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Oct 18, 2017 - SCARY! Obamanation Legacy Shows Up At Left Coast Library

The drag queen, Xochi Mochi, posted the same photo to his Instagram account, boasting that his experience of reading to children while dressed as a demon was one of "the best experiences I've been given as a drag queen."

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - The 3 Moments That Made Milo Yiannopoulos Famous

The 3 Moments That Made Milo Yiannopoulos Famous

This 10' 24" video was published by MagiCal HDon Oct 8, 2017:

Political Information
Oct 13, 2017 - How the Radical Left Has Taken Over Higher Education: 7 Professors Who Promote Violence

Why are these people in leadership positions in our education system, influencing young people with their hatred? There is a Radical Left in America, and it is represented in our colleges and universities. How long will it be before Conservative or Libertarian kids can't even safely attend a university?

It's incredibly naive to think this won't boil over.

Political Information
Oct 11, 2017 - Information Mind Control: Directed Confusion

I examined each so-called "high-risk" group. These were groups the medical experts said were prone to "catching HIV" and developing AIDS. I found that ALL the immune suppression (the hallmark of AIDS) in these groups could be explained by causes that had nothing to do with HIV. Depending on which group, there was: hunger, starvation, contaminated water supplies, toxic medical drugs, vast overuse of antibiotics, vast overuse of debilitating street drugs, repeated instances of debilitating standard sexually transmitted diseases (not AIDS), an experimental vaccine...

On top of that, when I went back to the original research on HIV, I discovered the prime researchers had failed to find and identify HIV in a sufficient percentage of diagnosed AIDS patients to claim the virus was the cause. I discovered there was no reason to assume HIV was the cause of AIDS based on specific actions of the virus in the body. In other words, researchers couldn't show the virus was doing anything. They just assumed it was wreaking havoc, and they kept changing their guesses about what it could be doing.
The effect (people dying) was real, but the purported cause (HIV) was unproven, and therefore, fake.

In the field of psychiatry (an obvious pseudoscience), the same thing happens. The effect is real: people have problems, they're suffering, they're in pain and confusion. The cause? Specific mental disorders. Well, these disorders must be real because the effect is real, right? Wrong.

There are many explanations for what people are experiencing and suffering. On the other hand, there are NO defining laboratory tests for diagnosing ANY so-called disorder in the official bible of the psychiatric profession. No blood tests, no saliva tests, no brain scans, no genetic assays. Nothing.

The effect is real, but the cause is unproven and therefore fake.

People make this cause-and-effect mistake in various fields all the time. Propagandists use this mistake to their own advantage in promoting false causes of events to forward agendas.

In schools, a proper study of cause and effect would make students independently brighter. But of course, that is not the normal goal of education. The goal is creating obedience. And eliciting specific responses to specific stimuli. The bell rings, the dog salivates. - Jon Rappoport

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 11, 2017 - Mainstream Normalizes Pedophilia with ‘Victoria Secret’-Style Lingerie Show Featuring 5yo Girls

Revealing exactly how the normalization propaganda operates, the New York Times published an op-ed proclaiming that pedophilia is "not a crime" - instead sympathetically characterizing pedophilia as a "disorder" that "these people [pedophiles] are living with." The sell is that people who rape, or who fantasize about exploiting or raping children are portrayed as victims living with a condition that they have little choice over. The article goes on to insert tidbits about "recent studies," which is an appeal to authority meant to imply that the author's normalization agenda is backed by science.Thus, claims such as: "Men with pedophilia are three times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous, a finding that strongly suggests a neurological cause," leaving readers to discern the credibility of the author's opinion based on an unprofessional interpretation of the actual study.Essentially, the idea being forwarded is that people who want to have sexual relations with children are suffering from a "disorder," and thus are not subject to a moral evaluation, but instead are in need of compassion. The idea that pedophilia is a "condition," rather than an internal mental process involving desires and attitudes, leaves the pedophile blameless

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 10, 2017 - Smart Phone Dystopia: “Our Minds Can Be Hijacked”

These refuseniks are rarely founders or chief executives, who have little incentive to deviate from the mantra that their companies are making the world a better place. Instead, they tend to have worked a rung or two down the corporate ladder: designers, engineers and product managers who, like Rosenstein, several years ago put in place the building blocks of a digital world from which they are now trying to disentangle themselves. "It is very common," Rosenstein says, "for humans to develop things with the best of intentions and for them to have unintended, negative consequences."

