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Environment/Science Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Doubles, Clones & Aliens
By Published By TBFWS, (Updated: Version 1.9)
Jun 4, 2012 - 6:32:35 PM

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Doubles, Clones & Aliens
Published By TBFWS
, (Updated: Version 1.9)
August 8, 2009

DNA Infusion

The importance of human doubles was realized very early as politics became more complicated. With either side wishing that if they could just replace certain persons in their way to bring about changes in political circles to create situations and environments more favorable to their (the elites) agendas.

After World War II facial plastic surgery was practiced by skilled surgeons and refined in secret. The Soviets were using it to create high-ranking doubles. And the United States, England, etc. were also involved in the facial surgery sleight of hand to fool the public and members of the aristocrats. But the process of bringing about the change had its limitations, and over the many decades to follow all science institutions funded by the elites were searching for new ways to create replicas. In the United States, England and Europe the research was especially compartmentalized to ensure secrecy.

The first public knowledge of DNA infusion (to incite form-feature transformation) was revealed in France using ducks, according to Gordon Rattary Taylor, author of the book "The Biological Time Bomb". The original research as to how it was done was closed down after information about the results was published in peer reviewed journals. Another batch of experiments was attempted by the same group, but the results from the first attempt could not be duplicated, and the first published findings were deemed to have happened by chance.

The French research institute in Strasburg was being funded by the Rothschilds. And according to reports, in 1959 biologists were hearing news that three French geneticists had used two species of ducks, the Khaki Campbell and the White Perkin, where the Khaki Campbell DNA was extracted, the material processed and injected into the White Perkin. The geneticists were hoping that the DNA injected would transfer into the offspring of the White Perkin. But something amazing happened, the White Perkin's body features started to transform into that of the Khaki Campbell.
Figure 2

The Rockefeller family funded universities in the United States were also tinkering with DNA. Seven years after the French report, A. S. Fox and S. B. Yoon of Wisconsin University said that they were able to bring about a genuine transformation after treating different strain of fruit flies. They bred true offspring for up to seven generations and then their foreign DNA disappeared.

After reading about the Fox and Yoon research, Soviet Professor Serge Gershenson, head of Virology of the Academy of Sciences in the Ukraine said that he had treated Drosophila (fruit fly) with DNA extracted from the thymus glands of calves thirty years prior and that his research was published in 1939. His experiment produced stable transformation in the wings and a small segment of the Drosophila chromosome was also affected. Gershenson was surprised by the results and wanted to continue the experiment, but soon after World War II erupted and his research came to an abrupt halt.
Figure 1

Lab-Clones & Lab-Doubles

In 1967, Lord Rothschild, a physiologist and international authority on the structure and action of spermatozoa, told scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel that he regarded cloning people as a near possibility. And that the hurdles he foresees is ethical. Rothschild was not specific about the stage of cloning – in womb baby or current age (teen or adult) biological automaton, but most likely he was referring to regular human cloning by tinkering with the DNA in the sperm and egg.

The first mentioning of lab-cloning at the adult stage as fact was Dr. Peter Beter, informed through his intelligence sources and recorded into his audio letter series and radio interviews. Many years after disclosing the discovery, a source who Beter was getting some of his inside information from, confirmed what Beter had said, and revealed more. Beter was later warned to stop producing his audio letter series and a few years after he suffered a heart attack and died. The source said that he saw one of our presidents in cloned form, shown to him by Beter in Washington D.C., and that adult cloning was pushed aside because the process was time consuming and the end product had a limited lifespan. Adult clones are still being used today, yes, but not as widespread like when their deployment first began in the late 1970s.
Figure 3, Figure 15

Lab-clones were somewhat retired in the political sphere four years after their deployment started in 1979 where the secret group that was behind these futuristic biological automatons resorted to using another form of human product that was more durable, called 'lab-double', which requires genuine human host bodies. And these host bodies are collected through clandestine means to avoid public outrage and ethical scandal.

