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Oct 13, 2018 - Creepy Survey Asks 5th-graders About Their Sex Lives

Ten fifth-grade students at Windsor State Street School were asked to fill out a survey inquiring about their biological sex, how they "identify," their sexual preferences, and whether they had had a "romantic relationship" with a "sexual partner" within the last year. The survey was administered on behalf of Women's Information Services, a nonprofit domestic violence prevention and advocacy group. It was also linked to a research project at the University of New Hampshire.

Russia Today

Political Information
Oct 6, 2018 - Schools Advised to Alert Social Services if Parents Stop Sons from Wearing Skirts

Oct 4, 2018 - UK University Students Receive Advice at Orientation on Becoming Prostitutes

Oct 4, 2018 - Boys Encouraged to Wear Nail Polish, Massage Each Other at Gender Neutral School

Oct 3, 2018 - UK University Bans Clapping At Performances To Avoid Triggering Students With Anxiety

Oct 2, 2018 - Six-Year-Old School Children Instructed to Write Gay Love Letters to Make Them ‘Accepting of Diversity’

Sep 27, 2018 - Kids News ? CBC Aims Political Propaganda at Children

Paying homage to feminism and multiculturalism, the face of CBC Kids News is 14-year-old girl actor Saara Chaudry. She says of the news site's "launch that, ‘Everyone deserves to know what's going on around the world and it shouldn't just be adults that know what's going on,'" reports the Post Millennial.

True US History
Sep 26, 2018 - Feminism In The Schools

At every level of the education ecosystem, then, thanks in large measure to the viral influence of feminism, it is obvious that students are not being prepared for life in the real world of basic knowledge, work, and relationship.  Not only are cultural history, economic maturity, math and science, and functional literacy casualties of the curriculum, but their demolition is a harbinger of societal collapse. David Solway

Sep 26, 2018 - Pro-Abortion Groups Successfully Push Comprehensive Sex Ed onto California Charter Schools

Political Information
Sep 24, 2018 - Darwin’s Vigilantes, Reichard Sternberg, and Conventional Pseudoscience

Ron: Talmudists consider all gentiles to be soulless animals to be used, abused and killed at whim. It is therefore not surprising that they have promulgated Darwinian Evolution. BUT that theory is obviously nonsense. See eg: Complex Integration : The Fatal Flaw of "Evolution". See:




3 Reasons Why Darwinism Fails to Define Human Nature. See:

Science Is Not God, So Why Do So Many People Keep Trying To Turn It Into A Religion? See:

Genetics Is Giving Way to a New Science of Life See:

44 Reasons Why Evolution Is Just A Fairy Tale For Adults. See:

The 10 False Assumptions of Modern Science (and How to Set Science Free With New Paths to Discovery). See:


Robert Arvay rightly says:

What Darwin and Simpson have done, along with others, is to introduce into society the physicalist paradigm, the one that holds that nothing exists except stuff, that is, material reality. According to physicalism, there is no spirit, no God, no eternal afterlife. By extension of that paradigm, you and I are nothing more than stuff, that is, the atoms that make up our physical bodies. If that is to be considered true, then it necessarily must follow, at least eventually, that we have no inherent right to be treated as anything more than protoplasm, nothing more than just another species of animal.

That paradigm is, of course, dangerous. It contradicts not only the Bible, but also the Declaration of Independence, the founding document of our nation, which states that we are endowed by our Creator -- repeat, by our Creator -- with certain inalienable rights, including life and liberty.

This is a critical central tenet of our modern civilization. It informs us that our rights come to us not from the government, but from God. No government has the right to infringe on those rights. Government is not the ultimate moral authority. It must be constrained to its limited functions.

If we are considered to be nothing more than atoms, if the courts believe that, if judges and lawmakers act upon that belief, then we are in serious jeopardy. Such a paradigm is the one upon which authoritarians establish totalitarian dictatorships. It is the one that justifies genocide, which defines humans as livestock, and morality as whatever is convenient for the ruling class.