Political Information
Oct 3, 2017 - Mind Rape

Legalizing pedophilia is the ultimate aim of the Homosexual Lobby, an aim which would have won Kinsey's enthusiastic support. The Father of the Sexual Revolution was not only a bisexual pedophile, with a preference for little boys, he was also a sado-masochistic criminal who was actively involved in the sex torture of little children. (For more details, see here)

Political Information
Sep 30, 2017 - Hugh Hefner & the (Homo) Sexual Revolution

At the End of Time, when they open the envelope labeled "What is the essence of manhood?" I suspect it will say: "Looking after women and children. Men act as God's agent by creating and supporting new life. The family is the red blood cell of society."...

With messianic fervor, Playboy took its message of sexual freedom to the American male who, in the 1950's and 1960's, still consecrated sex for marriage.But the freedom was illusory. Playboy's aim, the aim of all pornographers, was to hook men on the glossy fantasy. To do this, they had to prevent them from finding true satisfaction in marriage.In Reisman's words, "Playboy was the first national magazine to exploit college men's fears of women and family commitment. Playboy offered itself as a reliable, comforting substitute for monogamous heterosexual love." (Soft Porn Plays Hardball, p 47). The similarity between the PLAYBOY and homosexual ideal is no coincidence."The Kinsey Report" (1948) shaped current mainstream attitudes to sex. It championed unfettered sexual expression and became the manifesto of the counterculture and sexual revolution...Thanks to psychologist Dr. Judith Reisman, we now know that the "Kinsey Report" was a fraud. Alfred Kinsey,left, a Rockefeller-funded University of Indiana zoologist, pretended to be a Conservative family man. In fact, he was a child molester and homosexual pervert who seduced his male students and forced his wife and associates to participate in pornographic home movies...Kinsey and his team of pedophiles abused 2,000 infants and children to prove that they have sexual desires.Reisman concludes: "America's growing libidinous pathologies...taught in schools...and reflected in our fine and popular arts, the press, law and public policy largely mirror the documented sexual psychopathologies of the Kinsey team itself." (Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences)...Playboy's aim, the aim of all pornographers, was to hook men on the glossy fantasy. To do this, they had to prevent them from finding true satisfaction in marriage.In Reisman's words, "Playboy was the first national magazine to exploit college men's fears of women and family commitment. Playboy offered itself as a reliable, comforting substitute for monogamous heterosexual love." (Soft Porn Plays Hardball, p 47)Thus "sworn enemies," Playboy and feminists, found common ground in their hatred of healthy heterosexuality expressed in the nuclear family.As a result of the (homo)sexual revolution, society now suffers from epidemics of family breakdown, pornography, impotence, child sexual abuse, sado sexual violence, teen pregnancy, a cocktail of STD's and, of course, AIDS. The birthrate has plummeted by 60% since 1960 and is now below replacement level...Together with feminists (who believe heterosexuality is inherently oppressive), gays began to dismantle all heterosexual institutions: masculinity, femininity, marriage, the family, the boy scouts, sports, the military, and the education system.Using their control of the media, the Rockefellers (i.e. Illuminati bankers) largely dictate our cultural sensibility. They are responsible for the obsession with pornography and the occult that pervades television, music videos and the Internet.This state of arrested human development is characteristic of homosexuals who cannot form long-term relationships with the opposite sex. With straight women acting like men and vice-versa, with TV and schools promoting it, we are being turned into homosexuals...Heterosexual morality places sex in the context of love and/or marriage because it "humanizes" the sexual appetite. It ensures that the most profound and intimate physical act between two people expresses a commensurate emotional-spiritual bond. This is the only way sex can be truly satisfying for both men and women. It is also healthy for society because it provides for the natural and necessary outcome of sexual love, children. - Henry Makow

Human/Animal Rights
Sep 30, 2017 - Hugh Hefner Led Many Souls Down the Road to Destruction

Hefner sold the bodies of women for a living, and now female bodies have become a commodity, with sexual exploitation at an all-time high. In spite of the "liberation" he championed and defended, children and adults are less happy and more depressed than they were 50 years ago. It seems that many people have realized the hard way that when you live the Playboy Philosophy, somebody has to get hurt. Hefner could live the lifestyle, but he had to get rid of his first wife and leave his children to do so. He liberated himself from his own responsibilities, and persuaded millions of other men to do the same. All revolutions have collateral damage, and in all revolutions some civilians get hurt. But the catastrophe of Hefner's Sexual Revolution will be felt for generations: Fifty million pre-born children aborted, marriages smashed or abandoned, millions of children growing up in broken homes, rates of porn addiction that have crippled a generation of men, and a hypersexualized society that uses the bodies of girls and women to sell nearly every product on the market. The destruction and the carnage are nearly unfathomable.

