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Environment/Science Last Updated: Mar 2, 2020 - 5:31:21 AM

Climate crimes must be brought to justice
By Catriona McKinnon with comments by Ron
Feb 28, 2020 - 7:01:44 PM

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“Climate denial has benefited from the generosity of the fossil fuel industry.”

Climate denial has increased the risk of catastrophic global change. Should international criminal law be used against those who promote this dangerous trend? Economic and political leaders can no longer pretend it is business as usual. Whether they actively induce environmental harm or just ignore the existential threat against the survival of the human species, states and corporations must be held accountable for their actions or inaction regarding climate change.

Catriona McKinnon

A fire has started in the theatre, from which there are no exits. Unchecked, the fire will kill and injure many in the theatre, starting with those in the cheapest seats. Many people can smell the smoke, but some others have not noticed it yet. Some people are trying to warn everyone so that the fire can be contained before it spreads out of control.

[Ron: This facile statement is a blatant LIE. THERE IS NO FIRE! And from this LIE this author and the cultural Marxists who promulgate the Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate EMERGENCY scam build their propaganda.

Another group – sitting mainly in the most expensive seats

[Ron: this is another LIE. Why? Because it is the pampered progeny of the rich who run our world who are pushing the Climate change EMERGENCY scam. IF opponents of climate change hysteria really constitute the wealthy elite they wouldn't allow governments, the MSM and bought and paid for scientists and academics to spruik nonsense to the effect that CO2 is destroying this planet because that is totally contrary to the facts. CO2 is essential to ALL life on this planet and optimum growth of flora (and hence fauna) here requires that existing CO2 levels be doubled and probably tripled.

The truth is that the elite global controllers are running this scam. See eg: Jeff Bezos Launches $10 Billion "Bezos Earth Fund" To Fight Climate Change - Central Bankers' Core Mission Now Includes Climate Change - What other explanation does this author have for a 16 -17 year old girl being given the freedom to harangue elitists at the UN and Davos? See eg: Angry 17-Year-Old Girl Threatens World Leaders In Davos: "You Haven't Seen Anything Yet" - ].

– is trying to shout loudly that there is no fire, or that it is not serious, or that there is plenty of time left to put it out. This group uses emotive language and insists that the other group is not to be trusted.

[Ron: Yet another LIE! Opponents of the climate change hysteria being used to attempt to convince humanity on this planet that everyone must stop using fossil (abiotic) fuels and PAY huge tax increases to the wealthy elitist who control this planet (and who use proportionately far more energy than the average person), are mostly ordinary citizens who will have to actually pay the proposed taxes. IF so-called climate deniers are really part of the wealthy elite controlling this planet this controversy would not be occurring. Why? Because the truly wealthy largely avoid paying taxes and even if they do, their corporate machinations and use of so-called non-profit Foundations, charities and NGOs, mean they pay very little in taxes compared to the profits they control and accumulate. See eg: Trillion-dollar-valued Amazon Pays $0 in Income Taxes for 2018, Gets Multi-million Refund - See also: And: Apple And Amazon Both Exceed In Exploiting America - .

Amazon Only Paid 1.2% Taxes In 2019 Despite $13 Billion Profit -

Portfolio Wealth Global | The Top 1% are Blowing-Up in Wealth! Futurist’s Prediction For “The End of the World As We Know It” -].

Many people in the theatre are confused by these conflicting messages or convinced by the fire-deniers. There are enough people in this combined set to significantly slow down the efforts of those listening to the accurate warnings, those who are trying to put out the fire.

[Ron: WHY does this author persist with use of her false analogy? Our planet is NOT a theatre and it is NOT on fire. The so-called fire IS THE SUN; and additional energies coming from the centre of this galaxy that are causing some heating of the core of this planet which is resulting in increased volcanic activities, mostly under the oceans because they cover a majority of this planet. Those influences are NOT CAUSED by CO2 in the atmosphere which, in any event, are near known historically low levels. Professor Ernst D. Döhler says:

'500 million years ago, the CO2 levels in the earth's atmosphere were over 20 times higher (7,000 ppm) than the pre-industrial level of approx. 300 ppm. 230 million years ago, they were only five times as high (1,500 ppm) and have fallen continuously since then. Today's level, which has risen again compared to the pre-industrial age, is only 400 ppm and thus still dangerously close to the lower limit of 150-180 ppm, which is fatal for plants. Perhaps of interest to readers: Despite extensive deforestation worldwide, since 1982 a green area has been added twice as large as the USA. This is shown by satellite data. Researchers attribute more than two thirds of this additional plant growth to CO2. See:

In this scenario, those shouting “No fire!” ought to be silenced, because there is a fire that requires urgent and immediate action to prevent it from spreading and becoming uncontrollable. But the fire is not being tackled properly because many of the people in the theatre do not know whom to believe.

[Ron: There is NO FIRE and the demand that those who say there is NO FIRE ought to be silenced in order to stop that truth spreading is ludicrous, mischevious and despotic. IF climate change hysteria had a real basis its proponents could simply provide evidence of it to convince sceptics. BUT they do not because they cannot.].