With lab-clones the host bodies are grown and stored for eventual use, while with lab-doubles the human bodies have to be snatched from among the general public. When this is done, people will go missing or framed in brutal murders, found guilty, sentenced and taken away, usually for fake death.

Lab-doubles are generated using DNA infusion. Where the DNA of the person to be duplicated is collected, processed and prepared for the infusion procedure into the new host. The target body DNA is suspressed using a special technique, then the foreign DNA is injected, which completely overrides the suspressed DNA of the target body, physically transforming it in hours. As mentioned earlier, the experimentation of transplanting DNA into another host has been tested since the 1920s, even though the reality of the DNA double helix came into public scope in the September 1967 issue of the National Geographic magazine in an article titled THE NEW BIOLOGY. The public acknowledgement of the long held theory became fact and biologists were now excited and perplex about the new science and possible ramifications, because they realized that DNA markers were like colors or different blocks that could be mixed or re-sequenced to create variations and similarities.
none Figure 6

In 1997 I was informed by a source that the first human clone outside womb by a private European firm took place in secret, in Belgium, and that the child was four years old when the news was leaked. The source said that as the child got older (age 4) its consciousness started to deteriorate and had to be kept alive using life sustaining devices. The Belgium project funded by the elites, said the source, was to perfect the science to grow humans from baby to adult, and that the knowledge would be used later to create emotionless fighting clones for future military warfare.

Cattle Mutilation

As the 1960s dawned reports of mutilated cattle started to surface in the United States confined to the states of Pennsylvania and Kansas and was seen as isolated incidents. By the mid-1970s the bizarre phenomenon of cattle mutilation became widespread in the Americas. No one in the public sector had any idea what was behind these mysterious killings. The phenomenon was also being reported in England between 1983 and 1993, and in Germany between 1992 and 1998. Rumors were being spread throughout the UFO community that extraterrestrials and their spacecrafts were involved; and still today the made-up blame as to who is behind it remains the same. Predatory animals are also involved in the killing of cattle, and their methods (jagged and ripped wounds, battered bodies, etc.) of slaughter can be deduced by knowledgeable investigators. Cattle mutilation done by human predators the wounds are more precise along with certain logical patterns regarding the harvesting of body parts.

The Rothschilds subordinate, the U.S. Bolsheviks, were behind the wave of cattle mutilations that hit the Americas in the mid-1970s. They were using the Rothschilds' method for generating adult clones, which requires the collection of certain organs while the donor (animal or human) is still conscious. Biologists in the know, especially those working on secret government projects, are very aware of this practice.
Figure 4

I was informed about one such incident involving the British that happened in the 1960s to harvest animal kidneys to assist in creating nutrient rich tissue cultures. The animals were captured and held in cages, then after their organs were harvested while conscious. Years later information about the project surfaced into the public causing scandal and repercussions, and the entire procedure about how the organs were collected was denied to have ever happened.

Not to repeat their mistake, the secret group behind the harvesters was now using technology and chosen locations to collect cattle organs, tissues and blood.

June 30, 2003, Israeli scientist Dr. Tal Biron-Shental at the annual conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, said that they were successful in growing egg-producing follicles taken from aborted human fetuses, where 70 baby mice were born using the technique. Vaguely detailing the process he said that researchers removed ovary samples and froze them; later thawed and cut into thin slices and placed in a dish of growth-enhancing chemicals (e.g. hormones extracted from glands, organs, etc.) and "calf blood" for four weeks. At the symposium some experts were skeptical that aborted fetuses could ever be a practical source for human eggs, while others said that it was technically possible, but that ethical concerns make it a bad idea.

