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Education Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

Jewish People Can Be Gay, so Why Are Orthodox Schools Refusing to Teach Kids About LGBT Issues ?
By Chris Sweeney with comments by Ron
Oct 22, 2020 - 4:41:45 AM

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Chris Sweeney is an author and columnist who has written for newspapers such as The Times, Daily Express, The Sun and Daily Record, along with several international-selling magazines. Follow him on Twitter @Writes_Sweeney

21 Oct, 2020 Get short URL

Jewish people can be gay, so why are Orthodox schools refusing to teach kids about LGBT issues?

FILE PHOTO: A group of Orthodox Jewish boys dance in the street before going into the home of a local businessmen while collecting money for their school during the Jewish holiday of Purim on March 5, 2015 in London, England. © Getty Images / Dan Kitwood

A group of Charedi schools face disciplinary measures from Britain's education regulator Ofsted for refusing to teach LGBT awareness - and rightly so, as their stance is promoting discrimination.

Homophobia is not a lifestyle choice. It's a form of hatred and discrimination. So that's the charge that must be levelled at the Orthodox Jewish schools in the UK that are wilfully breaking the instructions of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education.

The schools are waging war by refusing to teach LGBT-inclusive education. Their position is that it betrays their religious beliefs.

According to the Department for Education, primary school children should be taught about different family types and "care needs to be taken to ensure that there is no stigmatisation of children based on their home circumstances."

READ MORE When promoting Christian family values & querying LGBT lessons gets you fired, it's clear the Bible is woke militia's new target

When promoting Christian family values & querying LGBT lessons gets you fired, it's clear the Bible is woke militia's new target

Older kids at secondary school must be educated about sexual orientation and gender identity.

[Ron: HOW must kids be "educated' about sexual orientation and WHY? What is meant by "sexual orientation" and WHAT is gender identity? Biological sex is not subject to personal choice, it is a matter of biological fact.].

Throughout the guidelines, there are repeated references to ensuring content is "age appropriate."

[Ron: Without specific information this statement has no meaning in this context.].

Even the most narrow-minded critic would struggle to label this indoctrination or a sullying of morals.

[Ron: Arguably all "schooling" is indoctrination. WHAT is referred to by the word "this" in this context? Without spercific information about the content  and nature of the relevant instruction this statement is meaningless at best. Without specific detail as regards the guidlines and their content and the methods for teaching that detail, the reader is unable to assess whether or not this "education" constitutes indoctrination OR its liekly impact on the morals of pupils.].

However, leading the public debate for the Charedi community is Eli Spitzer, headteacher at Talmud Torah Tiferes Shlomo School in north-west London.

He stated that if he were to deliver an LGBT assembly "either parents would stop sending their children to the school, or I'd be given my sandwiches and a roadmap."

He also claims that under the law, schools are able to state that some religious texts consider homosexuality a grave sin and are punishable by death, as long as they balance this with follow-up lessons stressing the need for respect for LGBT people. In addition, he highlighted how some Jewish Orthodox schools have a zero-sexualisation policy, and take steps to censor this type of content in the texts, referring to it as "tempering."

Britain's education system is an unusual hybrid that allows for religious teaching. This dates back to 1870, when the government assumed control from the Church. The rest of the world has a higher degree of religious segregation in their curriculum.

READ MORE EU's twin town ban on anti-LGBTQ municipalities in Poland won't make any difference to President Duda, the real target

EU's twin town ban on anti-LGBTQ municipalities in Poland won't make any difference to President Duda, the real target

But even allowing for Britain's complicated system, we can't allow fundamentalism to become a valid option. Acting correctly is a basic expectation in a civilised society, and there's no justification for Charedi teachers not following the rules that apply to every school in the country.

[Ron: I disagree. Parents and their local communities MUSt have the primarty right to decide what their children are taught. The Britiah education system MUST be changed to enable parents to perform their responsibilities especially in relation to moral issues.].

Bluntly, it appears that there are Orthodox Jewish schools and parents who don't want their children educated about gay, lesbian and transsexual people.

And by refusing to allow these lessons, they are sending out the message that they don't approve of homosexuality or transsexuality.

[Ron: Parents are entitled to eschew schools or anyone else teaching their children that homosexuality and transexuality are physically, socially or morally desireable. Such lifestyles are not conducive to healthy and happy outcomes for individuals and they are generally detrimental to society. Our world has its share of alcoholics, drug addicts, pedophiles and other dysfunctional behaviours but that doesn't mean that children should be taught all about those behaviours and encouraged to approve of them or consider them acceptable lifestyles. They aren't. The UK education system is NOT teaching children TOLERANCE it IS seeking to indoctrinate them. At the very least forcing school children to confront post-puberty and adult behaviours in their curriculum is governmenal INTOLERANCE and it is producing children who are unable to TOLERATE differences in others. See eg: UK Govt Says Teaching Critical Race Theory, White Privilege as Fact ‘Is Breaking the Law’ -].