Political Information
Sep 30, 2017 - New Swedish Children’s Book: ‘Grandpa Has Four Wives’

Despite many countries in Europe handing out fines and prison sentences for polygamy, Sweden recognizes polygamous marriages performed abroad and allows up to four wives to be registered as spouses.

Around 30 per cent of people living in Sweden have a foreign background, with native Swedes set to become an ethnic minority in their own countrywithin 25 years.

Political Information
Sep 30, 2017 - NYT Makes Another Attempt to Normalise Pedophilia

What we are witnessing here is what amounts to the acceptance and normalization of child abuse by the New York Times, in order to cover for some much larger issue at play. God only knows what those are... (well, and the independent media)

True US History
Sep 30, 2017 - Plunging Enrollment at Mizzou | New York Times

Political Information
Sep 27, 2017 - CONTROL 101 Creating Consensus Reality

Professor of Education Dr. Michael H. Romanowski, explains:

"The authority of textbooks coupled with the ‘objectivity' of the technical knowledge that they communicate encourages students to accept unquestionably the impressions and worldview created by the language of textbooks."

"Although textbooks claim rhetorically not to promote a particular understanding of history and to be objective, they advance a value-laden perspective of reality. Because the selection and structure of knowledge affect our perception of the world, the language and context used to articulate knowledge are crucial. Textbook authors select particular language that creates impressions in the minds of students. These impressions have power and authority because they are presented in the printed and bound textbook with its aura of an authority that is beyond question and criticism. Although textbooks are used in many different ways, they are still dominant and powerful educational tools that shape students' views."...

Writer Robert Epstein provides some insight into how something as simple as searching for information has been commoditised and modelled by the digital overlords at Google. He explains:

"The Google search engine is so good and so popular that the company's name is now a commonly used verb in languages around the world. To ‘Google' something is to look it up on the Google search engine, and that, in fact, is how most computer users worldwide get most of their information about just about everything these days. They Google it. Google has become the main gateway to virtually all knowledge, mainly because the search engine is so good at giving us exactly the information we are looking for, almost instantly and almost always in the first position of the list it shows us after we launch our search - the list of ‘search results'."3

Another disturbing trend is the state's increasing role in administrating intellectual tyranny in the 21stcentury. This idea goes much deeper than just state snooping on its own citizens when you consider the consequences of people becoming afraid or overly self-conscious about which web pages to visit or which search terms they input into Google.

What happens when our private lives become public property? In the world's premier police state, the UK, Home Secretary Theresa May recently announced a new bill, known as the "Snooper's Charter," which gives Orwellian powers to the state and its security services for tracking UK citizens' Internet use and web browsing history dating back two years - without the need for any judicial check. Similar invasive measures have already been passed in Australia. - Patrick Henningsen

Political Information
Sep 27, 2017 - The Sexual Revolution Corrupts Our Public Schools

The "new morality" is manifesting in many ways in our public high schools.  Judeo-Christian values [Ron: There are NO "Judeo-Christian values"! the pretence that there are is created by neo-Pharisees ie Jews, and is part of the problem! Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) did not establish the Christian religion, that was done by Pharisees and Roman Emperors. Jesus incarnated to teach lost truths about life the universe and everything which the Pharises and others had totally corrupted. Judaism is spelt out in the Torah and the Talmud which lay out a violent, racist, genocidal political ideology that is antithetical to Jesus' message of 'Love your neighbour (ie everyone and everything) AS yourself for the love of God (the Creator of ALL.). Genuine followers of Christ's teachings have nothing in common with Judaism the adherents to which are the root cause of the amorality and societal destruction of Christian morals and culture.] and traditional norms promoting integration of love, sex, marriage, modesty, and self-restraint are disappearing with the happy support of school administrations.  Schools may not lead students in prayer, but are allowed to lead students into paths of sexual  expression [Ron: and deviance.].

