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Environment/Science Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

DNA Activation, Healing & Enlightenment
By Sol Luckman
Dec 4, 2009 - 4:28:00 AM

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DNA Activation, Healing & Enlightenment
Sol Luckman  Posted on Nov 1st, 2007

(Adapted from Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method)

Today a variety of techniques exist to facilitate adaptation to new forms of thought and their corresponding biological structures or 'thought-forms.' Over the centuries, many modalities have been developed to assist in unfolding the spiritual human (the "Holy Grail") that exists as a genetic potential in everyone. Alchemy is an excellent example from antiquity. Etymologically, alchemy derives from the Arabic al (the) and khame (blackness) and might be defined as the science of creating light out of darkness. As students of this discipline eventually discover, alchemy's real goal is not to turn lead to gold but to transform human biology into a physiology of golden light. Stated a bit differently, alchemy's primary objective is bio-spiritual enlightenment, or creation of what has been called the lightbody.

Currently, many more lightbody activation techniques are being made available. My partner Leigh and I have been fortunate enough to develop one such technique. The Regenetics Method employs specific combinations of sound and intention, which are differentiated aspects of the primary creational ("tosion"} energy of unconditional love, to stimulate the latent potential in DNA designed to facilitate the evolution of human beings into unity consciousness and its corresponding physiology of light.

DNA, as bestselling author Gregg Braden points out in The God Code, is by its very sacredly encoded nature a unifying principle for humanity–one capable of bringing peace and harmony to a planetary population faced with a decision between succumbing to crisis or embracing opportunity. That we can activate DNA to expand our worldview and, in the process, evolve a biology based on unity consciousness is truly a divine gift at this historical crossroads when, to quote Barbara Marx Hubbard, we must “decide between conscious evolution, or extinction through misuse of our powers."

The Regenetics Method features three integrated DNA activations that collectively establish the "ener-genetic" precondition for lightbody unfoldment. The first of these, Potentiation, activates DNA to repattern the body's electromagnetic fields, resetting the human bioenergy blueprint to an "infinity circuit" based on the alchemically transformative number 8. DNA has been compared to an antenna connecting humanity to Source whose reception can be clouded by toxicity and trauma. Potentiation activates DNA to begin removing this toxicity and trauma, establishing a clearer connection through harmonic resonance with the unconditional love frequency emanating as higher-dimensional spiral standing waves of sound and intention (light) from the Healing Sun at Galactic Center. In other words, Potentiation attunes DNA to the primary torsion energy of Source.

Leigh and I consider ourselves merely facilitators for the individual's own bio-spiritual unfoldment. We actually heal (evolve) ourselves. This is an important point that can hardly be overemphasized. As investigative mythologist William Henry reminds us, the “Healing Sun rises from within us when we place ourselves in balance with its energies ... By conceiving of these healing energies … we can tune into them. What we can conceive we can achieve." I would add that we place ourselves in balance with the Healing Sun not by merely looking inside ourselves but first and foremost by adopting an internal attitude of unconditional love.

My illness, which inspired the Regenetics Method, had affinities to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and fibromyalgia and was precipitated by toxicity and trauma from a series of hepatitis and yellow fever vaccines I received in the spring of 1995. After years of intense suffering and trying one expensive (and mostly ineffective) therapy after another, my turning point came when I realized that if I could somehow "reset" myself at the genetic level, my thirty or so debilitating symptoms would eventually resolve themselves.

I found myself on this path after reading a disturbing book by Leonard Horowitz called Emerging Viruses. Basing his claims on meticulous research, Dr. Horowitz demonstrates that vaccines are a principle cause of a variety of autoimmune diseases, including AIDS. He further exposes what is in essence covert biowarfare conducted by the medical establishment against a largely unsuspecting population in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, where a main theme is the use of sound to heal the physical body by restoring it to genetic integrity.

