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Education Last Updated: Apr 4, 2020 - 5:57:55 AM

The anti-Christian Agenda of America’s Public Schools
By Natural News with comments by Ron
Apr 4, 2020 - 4:15:43 AM

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Prepare for persecution: The anti-Christian agenda of America's public schools & the premeditated undermining of the faith and morals of our children & what we can do to turn the tide

December 07, 2019 by: 



Image: Prepare for persecution: The anti-Christian agenda of America's public schools & the premeditated undermining of the faith and morals of our children & what we can do to turn the tide


(Natural News) For generations, American children have been taught humanist beliefs and values in public schools. Their Christian morals have been undermined by values clarification and other techniques. This results in radically changing the beliefs and moral values of the children. - 1

(Article by Maria Kneas republished from

The brainwashing techniques used on our children result in getting the children to accept alternative values by using psychological techniques against them, as opposed to having them reach those decisions rationally. Thomas Sowell said:

"The techniques of brainwashing developed in totalitarian countries are routinely used in psychological conditioning programs imposed on American school children." - 2

Dr. Chester M. Pierce was a Professor of Educational Psychiatry at Harvard University. This "expert" who teaches people how to be a psychiatrist said that American children are "insane" because they are loyal to America, to their parents, and to their belief in God. He said that it is the job of teachers to heal these "sick children" by turning them into the "international children of the future." - 3

Dr. Paul Brandwein is a leading child psychologist. Evidently he agrees with Dr. Pierce. In his book, The Social Sciences, Dr. Brandwein said: "Every child who believes in God is mentally ill." This must have a practical impact on our education system because government schools have psychologists. - 4

For years, the National Education Association (NEA) has been promoting sex education with the goal of radically changing how students think about sex. - 5

Sometimes the results are drastic enough to make the news. Here is one such case. A school district in Austin, Texas will teach third graders about oral and anal sex, and this includes role playing. In other words, eight-year-old boys and girls will pretend to do oral sex and anal sex on other children, while other children watch them do it. They will also pretend to have sex when they are drunk, and put a condom on somebody. - 6

A 16-year-old girl was required to role play getting raped, in front of her classmates. She was also required to read out loud a poem which has such an indecent attitude towards sex that I cannot describe it here. That poem is full of four-letter words. The girl was traumatized by having to do these things in front of her classmates. - 7

The NEA has also been promoting "death education," and their goal is to change thinking about death as radically as they were able to change thinking about sex. Do you remember that shooting at Columbine? For years that school had been teaching death education. - 8

Some schools even have a "suicide talking day." On that day, students write suicide notes. They write their own obituaries and discuss what they will look like in their caskets. One student said that before "suicide talking day," she never considered the possibility of suicide. After that day, she began to contemplate it. She thought that it would "liberate her spirit" so that it would no longer be "enslaved to her body." In addition, it would help with the problem of global overpopulation. She said that the suicide training made her "brave enough" to commit suicide. - 9

A 13-year-old girl in Kansas was asked to indicate which students she would kill if she wanted to kill four students in her class. She pointed at three of them, and at herself. While pointing, her hand was in the shape of a "finger gun" (the index finger pointing and the thumb raised). Because of that, her teacher took her to the principal. That girl was handcuffed, arrested, and taken to a juvenile detention center. The school has charged her with committing a felony. - 10

Public schools are also promoting occultism. There is a reader called "Impressions" that is used in the second and third grades of some public schools. It teaches the students how to cast spells. One of the exercises is to pretend that some children have had a magician cast a spell on them. In order to help the children, it is necessary to reverse that spell. The students are told to write the spell that the magician used, and then write another spell to reverse it. Then they are told to chant their spells. By making them chant the spells, the teacher is requiring them to do role playing. They are taking on the role of a sorcerer or a witch. - 11

Some public schools teach reincarnation. This is contrary to Scripture. The Bible says that we die once (as opposed to being recycled) and then we are judged. (Hebrews 9:27)

[Ron: This statement is false. in this context the word "recycled" is a distortion. Spirits incarnate in a material body (meat suit) to explore physicality for the Creator and in the process the spirit grows as it increases in wisdom and knowledge (mind and soul), in order to become like God and to eventually be united with the Creator.  Obviously no one can learn about life the universe and everything in one or a few limited lifetimes. The process thus requires myriad lifetimes. The spirit does not get recycled, rather it acquire a new meat suit with every reincarnation. Each initially incarnating spirit becomes a sovereign human being (HUman) once it achieves some moral act and, as a result, becomes indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness. Thereafter the HUman starts to learn to love and to gradually avoid errors in thought and mistakes in actions which are labelled as "sins" in the Christian religion.

The Pharisees forced the Romans to crucify Jesus the Christ in an effort to eradicate his divine teaching about reincarnation and other Good News like the fact that every HUman is a sovereign being having a unique personality and free will.  Being indwelt by a spark of God consciousness means that EVERY HUman is an only begotten (ie unique) son or daughter of God. It also means that every HUman is responsible for his or her own salvation. Each must 'save' self by learning to love and to grow in wisdom and truth. The Pharisees influenced Roman Emperors to establish the Christian religion in an effort to eliminate these truths. For instance they inserted into Christian doctrine the lie that Jesus was the ONLY son of God and that he sacrificed his life to "save" humanity. He didn't and he couldn't. Each individual HUman is responsible for his/her own decisions, evolvement and destiny. Each must learn to save self. HUman spirits can choose to be immortal and as eternal spirits they have eternity in which to reincarnate and complete this process.