Natural Doubles

Lookalikes or natural doubles are one of the mystifying occurrences of nature. It is said that a percentage of the population can find a close or similar mirror image of themselves among the populace. The intelligence communities worldwide are always actively searching for lookalikes of people in important positions just in case something happens to the original person, then a lookalike is used for a period of time. Before the late-1970s using lookalikes were problematic, because the only thing that they were required to do was to pose as the original, but when it came to public interaction, etc. their performance was often
poor since they did not have the memory of the original person. In situations such as public engagements knowledgeable aides that have made it their business to know most everything that the original knew are used. Such aides are right beside the lookalikes whispering in their ear when they're lost for words. Once lookalikes are brought into the political spotlight this also creates problems for them because they now know too much, especially if they are used briefly where their lives have to be terminated through premeditated accidents. Figure 5

Unknown to many authors of his work worldwide, according to the Meier extraterrestrials, the Plejarens, was the fact that the long dead person Saint Germain of France legend was kept alive using natural doubles after his death. These lookalikes were put in operation over the many long years by the secret sect of the Rosy Cross (i.e. the German Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross) to continue the legend of Saint Germain. Memories of the history of Saint Germain were transferred to the doubles using hypnotic sessions and they were also taught sleight of hand tricks. Written rumors about his mysterious history said that he had found the elixir of life and lived for 2,000 years, but the elixir was nothing more than a recipe consisted of euphoric herbs and chemicals given to him by the Rosy Cross sect, and so his long-lived life was attributed to doubles. Saint Germain died at the age of 73. And today the New Age cult has built an even more ostentatious faulty legend around him as an Ascended Master, but that should have been corrected as him being an Ascended Master of the Rosy Cross of Germany.
[Ron: This information on St Germain is inaccurate and needs to be considered with scepticism.].

Artificial Living Mind/Consciousness/Personality

As the 1990s dawned the Russian science lab in Siberia discovered how to create an artificial living mind/consciousness/personality that can be inserted into an individual's mind unnoticed, where that personality acts as a spy, with sight and ear senses recorded from a distance Russian lab. This discovery by their scientists has lessened the deployment of clones and lab-doubles of high-ranking governmental people. Russia is the only country with this technology.
Brain Programming

During the reign of the Nazis in Germany research was being funded to develop techniques for mind-control. Into the 1970s out of that exploration the method of using a millivolt device to transmit frequency waves into the brain to inject thoughts and traits was developed by the United States and England. This method of brain programming creates an end product with missing gaps. Later the technology became more developed to allow some measure of memory recording, but the gap problem remained because depth or 3D recording was not possible. Nevertheless the technology became very useful by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds in human brain programming. During its testing phase many kidnapped humans went insane, suffered brain damage, had no knowledge of who they were, etc. Figure 7

Although the Russians knew about the millivolt technique, they pursued another method using light waves. The requirement was a specific form of monochromatic light, which unfortunately was not yet developed. Although cloning technology was far ahead, the living end-product was useless because it had no memory history to draw from.

It was not until 1947 that Hungarian-born physicist Dr. Dennis Gabor discovered a way to make three-dimensional photographs (static frames) called "holograms." To make motion holograms the monochromatic light was still unavailable, but all that changed with the invention of the laser in the 1960s. The light that it produces is monochromatic and the Russian technologists went to work to develop a device that could record the entire memory of the brain. By the late 1970s the Russians had built an apparatus that was able to record the contents of the human biological brain using inaudible high-frequency sound waves to create a complete three-dimensional picture of the brain and store it in stable computer form. They found out that the "ultrasonic cerebral hologram" process duplicates basically the entire memory of the person. The Russians now had what they wanted to create working lab-clones for deployment. And the same technique is also used to download someone else's memory into another person, in this case a lab-double, and also natural doubles could now be reprogrammed to take on the full memory database of the person being replaced.
Figure 8

In one incident, the U.S. Rothschilds' subordinates tried to use their clones to penetrate the Kremlin, but the Russians became aware of the plan and let the clones through, then had them reprogrammed, and so whatever plans the subordinates had in mind were foiled. The U.S. Rothschilds became perplexed, trying to figure out what happened, why the clones were not carrying out their orders as planned.