The specific sounds used to restore genetic integrity derive from the ancient Solfeggio scale. This primordial six-note scale, which was dubiously “lost� by the Roman church during the time of Pope Johannes in the 17th Century, was recently rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo as described in Healing Codes. Here it is simply necessary to point out that all three DNA activations of the Regenetics Method employ the Solfeggio scale, which some scholars believe to be the sacred set of six notes employed by the Creator to fashion the world in as many days. Specifically, Potentiation employs the note “Mi,� a frequency (528 Hz.) that has been used by cutting-edge molecular biologists to repair genetic defects.

Having discovered Horowitz and Puleo, I was then fortunate enough to stumble on another book that greatly expanded my awareness of the immense scope of human potential: The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, by French anthropologist Jeremy Narby. The Cosmic Serpent is an exploration of DNA from a shamanic perspective that describes how sound can be used to stimulate a genetic self-repair mechanism. Intrigued (and desperate) enough to delve into this subject, I learned that the power of sound to activate DNA had recently been documented by the Gariaev group in Russia. Dr. Peter Gariaev and his brilliant team of geneticists and linguists proved that damaged DNA can be healed without gene splicing or other physical manipulation by merely immersing it in radio and light waves keyed to human language frequencies.

According to Gariaev's research, DNA not only assembles proteins but also stores and communicates data in a decidedly linguistic fashion. His team found that the genetic code in “junk� or potential DNA follows, for practical purposes, the same foundational rules as human languages. In order to prove this, the syntax, semantics and grammar of language and DNA were compared. It was discovered that potential DNA's alkaline sequences closely mirror linguistic communication rules. This strongly suggests that the many human languages did not appear randomly, as is commonly believed, but reflect our essentially similar genetics. Supported by Braden’s revolutionary discovery that the ancient Hebrew name for God is code for DNA based on the latter's chemical composition of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon, Gariaev's findings offer scientific corroboration that in the beginning was the Word!

Gariaev and his colleagues also studied DNA's uncommon electromagnetic behavior. They concluded that living chromosomes function exactly like holographic biocomputers powered by DNA's own laser radiation. The Gariaev team modulated certain linguistic frequencies onto a laser. With this technology of language-modulated codes translated into radio and light waves, they were not only able to heal damaged chromosomes–they also regrew endocrine glands in animals, stimulated regrowth of new adult teeth in humans, and even successfully altered genetic expression. Amazingly, they obtained results similar to those documented by Dr. Yu Dzang Kangeng, who was the first to employ torsion energy to map DNA sequences between organisms. Using radio and light waves keyed to human language frequencies to rewrite DNA, as opposed to gene splicing, Gariaev’s team literally transformed frog embryos into healthy salamander embryos in the laboratory.

In this manner metamorphosis was achieved without any of the side effects encountered when manipulating isolated genes. The "random and risky nature of gene splicing has been sadly hidden from the public," warns Horowitz. "With gene therapy, researchers cannot definitively predict where on a [chromosome] the modified gene might land, raising a hazardous possibility of inadvertently disrupting other genetic expressions and cellular functions." Compare this to the organic alteration of genetic expression that can be achieved by simply applying vibration and language (or sound and intention, or words) to DNA. Gariaev's historical experiment in embryogenesis points to the immense power of what many are calling “wave-genetics,� an area which, contrary to current molecular biology dogma and propaganda, has an obviously more primary influence on the origin of species than biochemistry.

Spiritual masters worldwide have always insisted that our genetic code can be "potentiated" through language-thus the healing effects of prayer, hypnosis, affirmations, mantras, etc. Happily, Gariaev's research has now scientifically substantiated such phenomena. The more developed the individual healer's consciousness, the less need there is for a mechanical crutch.

Human consciousness, not technology, is the key to enlightenment. Reliance on something outside ourselves to heal us, or make us "whole," is at best giving away our power, at worst worshiping a false god. In an article partly inspired by the Regenetics Method entitled "Finding the Holy Grail," psychologists Barry and Janae Weinhold emphatically argue this point, writing of what they call the Path of Technology (as opposed to the Path of Nature), “We have nothing against technology per se, and believe that some devices are helpful as 'boosters.' When created by minds connected to heart and spirit, technology can become a useful, but not essential, spiritual tool for enhancing genuinely spiritual living. Technology lacking connection with heart and spirit becomes just another box from which it is necessary, at some point, to break free." When technology transforms into a path, "it encourages dependency because it implies that people need to rely on a technical intermediary to help them open their own gates of perception. Rather than using primordial tools grounded in nature to empower initiates on their return to Source, the Path of Technology can end up disempowering people and encouraging spiritual co-dependency."

