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Education Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Following Statewide School Mask Mandate Suspension, Illinois Teachers Begin Harassing and Threatening Students – Teachers Union Vows Maskless Children “Will Be Dealt With”
By Julian Conradson
Feb 8, 2022 - 9:58:07 PM

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On Friday, central Illinois Judge Raylene Grischow granted a temporary restraining order to temporarily suspend the Illinois Department of Public Health and the state board of education's requirements for masks, vaccines, and weekly coronavirus testing until the matter can be presented at trial.

Grischow's ruling also prohibits the State's 170 school districts from refusing teachers and students admittance to school buildings if they have been deemed as close contacts to those who tested positive for COVID.

Naturally, this decision caused quite an uproar from the Covid tyrants, but some ‘teachers' inexplicably took matters into their own hands, lashing out and harassing the students who were now free to walk around without a face diaper.

On Monday - the first day of school following the judge's decision, vengeful activists who call themselves educators punished the students for exercising their free choice. They opened windows and forced the students to endure the freezing temperatures, some students were held in detention or just kicked off campus altogether, and there were, of course, several unhinged rants that led to "double homework."

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Once again, @libsoftiktok was all over this one and put together a thread of the unbelievable behavior.

These teachers should be fired. Take a look:

One teacher even felt the need to threaten his students with the freezing cold weather. Ben Diggle, an AP US History teacher at East Peoria Community High School, posted a message to his students, telling them to "dress warm," but not too warm - adding that he will not allow Coats, hats, or blankets, per school rules.

The air of hatred that has been created by the adult staff members has even boiled over to a point where some students are being put in physical danger. One student at Fremd High School in northwest suburban Palatine had a knife pulled on him by another student, just because he wasn't wearing a mask.

Although, what might be the most shocking of all is the absolutely insane response from the Illinois Teachers Union for District 88, which fired off a letter to all of its members that vowed maskless children, that are "badly raised," "will be dealt with," while they fight the judge's ruling at all costs.

From the Illinois Teacher's Union letter, which threatened members to remain masked at all times or they would lose their standing and referred to the mask mandate suspension as a "horrendous decision" by an "inept and corrupt judge:"

"The responsibility of this Union, and me specifically, is to care for the collective whole. Therefore, our MOA from September 13th remains fully intact; therefore, all provisions remain for our membership to remain masked when on campus and/or when representing District 88 in any capacity. This Union will still follow science, which continues to support mask wearing for all individuals ages two and older to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and all its variants.


Unfortunately, we are going to receive letters from Jean tonight that state that we are not to confront students who are unmasked tomorrow. In no way should you be encouraging or supporting this behavior. Nonetheless, this is our new reality until the appeal is approved and a stay order is in effect. This could take a couple of days; however, we would hope it happens sometime tomorrow. In addition, the union is filing a grievance against District 88 for not following the mask mandates.

If these Willowbrook want to remain unmasked, then they can be dealt with; however, all other children should remain masked. This is the contention of the Union and will remain so. The problem is, badly raised students will probably be unmasked tomorrow."

The full letter, provided by @libsoftiktok, is below:

Illinois teacher's union sent this to all their members calling the judge who ordered masking be made optional "inept and corrupt" and warn that to remain a member you must wear a mask.

- Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) February 8, 2022

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This behavior by these ‘teachers' is clinically insane, and, if it's not already, should be criminal. They are the adults in this situation and should be the ones getting held accountable, not the children who are making a medical decision.

At the very least, these people should never be allowed around children again.


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Following Statewide School Mask Mandate Suspension, Illinois Teachers Begin Harassing and Threatening Students – Teachers Union Vows Maskless Children “Will Be Dealt With”