Incidently, the idea that God "judges" HUmans is another LIE inserted into Christian doctrine. As sovereign fragment of the Creator we are responsible for "judging" ourselves and changing our thoughts and behaviours, or not. If we refuse to learn we simply become stuck and fail to progress spiritually and mentally.

A major part of Jesus' teaching was the "Good News" about reincarnation and the Pharisees worked long and hard to eliminate that truth from the historical record.

The Christian religion doesn’t tell adherents this truth because Emperor Justinian eliminated virtually all references to Jesus’ teaching about reincarnation from the Bible. This was finally achieved during the Fifth Ecumenical Council in 554 AD. At that time Emperor Justinian arrested Pope Vigilius for Believing in Reincarnation and had the Council declare:

If anyone asserts the fabulous preexistence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema. (The Anathemas against Origen), attached to the decrees of the Fifth Ecumenical Council, A.D. 554, in Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, 2d ser., 14: 318). See eg: Pope [Vigilius] Arrested for Believing in Reincarnation -

Eradication of the doctrine of Reincarnation, namely knowledge that the evolvement of MIND and soul is based on the reincarnation process (which is essential to enable spirit beings incarnating into physicality to avail themselves of a sufficient number of physical incarnations to adequately explore and understand the immensity of life, the universe and everything) is the method used by the Pharisees and neo-Pharisees, ie Talmudists who call themselves Jews but are not, to convince gentiles (ie all who DO NOT accept Talmudism) that they are merely physical creatures having one, only, lifetime which has no meaning, destiny or purpose. Concomitantly this LIE, reinforced by the Talmudists’ funding and coercion of scientists to accept and promulgate false science about life, the universe and everything as typified by falsely promulgated Darwinian evolutionary theories about the Origin of Species, has made it easy for Talmudists and the Christian religious puppets they control, to instil fear of death into congregations. The truth is scientifically explained by Bruce Lipton. See eg: Bruce Lipton - Fear vs Love State and Stress's Effects on Your Body -

This process of inserting LIES into Christian teaching and the Bible has made it feasible for Talmudists and materialists generally, to distort human consciousness and science by having scientists, academics, educators and commentators as well as the MSM, promulgate false and ridiculous ideas about consciousness arising from random chemical reactions. This also enables Talmudists et al to contend that people on this small planet on the edge of the universe are the most, and probably the only, consciously intelligent beings in the Cosmos. LOL.].



One student said that death was portrayed as being glamorous and living was portrayed as being hard. She said that students were taught that reincarnation would solve their problems, because they would return in a better life form and eventually they would "become like God." - 12

This teaching makes death look like a helpful friend, instead of an enemy. Therefore, it could make some vulnerable students become more likely to commit suicide or murder.

[Ron: Properly understood Jesus' teaching about reincarnation is positive and liberating. It is very "Good News" because it tells us we can choose to be immortal and to eventually become like God and be in union with the Creator. Choosing to commit suicide doesn't solve anything because the spirit has to reincarnate and face the problem(s) sought to be avoided by suicide again and again until the problem(s) is/are overcome and necessary lessons learned.].

Seventh grade students in California were required to study Islam for three weeks. This included mandatory role playing. The students had to pretend that they were Muslims. They prayed to Allah, chanted praises to Allah, and adopted Muslim names. They played a game that simulated a jihad (a holy war against enemies of Islam) and they planned a pilgrimage to Mecca. Students were encouraged to dress like Muslims and to use Muslim phrases. They were required to memorize Muslim prayers. During Ramadan, they had to fast at lunchtime. Teachers told the students that, while they were taking this intensive course about Islam, they would "become Muslims." The textbook about Islam did not mention Islamic conquest or Islamic violence against Jews. The Muslim religion was only shown in a good light. - 13

Some public schools have After School Satan Clubs. These are being promoted by the Satanic Temple. As of October 2016, there were clubs in Washington D.C., Arizona, Missouri, Washington, Utah, Florida, California, and Georgia. In addition, the Satanic Temple in Portland, Oregon got permission to have a club at an elementary school there. - 14

Read more at:

[Colour fonts, bolding, underlining and comments in square brackets added.].


Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism -

Pope [Vigilius] Arrested for Believing in Reincarnation -

Bruce Lipton - Fear vs Love State and Stress's Effects on Your Body -

The Bible: Recipe for Genocide or Junk Sculpture ? -

Zionism, Crypto-Judaism, and the Biblical Hoax -


The Myth of a Judeo-Christian Tradition. See:

The Zionist-Created Scofield 'Bible'. -

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Pope Francis Under Fire for Claiming ‘diversity of religions’ is ‘willed by God’ -

Pope Francis Calls for End of Sovereignty and Establishment of Global Government -

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The Evolution of the Relationship Between Catholics and Jews How Vatican II Sparked an Ongoing Revolution of Faith -

Vatican II = New Religion? See:

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How They Do It - Jewish Leaders Call for New Editions of the Bible and the Koran to carry 'trigger Warnings' highlighting anti-Semitic Passages -

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Esu Immanuel (Jesus Christ) was NOT a Jew - The facts about KHAZARS (the so-called Jews). See:


The Jewish Talmud Exposed. See:


The Bible: Recipe for Genocide or Junk Sculpture ? -




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