Yet it's a certainty there will be gay people or transsexuals in their schools and communities, even if they have to disguise their feelings.

[Ron: It doesn't follow that homosexually inclined individuals have to disguise their feelings just because 96% of the population doesn't share them. EVERY individual is unique, ie different. As regards so-called transexual feelings, arguably such feelings are symptoms of social maladjustment or mental illness and they should be compassionately treated for what they are. Surgical or drug abuse of physiology cannot solve such problems but does exacerbate them. See eg: Trans-sexualism: America’s Latest Advertising Coup -

Exploiting Transgenders Part 1: Manufacturing an Industry -

Exploiting Transgenders Part 2: Medical Engineering Origins -

Exploiting Transgenders Part 3: The Funders & Profiteers -

The Trans Ideology of Less Than 1% of the UK Population has bullied the other 99%. Here’s Why I, As a Real Woman, Reject it -

UK National Health Service Defends Giving ‘Sex Change’ Drugs to 10-Year-Olds -

Transexual rights propaganda, education, legislation and litigation is just the latest form of deliberately imposed dysfunctional personality, societal and community destroying cultural Marxist ideology being used by the Talmudic global control cabal to divide and conquer existing viable Western societies. The reason that it is sooo pervasive and successful is that it is part of a long term psychological divide and conquer policy implemented by Talmudic banksters and corporatists using their humongous quantities of ill-gotten wealth to control and corrupt governments, the MSM, and religious, educational and cultural systems and mechanisms in order to destroy the Christian culture, values, traditions and laws that have created and sustained the Western World for millennia. To create a centralised globalist One World Government which they intend to control, Talmudic banksters and corporatists have spent centuries undermining the Christian values that underpin Western civilisation. Political correctness, Identity Politics and LGBTQism represent the culmination of those policies. These intentions were spelt out in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion well over a century ago. See eg:].

Children need to be equipped to deal with the world. And part of that is understanding and respecting different faiths, genders, races and opinions. Allowing someone to grow up in 2020 with no knowledge of homosexuality is simply cruel.

Consider, for example, a 14-year-old Charedi boy who realises he has a physical attraction to other boys? That poor lad will not only be extremely confused, but under pressure to deny his feelings - and live a lie. That mental torture can unfold in many forms, some of them tragic.

You can't lock kids up in a protective bubble and why would you want to? You want them to embrace life and all the different shades of colour it offers. So it's disturbing that these schools can't see the issues they might be causing.

The Orthodox Jewish community has created an enclave in London, in the Golders Green and Hendon areas. Its presence adds nothing but richness to a thriving, global city. But it can't be allowed to dilute the minds of its youth and pretend it is an LGBT-free zone. It needs to be made aware that what it is doing only promotes discrimination.

[Ron: Notice the INTOLERANCE inherent in this statement. One size doesn't fit all. This author assumes his conclusion and DEMANDS that any communities having a different perspective on children's education MUST conform to his viewpoint.].

ALSO ON RT.COMBy backing housing charity's ‘Jewish only' rule, UK court drops the ball. Aren't we all equal in Britain?

It should take heed of Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, the head teacher at Birmingham's Anderton Park primary school.

Last year, she faced eight weeks of demonstrations from Muslim parents, furious at her decision to teach LGBT-inclusive content. It got so bad, she received threatening messages and was even rushed to hospital with a suspected brain hemorrhage brought on by the stress of facing such vitriol.

But Hewitt-Clarkson refused to back down, stood up for equality and the protests were eventually banned.

[Ron: Equality doesn't mean that everyone MUST think and act the same as everyone else. Government have NO right to interfere in the relationship between parents and children except in cases in which the welfare of the child is patently at risk.].

Do we want open-minded, progressive, engaged individuals leaving schools? Or do we want them to only know what their closeted community permits them to? The Orthodox Jewish schools in Britain have made their choice, and they're wrong.

[Ron: Being "wrong" is the norm on this planet. Forcing others to conform to what we believe is also wrong.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.


UK Govt Says Teaching Critical Race Theory, White Privilege as Fact ‘Is Breaking the Law’ -

Trans-sexualism: America’s Latest Advertising Coup -

Exploiting Transgenders Part 1: Manufacturing an Industry -

Exploiting Transgenders Part 2: Medical Engineering Origins -

Exploiting Transgenders Part 3: The Funders & Profiteers -

The Trans Ideology of Less Than 1% of the UK Population has bullied the other 99%. Here’s Why I, As a Real Woman, Reject it -

UK National Health Service Defends Giving ‘Sex Change’ Drugs to 10-Year-Olds -

J.K. Rowling Rebukes Trans Activists Attempting to ‘Police Speech’ -

Transgenderism’s War on Language is a War on Truth and Reality. Here’s Another Example -

Trans Attack On Children -

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion -

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