Tax-funded Muslims Seek to End “Christian Privilege” at School
By Alex Newman
Oct 19, 2019 - 6:41:09 PM

Tax-funded Muslims Seek to End

From FreedomProject Media:

Muslim radicals funded by the U.S. government are working with officials in Michigan, Minnesota, and other states to put an end to what they describe as "Christian privilege" in public schools. Instead, they want government education to "infuse the curriculum" with Islamic "intellectual traditions."

The real goals of the effort, though, have nothing to do with ending mythical "Christian privilege." In fact, public schools in America have been successfully turning children against Christianity and the Bible for generations.

Instead, the goal of the Islamic effort is to indoctrinate students into being ashamed of their nation's great Christian roots, while promoting Islam at taxpayer expense to children in government care.

In a handout titled "Islamophobia and Christian Privilege" being distributed to school officials, a copy of which was obtained by The Newman Report, authorities are told that schools must recognize that "Islamophobia" is among the most widespread and tolerated forms of "oppression" in America.

To deal with it, schools are told they must work to deconstruct "Christian privilege" and "White privilege." This "privilege" is defined as having Sundays and Christian holidays off, as well as "approaches to learning, purpose of education, and even sources of what counts as knowledge."

As part of "empowering Muslim student identities," educators are told that schools must complete "annual equity audits," have "Muslim student speak-outs," and spend tax money promoting Islam.

Sources tell The Newman Report that school boards and officials in Minnesota are anxious to implement the schemes.

After all, this is where Muslim Attorney General Keith Ellison and Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) are supported by a fast-growing community of Islamists imported by the U.S. government from the Middle East and Africa.

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