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Education Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Woke Academics Want To Teach non-binary Gender Identity to Toddlers
By Binary with comments by Ron
Mar 4, 2022 - 11:47:38 PM

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February 28, 2022

A new discussion paper has been released that proposes toddlers and preschoolers be subject to LGBT indoctrination.

The review was ordered by the state and federal education ministers.

The review group included representatives from Macquarie University, Queensland University of Technology and Edith Cowan University; they intend to present their recommendations to the education ministers later this year.

Toddlers and preschoolers will learn about non-binary gender identity and become champions of reconciliation and sustainability under a proposed new curriculum for early learning.

Children should explore "aspects of identity formation that encompass gender identity and gender expression (with a non-binary dichotomy)", according to a discussion paper produced as part of a review of childcare centres, preschools and outside school hours care.

Associate Professor Fay Hadley from the Macquarie School of Education said the purpose of this update was to ensure the learning approaches "continue to reflect contemporary developments in practice and knowledge, while supporting service providers and educators to promote the wellbeing, learning and development of each child".

The recommendations have been labelled as "gobbledygook and jargon" by curriculum expert and educational consultant Kevin Donnelly from the Australian Catholic University.

"There is a big emphasis on multiple and changing identities and non-binary ideas - we thought children should be children.

"It's a checklist approach which is overly bureaucratic. We should just focus on kids enjoying being children."

[Ron: It's much worse than that!].

He also noted it was "imposing a very [Ron: addled and corrupting] adult view of quite complex issues" on young children and that "children should not be beholden to ‘politically correct' ideas."

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the proposal was alarming.

"Why do these academics insist on presenting sexualised content to very young children? Why can't they let kids be kids?" she said.

[Ron: A major reason for cultural Marxists and their LGBTQ+ cohorts wanting to use government childcare and education systems to sexualise infants and preschoolers is to prep them for debauched use by paedophiles.  Infants and children are seen as a resource to be exploited by the elites that control Australian and global societies.

Sexualising infants and preschoolers looong before they have the mental, emotional and social experience needed to integrate such experiences into their psyche also facilitates the destruction of their ability to function as rational adults later in life. In other words, it is deliberate miseducation.].


"Let them play and use their imaginations by all means.

Children should be sheltered from [Ron: corrupt] adult, sexual concepts, not deliberately exposed to them."

[Ron Cultural Marxist activists have spend decades gas lighting and emotionally blackmailing gullible politicians and others into believing that emotions must override reality; human biology is fungible and not immutable; and every child can choose their sex irrespective of their actual physiology.

These ridiculous propositions have already been foisted on children in primary schools but the demonic LGBTQ+ activists are not satisfied with that, NOW they are seeking to have society bless and encourage this destructive, life destroying ideology upon infants and preschool children.

Infants and preschoolers have yet to reach the age of reason. The idea that society should program them with "aspects of identity formation that encompass gender identity and gender expression (with a non-binary dichotomy)" is DIABOLICAL!
Such pernicious indoctrination of morally, emotionally, psychologically and intellectually defenceless infants is a criminal infringement of their rights and those of their parents and society at large.

The proposal that society should deliberately inculcate toddlers and preschoolers with palpably false, personally destructive, socially dysfunctional ‘insanity inducing' ideas about biological sex and personal identity before they have developed even rudimentary thinking ability and a sense of self and personal morality, is despicable.

The huge hikes in the incidence of transgenderism and the numbers of children seeking transgender drug and bodily surgical mutilation treatments in recent years evidences the impact this grotesque ideology has already had on school age children.

Moreover, the surge in legislation criminalising the actions of parents and others who seek to counsel children against seeking puberty blocker drug treatments and transgender surgical mutilation evidences the increasing effectiveness of transgender ideological propaganda in schools and the COMPLICITY of governments and legislators in foisting these criminal practices on vulnerable children.

Sexual identity is an immutablle scientific fact determined by physiology apparent at birth (except for rare dual genitalia anomalies). Teaching infants or anyone that they can choose their sexuality and change it at will, is insane.

