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Telepathic Messages : Dorothea Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Warning of Increasing Quake Activity
By CM thru Dorothea
May 16, 2010 - 4:27:25 AM

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warning from Christ Michael

by Dorothea of AHS
Hi Candace, Received this this morning:

Hi all,

I woke up this morning with my head and forehead itching. And a urge to get to the computer. Here is the message I received:

Dorothea: Who is there? I am ready!

CM: It is I dear one, your Christ Micheal who has awakened you to take this message.
So I thank you for feeling the signs that you are needed and for responding.

Dorothea: I am glad to help but at first I wasn't sure I was really feeling a "call".

CM: We try to be somewhat subtle at first but if the receiver does not heed the "call" , then we can get a little more pressing! You should be glad you decided to awaken and type. (Smile).

Dorothea: Okay, I am very glad to be here and I am ready to transcribe this message. Let's go (and maybe then I can go back to sleep-LOL).

CM: We are ready to progress with some of the earthquake activity and so we urge those of you that live in areas of expected quake activities to be aware of all signs that it could be ready to happen. By this I mean watch nature such as birds, your pets and the like.

Watch for the earthquake clouds, although these have been seen recently and as yet there have been no quakes. Gather up some provisions if you are in these areas if you have not done so and these may carry you through these times of no power or access to buying goods. If you are in physical danger, then listen to your inner voice and respond as requested. You may be told to get out of a building or to not go to work on time.

Your inner voice may save you if you will allow it! If you are in harm's way and you are offered a beam of light, do not hesitate to get in the light beam! We will need to have your co-operation in this, so again we are giving this warning. Yes, we know that this information has been given over and over, but it may seem to you that it won't happen "here" and I can assure you that many places will start to feel the shaking and rolling now of Gaia. This is a multi-hinged plan and this is yet another aspect to it. So we are once again giving you this advice.

Dorothea: May I ask a question?

CM:Yes, dear daughter, ask away!

Dorothea: The other day in one of the messages you said to get our houses in order. I know this is metaphorical. But could you be more specific?

CM: Yes, dear daughter, I am being metaphorical in the largest sense. It is time to step up to the plate and be ready to play the game. You are a member of a team and it is now time for you each to be ready to carry your load, so to speak. And we need for you to be rested, centered and we need you to LISTEN to your inner voice. It may at times be the only connection some of you will have as power outages due to earth changes may not allow for computer access and the ability to get these messages. That is why we are now updating so frequently, as we will need you to be as informed as possible should the connection to these messages not be possible.

I know you want to know when.. I hear the question forming in your mind. But I will not say when as you very well know. And I cannot say where the earthquakes will take place, but it is most likely to occur in places that are already expected to have major activity. This will have to suffice for now. My main objective in giving this warning is to remind you that you must be ready at a moments notice to not only avoid harm but you will be needed to help others as well. Our plans go exceedingly well. More on that later. But get this message out now for me to those who are near potential earthquake areas.

Dorothea: I will. I thank you for allowing me to take this message!

CM: Dear daughter, we have given you a rest as you have been very tired but we now need you back to speed and ready to respond to the signs that we are "calling". Send this message out. I am Christ Michael Aton and I have placed my seal on these words.

Candace: The sun has been kept VERY quiet again by star fleet. We do expect some coronal hole activity in the next days. The back of the sun is again active, implying the front as it rotates around will increase in activity again. They did want to get this other project underway with the dark ones, so there is some semblance of order thru the coming changes.

Earthquake clouds were seen over LA a few days ago. Quakes are increasing along the Elisinor Fault. Also a 3 in downtown LA yesterday and a 3.9 out on a beach west of Northridge (the one north of LA, not North Ridge, which is east of Oceanside.)  There are small quakes, 5 of them, along the very northern part of the San Andreas, which is uncommon for this many in that area.  USGS has been caught many times by me and others removing quakes.

Earthquake clouds are sometimes seen for weeks before huge quakes manifest, sometimes, just hours before.  PLEASE everyone living in quake areas, and some of you are there to help evacuate others if needed, please keep adequate water, toilet paper, food, and any other necessary supplies on hand to last a couple weeks if need be.

Ditto any of you living in "tornado alleys" and the like. Also PLEASE keep small bills and lots of change on hand should we get that bank holiday, under which you will not be able to swipe your cards.  Retailers will rapidly run out of small change, so do not store large bills.  I save ALL my 1's, 5's, and 10's I get, plus all my coins.

This applies to all countries, these ideas dear readers, not just the US of A.  I follow obviously quake activity here, as it is more detailed, but there are many risky areas around the world. Besides tornado season now, we are entering hurricane season, and then there is the issues of heavy rain with flooding, and perhaps for some of you, NO rain and drought. Be prepared and do NOT waste water, as ALL need it. Do not let water run while washing veggies, brushing teeth, take short showers, water the least possible of your lawn, and don't flush the toilet every time. We are somehow an insane society to use FRESH drinking water to flush toilets and water lawns.

You do not need to shower everyday, unless you do really nasty work.  Hair can be shampooed in the kitchen sink, and hopefully you have a lever faucet that can be turned off during your putting shampoo and conditioners on your hair. If not, dunk your hair as the water is beginning to get warm, turn the it off and then back on to rinse.   It is a good time to learn to conserve in all ways, so it won't be such a shock when we return from stasis, and it demonstrates to those unaware ones around you, your care of the planet. Most will pay no attention, but you should teach it anyway.


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