Political Information
Sep 20, 2018 - "Transphobic" Swedish Professor May Lose Job After Noting Biological Differences Between Sexes

After being admonished, Hesslow refused to distance himself from his comments, saying that he had "done enough" already and didn't have to explain and defend his choice of words.  "At some point, one must ask for a sense of proportion among those involved. If it were to become acceptable for students to record lectures in order to find compromising formulations and then involve faculty staff with meetings and long letters, we should let go of the medical education altogether," Hesslow said in a written reply to Larsson.   He also rejected the accusation that he had a political agenda - stating that his only agenda was to let scientific factnot new social conventions, dictate how he teaches his courses.  Tyler Durden

Political Information
Sep 18, 2018 - Culture Wars: a Child’s “medical right” to Change Gender in the Brave New World

Yahoo 7 News, Australia, reports (9/16): "A four-year-old who identifies as transgender has begun to transition before their first day at school, hoping to complete the full transformation by 2017."

"While the child is the youngest on Australian record to change their gender, the New South Wales government has revealed ‘hundreds' of other children are being referred to the state's hospitals for gender dysphoria."

"The four-year-old is reportedly being supported throughout the transition by the education department, and is part of the Safe Schools program."

Yes, the Safe Schools program. Safe for whom?

Deputy Secretary of School Operations Gregory Prior made this announcement at a budget hearing, which presumably means the four-year-old child's parents are receiving public funds for the sex change.

No mention of how the parents of the four-year old came to their "medical" decision. No mention of the "discussion" with the child that led to this decision.

The New South Wales government doesn't just stand aside; it supports this madness.

A four-year old. He/she comes up with this idea (gender change) out of the blue? He/she expresses it to his parents?

He/she is supposed to understand the medical procedures and the consequences?

The doctors go along with this?

"We have a four-year old coming in today to begin a sex-change."

"Good. The team will be ready."

Not a flicker of doubt...

A four-year old is now the ruler of his/her own fate?

This is legalized genital mutilation and torture, undertaken as a "proper medical procedure."...

" What has become of our society?" The answer is clear. There are masters and slaves. The slaves are going along. The masters are psychopaths. But that leaves a lot of middle ground, where parents, educators, and bureaucrats are willingly cooperating in destruction. It's not simply a lack of courage. It's self-induced brainwashing...

In Australia, where this four-year-old child is about to go through sex change, every doctor in the country should stand up and refuse. They should say, "Look, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, we see what your decision is, and we can't even begin to describe how we feel. Don't look to us for help in committing this horror on your child. If we hear of any doctor who goes along with your plan, we'll publicize his name and, if necessary, physically remove him from the country. We'll see to it he never practices medicine in Australia another day in his life."- Jon Rappaport

Sep 16, 2018 - Faking Your Way To Racial Equality

Sep 15, 2018 - Toxic Feminism

As I have argued before, the academy cannot be reformed, despite a decent government's best intentions.  It must be abolished or gradually phased out and replaced by schools and universities and online delivery programs founded on the traditional mandate of moral accountability, exacting scholarship, discipline-specific authority, open debate, and responsible instruction.  A redoubtable task, no doubt, but one that is absolutely necessary.   David Solway

Political Information
Sep 15, 2018 - "Don't You Know That You're Toxic?"

This 12' 35" video was published by Christy0Misty on Apr 5, 2018:

Political Information
Sep 15, 2018 - Make Womanhood Great Again! + Q&A

This 5' 27" video was published by Christy0Misty on Sep 14, 2018:

Political Information
Sep 15, 2018 - Am I Trying To Make Women Look Bad?