Growing Fetus Inside Artificial Womb

The amazing feat being pursued by science since the 1930s is the construction of an artificial womb. Such an achievement would make it possible to continue the in womb growing cycle of premature fetuses that weren’t able to finish their natural in womb development for whatever reason – vehicle accident, forced premature delivery, etc; but the technology had other applications. Research began all over the world to duplicate human placenta and machinery that would assist in supplying the fetus with oxygenated blood while it is suspended in an incubator apparatus containing artificial amniotic fluid heated to body temperature. As the technology and science matured, experiments were being done using animal and human fetuses. Figure 9

By the 1960s research was done at the King's College Hospital, London using a prototype womb that was designed with ideas from the heart-lung machine. A human fetus, 26 weeks old, was kept alive for five hours in good shape, said the report. In addition, an experiment was carried out at the Stanford University School of Medicine using a live human fetus, monitoring its survival in an artificial womb via cutaneous respiration (oxygen passing through the skin from the highly pressurized fluid surrounding it). Hand at left pictured in figure-photo (taken in 1965 by Fritz Goro) is adjusting valve to adjust nutrient levels.
Figure 10

A formulation for artificial placenta was eventually developed and tested in growing pig fetuses. While through the grapevine in the 1960s the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences hinted that they have had remarkable success after many years researching artificial womb. What discoveries the Russians made were never published.

An article published in New Scientist under the title "The development of the perfect " mentioned that a six-week-old fetus could be transferred to an artificial womb machine and brought to maturity. And that when the technology becomes workable, if required, a fully automated baby-factory producing thousands of babies a day could be constructed.

Babies matured to nine months term in artificial wombs are probably living among the general public and are somewhere in their 20s and early 30s. I don’t think that their numbers are quite large; probably confined within the count of fifty.

Manmade Aliens & Body Modifications

The War of the Worlds radio broadcast authored by H.G. Wells was a stunt orchestrated by the early formation of the American secret service and British intelligence. Wells was coerced by the Americans to adapt his book for a realistic-seeming horror radio play to let loose wild panic, worries and hate about extraterrestrial invaders, but he did not want to be the announcer and suggested Orson Welles for the job. Wells was threatened by the Americans to keep silent and if he did not he would only create problems for himself. After the War of the Worlds saga, anti-extraterrestrial advertisement (aka propaganda) continued with contra films against extraterrestrials with financial support from western governments and military powers to inject fear about aliens to coincide with their pending fake alien invasion of Earth.

Western governments and military powers started very early to hide their technological accomplishments using bogus stories, where disinformation became credible, while genuine and actual events are debunked and made laughable in public. The United States became the center and leader regarding alien information distribution. All negative alien stories can be traced back to the United States. Information dispersal became more vigorous as the UFO community increased in size, thirsting for new material and the CIA operatives unaware and aware were there to fill the void, feeding the public, getting them ready for the grand plan. And Hollywood was not far behind with a steady diet of contra alien films. A well known source have said that he was told by Hollywood insiders that they are often visited by CIA people who would give them topics that they would like to see in movie form for the public – in blockbuster films and television series.

According to a source, a small selection of people in the United States and probably in other countries underwent permanent transformation with the aid of plastic surgery and DNA infusion to appear alien or off-world looking. And that these individuals were secretly carrying out face to face contacts/meetings pretending to be genuine aliens, fooling selected members among the population. Also involved are the kidnapping of people for programming to make real in their minds interaction with aliens. (The author of this article is not implying that all contact stories are phony, but that a majority of them are likely so, especially those involving bellicose aliens, aliens kidnapping humans for food source, bad reptilians, etc.; and there is no truth behind the Draco alien saga. The source revealed that the reptilian looking humanoid specie in the universe is very minuscule and that the stories being reported from the United States are not accurate regarding the truth.)
Figure 11

Another interesting phenomenon is the sighting of strange creatures and animals, etc., one being the Chupacabra. And given the pattern, it is safe to assume that it is a manmade creation that probably originated from a secret laboratory involved in genetic hybrid research inside the United States. The animal was probably released into the open to monitor public reaction – hysteria, fear, etc. so that adjustments can be made before the actual alien invasion plan is implemented.
Figure 12

The Alien Invasion Agenda

The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and other involved elites are planning with the intention of controlling the pending alien invasion agenda in a very tricky way using operatives in the military and government, assisted by mind-control, individuals who have had their bodies modified to appear alien-looking and low level actors fitted with alien-looking costumes. The Rockefellers are behind the grey alien hysteria being popularized in the United States, while the Rothschilds are plotting the reptilian alien sensation, and both alien types are being programmed into the public's psyche through various UFO outlets – contacts, books, conferences, etc. The agenda started to gain popularity after the 1970s when factions of the elites made advances in areas of science that are still being kept secret from the public.

