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Jan 18, 2018 - UK Enforces the Celebration of Trans Identities in Primary Schools

Although advertised as ‘trans equality' it seems as though transgender activists are not being treated as equals, but as superiors. Not only are they upheld as examples to children throughout the UK, but neither parents nor teachers nor students are allowed to call them into question, and will be required to sign a document committing themselves to the trans agenda. With both freedom of speech and parental rights on the line, it begs the question: "Is this equality for all ?"

Jan 18, 2018 - What happens when I die, 2

Jan 16, 2018 - Why am I here

Jan 14, 2018 - Who is Christ Michael Aton

Jan 12, 2018 - Actors on the stage of life

Jan 10, 2018 - Man or Woman

Jan 8, 2018 - Cause & Effect

Jan 6, 2018 - Thoughts

Jan 5, 2018 - SOUL / MIND

Jan 4, 2018 - FREE WILL!

Human/Animal Rights
Jan 3, 2018 - (Anti) Social Media/Facebook Ripping Apart The Fabric of Society
" A physical closeness seems to beget a psychological connection"

Simply put, it's much more difficult to be an obnoxious, brazen, shameless idiot when someone is sitting or standing right in front of you. Facebook encourages very bad behaviour because it physically separates you from other humans.  Making it easier for the poorly socialized/anti social media user to "talk shit", "stir the pot" and generally be obnoxious- Definitely not a plus for society in general.

Jan 2, 2018 - The Death of Academic Rigor

Ron: Physician heal thyself! It is easy to complain about the parous condition of US education but to reverse the situation you need to accurately diagnose the cause of the problem. The dumbing down of USans was started by John D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie et al at the beginning of the 20th Century. See eg: Dumbing Down US Education: Part II – Wundtian Psychology & Rockefeller Finance. See: And: The Origin of Compulsory Schooling. See: And: Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America Part 1-Full. See:

To understand how and why Jewish oligarchs have controlled US education turning students and teachers alike into "useful idiots" read: The Shocking, Massive Jewish Racist Discrimination at Harvard (Repost)

And: THE PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion, Pdf.- And: Douglas Reed's discussion of the relevance of the PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion. -

Dec 30, 2017 - Year 2018: Are We Reaching Our Potential ?

Reaching our potential can serve as a way to achieve dreams but not down the conventional path of lying, cheating, and stealing our way to them. These dreams instead will be based on community. They must be to actually reach our potential as a species otherwise the only potential we will see down the road is the potential extinction of our species, in a frightful way none of us can begin to fathom; sooner rather than later.

Dec 27, 2017 - Russia to Introduce "family values" Classes into Schools

Dec 27, 2017 - Stepping Stones to Change

Naser speaks with Mursal during a Friday afternoon Bridge class, a class to encourage soon-to-be Street Kid School graduates to volunteer at the Borderfree Centre (Photo: Carolyn Coe)

Dec 26, 2017 - The Demoralized Mind

John F Schumaker: Human culture has mutated into a sociopathic marketing machine dominated by economic priorities and psychological manipulation. Never before has a cultural system inculcated its followers to suppress so much of their humanity. Leading this hostile takeover of the collective psyche are increasingly sophisticated propaganda and misinformation industries that traffic the illusion of consumer happiness by wildly amplifying our expectations of the material world. Today's consumers are by far the most propagandized people in history. The relentless and repetitive effect is highly hypnotic, diminishing critical faculties, reducing one's sense of self, and transforming commercial unreality into a surrogate for meaning and purpose...

The real task is somehow to treat a sick culture rather than its sick individuals. Erich Fromm sums up this challenge: ‘We can't make people sane by making them adjust to this society. We need a society that is adjusted to the needs of people.' Fromm's solution included a Supreme Cultural Council that would serve as a cultural overseer and advise governments on corrective and preventive action. But that sort of solution is still a long way off, as is a science of culture change. Democracy in its present guise is a guardian of cultural insanity.

Ron: Fromm was a Jew and part of the Frankfurt School. His diagnosis of the problem was accurate as far as it goes BUT his solution wasn't. What our world really needs is the eradication of ALL Talmudic Judaic influences and the restoration of an understanding of Jesus the Christ's advice to: "Love neigbbour (everyone and everything) AS self (we need to learn to love ourselves) FOR the love of God (universal consciousness which encompasses ALL THAT IS)."