Teaching infants and preschoolers that sex is non-binary in order to turn them into "champions of reconciliation and sustainability" is a criminal breach of their free will, which can only be effectively used once their physical brain, mental faculties and social experience enables them to properly exercise it. Moreover, the idea that children raised to be champions of non-binary gender identity and expression can somehow also be champions of societal sustainability is absurd. IF schools teach infants and preschoolers to eschew their biological sex the result will be a significant reduction in heterosexual family life and procreaction of subsequent generations. THAT is NOT sustainable. It is societal suicide.

Demonic Talmudism in its cultural Marxist format seeks to confuse, confound and destroy the moral, physical and social health of Christian societies by corrupting infants and children with blatantly insane, contradictory concepts and images of self in order to destroy their intelligence and moral compass and to confuse and scramble their sense of personal identity  and ability to socialise. See eg: CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN: THE TORAH vs. THE TALMUD (Repost)


This insane indoctrination of children is also designed to turn them into lifetime neurotics and drug addicts, chronically dependent on Big Pharma and the medical (sickness) industries at community expense. See eg. my comments in the article at: New Zealand's Radical New Law -


Teaching children to pretend that biological reality is optional is personally and socially damaging for all concerned. Any politician, official or teacher who seeks to indoctrinate children with such anti-personal and anti-social, community destroying ideas needs to be removed from their office or employment; and prosecuted where appropriate.

The aim of the cultural Marxists and their ‘useful idiot' enablers who seek to create changes in language and ideas that turn education into anti-social indoctrination; is the destruction of the ability of children to discern fact from fiction, truth from falshood and, in this case, the difference between "Arthur and Martha".

Once such distinctions cease to exist anything becomes possible because nothing has meaning.

Once the ability and willingness of children to rationally discern fact from fiction is removed, they become senseless robots marching to the messaging of demonic masters.

To destroy society you have to destroy its moral underpinning, its language and its family ethos. This LGBTQ+ language inversion nonsense typifies the manner in which demonic cultural Marxists and their cohorts are doing this.

This language and education destruction process started more than a century ago when the Rockefellers and their ilk took over the US education, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Their pernicious influence and covert control has now spread to the whole world as the mass psychosis and stupidity of billions of people willingly accepting the COVID scamdemic nonsense attests. IF you believe that a man can choose to be a woman and have babies, thinking that common colds and flues justify locking down the entire planet for years, is a doddle.

Any society that condones or supports the corruption of infants and children cannot survive. These proposals constitute an attempt to induce the Australian community to commit societal suicide.

These policy recommendations reveal the need for a total rethink and revamp of our attitudes to education. It has become apparent that the enforced public factory style mass education of children in age segregated cohorts foisted upon Western societies by the Rockefellers and their ilk, is a Trojan Horse inserted at the heart of our most vulnerable societal infrastructure and designed to dumb down and destroy our Christian derived morals and culture, leaving a drooling, enslaved remnant.

In future, education needs to be decentralised, localised, organised and controlled by parents operating in neighbourhood and community groups and settings. Governments should not be directly involved in the process and centralised government school, college and university systems should cease to exist. Such decentralisation of education processes will prevent the general dissemination of corrupt ideas and practices.

The fact that Australian state and federal government education ministers are contemplating the public indoctrination of children with this biological and sexual nonsense highlights the fact that Australian political and legislative arrangements are also fundamentally defective and destructive; and need to be replaced.

Australian governments are temporary servants of the general population they pretend to serve and as the education and other systems they have foisted upon Australians are dysfunctional and unfit for purpose those governments should be removed and replaced with governance arrangements that are fit for purpose. Our future governance arrangements need to be genuinely representative systems consisting of grass roots councils in which every elected representative is subject to RECALL by those who elect them, if they fail to advocate and, if possible, implement, ethical laws and arrangements in accordance with policies they promised their electors they would advocate for them.].

[Some colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].#mce_temp_url#

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