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The Zen of TRing
By Daniel Raphael
Dec 19, 2009 - 8:37:00 PM

From Daniel's new blog I forgot about!


The Zen of TRing

When novices begin trying to TR, as I remember so well from my own experience, they try very hard to hear their spiritual companions.  But in trying so hard, concentrating so much with focus for any and every little disturbance in their mental activity, they are actually thwarting what they are trying to accomplish.  The act of trying is a conscious process to force the end result, forgetting that the process must be allowed to occur.

You see, TRing, whether it is a silent conversation in your mind, or an aloud, clairaudient conversation is NOT a conscious, directed mental activity!  In the activity of TRing, the mind is actually only an instrument, much like a WiFi router — it is simply an instrument that facilitates the conversation, rather than manipulating the input for the conversation.

For example, when adding the two numbers, 2 + 2 = 4, your mind grasped the concept of 2 and coupled it with the like concept of 2 to complete the process of achieving the concept of 4.  But with TRing there is no conceptual manipulation.  Try as had as you might, you cannot make your mind TR.  You have to LET it lie waiting, a passive hoop much like a basketball hoop that does nothing but let the message through, without affecting or making the passage occur.

People who have exceptionally competent linear processing minds, such as laboratory technicians and engineers are often unable to still their mind to let this phenomena occur.  Their mind wants to do something with the process to make the end result come into being.  The Zen of it is that it will occur because you don’t do anything to make it occur.  It just occurs when you least consciously think about it.   I had the acquaintanceship of a fellow many years ago who was a logistics engineer.  He also tutored Mensa students.  His mind actually was so powerful as to actually dampen the whole environment of the TR activity.  When he was present, I was unable to get a clear line of TR communication from his or my spiritual companions.  I’ve never met anyone quite like that since!

The Zen of TRing is much like catching the soap bar that slips out of your hand when your eyes are tightly shut while showering.  You catch it not because you are looking for it, but because you were not.  And try doing that on purpose!  Good luck! and Happy TRing!  //Daniel Raphael

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