Accordingly we DO NOT NEED 'a Supreme Cultural Council that would serve as a cultural overseer and advise governments on corrective and preventive action'. Rather we need a supreme, God centred, global Spiritual Council that will eliminate Talmudic materialist ideas and the doctrine that governments are needed to oversee and enforce "corrective and preventive action". Our world is drowning in unlawful government laws, regulation, directives and licensing requirements NOW!  Human beings are sovereign fragments of the Creator and they need to be freed from Talmudic coercion, manipulation and the mind control methodologies currently applied to most individuals from cradle to grave by massive bureaucratic, 'police state' style governments that totally stifle human spirit, morality and creativity. Human beings are NOT automatons and the reason for existential angst etc is due to the constantly increasing pressure by Jew controlled governments and corporations aimed at reducing humans to robot status. The Jew created psychiatric profession has had a major role in this scenario by channelling humans into the dead end of drug dependence  and thoughtless adherence to "authority". That pernicious influence must be eradicated.

The reason that President Trump must, and will, be successful in draining the US and global Talmudic swamp is that such action is essential to freeing the human spirit to evolve into a state of higher consciousness wherein humans will be beyond manipulation and coercion by authoritarian governments, religions, merchandisers and propagandists of all stripes. So be it!

Dec 20, 2017 - CNN Promotes Christmas book, where Santa Claus is a Married, Gay Black Man

The book's description on Amazon reads...

"In this witty and sweet illustrated Christmas tale, humor writer Daniel Kibblesmith introduces us to Mr. and Mr. Claus, and gives us a glimpse of their lives together. We see the Clauses sitting by the fire at their cozy North Pole home, vacationing at the beach, having an occasional disagreement, celebrating their wedding day, and comforting each other when some loudmouth people on television angrily dispute Santa's appearance and lifestyle." - Alex Christoforou

Dec 20, 2017 - The Shrinking Attention Span

From my own perspective - I've witnessed the "ability" to listen to other people speak almost vanish. The necessity to "interrupt" someone speaking has reached an all-time high. Rather than "listening" to a human beings viewpoint on a particular subject, most conversational participants now INSTANTLY interrupt another person the moment they hear something that isn't congruent with their own thoughts. - Hoboken411

Political Information
Dec 19, 2017 - Government Confirms Compulsory Sex Ed for Young Children Will Include Transgender Issues

Schools are already required to promote homosexuality, "gender fluidity", and transgender issues under the banner of "British values" thanks to reforms brought in by neoliberal former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, who said neglecting to push LGBT issues denies children the "opportunity to flourish in a modern multicultural Britain".

Political Information
Dec 19, 2017 - According to the Father of Propaganda an Invisible Government Controls Our Minds with a Thought Prison

"Who are the men who without our realizing it, give us our ideas, tell us whom to admire and whom to despise, what to believe about the ownership of public utilities, about the tariff, about the price of rubber, about the Dawes Plan, about immigration; who tell us how our houses should be designed, what furniture we should put in them, what menus we should serve on our table, what kind of shirts we must wear, what sports we should indulge in, what plays we should see, what charities we should support, what pictures we should admire, what slang we should affect, what jokes we should laugh at?" ~ Edward Bernays, Propaganda

In order to understand your life and your mission here on earth in the short time you have, it is imperative to learn to see the thought prison that has been built around you, and to actively circumnavigate it. Free-thinking is being stamped out by the propagandists, but our human tendency is to crave freedom, and with the aid of truth, we are more powerful than the control matrix and the invisible government. - Sigmund Fraud

Political Information
Dec 17, 2017 - Traditional Depictions of Mothers to be Banned in Adverts From Next Year Amid Ongoing War On ‘Gender Stereotypes’

Campaigners last week demanded toy retailers reboot their catalogues to depict a world in which boys are as likely to play with dolls as girls, after a study on Christmas toy catalogues found girls were nearly seven times more likely to be shown engaging in activities linked to caring or nurturing than young boys.

