This is Not a Time for the Faint of Heart
By CM thru Dorothea
Apr 11, 2010 - 4:28:48 AM

This was posted on April 8 to AHS by Dorothea. Regards CM holding earth in his hands, I had a similar vision during a rest break on my couch yesterday! -C

I felt the feeling I get that someone is calling me and so after a little resistance I sat down to take this message. It is sent to those of us here at the support group. I do not know "who" of the Spiritual Hierarchy is speaking to me but I felt great love and peacefulness while typing this. Also at the words "unfoldment" I saw Christ Michaels hands open up and there was a shining, brilliant Earth held gently, proudly in them. Made my heart sing!



Dear one, it is time to resume the taking of a message for us.

Do you wish to give me a message now?

Yes. We are ready to begin if you are.

I am ready.

This is not the time for those who are faint- hearted. It is time to mine the depths of your resolve and become secure in the knowledge (knowing) of those agreements you have made that have brought you here at this time and place. Do you remember them? Maybe not. But rest assured, you have come with a mission and the time for it is NOW! So ask for remembrance. And ask for the steadfastness of resolve to find the true path through the debris,chaos and confusion which will be all around you in the very near future.

It is of great importance that you all execute the divine contracts that you have not only agreed to, but which you have and are preparing for on all levels of your reality. You may have flickers of memories. Or you may have feelings in your body that are signals to be listened to. You may have great waves of emotions come over you or bring you to tears or laughter or other strong feelings. These are signals to you to pay attention to. These are promptings from us of the Spiritual Hierarchy, to point out the path through the chaos and debris that you may find yourself in as the earth starts the process of realignment.

So create the connection in your heart and mind to the Christ energies and to your beloved Earth and listen and look and the way will be shown. You are surrounded by help on all sides. But you must do the walking.. you must take the steps of this journey. We are here to lift you up. Call on us, we are but a whisper away. This message is for you all of you who have chosen to help bring the unfoldment of Christ Michael's plan for this planet.

Rejoice that the time is NOW! Rejoice that you are here, alive and awake! Rejoice that you will see the unfoldment and that you will offer your heart and hands to build a new world.
We close for now with our thanks to you all who have remained steadfast in your resolve to bring this into fruition.


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