This 10'08" video was published by Christy0Misty on Sep 7, 2018:

Political Information
Sep 13, 2018 - Teen Vogue Glamorizes Teen Abortion, Calls for Colleges to Offer Them on Campus

Sep 11, 2018 - Cartoon Network Promotes LGBT Agenda with Lesbian Kiss in Kids Show ‘Adventure Time’

Notably, several of the aforementioned examples were held until the end of a series' run, suggesting that creators wanted to time the LGBT content for when offended parents could no longer affect the show's ratings.  "There's never going to be pushback from the normies because they've already resigned away their rights to protest for kid-safe media," writer William Usher lamented of the Adventure Time development. "This is also all part of the Liberal agenda, where you take things that seem almost family friendly and then subvert it with agitprop."

Sep 9, 2018 - The Latest LGBT Lunacy: ‘Transgender’ Puppet to Teach Kids About ‘gender issues’

Sep 7, 2018 - Criminalizing Childhood: School Safety Measures Aren’t Making the Schools Any Safer

Clearly, the pathology that characterizes the American police state has passed down to the schools. Now in addition to the government and its agents viewing the citizenry as suspects to be probed, poked, pinched, tasered, searched, seized, stripped and generally manhandled, all with the general blessing of the court, our children in the public schools are also fair game. Instead of raising up a generation of freedom fighters, however, we seem to be busy churning out newly minted citizens of the American police state who are being taught the hard way what it means to comply, fear and march in lockstep with the government's dictates. John W Whitehead

Sep 3, 2018 - Western World Ponders Sorcha Faal “Trance-State” Writings—While Failing To Remember Stephen Hawking Warned It Would Wipe Out Universe

Sorcha Faal: Our generation’s most esteemed theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, [Ron: I disagree. Stephen Hawking was a fraud and after his death ecades ago, a double was used by the Matrix controllers to disseminate Talmudic propaganda.] though, who aside from losing a $100 bet that the “God Particle” would never be discovered, knew immediately the full implications of what its discovery meant and warned that it could one day be responsible for the destruction of the known universe—but that Christian peoples have known for a long time because it’s exactly what God said would happen!

Ron: Discernment required. For instance, be aware that Stephen Hawking died and was replaced decades ago by the Matrix controllers. See eg: Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced -

I agree with Miles Mathis when he says: Physics has become a giant cash cow, milked straight from the various national treasuries by the usual suspects. Hundreds of billions of dollars are siphoned from the people of Europe, China, Russia, and the Americas via these fake programs. And Hawking was an important PR personality in the early 1980's, one they didn't want to lose. He was a top salesman of their various boondoggles, and he became an even better salesman once he was replaced by an impostor. Once he was replaced, his puppeteers had complete control over the product they were creating, with no fear that the real Hawking might develop scruples.

Health and Nutrition
Sep 1, 2018 - Butch Broads and Soy Boys: What Happened to Millennials?

This 15' 51" video was published by Blonde in the Belly of the Beaston May 14, 2018:

True US History
Aug 30, 2018 - Schools and Universities are Liberals’ Trojan Horse for New World Order Indoctrination

Atlanta school Principal Lara Zelski clearly did not have her local community in mind when she informed parents and faculty that the morning recital of the pledge of allegiance would be eliminated, substituted with a pledge to "school family, community, country and our global society."...

For those who believe that such protests - aimed at the very symbol of the country, the American flag - are some sort of grassroots' movement, think again. After all, what would really motivate an elementary teacher from Atlanta to promote such a vague concept like "global society" as opposed to local and national initiative? Most likely the very same venomous ideology that has underwritten the NFL ‘take a knee' protest, for example, and the Black Lives Matters campaign. Yes, you guessed it. Although it may sound overly simplistic to point the finger of blame at the billionaire ‘philanthropist' George Soros every time some divisive issue further fragments the American commons, his name and organization has a strange tendency for being connected to every uprising.  Robert Bridge

Aug 30, 2018 - Socialists Urge Infiltration of Government Schools

Alex Newman: Of course, the socialist takeover of government "education" in America is hardly a new phenomenon. In fact, the universally recognized father of today's so-called "public school" system, John Dewey, was himself a socialist who sought to fundamentally transform America by hijacking the minds of children via "education." Dewey was also a humanist who worked fiendishly to corrupt young children and turn them away from God.