Hoping to socially engineer a future in which men and women are indistinguishable, the Let Toys Be Toys campaign claims that presenting play in a way that suggests some activities are linked more to boys or girls inflicts "long-lasting" harm on children.

Political Information
Dec 16, 2017 - Primary Schools Told to ‘Celebrate’ Transgender People, Block Complaints Which ‘Interfere’ With LGBT Agenda

‘The role of school leaders" in advancing the trans agenda in schools, the NAHT tells its members, involves "forbidding complaints (or fear of complaints) from parents, governors or staff members to interfere with their commitment to an inclusive school environment."

The document also tells headteachers to make sure dress codes are "modified to avoid gender stereotypes", warning that "gendered" uniform lists with specific items for men and women "may not be appropriate for gender fluid or non-binary individuals".

The guidance was endorsed by the Conservative government, a spokesman of which toldthe Telegraph: "We welcome any initiative which supports LGBT staff in schools, helping to create a more inclusive environment and enable them to fulfil their potential."

Political Information
Dec 12, 2017 - Criticism after Danish School Cancels Christmas to Avoid ‘preaching’ to Non-Christian Children

The cancellation has also been condemned by the local church pastor, who was due to perform the service and complained that Christmas was being "drained of its deeper meaning" and the mayor of the Zeeland town, who called it a "misguided decision."

Politicians from across the ruling center-right coalition have joined in the chorus of criticism.

"Danish primary schools have a duty to spread education - and teaching the cultural values and knowledge connected to Christmas is an essential part of that," Health Minister Ellen Trane Norby wrote on her Facebook page. "What benefits from this decision? Not the culture or level of integration within the country."

Dec 9, 2017 - What Happened to Men and Women? - Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson

Ron: This is an interesting discussion about the effects of Feminism, Political Correctness and dumbed down education etc on males and females in the Snow Flake generation. Food for thought.

Political Information
Dec 7, 2017 - Universities Strive for 'Christmas'-free Campuses

Ron: Clearly the social control mechanisms currently labelled "religions" in the US and all over our world are no longer relevant and need to be replaced with  divinely oriented, god-centred  spiritual thinking. Happy Holidays just doesn't "cut it"! Among other things, Abundant Hope's mission is to change the face of religion on this planet by replacing false religious teachings with truth that reflects divine Cosmic reality.

Anthony Gockowski: Not to be outdone, the University of Alabama's student newspaper ran an editorial attacking President Trump for returning a nativity scene to the White House grounds, calling the move "disrespectful."

"Bringing back the nativity scene is a slap in the face to the remaining religions thriving within America," the editorial declared. "Placing the nativity scene on the grounds of the most important house in the United States is sending the message that their president forgets those who do not practice Christianity."...Eastern Connecticut's Public Liberal Arts University is offering students the chance to participate in "an inclusive holiday decorating party," while numerous other institutions have omitted the word "Christmas" from their annual "tree lighting" ceremonies...Among them is Mercyhurst University, a Catholic college in Pennsylvania, which refers to its celebrationas the "annual holiday tree lighting."

Political Information
Dec 6, 2017 - The Dumbing Down of America – By Design 2

Ron: John D. Rockefeller and other Jewish oligarchs commenced the dumbing down of US education at the beginning of the 20th century. See eg: Dumbing Down US Education: Part II – Wundtian Psychology & Rockefeller Finance. See:

Joachim Hagopian: But this planned system of a New World Order (NOW) featuring a planned global economy and a planned global education system has been promoted for well over a century. The Carnegie Foundation outlined its explicit roadmap for absolute oligarch control way back in the 1930's. Department of Education whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt exposes the conspired downfall of America's educational system in her well documented chronicle The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.

It turns out that America's "father of modern education" John Dewey, an unabashed admirer of Stalin and his educational system, proclaimed his NWO agenda in 1947:

"... establishment of a genuine world order, an order in which national sovereignty is subordinate to world authority..."

Political Information
Dec 5, 2017 - Subverting the Church: Judaism, Kabbalah and Vatican II

This deep and vast messianic movement, which worked to subvert Catholicism, has now entered its last phase: the complete dissolution of the great spiritualities, as well as the birth of a world religion whose priestly caste will be the rabbinate.

