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Education Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022 - 5:26:20 PM

The Benefits of Home Schooling – Education Without PC Indoctrination
By Monica Chiorando with comments by Ron
Nov 20, 2021 - 2:55:00 AM

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Above: Monalisa and Kip Harding (2nd and 3rd from left) with some of their ten children

Parents whose TEN homeschooled children all started college before age 13 insist the kids ‘AREN'T geniuses' - and claim anyone can achieve the same success with a few simple methods

  • Monalisa Harding, 53, from California, has revealed that all ten of her kids passed their entrance exams to college before the age of 13
  • Her oldest child with husband Kip - daughter Hannah - earned her bachelors degree in mathematics at the age of 17
  • The couple's youngest child, Thunder, 11, secured a place at college last year
  • However, the mother-of-ten says her children ‘aren't geniuses'
  • Instead, she praises homeschooling, which she says is ‘so efficient'
  • Now she and government worker husband Kip, 53, advise other parents on it
  • They have also written a book on homeschooling called ‘The Brainy Bunch'

Monica Chiorando - Daily Mail Nov 19, 2021

The parents of 10 children who all started college before the age of 13 insist their precocious sons and daughters are ‘not geniuses' - instead crediting their ‘efficient' homeschooling regimen for their family's academic success.

Monalisa Harding, 53, and her husband Kip, 53, who are high school sweethearts from San Jose, California, homeschooled all their children from the same syllabus instead of sending the kids to traditional schools.

They knew they were on the right track after getting each of their first three children through high school by the time they all turned 11, and their younger kids went on to achieve similar success.

Their oldest child, Hannah, went on to earn a bachelors degree in mathematics at the age of 17 from Auburn University, Montgomery in 2004 - making her the first child prodigy.

Last year, their youngest child Thunder, 11, passed his entrance exams to college, joining Lorennah, 13, who is already in her second year.

Those of the Harding siblings who have already graduated from college have gone on to become doctors, architects, spacecraft designers and lawyers.

Eight of the brothers and sisters have already graduated by either 15 or 16 - and all went to university before they were 13.

The most recent family graduate Mariannah, 16, is now applying to do her masters in horticulture in January.

Seth Harding, 20, child six of 10, became Alabama's youngest lawyer at the age of 19 after getting his law degree and passing his professional exams during the pandemic.

But humble Monalisa insists her kids ‘aren't geniuses' - and said their success is down to homeschooling which is more ‘efficient' than going to school.

Continues ...

[Ron: This is the future for all children on this planet once we shuck off the Talmudic mind control and schooling indoctrination systems Pilgrims.

As with virtually everything else in our human global society, our understanding of and attitudes towards "education", need to be completely overhauled and reinvented. It should also be emphasised that our problems with "education" on this world are not simply the result of 'an archaic, industrial model of forced schooling that cannot keep pace with a new, technologically-enabled, information-saturated economy'. This world's global education, knowledge preservation and dissemination systems have been diabolically and comprehensively manipulated, distorted and corrupted by Talmudists for millenia. We will need to start from scratch as regards both the truth content and the methodology needed for the proper education of all humans on this planet once the Triodity and it Alliance allies remove the demonic globalist controllers from this planet.

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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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