Socialists realize their evil disguised as an "ideology" cannot compete in a free-market of ideas. And they understand that rational adults who understand economics, historic, logic, the Bible, liberty are not susceptible to their poison. And so, they are targeting America's most vulnerable - children captive in government classrooms - to push their deadly agenda... Unless America wants to see millions more brain-dead and deluded zombies marching in the streets demanding their own enslavement, the nation must confront the total takeover of the "education" system by totalitarians. If the cesspool is left unaddressed and socialism marches onward in America, slavery and death will be the inevitable result - just as in every other nation where socialism has been imposed.

Aug 26, 2018 - Gay Masturbation, Oral Sex Part of ‘pornographic’ Sex-ed Exam for Ontario Teens

Aug 22, 2018 - American Library Association Doubles Down on Drag Queens Reading to Kids

Aug 21, 2018 - New Study: Robots Can BRAINWASH Children Into ‘Mindless Conformity’

Of course, it was pointed out that teachers can do this as well, as children are taught to respect authority first over coming to the correct factual answer. Children in public schools are already taught that if they conform and do what's asked of them regardless of the morality behind the task, they will succeed.    Mac Slavo

True US History
Aug 18, 2018 - Colleges Offer Courses On "Queering" Children & The Bible

Ron: In my view heterosexual practices are based on the divinely ordained biological sexual division between males and females observable throughout nature and which conform to the divine plan for the healthy reproductive continuance of life on this planet and throughout Creation. Any human society that rejects that essential characteristic and actively encourages, propagandises or educates its children and young adults to think that individual sexual identity is fluid and a personal choice rather determned by biological factors so that they embrace destructive physical, psychological, moral or societal attitudes and practices in relation to gender, sodomy and same sex coupling, exhibits a death wish.

Teaching children and young adults that physically, psychologically, spiritually and socially harmful attitudes such as transexuality, and practices such as sodomy and homosexual parenting, are common or acceptable life choices is damaging for individuls and SUICIDAL for society. It is absurd to suggest that society can bestow on individuals the ability to choose their gender or give homosexual couples the marriage and parenting rights that biologically pertain only in relation to heterosexual couples. Sodomy cannot produce offspring nor can lesbian activities. Teaching that society can or should bless transgenderism and homosexuality or pretend that individuals can choose his/her sex; and that homosexual couples can produce offspring and be parents, is false and dysfunctional for individuals and society.

Society cannot alter any human's God-given biological identity.

The advocates of transexuality and homosexuality are creating a DEATH WISH in the US and Western societies. Because of 'LGBTism' in the US  people of European stock are not reproducing themselves and if that situation continues the US will require immigration and refugee flows to enable it to continue to exist.

This outcome is desired by the Talmudists who advocate for and fund LGBT attitudes and activities because the Talmud and Torah require them to seek to demoralise, enslave and destroy all gentile nations. Advocating and assisting transgenderism and other LGBT outcomes is a Marxist attempt to destroy family life and demoralise US society resulting in its disintegration and destruction.

True US History
Aug 14, 2018 - Disney to Feature First-ever Openly Gay Character in Upcoming ‘family’ Film

True US History
Aug 9, 2018 - Colleges: A Force For Evil

One might be tempted to argue that the growing contempt for liberty and the lack of civility stem from the election of Donald Trump. That's entirely wrong. The lack of civility and indoctrination of our young people have been going on for decades. Walter Williams

Aug 9, 2018 - Drag Queens Teach Children ‘There’s No Such Thing as Boy and Girl Things’

"Drag Queen Story Hour is a fun and important program that celebrates diversity in the way that children may dress and act," Zuckerman said. "It encourages children to look beyond gender stereotypes and embrace unfettered exploration of self." "Think about how absurd this is," Fitzgerald says in the video, adding:

The taxpayer is funding adult-themed performers to come and read to our smallish children in order to indoctrinate them into a political ideology about gender while, at the same time, school districts across the country are removing any and all references to biological sex from science textbooks.