This project is already in the making if we consider the following statement by Yona Metsger, the former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel and Judaism’s representative at the World Congress of Religions:

My dream is to build something similar to what the United Nations is for diplomats, it would be a question of unifying the religious, the dignitaries of each nation, of each country, including those that do not have diplomatic relation.[li]

Ron: Wacko! You beaut! That's all we need. The UN is a totally corrupt Talmudic organisation infested by Jews and their shabbos enablers! The UN is disintergrating and will soon be abolished. No doubt the corrupt Vatican institution will accompany it into oblivion. Indeed, ALL religions on this planet are corrupt to varying degrees and their followers will need to be converted to the truth about life the universe and everything if they are to remain on this planet.

Dec 4, 2017 - Three Year Olds Being Read Books on Gender

The organisation, which sends trainers into schools to work with teachers, was set up by music teacher Elly Barnes. She says the reading lists are necessary to combat an education system that treats distinct and traditional genders as the norm.

'The book collections we have sourced for schools are much needed to break the heteronormative model to reflect real-life families, which come in all different shapes and sizes,' she said.

Ron: I guess any three year olds who find they are having problems deciding what gender to be can always consult a WOEBOT.

Political Information
Dec 3, 2017 - The Internet Has Changed Everything, and There’s Nothing the C.I.A. Can Do About it.

Earth has been set up as a prison planet for millennia.

The bars of the prison are made of lies and falsehood.  The concrete walls are made of deceit, duplicity and dishonesty.  The barbed wire is composed of prevarication and equivocation, distortion and misrepresentation.  The watchtowers forever beam disinfo, misinfo and false info in every direction, all the time.  The prison warden is an expert in the use of multiple weapons of mass deception.  The guards use double-dealing and  dissimulation at every turn.

The Internet, however, has cultivated a conducive environment whereby truth seekers the world over are easily escaping from their intellectual incarceration. Now that populations around the globe are being liberated from the many false paradigms, they are free to seek the truth.   In fact, the Internet allows them to follow the facts and the truth to wherever it leads them.

Dec 2, 2017 - Mindsets, Personal Paradigms and Human Evolvement after Stasis (Repost)

Ron: Feminism, Political Correctness, LGBTism and rampant pornography foisted upon Anglo-US and EU countries by Judaic mind control influences using Hollywood, control of governments and the MSM; and implementation of Wundtian behavioural psychology in the education system, has socially engineered a "Snowflake" generation that rejects its moral cultural heritage and actively accepts amoral ignorance, gender confusion, homosexual marriage, abortion, mass unemployment, unrestricted immigration, declining living standards and dependence on corrupt Welfare States for survival. That is a recipe for chaos and the destruction of society. That social engineering must be quickly reversed if humans are to survive on this planet.

Political Information
Nov 30, 2017 - The End of the Age of Benevolence

Francis Marion: The freedom that we have enjoyed in the west

Ron: That freedom was and is AN ILLUSION. Western populations have been wage slaves to unknown corporatists and slaves to usurious banksters since at least the time of the American Civil war. Before that they were serfs and slaves to plutocratic aristocrats, industrialists, corporatists and such.

Francis Marion: and the modern democracies that have sprung forth from our evolving and enlightened philosophies over the past few hundred years are not a given.

Ron: Democracies are a chimerical subterfuge created by banksters and other plutocratic oligarchs as a modern slave plantation management mechanism used  to conceal the reality that most humans are mind controlled slaves in a global control matrix. For the last 150 years the banksters who control our world have instituted a  free range serf system of control in which people are largely confined to "plantations" called countries and forced to scrabble a living by selling their labour and personalites for "money" which is merely a form of fiat debt token created by banksters out of thin air. Today those debt tokens are created by key strokes on a computer so they have no material substance at all.

