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Education Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Professor Accused Of "Hostile Learning Environment" For Assigning Male Authors
By Christian Schneider with comments by Ron
Jul 5, 2019 - 8:57:58 PM

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Authored by Christian Schneider via The College Fix,

A 22-year old female University of Utah student reported her business professor to campus administrators for, among other things, assigning too many historical texts written by influential male economists of the past.

"I understand the importance of studying the work of those before us and the importance of context," wrote the student in a complaint to the university's bias reporting system, where she labeled the professor's transgressions "derogatory," "degrading," and "intimidating," thereby causing a "hostile learning environment."

The report also accused the professor of frequent sexist language, but the bulk of the complaint centered on his assigned readings for the business course.

"I believe it to no longer be necessary when teaching the foundations of our country's economic system and those who helped build [its] ideals to be presented in conjunction with their sexist beliefs that have already planted their roots within our global and local communities," the student stated in her complaint, filed in December 2018 and recently obtained by The College Fix through a public records act request.

The complaint was among 27 bias reports lodged at the public university in the Fall 2018 semester, according to the results of the request. The documents provided by the University of Utah redact all personal identifying information.

In the female student's bias report, she stated that while her professor "never applauded these philosophers on their sexist beliefs," he "never outright said they were wrong" and "continued to place them upon a pedestal."

The report does not cite the scholars assigned in the business course, although typical economists discussed in such a class might include Adam Smith, Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek.

[Ron: Arguably Adam Smith, Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek  WERE WRONG as regards their views on human commercial affairs but the use of their views has harmed men and women equally. Capitalism and the pursuit of profit do not discriminate in the harm they do.

For instance, Adam Smith's ideas were seized upon by Talmudists to promote Capitalism and the use of that ideology to promote ego-centric, individualistic economic competition causing social atomisation and personal psychic isolation in the pursuit of wealth and power. The result has been to damage vital moral and social values concerned with communal caring and sharing which are essential to individual well being, social cohesion and community welfare and abundance.

The Talmudists created Fabianism based on Adam Smith's work to further the insidious negative aspects of Capitalist ideology while at the same time they promulgated Marx's Communist ideology to promote Socialism and Bolshevism as Capitalism's antithesis in order to increase chaos and social clamour for solutions to the problems created by the clash of these dystopic ideologies. The Talmudists then used that conflict to conceal the deleterious and poverty creating effects of their global usurious banking system.

This Hegelian dialectic involves the artificial creation of a PROBLEM (to distract from the real truth); that stimulates a general social REACTION to it; which the banksters' then follow up with their  predetermined SOLUTION to it. This format is routinely used by the Talmudic financial cabal controlling our world. A typical example is the way that the banksters engineer Booms and Busts and socially engineer people to believe they are a normal and necessary part of what the banksters and their shills call "the Business Cycle". They aren't. They are a direct consequence of the banksters' fraudulent and usurious money creation and distribution arrangements that constitute a Ponzi Scheme.

The "Solution" the banksters want when they create a recession or a depression is threefold. First, they need to conceal the true cause of the shortage of their so-called "money" in circulation.  Second, they want to steal the assets of insolvent borrowers for pennies on the dollar. Third, they want to tighten their economic control of the population by forcing governments to institute "austerity" measures that automatically exacerbate the problem by restricting government services and pensions provision etc, which further reduces the "money" in circuation. This mechanism also causes governments to sell community assets cheaply to private corporations funded by the banksters. Thus Capitalism today is essentially a form of corporate governance and control, ie Fascism. If populations ever get to understand these mechanisms those responsible for them are liable to be lynched.

Milton Friedman was a Talmudist who promulgated the economic nonsense required by the global bankster cabal as a means to fool gentiles into accepting Talmudist controlled Fascism. So naturally they gave him a Nobel Prize for his work.

Be aware that whatever is used for "money" is essentially a lubricant; a means to facilitate the production and exchange Of goods and services. IF a government issues interest free "money" to buy goods and services to build a road or a hospital or to pay hospital staff etc, something tangible and usable is produced. Those being paid "money" for producing those tangible goods and services can then exchange their "money" tokens for goods and services produced by others. In a healthy economy where the government issues enough interest free "money" to ensure full employment, everyone acquires and uses that "money" to obtain other goods and services. And as the "money" is usury (interest) free, no one will seek to hoard it or seek to lend it at interest. The net result is a rapid transfer of "money" as people use it. That increased VELOCITY of "money" circulation begets further activity and so on. There is no reason for a recession or depression to occur unless the government, ie the community, fails to issue sufficient money to grease the wheels of societal interaction, ie to fund community activities.