Political Information
Aug 6, 2018 - Scotland: Schools to Tell Five-Year-Olds They Can ‘Choose’ Their Gender

Virginia Hale: Children in Scotland are set to be told that "your gender is what you decide" from their first year at primary school under draft education guidelines...

According to the Christian Institute, which wrote to the government to express "significant concerns", the advice instructs teachers to report to local authorities the names of parents who "struggle" with a child's professed gender identity, and asserted that "children should be supported to explore and express their identity regardless of their age".

Jul 31, 2018 - ‘No more boys and girls’: BBC Champions ‘gender free’ Child Raising in New Documentary

Jul 31, 2018 - Professor Calls Universities the ‘gravest internal threat’ to U.S.

Lianne Laurence: "The gravest internal threat to this country is not illegal aliens; it is leftist professors who are waging a war against America and teaching our young people to hate this country....That means universities as currently constituted have got to go," argued Hill, who has written on civil disobedience and identity politics, social and political philosophy, cosmopolitanism and race theory.

"We need to defund them, disband and rebuild them with conservative principles...Withdraw your support and leave them to fund themselves. Let them put their wares on the free market, where they will be left homeless. The world you desired no longer exists in our universities. It lies elsewhere, in a philosophic system waiting to be discovered or created." - Lianne Laurence

Jul 31, 2018 - Is There A Cure For The Modern University

Academia is by this time too radically compromised and too extensively diseased to be revived.  Clearly, this is not a happy scenario.  Some few exceptions to the general rout will survive - a Hillsdale College, for example, and perhaps a university here and there will manage to halt or at least delay its subsidence into irrelevance and desuetude.  But the university system as we know it has signed its death warrant.  The sooner it disappears, the sooner we can begin rebuilding from the foundations - assuming the culture has not stagnated beyond salvage.  Sometimes collapse is the only remedy.    David Solway

Jul 28, 2018 - College Course Disputes Idea That Hetersosexual Sex Is "Natural"

Other upcoming classes offered by the New School Media and Culture department include "Foucault and His Legacy," "Feminist, Queer Theory and The Arts," and "How to Overthrow the U.S Government, Legally."

Jul 25, 2018 - Universities Are Fueling The Growth Of Democratic Socialism

Jul 19, 2018 - Drag Queens at Public Libraries: the New Strategy to Indoctrinate Kids and Sideline Christians

LGBT activists are determined to teach their ideology to children, and have focused their efforts on infiltrating the public school system, influencing the sex education curriculum, and ensuring that the concepts such as gender fluidity are taught from the earliest possible age. Now, it seems, they have successfully managed to insert themselves into the children's programming of public libraries right across Canada and the United States-with the enthusiastic approval of the library staff. Drag queens and children's stories about transgenderism are in-and so, again, at yet another venue-Christian parents must be out.      Jonathan Van Maren

Jul 19, 2018 - Judge Backs LGBT Activists Over Children And Forbids Parents To Know The Truth

Mommy Underground: One little boy became "terrified" he would turn into a girl, after witnessing a "transgender" ceremony in his kindergarten class.

This child was traumatized, because without consenting parents, a kindergarten teacher decided to promote a "transgender" agenda to her students.

A teacher has no right to go against the wishes of a parent, or keep them in the dark as to what is actually taking place inside the classroom.

Parents are in charge of their children, not leftist school officials.

For a judge to think it's acceptable to keep parents in the dark, as school officials cozy up to LGBT activists and create a perverse agenda, is simply unacceptable.

Even with parents pleading of psychological distress and suicide attempts, LGBT activists don't care.

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The Dark Story Behind Global Warming aka Climate Change
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