Arguably free range serfs are worse off than medieval serfs because they are entirely responsible for their food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, transport, entertainment, maintenance in sickness and old age and the like. They are also responsible for finding their employment and travelling to it. The social atomisation involved has destroyed the sense of community which gave comfort and security to serfs who had a supporting social milieu around them and could also rely on the Lord of the Manor for the basics of survival provided they contributed (in medieval times) about 15 weeks of work per year for the benefit of the local Lord.  Compare that to the situation today where ordinarily employed workers pay government taxes and charges of about 30% of their earned income and then have to shell out for rent, food, clothing, healthcare, education, transport, insurance, retirement benefits and on and on.  For some discussion of this situation see eg: The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are. See:

Remember also that usury increases the cost of everything in the economy by about 40% and that over time the constant creation of ever more fiat debt tokens out of thin air (necessary because the banksters NEVER create any "money" - debt tokens - to pay the interest they charge on the loans they must keep issuing to keep the system going) reduces the value of previously issued "money" (fiat debt tokens) so that, for instance the US dollar now only buys what one or two cents would have bought in 1913 when the current US Federal Reserve private money creation system was introduced.

I also disagree with the proposition that .our current situation evidences "our evolving and enlightened philosophies". In fact the reverse is true. Our "freedom and democracy" philosophies today have led to a drastic global dystopia which, if not reversed almost immediately by the Triodity of Presidents, Trump, Putin and Xi, will result in a socio-political and economic collapse with the energetic imbalances ingenerated causing catastropic Earth Changes which could destroy all life on this planet. The coming Magnetic Reversal of the planet is a harbinger of greater changes yet to come.

In particular, without being exhaustive, what is enlightened about:

i. How are Western Wars on lesser developed nations like Korea, Vietnam, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia et al, beneficial to anyone?

2. How is Political Correctness and LGBTism of real benefit to anyone?

3. How is government granting of monopolies to private, unaccountable banksters to create money out of thin air (and to decide WHO gets that "money'" in return for payment of interest for which NO  "money" has been created) beneficial to the general community?

4. WHAT is the benefit to humanity of governments granting human personhood to inanimate, fictive corporations covertly owned by banksters, and how is that "enlightened"?

The combination of granting a monopoly on the creation and distribution of "money" to private banksters AND then making available to those banksters the  corporate personhood mechanism has led to MOST land and most food, industrial and commercial production, as well as control of most industrial, commercial and cultural  infrastructure and intellectual property on this planet being legally (although unlawfully) owned by plutocratic banksters and oligarchic corporatists.

To understand what this means remember that virtually all humans on this planet are now highly indebted wage slaves, ie free range serfs, who own almost nothing, least of all the means by which to feed and maintain themselves. They are therefore dependent on the provision of paid employment by corporatists who own the means of production and distribution OR Big Welfare Governments (many of which, like the US Inc and the Commonwealth of Australia) are privately owned by the said banksters and corporatists. IF the owners of the means of production replace human workers with electronics and robots, a process which is occurring at an ever increasing rate, most humans will cease to be able to earn "money" to feed and maintain themselves and their families. At the same time governments will be unable to levy taxes on a sufficient number of workers IN employment to pay living benefits to those who are unemployed or otherwise unable to work. THAT situation equals total dystopia. For some further discussion see eg: The Permanent Unemployment & Underemployment Economy. See:

Francis Marion: Democracy is, therefore, a reflection of the character of the people who exercise it.

Ron: NO it isn't. It is a deceptive mechanism that fools the general population into believing that casting a vote every 2-4 years determines how they are governed. it doesn't.  The quality of governance in so-called democracies is dependent on the character of the covert manipulators and controllers of the political system. Moreover, as democratic systems are typically focussed on giving everyone over some minimum age like 18, a vote, they are obviously totally flawed. Think about it. What possible merit is there in giving young people with virtually no experience of life, an equal say with mature, experienced citizens. That is equivalent to giving children of all ages an equal say in how a family must operate. Also, why would any sensible community give an equal say in its affairs to persons of limited IQ or morals? IF a community (or family) is serious about obtaining sane and sensible governance it will necessarily give much more weight to the counsel and authority of mature, moral individuals with proven spiritual, intellectual and experiential capacities. Such a governance mechanism will necessarily result in what would amount to a spiritual autocracy, which is what a sensible sane, moral family or community is.

