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Environment/Science Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception Parts 1-7
By Bruce Lipton
Dec 9, 2011 - 4:29:31 PM

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Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception Parts 1 to 7

Uploaded by on Nov 22, 2007:

Uploader's comments:

First in a two part series with rob Williams of psych-k. (if anyone has the part with R. williams please post it!)
'the bottom line is, genes do NOT control our biology, that is an assumption made years ago that was never ever proven scientifically - it was just seemed to be correct so that we bought the story ... if the mechanism actually worked according to the textbooks, ie. if the genes control biology, then at least 120,000 genes would be required to make a human. But when the human genome projects results were in, ... it was discovered that 2/3rds of the genes (supposedly needed to support their model) were missing. Its not that the genes were missing, it was the understanding that was wrong.
"We have to come to a new way of understanding biology. This 'new' understanding has actually already been in the leading edge of science for 10 years now. It takes at least 10 or 15 years for science to take a fact from its first inception and get it out into the public so that the people can understand it. That means anything in current textbooks is at least 10 or 15 years old. what your going to hear tonight is whats going to be the future textbooks. "
-Bruce Lipton in the Biology of Perception [ ]
see also:
rob williams intro to psych-k

more audio/video at

Part 1:

Part 2:

The cell is a machine made up of 70,000 protein parts all of which are static until acted on by an oppositly charged molecule. lets say, a hormone molecule (eg estrogen) which results in movement because the charge causes a reaction in the protein.

Part 3:

Action results from controlling the signal  The brain of the cell is the skin.

Part 4:

Part 5:

A signal from its environment activates expression of the gene. That means that the genes in your body are selected not because they are self-selecting. The genes are ALWAYS selected in response to the ENVIRONMENT that you're in. so if you had that cancer gene and for 35 years, let's say, you stood around saying;'Hey, I don't have cancer.] and all of a sudden cancer happened, are we gonna go to the gene and blame the gene or would we look for the signal from the environment? What change in your life promoted activation of the gene that was sitting dormant for 35 years.... Instead of focussing on the gene all the time we have to start focussing on the signals from the environment.

Part 6:

Part 7:

Ron: My summing up:

Perception signals to our cells whether the environment is positive or negative. BUT perception is filtered through the brain [Ron: And heart neurons] so that OUR BELIEFS change signals from the environment so that we [usually subconsciously] select gene protein activations that foster either growth or protection. We cannot select both reactions at the same time. If we select protection the pituitary gland selects the "Fight or Flight" mechanism and the cells shut down (reduce) blood supplies to the visceral body areas and the brain in favour of pumping more blood to the peripheral muscles - in order to assist in "Fight or Flight". That means that if our consciousness is consistently in FEAR mode WE CEASE TO GROW physically and the immune system shuts down. This is why babies given adequate nutrition but no physical affection and love in the orphanages in Romania under the dictatorial President Nicolae Ceauscescu towards the end of the 20th century, were stunted and often autistic and many just curled up and died. Alternatively, babies given much love but no nutrition can actually grow. Being in a constant fear mode thus leaves us open to internal invasions while we are busy telling the body to protect us against external threats. Thus, in times of great stress people get sicker than usual.

Bruce Lipton demonstrates that our beliefs can actually cause our genes to change. In effect, we rewrite our genes. This debunks the Darwinian idea that gene mutations are random.

We are not victims. We are very poswerful. Our beliefs and attitudes determine our growth, health and well being by determining what our genes will do. Bruce Lipton says that 95% of cancers arise without any apparent genetic predispositions. Our genes are generally very appropriate and oriented to keep us in good health. What happens though, is that because of stressful environments many people live in fear and their fears filter the actual signals from the environment and change them into signals requiring the body to create protective cell responses rather than growth responses throughout our bodies.  As our DNA is merely a transmitter and replicator, receiving signals from our perceptions of the environment, it does NOT control our biological being but rather it responds to signals created by our behaviour and  awareness and replicates proteins in accordance with that awareness. The DNA is a data base - a repository of blueprints. The choice of which blueprints the DNA (RNA) is to replicate comes from the signals emanating from the brain [Ron: And heart neurons.]. Sooo, since in essence we have only two basic orientations - Love and Fear - our physical makeup will tend towards growth  (love) or protection (fear). The truth is that WE, through our thoughts and beliefs, NOT our genes, determine our health and well being. Moreover, when the blood supply to the body's organs and brain are constricted by the fear induced "Fight or flight mechanism, we become LESS INTELLIGENT because the brain receives less blood.

This analysis explains why the global matrix controllers have spent sooo much time and effort making all aspects of our lives as stressful and fear inducing as possible. Not only does stress tend to debilitate us but also it tends to make us stupid which makes it easier for the matrix controllers'  mind control education, mainstream media and entertainment mechanisms to dumb us down and control us.

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