Astonishingly, Gariaev's research reveals even more far-reaching implications with respect to the unlimited healing power of human genetic consciousness. The Russian team found that wave-activated DNA can manipulate the space matrix, producing small electromagnetic wormholes of a subquantum nature. These DNA-activated wormholes, whose energy signatures are similar to those of Einstein-Rosen bridges found near black holes, are connections between different areas in the multiverse through which data can be transmitted outside space-time.

Potential DNA, which regulates transdimensional self-organization (epigenetic) functions, magnetizes these nonlocal streams of information to itself and then forwards them to our consciousness. Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, authors of an excellent summary of Gariaev's findings entitled Vernetzte Intelligenz ("Networked Intelligence"), refer to this data transfer process as hypercommunication, pointing out that it is often experienced as "intuition"or "inspiration."

When hypercommunication occurs, according to Fosar and Bludorf, an extraordinary phenomenon can be observed in DNA. They relate how Gariaev irradiated a DNA sample with a laser until a typical wave pattern formed on his monitor. When the DNA sample was extracted, its electromagnetic pattern remained, perfectly intact. Many control experiments established that the pattern still emanated from the absent sample, whose energy field apparently remained undisturbed in the holding chamber for up to thirty days, causing light to spiral all by itself following the shape of the physically removed double helix.

From Book One on the Regenetics Method, Conscious Healing: The Ener-genetic Composition Process. The above diagram illustrates how body building is both genetic, involving RNA transcription of DNA codes to create cells, and energetic, dependent on the interface between the electromagnetic fields and “junk� or potential DNA for regulation of cellular composition. This diagram also shows how potential DNA's transposons can be directly prompted by consciousness, internal (personal) and external (universal), to modify cellular replication. Copyright (c) 2007 by Sol Luckman & Kara Brown. All Rights Reserved.

This nonlocal, light-bending torsion energy phenomenon has since become famous as the "DNA phantom effect." It is theorized that torsion waves from outside space and time continue to flow through the activated wormholes even after the DNA is removed. DNA activation is thus explained as an ener-genetic transfer of universal creative consciousness manifesting as torsion waves that stimulate a molecular rearrangement of transposons or "jumping DNA" in potential DNA. In turn, potential DNA shifts the bioenergy fields, which then modify metabolic and replication functions in cells, facilitating healing (see figure above). This same process of DNA activation that encourages healing, by inviting more torsion light into cells, by definition promotes enlightenment.

"Most people tend to think that the DNA created the [phantom] energy field, and that the energy field is somehow just a 'shadow' of the DNA," writes author and scientific researcher David Wilcock, who proposes a fascinating reinterpretation: "However, I believe that the wave actually exists before the DNA ...[The] only logical explanation is that the phantom energy of DNA is actually the creator of DNA." Since this etheric or torsion energy has been shown to pervade the galaxy, wherever the "materials that create life exist, the subtle, spiraling pressure currents of this energy will arrange the DNA molecule into existence."

Combined with much research of my own, my intuition led me to theorize that the correct combination of sounds, intentionally geared to the body's electromagnetics, could invite an influx of torsion energy capable, for instance, of clearing vaccination toxicity and trauma at the genetic level and upgrading the human bioenergy field to higher harmonic functioning. I came to view the electromagnetic fields as an individual's ener-genetic blueprint that not only can be reset like a blown fuse but, in the process, transformed. Leigh and I named this approach to DNA activation the Regenetics Method after Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning resolved my chronic illness and we began to develop other DNA activations. The "fringe benefit" of Potentiation was that it also promoted enlightenment by initiating lightbody activation.
 Copyright (c) 2007 by Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.
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