Governance on this world should emulate Universe Management governance standards. That means that governance arrangements for nations and humanity as a whole should be modelled on spiritual autocracy, that is, governance by those with KNOWN genuinely superior spiritual, moral and intellectual capacities. Such arrangements should continue until the members of a nation reach a sufficient  level of spiritual, moral and intellectual maturity to govern themselves. Within that national and international framework nations need to be organised into a hierarchy of communities at local neighbourhood  and district levels, morphing into aggregations of communities into communes or  regional administrative structures culminating in an overarching national council to which communes appoint members. Such national councils would need to be overseen by KNOWN spiritually mature individuals in all cases.

For some indication of what grass roots local neighbourhood and commune structures and activities might look like I suggest a close consideration of what is being done in Venezuela today. See eg: Venezuela’s Communes: a Great Social Achievement -

Francis Marion: Marxism and modern feminism work continuously towards a perfect world but ignore reality in the process.

Ron: I disagree. Marxism is Talmudism and its evil fruits were obvious in the Bolshevik controlled Soviet Union between October 1917 and the Battle of the Harvest Moon in September 1977. It is also obvious in the Bolshevik controlled Obama era with Political Correctness and LGBTism rampant in the US prior to President Trump's gaining control of the US government. Similarly, Feminism was a Rothschilds/Rockefeller CIA project designed to destabilise the family and almost double the personal income tax base while forcing families to outsource childcare and the education of infants to State institutions. In effect Rothism created Marxism and the Bolsheviks; and the long term plan of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers was to reduce the standard of living in the US to that prevailing in the Soviet Union at the time so that the two polities could merge into the New World Order and Gloria Steinem's Feminism activities  were part of that plan. See eg: Gloria Steinem: How the CIA used Feminism to destabilise Society -

Political Information
Nov 29, 2017 - ‘Draconian’ Education Act Would See Local Authorities Policing Homeschoolers

UKIP Education Spokesman David Kurten told Breitbart London: "It has always been the case that parents are the primary educators of their children. This principle must not be abolished under a false premise.

"There are many and varied reasons why parents choose to homeschool their children, but most parents have their children's best interests at heart. There is currently a worrying trend among MPs and Ofsted to attempt to indoctrinate primary school children with ‘LGBT sex and relationships education' and ‘gender-queer theory' at an age which is far too much too young.

Political Information
Nov 27, 2017 - Acclaimed Journalist and Author Explains What Social Media is Doing to Society

Vic Bishop: Just a generation ago human communication was completely different from now,

Ron: Was it? Didn't most people get their news, information and ideas from LYING misinformation and DISINFORMATION sources such as Talmudist controlled TV and the mass media; education systems; Hollywood; and bought and paid for politicians, academics, commentators and religious leaders, virtually all of whom were beholden to the Deep State for their sources and existence, THEN just as they are now? And wasn't MOST human communication a generation ago based on distorted, false, amoral and anti-human information JUST AS IT IS NOW?

Vic Bishop: As an antrhopolgist, Junger has a keen perspective on humanity and the forces which drive us, hold us together and tear us apart.

Ron: Really? Sooo, Junger would have a good grip on the nature of the global dystopia in which we live and the fundamental underlying Talmudic causes of the forces "tearing us apart" then would he not? Those forces must be much more powerful than the human addiction to social media he refers too, since those forces have CAUSED the said social media addictions. WHY doesn't he mention them?

Sean Parker: "The thought process that went into building these applications, Facebook being the first of them, ... was all about: How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?'"

Ron: Sooo, WHY are Parker and Junger blaming the general population for the consequences of the deliberate actions of Parker and other Talmudic individuals?

Sean Parker: "The inventors, creators - it's me, it's Mark [Zuckerberg], it's Kevin Systrom on Instagram, it's all of these people - understood this consciously. And we did it anyway."

Ron: Of course they DID IT ANYWAY because they are Talmudists, wedded to the domination, control, subjugation and enslavement of gentile humanity. The social media issues being decried here are merely the latest iteration of the multitude of destructive mechanisms used in the Talmudic global control matrix that has been built over many centuries by the would be Satanic controllers of humanity and this planet. THIS kerfuffle over the effects of social media is merely the latest variant of the Talmudic mind control mechanisms being forced on humanity. In any event, WHAT about the biggest mind control mechanism of all - TELL-A-VISION?! And of course there are myriad other societal addictions and programming mechanisms such as religion, drug and food addictions (both licit and illicit), gambling, mega sports, and on and on. Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 27, 2017 - Morality, Not Civility, Is the Basis of the Social Order

Jeffrey Ludwig: I would like to propose a hypothesis: "If a society loses its belief in God and Judeo-Christian morality, it will go down the drain faster than you can flush a wad of toilet paper."

