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Changing The Face Of Religion : CMGSN Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

The Economic Collapse; The Transition Era - Dec.7, 2008
By Monjoronson T/R Daniel Raphael
Dec 12, 2008 - 7:32:00 AM

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Monjoronson – The Economic Collapse; The Transition Era - Dec.7, 2008 – NOCO #103]


Northern Colorado TeaM, #103

Boulder, Colorado


Teacher:  Monjoronson


Topics:  The economic collapse

               The Magisterial Mission sponsors co-creative effort

               The official Transition Era has begun with this generation

               Money is both a curse and a blessing

               A sustainable global economy must include individuals

               Global economy will evolve in stages over many months

               The “new economy” is years away

               Separatist nations are unsustainable

               Increased lawlessness will continue

               Over population increases pressure

               World awareness, consciousness & empowerment needed

               You must not withhold decisive action for self-protection

               Financial meltdown is worse than a physical catastrophe in scope

               Heart energy & courage is essential to the future

Q & A:   Preparation for current era

               Most Highs working with many individuals & groups on economics

               Release control of your life to a higher power

               The Garden Project & retreat centers

               Bringing discordant perspectives into focus

               Sense of “waiting” is global

               Speed of social change


TR:  Daniel Raphael


December 7, 2008


[Daniel:  We surround ourselves and fill ourselves with the Father’s love and light.  We invoke the presence of Christ Michael, Nebadonia, Thought Adjusters and all the light of God’s universe to be with us today.  We ask for right and perfect revelation of what needs to be known to this group and to others, and so we give thanks for this message.]


MONJORONSON:  Good afternoon my friends, this is Monjoronson.  (Welcome from the group.)  It is good to be here with you once again, and thank you for honoring my call to have me with you this afternoon.


There are many things that need to be shared with you, but first let us go back over twenty years, to the 1980’s:  There was a long preparation to introduce the Teaching Mission to your world, and so it began and it spread around the world, with many teachers, many students and many lessons.  And as we have told you in the past, these lessons have been completed, though the groups continue which is good.  This was and is a program that could continue in other areas around the world, as new groups need to be introduced to the lessons of the teachers, who spoke and were present with you during that era.


Recently, the Magisterial Mission was introduced to you as well.  Our efforts were to introduce it to the global community and we have had a successful beginning, but it is only a beginning.  These two programs have been successful; even though the Magisterial Mission is very young, it has proven itself capable of being used in many countries around the world.  It is something special to present to you a process that has validated itself for those who are not part of the Teaching Mission, and we have spoken of this in the past.


These preparations began a long time ago—centuries ago, as Christ Michael, who as Jesus initiated the opening for enlightenment into your world and the slow development of your societies and culture.  Intellectual, cultural, and educational enlightenment are necessary for a world to progress, develop, and come into the light of the universe.  You who are listening to this, and who are reading the transcripts know that your world is going through a great difficulty.  This is nothing new.  Your world has gone through tremendous, terrible contagions, such as the “Black Death,” and people wondered where God was at that time.  Your world also underwent a large contagion in the early 1900’s with the pandemic of the flu, which took many millions of people, and again people wondered where their God was at this time, why they were suffering so difficultly.  Your world wars have been a time too when people asked where is their God.  The time of the Great Depression of the 1930’s was a time when many suffered around the world and they asked too, “Where is our God who will save us?” 


Your world has undergone many economic difficulties over the centuries, and civilizations have come and gone over the millennia.  Now your world is entering into the Transition Era, and is suffering a great economic difficulty, and people wonder, “Where is our God?”  You must understand—we hope you understand—that your world is not and will not be healed as a whole by fiat, by miracle, by command of your First Source and Center, or [by] Christ Michael as your Creator of this world.  However, it will be healed through the co-creative processes, which we have taught you how to use. 


The God you seek is in you; the answers that you seek issue from that Source.  God is not out there, separate from you, but intrinsic in you, with you, waiting for your invitation.  Whether you can hear its voice or not, it is participating actively in your lives through the developments and events of your life.  When you ask for guidance, you are given guidance; oftentimes you do not hear it, you do not see it around you, but go your own course.


The long era of growth and development, of education, culture, intelligence, the accumulation of the mass of human experience, has been needed to bring you—this present generation—to the capacity to work with us effectively, co-creatively, to heal your world.


