Al Bielek & Vladimir Terziski - THE UNDERGROUND INTERVIEWS - 1&2
By Al Bielek & Vladimir Terziski
Aug 18, 2013 - 2:42:19 AM

Al Bielek & Vladimir Terziski - THE UNDERGROUND INTERVIEWS - 1&2

This 2 hour video was published by CHANNEL3X on Dec 27, 2010:

April 16. 1992 L.A.

Ron's comments:

Apart from discussing the Philadelphia Experiment, the Phoenix Project and Montauk, lots of other matters are discussed. At the 36 minute mark Al Bielek says that Wilhelm Reich's sexual orgiastic mind control techniques and methods were developed for many years after his death in 1957 and eventually used. He says that  every public hospital in the US is required by law to have electronic  equipment which can alter a person's mind content without them being aware of it. Apparently if one can induce and hold a subject at a peak pre-ejaculation point, the human subconscious and human conscious become locked together and it is at that point reprogramming of the brain is possible, ie it is possible to change mind and memory without drugs or other techniques. This has been possible since the mid 1970s.

Also, Reich's orgone energy and weather control discoveries have been harnessed and used.  Weather control units are portable and bigger units are capable of steering hurricanes

At the 1 hour 17' 30" mark he mentions that the speed of light has been proved to greatly exceeded - by a factor or eight or some such.

Apparently the Germans were developing chemical theraphy and hypnosis  as means for mind control of the SS. Now the US has developed electronic methods because the  human mind does have an nability to receive electro-magnetic signals, if preconditioned.

At 1hour, 22 minutes he discusses the fact that the Germans had developed a number of atomic bomb devices and that the US almost certainly used captured German bombs or material to produce the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nukes because they did not have the ability prior to defeating Germany.

Al Bielek thinks that Hitler's real character has been distorted by propagnada and says, rightly in my view, that Hitler was not out to conquer the world. He thinks Hitler was genuinely concerned about not needlessly killing people and was even averse to killing500,000 British troops at Dunkirk because he did not want to kill Aryans.

Vladimir Terziski expressed typically negative sentiments about Hitler and tried to suggest that suggesting he had humanitarian motivations was German propaganda. I disagree with Vladimir and think that his view is probably coloured by nationalistic Slavic prejudices (he is Bulgarian and reckons that the Germans slaughtered 30 million Slavs.). It's hard to overcome prejudices learned in childhood and reinforced by one's society let alone the incessant propaganda pur out by the Jew controlled Bolshevik and Western world ever since WWII, and even before that. If Hitler WAS a demon and homicidal maniac surely he would have used the atomic bombs in the German arsenal to save Germany near the end of WWII! No? Why not?  And certainly he would have had the German military justifiably slaughter the British army at Dunkirk.

Moreover, Al Bielek notes that Hitler kept his promises to the German people. He saved Germany from the Bolshevik communists who had muredered 66 million Russians and would certainly have done the same thing to the German people had they been successful in obtaining power instead of Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler also made Germany prosperous and independant and did his best to assist Jews to emigrate, leaving Germany for the German people. Al Bielek also notes that Hitler never had a bodyguard. IS that ever the case with US presidents? WHY the difference? AND German children (children have an ability to sense evil etc) loved Hitler and flocked around  him everywhere. (1 hour 28' to 30').

Al Bielek reckons that the in 1933-34 the Pleidians agreed to help the Germans with technology provided that they went easy on the Jews. (1 hour 32") but in 1940-41 they ceased for some reason.Bur Al says, rightly in my view, that in any event the Germans did not even conceive of solving the Jewish problem via a massacre. And in my view that fact is born out by the facts and the statostics.

Apparently the Pleidians never gave the Germans the drive technology they use in their space craft bit the Germans never the less developed an electromagnetic drive bnefore the end of WWII.

Al Bielek says that the Germans went to the moon and Mars in 1949 but I suspect that they went to both places before the end of WWII. He also says there is a suggestion that the British went to the Moon just before the turn of the 20th century but that seems unlikely since one would suspect that they would have used such technology during WWII if they had it.

Al Bielek also reckons the Illuminati have been around for many centuries and that their top controllers are two humans and one  reptilian. He must be referring to a differnt "Illuminati" since today's  Illuminati were establishe in the 1770s by Adam Weishaupt using Rothschilds' money and presumably under their direction.

All in all, an interesting video.


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