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Education Last Updated: May 4, 2020 - 3:41:10 AM

Mom Pulls Children From School Over LGBT Adult “Hangout”
By Alex Newman
May 4, 2020 - 3:20:00 AM

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April 29th 2020

An outraged California mother announced on Facebook that she would be pulling her children from public school after receiving an email advertising an online "LGBTQ+ Safe Space Web Hangout" for "LGBTQ+youth ages 13-25."

According to the advertisement, which was e-mailed to middle-school children by government schools in California's Gilroy and Morgan Hill school district, this "Safe Space Web Hangout" is "private" and by "invite only." They happen every Wednesday at 4 PM, the email said.

The hangouts are hosted by "The LGBT Youth Space," a self-styled "community drop-in center" funded by taxpayers for "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and ally youth and young adults ages 13-25." Yes - ages 13 through 25.

Participation in "Safe Space Web Hangout" is via smartphone or phone, with video being optional, the e-mail said.

Parents were shocked. "I cannot believe I just received this email from my child's middle school," explained the Hispanic mother, whose name is not being reported even though the comments were made in a public forum because FreedomProject Media could not obtain her consent by press time. "There is so much wrong with this."

However, rather than just complain online, as so many parents do, this mother decided to take serious action to protect her children. "This is why along with many other reasons they will not be going to go there next year," she explained, receiving over 500 likes, shares, and comments on the group in less than two days.

Under the post, critics expressed even more intense outrage. One mother, for instance, said the "safe space" was actually a "safe space" for "pedophiles" to "hit on children." Another outraged mom had similar thoughts: "A government-allowed way to molest and indoctrinate children in a legal way. It makes me SICK!!!"

More than a few commentators suggested the "Safe Space" could be used by pedophiles and child rapists to groom and procure minor children. "They're not even trying to hide the grooming anymore," said one Facebook user under the post. Another said: "Pedo sponsored, no doubt." Dozens of comments expressed similar sentiments.

Stephanie Yates, founder of Informed Parents of California, told The Newman Report that more and more school districts were partnering with LGBTQ groups seeking to solicit children. Still, Yates is thankful for her network's platform, which allows parents to share their personal stories - as the mother above did - and wake up other parents.

"We need more parents to have the boldness and courage to share their experience and the documentation they receive from schools," Yates said, adding that parents were increasingly being sidelined in communications from education officials. "Schools are sending direct communications to the children through their school emails."

"Imagine what all the schools are soliciting our children with," she said. "What is even more frightening is that kids could be going on to these hangouts without parents knowing and by the time parents find out, if they ever do, it will be very hard for a parent to talk with their children about the harms of these groups."

Among other concerns, comparing it to parents trying to protect their daughter from a bad boyfriend, Yates said these organizations allied with schools are targeting impressionable children and alienating them from their parents. "They lure them in by saying that they care about them, they build an emotional bond and tell them that their parents don't understand or can't be trusted," she added. "This is pretty much a grooming."

"Parents need to take a stand, and pull their kids before it happens to their children," concluded Yates, whose grassroots movement has taken the state by storm.

A bit of digging into the LGBT group reveals some troubling facts. Among other supposed "services," this tax-funded outfit offering the "Safe Space" for 13- to 25-year old "youth" provides condoms, "safe sex supplies," "activism and leadership opportunities," "gender and sexuality workshops" for students, and more, according to its website.

They also provide a "space" where older homosexual men can connect with children as young as 13, it seems.

"The LGBTQ Youth Space is staffed by team of LGBTQ+ and ally community members," the website continues. "We have diverse backgrounds in fields of social justice, youth development, mental health, social work, sexuality and gender studies, community organizing, public heath, and arts and culture."

Funded by Substance Use Prevention Services of the Behavioral Health Department in Santa Clara County, California, the scheme is aimed homosexual, bisexual, transgender, "queer," and other children and adults.

Nobody answered at the listed phone number when contacted by The Newman Report, and the message machine was apparently not set up.

As The Newman Report highlighted in February, Callgbtqifornia lawmakers backed by "Equality California" are working to remove the requirement that homosexual and transgender adults who rape underage children be added to the state's sex-offender registry.

Similarly, educators in the state have been exposed here and in other sources on multiple occasions working to normalize child rape and pedophilia. One school district official was even caught on tape defending the teaching of child rape to children as part of LGBT "history" lessons, claiming it was a "sexual orientation" that "has existed in history."

Congratulations to this brave mother for speaking out, and even more importantly, for taking bold action to protect her middle-school child from the escalating abuse being perpetrated by government schools. This sort of grotesque extremism will continue to get worse unless and until more parents do the same.


This article originally appeared at FreedomProject Media and is reprinted here with permission.

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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