Political Information
Sep 27, 2017 - Netflix Show Sexualises Chldren While Pedophilia Runs Rampant

Human/Animal Rights
Sep 24, 2017 - More than 40 Families Pull Children from School that Forced Transgender Lesson on 5-year-olds

The schools reportedly have a waiting list of 1,300, but a friend whose child was 110 on the list for a specific grade at the beginning of this year refused a spot the other day, she said. "So that means they called 110 people before they called her, and they all turned the spot down," the parent said.

Political Information
Sep 21, 2017 - Now 150 Schools Introduce Gender Neutral Uniforms

Educate & Celebrate, a charity which champions LGBT issues in schools, yesterday said 150 schools have gender neutral uniforms as part of its best practice programme, which also includes using gender neutral language.

Sep 7, 2017 - Freedom From Mind-controlled Education

True education always contains factors of rebellion against authority-but this isn't a mindless attack, it's done with logic and evidence and honed thought. It can be done with a decent attitude and respect, so long as the teacher is willing to open the door to deeper and deeper analysis. Then the classroom would be an exciting place. Then students would come in with bright eyes and minds. Then all bets would be off. Then teachers would learn new things. Then the atmosphere would crackle with possibility. Then both students and teachers would look forward to discovering what they don't know. Then the real party would begin.

Health and Nutrition
Sep 2, 2017 - Brain Regeneration: Why It’s Real and How To Do It

Aug 27, 2017 - Addiction To Smartphones Has Become The Heroin Of Technocracy

The addictive nature of smartphones is being used against consumers as a conduit to deliver brainwashing, propaganda and dogma to completely change public perception of reality. This is in preparation for full-blown Technocracy, which would never, ever be acceptable to people without such brain conditioning. Welcome to the ‘zombie world' of technology. This article deals with the addictive nature of smartphones. ⁃ TN Editor

Political Information
Aug 23, 2017 - Guard Your Mind Like the Precious Resource It Is

For the purposes of this piece, the key thing I want to hammer home is that people are much more easily manipulated when they don't realize they're being manipulated. Moreover, the easiest way to manipulate someone is to ensure they get in, and stay in, a state of either fear or angry, preferably both. Whether intentional or not, the media seems to be professionals at creating such an environment, which  is why it's so important to tune from 90% of the nonsense they publish. It's quite literally brain cancer. It's not just the corporate media though. I'm seeing it across the political spectrum, whether from "new right" pundits, or anti-free speech leftists advocating violence. Becoming your enemy to fight your enemy has become a new rallying cry for the unconscious across the political spectrum. "But they're doing it, so now we're gonna do it." Is this political discourse, or toddlers throwing sand at each other in the playground?

Aug 20, 2017 - Turning Our Children into Violent, Militarized Monsters

Propaganda and other more subtle forms of media communication have always been used to build support for war, militaristic policing and government surveillance on the grounds of ‘national security.' The images and messages contained in film, TV, popular music and video games form an important part of this process, especially because there are now only five big media conglomerates that control over 90 per cent of everything that is seen and heard across America.

Aug 20, 2017 - Empowered Individuals: Genocide and Poverty Hasn’t Beat Cambodians

"Someone who's not educated is basically limited. It's almost as if they're walking through life with a blindfold on. They're easily led astray, used and manipulated for other people's agenda, usually people with a better education and greater access to resources."

The curriculum implements this holistic perspective shift by asking students very subjective questions about their personal mentalities. This model demands a reader's interactivity. There is no memorizing vocabulary by rote repetition. The students here must be active in analyzing their own personal lives using English. In this way, their English lessons don't just cover the basics of the language, but the framework for their own personal success.

Political Information
Aug 13, 2017 - Social Engineering Via Media 101 – How To Normalize The Absurd

The point is, when you see a story being played over and again on various news outlets, you have good reason to believe that the information isn't coming to you organically. It's not something you really need to know or something that is genuinely relevant to day-to-day life in your community. It's the execution of an agenda. The information is being deliberately disseminated to manufacture awareness and recalibrate the standard for normal. It's something the corporate media wants you to focus on. Like in the shell game.