Ron: This statement is a contradiction. Why? Because there is no such thing as 'Judeo-Christian morality'. Jewish morality is godless because its alleged g-d, YHWH, is a jealous, vengeful, racist genocidal entity and hence no god at all. No doubt this is why most Jews say they are atheists. In fact the Jewish collective constitutes what Jews think of as g-d.

Jeffrey Ludwig: Blackstone's "revealed law" poses the greatest obstacle to our law professors and to humanity in the English-speaking world, including America. That view, which elevates the moral law of the Old and New Testaments to the highest level, a level not to suffer contradiction, is untenable for non-Christian religionists, but most especially for the modern breed of [Ron: Talmudic] left-wing cultural Marxists and secular humanists.  Homosexuality, adultery, abortion (infanticide), lewdness, fornication, incest, and debauchery are just as wrong today as they were 3,500 years ago. The modern atheists want the Hustler-Playboy philosophy of human sexuality but are in such conflict with eternal moral values that they are surprised and appalled when those values produce a long list of public figures who have mistreated women.

Ron: Arguably the Levites who plagiarised earlier Sumarian spiritual teachings when writing the Torah;  and the Pharisees who superseeded them, embraced Canaanite morality and rites. That is why they crucified Jesus the Christ. He exposed their hypocrisy and corrupt morality and way of life. His teaching was totally opposed to the Torahite and Talmudic moralty of the Pharisees which is NOW being aggressively insinuated into US and Western culture.

Talmudists are Canaanites. Eustace Mullins has explained that Canaanites are heirs to the "Will of Canaan" bequeathed to his children by Canaan, Shem's wicked nephew. Eustace Mullins says the Will is only found in the Talmud: '.., where it is presented thusly, "Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another (ie members of your own tribe) , love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth." Pes. 113b.

Eustace Mullins also says:

The Will of Canaan has been the Canaanites' prescription for all of their operations during the ensuing three thousand years since the testament was given. Today it remains the operating instructions of the Canaanite heirs, who presently control the World Order. At the same time, it remains unknown to the peoples whom the Canaanites continue to rob, enslave, and massacre. (Eustace Mullins, Curse of Canaan. p16:

The idea that followers of the teachings of Jesus espouse a common morality or have anything spiritually in common with "Jews" is an obvious LIE. The godless Pharisees crucified Jesus the Christ, and plotted with Roman Emperors to create the Christian religion in the hope that they could use it to eradicate Jesus' teaching; and in particular, the truth that humans need to LOVE neighbour (everyone and everything) AS self, for the love of God (ALL). In contrast, the Pharisees,  who morphed into Khazarian neo-Pharisees in the 9th Century AD and then chose the name "Jews"in the 18th Century, are materialists NOT spiritualists, and accordingly their immorality has nothing in common with Christian morality which is based on the teachings of Jesus the Christ. Accordingly I won't bother to further consider this author's moral musings.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 26, 2017 - How to Increase Your Sense of Gratitude

"Evidence suggests that we can actively choose to practice gratitude - and that doing so raises our happiness ... If you want a truly happy holiday, choose to keep the "thanks" in Thanksgiving, whether you feel like it or not."

One way to flex your gratitude muscle when life events leave you uninspired is to identify and express gratitude for seemingly "useless" or insignificant things. It could be a certain smell in the air, the color of a flower, your child's freckles or the curvature of a stone. Over time, you'll find that doing this will really hone your ability to identify "good" things in your life. In fact, you may eventually find that "bliss" is closer than you imagined. - Dr Joseph Mercola

Nov 25, 2017 - Church of England Tells Schools to Be ‘Sensitive’ to ‘Communities’ After Hijab Infant Sexualisation Scandal

Mrs. Spielman then met with Muslim feminists and secular campaigners, who called for a hijab ban in taxpayer-funded primary schools and described allowing infants to wear it as part of school policy as an "affront" to gender equality.