Can we compare those who deny the reality of climate change to the group that occupies the best seats in the theatre? The answer seems obvious: yes.

[Ron: Really? Sooo, I "have one of the best seats in the theatre" do I?! Yet Jeff Bezos is pushing this scam with 10 billion USD in the expectation that he will make a profit on that investment. See eg:

Similarly, Bill Gates is supporting the climate change scammers. See eg: Gates Foundation to Target Climate Change, Gender Inequality -

And why are the Central Banksters pushing this scam? See eg; Central Bankers' Core Mission Now Includes Climate Change -

This author has it all BACKWARDS as do cultural Marxists on virtually every issue. The 'Thunbergers' and their handlers and financiers are the ones swanning around this planet spewing excess gasses into the atmosphere, while ordinary mortals who have to work for a living and don't have their heads up their fundamental orifice are actually seeking to discover the truth in relation to the matter. AND that truth has nothing to do with fires in theatres.].

Accelerating the extinction of humanity

Criminal sanctions are the most potent tools we have to mark out conduct that lies beyond all limits of toleration. Criminal conduct violates basic rights and destroys human security. We reserve the hard treatment of punishment for conduct that damages the things we hold most fundamentally valuable. Climate change is causing precisely such damage.

[Ron: Don'tcha just luv the logic and rhetoric of CLIMATE CHANGE activists? Notice that this author has provided zero information or justification for her claim that there actually IS a problem with our climate. She has regaled us with a discussion abour fires in theatres and then concludes that 'climate change' is causing damage to things we hold most fundamentally valuable. Asking her to provide some evidence for her claim that climate change is causing damage is apparently criminal conduct violating basic human rights which is 'beyond all limits of toleration' 'and destroys human security' for which she reserves 'hard treatment of punishment', whatever that means.

Over the last 250 years or so, we have burned fossil fuels for cheap energy, destroyed carbon sinks, grown the global population, and failed to halt the malign influence of corporate interests on political action that could have made mitigation manageable. Now, we have a window of just ten years or less to avoid using up the carbon budget for 1.5 ℃ (link is external), according to the 2018 Special Report (link is external) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

[Ron: Really?! Sooo what about all the other doom and gloom predictions and world ending scenarios floated by the Talmudists previously. WHY have they failed to eventuate? See eg: 30 Years Ago Officials Predicted The Maldives Would Be Swallowed By The Sea. It Didn’t Happen -

And how does this author explain the elitist explanations for the need for action on this issue? See eg: Climate Change Quotes -].

If we continue on our current trajectory of emissions without aggressive mitigation, we could see warming in the range of 4–6.1 ℃ above pre-industrial averages by 2100. Even if all countries meet their current mitigation targets under the Paris Agreement 2015 (link is external) (COP21), we are likely to see warming of at least 2.6 ℃ by 2100 (link is external).

[Ron: I disagree. These figures are based on the IPCC report which is a fraudulent exercise designed to justify the imposition of exorbitant taxes on Western civilisation. For real scientific information of these issues see eg: Climate change? A professor analyses the situation Interview with Professor Ernst D. Döhler -].

A 4–6.1 ℃ rise in temperature by 2100 would be catastrophic. Large areas of the earth would become uninhabitable as sea levels rise and temperatures soar. Severe weather events, crop failure, and conflict in the face of mass migration never before seen in human history, would place intense pressure on remaining habitable places. In these fragile and febrile conditions, positive feedback from warming could put humanity at risk of extinction (link is external), according to the journal, Futures, September 2018. This feedback occurs when tipping points are passed in the climate system, causing processes to be unleashed that exacerbate warming. For example, the transformation of the Amazon forest from the world’s largest carbon sink to a carbon source; or, the massive retreat of polar ice, which reduces the planet’s reflectivity, leading it to warm at a greater speed (link is external). These tipping points are described in the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) as a critical threshold at which global or regional climate changes from a stable state to another stable state.

Temperature rises of 4–6.1 ℃ are not likely, but they are not science fiction either. Each year that passes without aggressive mitigation to reach net zero emissions by 2050 makes this existential threat more real. Even if the Paris Agreement aggressively ratchets up mitigation ambition to close the emissions gap by 2030, it remains the case that we have already reached 1 ℃ of warming. Given the time lag between emissions and the warming they induce (link is external) – due to the long lifetime of carbon molecules in the atmosphere – further increases are to be expected.

Between irresponsible behaviour ...

Should we use criminal law to tackle climate change? The current generation of people alive in the Anthropocene is capable of damaging and degrading the environment in ways that could make humanity go extinct. Postericide is a morally required response to humanity's changed circumstances in the Anthropocene. The scope of international criminal law makes it the right site to address the existential threats created by climate change. International criminal law aims to protect the entire human community irrespective of national borders, now and into the future. International criminal law expresses the values that bind the human community together across time. [Ron: I disagree. Divine law does that but international law is a Talmudic construct which does not.]. It asserts the condemnation of  “unimaginable atrocities that deeply shock the conscience of humanity (link is external)” – as stipulated in the Rome Statute (link is external) of the International Criminal Court (ICC (link is external)) of 17 July 1998, which defines, inter alia, the international crimes over which the ICC has jurisdiction.