When you understand this fundamental of corporate media, the landscape of information today looks totally different. You're able to see narratives unfold and evolve, and able to recognize when your attention is deliberately being drawn towards an issue. Or away from an issue. - Sigmund Fraud

Aug 8, 2017 - Prof lets Students Choose Own Grades for 'stress reduction'

As such, if students feel "unduly stressed by a grade for any assessable material or the overall course," they can "email the instructor indicating what grade [they] think is appropriate, and it will be so changed" with "no explanation" being required.

Political Information
Aug 4, 2017 - The Truth War Is Being Lost to a Global Censorship Apparatus Called Google

The World Socialist Web Site has obtained statistical data from SEMrush estimating the decline of traffic generated by Google searches for 13 sites with substantial readerships. The results are as follows:

* fell by 67 percent
* fell by 63 percent
* fell by 62 percent
* fell by 47 percent
* fell by 47 percent
* fell by 42 percent
* fell by 37 percent
* fell by 36 percent
* fell by 36 percent
* fell by 30 percent
* fell by 25 percent
* fell by 21 percent
* fell by 19 percent

From my own research, these losses of readership in the last six months, from highs to lows amounted to a colossal 30.4 million unique visitors a month. I can't vouch for other websites but at TruePublica the average visitor reads 1.84 pages per visit. At this calculation over 55 million pages of content a month are being withheld from just the 13 websites listed above. It is not possible to come to any other conclusion that Google has blatantly been involved in an act of global censorship.

In further extracts from the wsws article:

"In late May, changes to Google's algorithm negatively impacted the volume of traffic to the Common Dreams website from organic Google searches," said Aaron Kaufman, director of development at progressive news outlet Common Dreams. "Since May, traffic from Google Search as a percentage of total traffic to the Common Dreams website has decreased nearly 50 percent."

... Google is a private company, they are not breaking the law. It might be immoral, unprincipled and shameless, but lawmakers across the western world have done nothing to diminish this transnational anti free speech power. But then, why would they?

The WSWS article closes by saying "The fight against corporate-state censorship of the Internet is central to the defense of democratic rights, and there must be a broad-based collaboration among socialist, left and progressive websites to alert the public and the widest sections of the working class." Whilst this sentiment is surely true, it is not enough and it never will be and it's not about the working class - it's about all of us, irrespective.

What is required now is a collaboration project to actually work together - to create a penetrating and deafening noise to alert the unaware, give a bigger motivation and resources to combat the rising scale of censorship and defend the civil liberties of everyone. If we don't, before long, it will indeed be too late. And then what? - Graham Vanbergen

Political Information
Aug 2, 2017 - The Myth of India’s Information Technology Industry

Today, Silicon Valley has quite a visible Indian population and many of its members are very talented and in top positions. This helped change the perception of India. There are a total of one million Indian engineers and scientists in the US.  To put this number into perspective, the population of India increases by more than a million souls every month.

These were the best and the brightest of India, and while their number is not even noise in the grand scheme of things, the exception to the rule began to be seen as the rule. A completely faulty assumption was taking root, namely that India is a land of high-tech people. Neither Indians nor politically correct Westerners challenged this notion.

Human/Animal Rights
Aug 1, 2017 - Planned Parenthood Issues Guidelines On How To Talk To Pre-Schoolers About Transgenderism, Masturbation

Remember, over half a billion tax-dollars are funneled to this leftist-indoctrinating abortion mill on an annual basis, where they've murdered over 7 million babies to date.

Jul 22, 2017 - How Schooling Crushes Creativity

Ron: As with virtually everything else in our global human society, our understanding of and attitudes towards "education", need to be completely overhauled and reinvented. It should also be emphasised that our problems with "education" on this world are not simply the result of what this author labels as 'an archaic, industrial model of forced schooling [that cannot] ... keep pace with a new, technologically-enabled, information-saturated economy'. This world's global education and knowledge preservation and dissemmination systems have been diabolically and comprehensively manipulated, distorted and corrupted by Talmudists for millenia. We will need to start from scratch as regards both the truth content and the methodology needed for the proper education of all humans on this planet once we return after the Star Fleet Evacuation needed to preserve us from the coming Earth changes.

Kerry McDonald: As former Google CEO Eric Schmidt stated, "every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003."

It is impossible to think that an archaic, industrial model of forced schooling can keep pace with a new, technologically-enabled, information-saturated economy that requires agility, inventiveness, collaboration, and continuous knowledge-sharing. A truly transformative 21st-century education model will cultivate, rather than crush, human creativity.