The monetary system advocated by Friedman is dysfunctional due to the fact that private banksters have a monopoly on money creation, supply and distribution which they routinely abuse for personal profit. Thay also charge interest (usury) on the fiat debt token "money" they create out of thin air and lend while at the same time they do not create any "money" to pay that interest. Accordingly, there is always a shortage of money in the system which can only be remedied by creating more "money" via loans which, in turn, require interest payments but the money for those interest payments is NOT issued. GET THE PICTURE! Anyone arguing for the continuation of such a system is a SHILL or totally ill informed!

The real joke for Milton Friedman has to be that his own extensive work would also have guaranteed the death of free enterprise and capitalism if the Rockefeller Cartel and the Rothschild Cabal hadn't already arranged it. In truth, Friedman was merely a propaganda tool of the banksters and corporatists who needed a propaganda Pied Piper to mislead public opinion. Friedman's role was to spawn propaganda that fooled USans, and the global population generally, into believing that the formal finishing touches to the annihilation of the very idea of free enterprise and capitalism, was its opposite. Freidman thus successfully led public opinion to acquiesce in the rampant fraud carried out by the global Talmudic bankster and corporatist cabal operating through the US Federal Reserve System in tandem with the BIS and the Rothschilds' controlled Central Bank system. The result is now obvious. The global financial and economic system is collapsing and only appears to be still standing because 'bought and paid for' politicians, bureaucrats, media and other opinion leaders are part of the charade under which the Fed and the ECB have created many trillions of USD and euros in imaginary "money" to inflate our world into oblivian. See also my comments on: Gilad Atzmon: Milton Friedman’s ‘Capitalism and the Jews’ Revisited -

Of course President Trump is using the same fraudulent mechanisms used by his predecessors to prevent the collapse of public opinion in order to delay the collapse of the global financial system, long enough for his Administration to drain the US and global Talmudic swamps before the entire global political and financial system is restructured. That restructure will inevitably require a global debt jubilee.

Friedrick Hayek furthered the concealment of the interests of the fraudulent, usurious global banking cabal by proclaiming the dynamic and organic nature of information dissemination and market price-fluctuations, and the alleged benefits of this phenomena when in reality the so-called Open and Free Markets are bullshit. Markets are totally manipulated by banksters and major corporations who indulge in rampant insider and computerised trading while concealing the truth from the public. This criminal activity is assisted by government regulations and bureaucratic "regulators" that mega corporations control both covertly (since they OWN many corporate governments like the US Inc and the Commonwealth of Australia); and via public lobbying, bribery and blackmail. As Talmudists also own and control the Western MSM and the major Tech companies like Goggol and Facebook et al, they also control the electronic dissemination of almost all information as well as the opinions of the general population.

Hayek's thesis in "The Use of Knowledge in Society" pretends that information is by nature dispersed and effectively spread throughout society. Even in the middle of last century that LIE should have been obvious to thoughtful minds since the Rothschilds' bought and controlled Reuters and AAP in the 19th century and the MSM was obviously a propaganda medium used by all sides during WWI, the Great Depression and WWII.].

The student continued: "Many of these figures are of great importance. But at what cost do we continue to plant the seed of sexism in the minds of individuals? But especially in a course and college that is already deemed to be a ‘boys club', continuing those teachings, and those teachings being delivered by a professor of [his] character is dangerous."

"As a top university in the nation, I believe we have a duty to lead by example. Pave a new path and right the wrongs of those before us. Some may argue enduring this type of behavior is what needs to be done to play in the ‘big leagues' of male-dominated fields, such as business. And I can agree to play the game to some degree, but if an opportunity to help change the game presents itself, you take it. [My] professor's behavior and certain choice of text have greatly affected me both emotionally and academically."

She continued that she began to "fear" his sexist banter and said she "also began to fear the readings and I could not even finish one assigned reading due to its clear sexist message."