[Ron: IF this statement contained any truth the attacks by the US and NATO on Serbia, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria and the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other places would have been dealt with by the ICC. But the ICC has not even considered those egregious, genocidal assaults on sovereign nations. Similarly the ICC has not attempted to bring to justice the Israelis who continue to kill, maim and dispossess Palestinians as well as routinely bombing Syria. In that context this author's imprecations against persons having the temerity to critique or criticise global warming climate change scammers is lunacy.].

For there to be a crime, there must be a criminal. The death and suffering caused by climate impacts is deeply shocking, but this is not enough to prompt prosecution under international criminal law. Death and suffering are caused by volcanic eruptions, yet there are no culpable agents in these cases.

The current climate crisis has been caused by human activity over the last two and a half centuries or so, leading to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The crisis is in large part an unintended consequence of action across history that has led to the destruction of carbon sinks, increased carbon flows, and concentrated carbon stocks.

[Ron: None of these claims have been substantiated and they are contradicted by the scientific history of this planet. Morover greenhouse gases are a necessary componet of Earth's atmosphere and CO2 is an insignificant component of greenhouse gases.].

Most of this conduct is beyond the legitimate reach of international criminal law, not least because the relevant people are dead. Most, but not all.

… and postericide

I have proposed that international criminal law should be expanded to include a new criminal offence that I call postericide (link is external). It is committed by intentional or reckless conduct fit to bring about the extinction of humanity. Postericide is committed when humanity is put at risk of extinction by conduct performed either with the intention of making humanity go extinct, or with the knowledge that the conduct is fit to have this effect. When a person knows that their conduct will impose an impermissible risk on another and acts anyway, they are reckless. It is in the domain of reckless conduct, making climate change worse, that we should look for postericidal conduct.

No one person’s emissions are fit to bring about human extinction as a result of climate impacts – the many private jets and oil wells they own can do so, however. [Ron: WHO does "they" refer to in this statement?]. But individual people in their roles as political and corporate leaders can exert extensive control over how much worse climate change becomes as a result of their executive action. A country’s president can withdraw an entire state from a global agreement on mitigation; a Chief Executive Officer can authorize the withholding of information about the progress and impacts of climate change because it threatens the corporation’s bottom line.

Individuals often have control over conduct they do not perform themselves – for example, by giving direct orders to subordinates, or by virtue of the special relationship in which they stand to others whose conduct causes harm. This means that we can assign vicarious liability to individuals of power, authority and influence within groups that, as collectives, worsen climate change in ways fit to make humanity go extinct. Just as international criminal law holds military leaders to account for genocide committed by their troops, [Ron: Really?1 NAME ONE in the West.] it should hold political and economic leaders to account for postericide committed under their authority. These leaders should go to trial at the ICC and be held to account at the bar of the human community’s fundamental shared values.

[Ron: The US doesn't recognise the jurisdiction of the ICC and anyway it is only used by the global elites to prosecute people from non-EU and other Western nations.].

Who should be prosecuted for postericide? We could start by examining the established international network of well-funded organizations devoted to organized climate denial (link is external) (For more on this subject, read "Text-mining the signals of climate change doubt", in the journal Global Environmental Change, Volume 36, January 2016).  The epicentre of this activity is in the United States. A set of Conservative think-tanks has deliberately deceived the public and policymakers about the realities of climate change. Their ideologically-driven climate denial has been heavily funded by the fossil fuel industry; which include, for example, Koch Industries and ExxonMobil. This climate denial has had a significant impact on public opinion and has impeded legislation to tackle climate change.

[Ron: This diatribe of unsubstantiated calumny aimed at US President Trump who has rightly rejected the falacious farrago of lies alleging a climate change catastrophe and the Paris accord boondoggle.].

Vicarious criminal liability

Should Rex Tillerson [the former CEO of ExxonMobil, who also served as US Secretary of State from February 2017 to March 2018] Charles Koch and David Koch [the owners of Koch Industries] be tried for the crime of postericide at the ICC? Their vicarious criminal liability would be generated by their authorization of multiple acts of climate denial by others, without which early aggressive political action on climate change would have been more likely.

Climate denial has seriously impeded aggressive mitigation efforts that could have averted our present climate emergency. It has magnified the risk that humanity locks in to catastrophic global climate change. The people in positions of authority in states, or industrial groups whose lies have put us and our descendants in peril, should be held accountable. The damage that climate deniers do is heinous, and they have no excuses. The time has come to prosecute them for postericide.

[Ron: At best, this women is delusional. In a sane God-centred, Talmudist free world she would be tried for public mischief or at least sued for libel.].

Photo: Art of Change 21 (link is external)

Catriona McKinnon

Professor of Political Theory at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom, Catriona McKinnon has published numerous articles and books on climate justice, and on toleration and liberal political ideals. She is currently completing a monograph defending postericide (Endangering Humanity: An International Crime), writing an introductory book on climate justice, and researching the ethical questions raised by geoengineering.

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


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