Teaching Girls to Fear Boys
By Bettina Arndt
Oct 18, 2019 - 1:36:57 AM

Last week's demise of the White Ribbon charity is good news for schoolboys across Australia. For years now, White Ribbon has been out in our schools forcing little boys to renounce their violence. White Ribbon days talked not only about physical violence but males were also called out for emotional abuse. What a joke. Girls are renowned for ganging up on other girls, defriending and bullying each other in the most vicious way. Yet they watched on bewildered by White Ribbon's public shaming of the boys.

"We mustn't make boys feel bad about being boys," wrote ABC journalist Elizabeth Jackson on The Drum website way back in 2014, commenting on her children's reaction to White Ribbon day in their school. It shows the widespread concern about White Ribbon propaganda if ABC journalists were prepared to give voice.

But even without White Ribbon, the boy-bashing is destined to continue. Throughout our school system there are other programmes in place, serving the same feminist agenda. Last year I made a video with a Victorian teacher who was fighting a battle in his school about the anti-male content in their state's Respectful Relationships programmes.

But now we have documented proof of this anti-male bias, in the form of a Master's thesis from a South Australian teacher, Christopher Vogel, who has just finished his Masters thesis showing his state's school curriculum is systematically teaching children that males are the abusers with females as their innocent victims.

Christopher analyzed Keeping Safe, the mandatory child protection curriculum taught in all public schools in SA from kindergarten to year 12. We discuss the findings in my latest video, which is the first one I have made for my exciting new role as a contributor to Jordan Peterson's new platform, thinkspot.

His research reveals systemic bias against boys. The curriculum provides 84 examples of males being aggressive to females (including child rape and abuse) and only one instance of a female aggressing against a male (looking in his room without permission). You can see examples here.

The introduction to the curriculum reveals the clear bias against boys, quoting from feminist advocacy groups like White Ribbon which are known to distort violence statistics, presenting only males as aggressors. Here's a breakdown of the proportion of male to female aggressors in the introduction. The bias against boys increases with the older age groups, as you can see here.

The child protection course, introduced in 2008, covers issues like relationships, abuse, protective strategies, bullying, domestic violence, inappropriate touching. Vogel's research reveals the anti-male bias in the curriculum increased dramatically when updated in response to the 2017 "National Plan to Reduce Violence Against women and their Children".

It wasn't so long ago that our society realised, to our shame, that we'd failed victims of sexual abuse by choosing not to hear their stories. But now we have an entire school curriculum which deliberately ignores male victims of abuse, denying their experiences and making them reluctant to seek help. In Australia we have recently had hundreds of victims of child sexual abuse paraded in the media, as part of the Royal Commission into institutional sexual abuse. It was startling how many of these were boys.

It's just one example of the dangerous grip of feminist ideology on our institutions, including school curriculums. South Australia certainly isn't the only state where this is happening. I hope this inspires parents and teachers to check out whether children in your schools are being fed similarly dangerous nonsense. I've posted Christopher's thesis on my website to give the detailed information you might need to ask tough questions. You'll be pleased to hear Christopher received an HD for his thesis and was asked to present his results to senior education bureaucrats. We need to be writing to education ministers across the country seeking more balanced treatment of our children.

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