According to the complaint, the student was especially disturbed by a conversation that took place on the last day of class about robots taking jobs from working Americans. The professor allegedly claimed that "while all our jobs will be taken by robots," he will be "retired living in Tahiti surrounded by 40-45 beautiful women feeding him grapes."

When a student asked why he chose Tahiti, he allegedly responded: "That's where most of the available women are, at least from what I've heard. I also don't like the competition on the other islands."

"Not only did Professor willingly and openly objectify women," complained the female student, "but he also objectified women of color. Women of another culture."

This conversation became even more problematic after the professor told the class he became a vegan at age 30 because he couldn't stomach the idea of killing another sentient being.

"I sat in my class yesterday, a class I had tried my best to endure and keep my head up as I know myself to be a strong, intelligent, woman entrepreneur," reported the student. "But I sat there in shock as I had just witnessed a man in a position of power at an educational facility, give more respect to animals that he refers to as sentient beings than women. As though animals are the only sentient beings, and a woman's purpose is to satisfy his taste buds."

[Ron: WTF?! The professor's saying that he cannot 'stomach the idea of killing another sentient being' does NOT imply wanting  to devour women, ie that: "a woman's purpose is to satisfy his taste buds."].

"I would be lying if I said this experience hasn't left me with a bad taste in my mouth and utterly exhausted," wrote the student in her summary. "I've debated coming back to the University of Utah next semester largely due to this experience and other personal reasons including finances."

In addition to her complaint, other bias incidents reported last semester include:

  • A student in the College of Social Work complaining about racial bias by a professor who indicated students of color should be able to speak first in class in order to "decenter the whiteness" of the classroom.
  • When a black male student walked into the student union office, an employee appeared "visibly taken aback" and called out, "can we help you?" The student responded he had a meeting scheduled there, and he had never had to explain himself when he previously walked into the office.
  • A Utah alumnus witnessed the owners/managers (a man and a woman) of a campus coffee/snack shop bullying an employee, calling their actions "horrifying and disrespectful." The alum reported the managers were "treating their employee like a slave," calling it a "Shameful spectacle." The color of the employee is not disclosed, although the complaint is classified as bias against "race and ethnicity."
  • A female student complained about a professor singling her out in class as needing special help. The same day, the student's parents also filed a complaint, replicating the daughter's report almost verbatim.
  • A communications professor discussing concealed-carry of weapons likened the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to the First Amendment, arguing that since a university can set up "free speech zones" on campus, he would be setting up a "Second Amendment zone" in his classroom. The professor had taped off a three-foot by three-foot square in the back of the room that he said students can "share with all other gun carriers."

"As a person who has my CCW and carries a weapon daily, this is discriminatory and illegal under Utah Code 76-10-500," wrote the student.

  • On September 7, a group of four male students were sitting at a table studying. A female student just finishing up a group project noticed the table of male students being "loud and distracting." At one point, a young man wearing a black shirt and khaki shorts complained that his laptop computer battery was dying. One of the other men at the table offered his charger to the student but he says the charger is incompatible with his laptop. The student offering the charger says it will definitely work if you "just force it." The student put his hands around his mouth and loudly whispered, "That's rape. I'm not raping my computer."

According to the university's Office of Inclusive Excellence website, an act of "bias" is "any act of intolerance, motivated wholly or in part by bias or prejudice against an individual's race, color, ethnicity, age, religion, size, disability, national origin, language, gender, veteran status, identity expression, sexual orientation or age-regardless of severity." The university's bias reporting system was initially created in 2013, and the Office of Inclusive Excellence is currently assigned one permanent staffer.

"Each incident is handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of incident that was reported and any specifications made by the person who submitted the report," said university spokesperson Annalisa Purser in an e-mail to The Fix. "These may include following up directly with individuals involved, developing trainings, working with the department or office's leadership, partnering with other campus offices and resources, etc.," she said.

"Ultimately, The Office for Inclusive Excellence does not have authority to conduct investigations or uphold sanctions. Instead, it is focused on professional development around creating inclusive spaces," said Purser.

Of the 27 reports filed with the university, eight were redacted in their entirety when provided to The Fix.

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


Gilad Atzmon: Milton Friedman’s ‘Capitalism and the Jews’ Revisited -

Paper Money Versus The Gold Standard -

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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