warnings that Australia would become a Third World country due to its mining practices were widely and reverently reported by the media. He has dismissed in very unscientific terms those who disagree with him as  "idiots," "fools," "morons" and "clowns" even though they were right and he was wrong. No lack of confidence there.
But why would anyone with the following awards be modest? Gold Medal from the World Wildlife Fund, The Swedish Academy Of Sciences' highest award, The UN Environmental Prize, the Eminent Ecologist Award of the Ecological Society of America, The Distinguished Scientist Award of the American Institute of Biological Sciences and many, many more. And he's been, wait for it, Professor of Population Studies of the Department of Biology at Stanford University since, well, forever.
So what could account for the seemingly inexplicable success of this globalist supporter of One-World Government, the NWO and immigration 'reform' (White countries only)?
Whoops, have I answered my own question ?


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