The Kin School Tekos Russia
By Gajanand Agarwal with comments by Ron
Sep 12, 2019 - 6:46:38 AM

This 30' 27" video was published by Gajanand Agarwal on Jul 25, 2014:

Ron: In my view this video presents a sound vision of education and life during the Millenial Realm. Children learn from older children and each other. Arguably real education needs to be holistic, self directed and unregimented. Humanity's dominant current methods of education are generally misdirected and counterproductive. We need to start thinking about how to make education a meaningful HUman activity for children and everyone for life.

While we await the fulfillment of the Triodity's draining of the US and global swamps and the removal of the global matrix controllers' usurious Central banking monopoly, I suggest we start thinking about how we can establish genuinely spiritual mechanisms for returning responsibility for governance and education to local communities and imbuing them with ideas such as are advocated by the Kin School Tekos.


Man produces the highest good, that is THOUGHT. And mind you, thought is not information itself. It is the quality of information. Instead of stuffing a child's head with information. So thought is man's principal creation. This is the energy that creates the common good. We don't just reflect reality, we CREATE reality with THOUGHT. This is man's main occupation and the main source of anything of value. (23' 20" to 24' 20" ).




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