The CIA instructing Hollywood to produce terrifying alien movies is to help condition the public. And since the movies are passed off as science-fiction the viewers readily open their minds to absorb the information. When the movies are discussed in public the participants reassure each other that luckily it is all make believe and that they do not have to worry. But the CIA and others behind the operation would say, not yet. Many of these alien movies are causing cynicism to develop among the population, but if the elites are allowed to play their alien invasion agenda in reality, the public will surely undergo psychological breakdown, because science-fiction and reality will overlay each other, with the masses accessing movie scenes in memory and blending those storyline with reality creating all sorts of what if scenarios which could result in terrifying reactions. The pending invasion would be many times more grandiose than the September 11, 2001 terrorist plot in the United States.

By the year 2000 all the necessary technologies were now in place to create a fake alien invasion without the public ever suspecting, because the population has been kept in the dark regarding how advanced certain technologies (hologram, electromagnetic propulsion, ray weapon, body transformation, etc.) have progressed.
Figure 13

Science Fiction

The realm of science fiction is a conduit for the society to experience future possibilities without the associated trauma of reality. While many in the movie audience will go away laughing and enjoying themselves a few will wonder if there is a message behind the movie they saw. Often when you see something from Hollywood it is to prepare you for eventual reality.

The public awareness of many things in science and technology is approximately 50-100 years behind what is going on in secret, and movies are the public's only means of experiencing happenings still being kept top secret, but obviously in a make-believe environment.

The general public is programmed from birth to think and behave within confined paradigms. The ones who will have to leap out of those confinements are those in the sciences, for their minds will wonder off into different ways of doing things. And those different ways after becoming workable are fed to the general public in time-release stages.

Many science fiction writers of today are becoming the prophets of tomorrow.

A list of science fiction movies produced by Hollywood over the years:

The Island (2005)
The "Island" tells a story about human clones that are grown at a rate slightly faster than regular humans, and are kept in captivity on an island until their host bodies or body parts are needed, where after they're unpacked and deployed. (Author: According to one source, something similar is going on in secret. The source said that clones are being manufactured whose minds have been modified to have them fight like robots to the death. And that these clones would not be used for open battle until World War III erupts.) The website published an article about experiments being done in the United States using drugs and other techniques that make soldiers want to fight. Figure 14

Preview Video Link

6th Day (2000)
The movie "6th Day" is about human cloning being done in secret by a company hiding behind pet cloning. (Author: This is one of the best produced movies so far, because you get to see the transformation process and brain programming. The only part that was not shown in the movie is the generation of the human host bodies, which is done in a unique aquatic environment.) Figure 15

Preview Video Link

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956)
The movie plot is set around an investigation being done by a small-town doctor about people in his community being kidnapped by aliens and replaced with emotionless duplicates. (Author: This somewhat sums up the harvesting scenario for lab-doubles by earthly secret groups, but they are not duplicates as the movie depicts, but rather people who have undergone identity reassignment, changing their original identity to that of someone else.) Figure 16

Preview Video Link

James Bond - Die Another Day (2002)
The movie "Die Another Day" is partly about human identity reassignment using DNA infusion therapy being done in secret on an island off the coast of Cuba. (Author: In reality, a similar process is used in secret to create lab-doubles.) Figure 17

Preview Video Link

[ DNA | Human Cloning, Dr. Peter Beter - MP3 - Text | Lookalikes | Mind Control | Body Modification | Billy Meier | Alien Invasion | Science Fiction ]


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