Jul 19, 2017 - Testimony of Eyewitnesses found to be Easily Altered by Peer Pressure … Conformity Outweighs Memory

It's frightening to think of the ramifications of this type of manipulation. Not only can wrongful convictions devastate families and leave criminals free to offend again, but purposeful memory manipulation can help authorities find a believable reason to put those they disagree with or who speak out against them behind bars.

Human/Animal Rights
Jul 18, 2017 - Disgusting Viral Video shows Parents Explaining to Horrified kids how to Masturbate

Jul 5, 2017 - Many College Students are ‘Book Virgins’

Today, however, many American students are being admitted to colleges without ever having read a book from start to finish. They are part of a cohort of students known as "book virgins."

Human/Animal Rights
Jul 2, 2017 - The BBC thinks Pedophilia is Just Another “Sexual Orientation”

It's important to note that the unnamed author of this article does admit that he was once a pedophile, and that by seeking help he was able to overcome it. But in condemning the general social response to pedophilia, this author actually contradicts the driving factor behind what drove him to seek help in the first place - the fact that society views pedophilia as being so aberrant to what's normal and decent that those who practice it require removal from society.

Jun 29, 2017 - Islam and Clericalism in the Greater Middle East

In pratice, all these discussions mask another, essential - if religion is what attempts to link mankind to God, it is obviously the source of all chicanery. Indeed, how can we pretend to know God if He is of a radically different and superior nature than our own? And, even supposing that He actually expressed Himself through the prophets, how can we pretend to understand what He told us? We should note that from this perspective, the question of the existence of God - that is to say a conscience superior to our own - has no meaning. This is, for example, the idea supported by the Christian saints Gregory of Nazianzus or Francis of Assisi.

Still from this perspective, people who attempt to approach God - that is, not to apply His Law, but to help the evolution of human nature to make it more conscious - have a tendency to share their experience and thus to found churches.In order to function, these churches have a tendency to form permanent staff, priests or imams. In Christianity, this function only appeared as from the 3rd century - several generations after the death of Jesus. In all religions, these clerics wind up enjoying an intermediary status between the lay community and God. But none of the founders of the great religions ever created a church or formed a clergy.

Political Information
Jun 28, 2017 - 10 Basic Forms of Fake News used by Major Media 2

And these mainstream sources are currently shouting and bloviating about independent media spreading fake news. I guess you could call that number 11: accusing their opponents of committing the crimes they are, in fact, committing.

Political Information
Jun 28, 2017 - Elite TV News Anchors are Gone: Hypnotic Effect Crumbling The Ship is Going Down

Information mind control, as delivered by elite television news, depends entirely on the elite anchor. His modulated voice and presence and delivery are the glue that holds the illusion together. If by some miracle, the news bosses could raise Walter Cronkite, "the father of our country," from the dead and put him back in the chair, they might have an outside chance of re-establishing their dominance. But too many years have gone by; years of unaccomplished anchors. Humpty-Dumpty is in pieces on the floor, the horse is out of the barn, the cat is out of the bag.

Jun 28, 2017 - Facebook Can Take Over from Churches

During a speech in Chicago, Zuckerberg added: 'As I've travelled around, one theme is clear: every great community has great leaders. A church doesn't just come together. It has a pastor who cares for the well-being of their congregation. Leaders set the culture, inspire us, give us a safety net, and look out for us.'

In comparison to Facebook's 2 billion users, there are 2.2 billion Christians around the world and 1.6 billion Muslims.

In the UK church membership has fallen from 10.6 million in 1930 to 5.4 million in 2013, a drop from 30 per cent of the population to 10 per cent.

Jun 27, 2017 - Prada Is Selling A $185 Paper Clip

On the odd chance that $185 is out of your budget, and if you can live without the Prada logo on your silver paper clip, Barneys sells a similar product for only $150.

Human/Animal Rights
Jun 26, 2017 - The Psychiatric Agenda Destroys Creative Children

Jun 21, 2017 - 7 Things They Never Told Me At School – But Could Have
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Seraphin Botschaft 316: MENSCHEN UND REGELN FOLGEN
Italian: Seraphin Messaggio 316: Seguire le Persone e Seguire le Regole
Italian: Seraphin Messaggio 314: A proposito Dei Vostri SE’ Reali.