Political Information
Nov 25, 2017 - University Students Ban Academic For Saying Children Should Not be Labelled as Transgender

Dr Brunskell-Evans, who has repeatedly spoken of how porn degrades women, said there was ‘something very dark going on'. ‘People who were male are now in the Women's Equality Party dictating what the party spokesman should say on issues affecting women and girls,' she told The Times. ‘You could not write this.

‘The cowardliness of institutional response is more than reprehensible. No one will speak out. Good people are doing nothing as others get pilloried.

‘Organisations and individuals are petrified to be seen as taking any other view than unequivocally endorsing transgender doctrine. It's truly shocking. How has the trans lobby become so powerful that people, including those medical practitioners about to be qualified in the specific field of sexual and reproductive health, are unwilling to tolerate a talk from me on another topic?

Nov 24, 2017 - New Children's Books Promote Gender Transitioning to Help Get Australia "Educated"


By telling little boys that is it ok to wear dresses and advocating for hormone therapy at a young age, these books will do more harm them good to the children of Australia. Our schools and libraries should be suppling our children with classic literature, not these sub-par books spouting LGBT ideology.

Health and Nutrition
Nov 22, 2017 - How Social Media is Socially Stunting our Society

Rita Winters: He related the rise of the information age to the majority of the population becoming anti-social, unhappy, and anxious. Negative events, such as increases in mass shootings, diagnosis of depression, anxiety, and reports of suicide are his examples of the downsides of this tech craze.

Ron: I disagree. Arguably ALL of these negative influences are deliberately created by Deep State controlled governments and corporations. Arguably, the addiction many people may have to personal misuse of information technologies is an effect rather than a cause. For instance, the MSM is a mind control technology and its false and misleading FAKE NEWS and opinion content is a deliberate result of Deep State manipulation of that content, and vicious coercion of the purveyors of that content to ensure that the general population is ignorant and fearful.

Moreover, mass shootings are invariably false flag events organised by Deep State operatives and they are deliberately designed to create mass hysteria and fear in the population. Similarly, the usurious banking system guarantees continually growing unemployment and the steadily increasing indebtedness and impoverishment of 99% of the population. That situation is reinforced by Deep State criminal cabals controlling governments and other corporations providing FAKE news, information and education, deleterious health care and pharmaceuticals, inadequate insurance, poisonous food and water supplies, third rate and destructive power supplies and transportation options, continual criminal violence and warfare globally, etc.

ALL of these factors are causing anxiety, FEAR, depression and suicide. In that context, suggesting that the majority of the population is becoming 'anti-social, unhappy, and anxious' as a result of the tech craze is, at best, ridiculous and possibly deliberate disinformation.

Although the social media craze, just like the computer game craze that preceeded it, is no doubt another negative influence harming real human welfare and social life. The social media addiction has been deliberately fostered by the corporatists who have also created the widespread anxiety, unhappiness and anti-social situations that have preceeded it for a century and longer. See eg: Facebook Founder Warns "God Only Knows What It's Doing To Kids' Brains". See:

And: How Facebook and google Threaten Public Health - and Democracy - In other words the social media craze is an escapism similar to drug addiction, that merely represents more of the same, NOT a primary or major cause of our global  societal dystopia which has been ceated over centuries if not millenia.


Rita Winters: The mental health of the global population is deteriorating and is mostly due to anxieties produced by social media.

Ron: NO it isn't. Most of the gentile global population has deteriorated intellectually, psychologically and spiritually as a result an intense barrage of Talmudic physical damage and mental indoctrination and propaganda buttressed by continued Jew bankster instigated violence and warfare foisted on gentile humanity for centuries if not millenia. Fortunately, large scale incarnations by Star Seed beings from higher dimensions augmented by increasing vibrational energies from the centre of the galaxy are upgrading our degraded human DNA and countering much of the negativity causing the global dystopia which has engulfed our planet. The result will be the cleansing of this planet as the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi drain the US and global Deep State swamp. As that occurs this planet will experience a Magnetic Reversal that will greatly assist the cleansing process. So be it.

Nov 21, 2017 - New Swedish Children’s Book Promotes Transgenderism to Preschoolers,

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