Your world’s population as a whole is sufficiently well educated enough to participate and work with us effectively.  We too have waited these millennia and centuries and decades and years, and now months, to work with you more directly, consciously, and we are here at this threshold, where God can participate with you far more effectively than ever before, simply because you are more prepared intellectually, spiritually, culturally to do so.  You squirm now, due to the economic climate of your world, and as we have said before, it has only begun.  You are now, officially, in the Transition Era.  The slippery element of money and finance that flows so easily electronically around your world is both a curse and a blessing to you.  It depends on how it is used and how it is not used; how it is withheld and how it issues forth to aid your world. 


Few have thought of the fluid qualities of money, as an element of sustainability, for most of your population and managers of finance and commerce think of this as a means to gather as much as they can, but that is a very lopsided, separatist way of viewing a global economy.  That will not lead to a sustainable economy, but in fact will continue to be a major element that causes disruption.  A sustainable global economy must also, as well, sustain individuals at the local level, in their lifestyles, though it may be humble.


Your world’s communications and financial analyses are so fast and accurate

that your companies and corporations see the future very clearly, and immediately begin to release their employees and downsize their corporations and withhold money from expansion, which rapidly strangles the economy of the world.  Your world is on the threshold of entering a new evolved economy, one that is more sustainable than exists now.  We are here to offer you, as individuals, a way of seeing the future, which you who are younger will surely see.  Your world will see its way through this difficult time, though many will suffer. 


The door to the new economy is more than months away—it is years away.  There will be continuing difficulty until that door is opened, and people who are in leadership positions, politically, financially, commercially, see that a sustainable future is necessary for everyone to survive as best they can.  That doorway is actually a state of awareness, a consciousness that the global economy must mature and evolve in order to make a profit and sustain itself—for everyone’s benefit!  Yes, you will see improvements then cheer and offer hoorays, as the market improves, and as banks begin to spend and loan, and then you will see also, the demise of that as well.  The perpetuating incline and increase of prosperity, is not sustainable.  The highs have been too high, coming too soon, rewarding too few people, where a long gentle slope of growth would improve everyone’s condition greatly.


The separatist sovereignties of your world have progressed greatly in the last 50-100 years, a necessary social and political evolutionary step that will eventually give way to a more politically evolved world, and it will when there is greater acknowledgment of the inter-dependency of nations.  The separatist, isolationist existence of almost 200 nations is untenable, unsupportable and unsustainable as it exists—this also must mature.  This situation too, is undergoing its transition during this era. 


The capacity for destroying nations by lawlessness and criminal elements is all too easy to see.  Benign, caring, constructive nations that have not been warring are often easy prey to criminal, hostile, aggressive elements.  You will continue to see increased lawlessness.  We abhor this as much as you do—it is a thorn in the side of civilization, its maturity and evolution, and just as any thorn in your foot impedes your progress to move ahead, the thorn must be removed.


Your world as well needs to see the door to the future as the door of awareness, of consciousness, of the necessity of inter-dependence and relying upon one another to counter these hostile elements.  The forces against your civilization are many, though they can be confronted and will be manageable eventually.  The awareness that your world lives in a Transition Era that is unfriendly, is a necessary awareness that must be in the minds of all your national and global leaders—political, economic and commercial, to name only a few. 


Your world is over populated.  Over population causes tremendous social pressure that increases exponentially as it grows, and this has yet to be appreciated by your social scientists.  The necessities for sustaining a growing global population are not just material, with an improving lifestyle.  A much more advanced and enlightened civilization could easily sustain a world population, as exists on Urantia, but large elements of the Urantian civilization are still uneducated, backward, fearsome, and criminalelements that could bring your world to its knees, if they are not restrained.


We do not bring you this news to make you fearful.  This is not the 6 o’clock evening news where you are sitting in your easy chair, viewing the news, fretting over the financial stock reports, worrying to death about the devastation in Mumbai, India, fearful, fretting, and helpless to do anything.  No, we do not bring you this news to make you fearful or to dis-empower you—this is simply an update of current affairs, a broader awareness of what is going on.  You are needed to be active and empowered and raise your consciousness to that of light, love, and then spread this energy around your world. 


When you withdraw into your easy chair in a puddle of fear, you are ineffective to aid yourself and to aid us—and to aid your fellow brothers and sisters around the world.  We have said to you many times, and we will say this many times again, that it is your raised consciousness that empowers your world to become healed.  It is your raised consciousness of light that pushes out the darkness.  You may see this in your linear mind as causing separation, but it is not; it is a process of developing cohesiveness, coherence, integrity and wholeness among the community of light.  Those who wish not to participate in enlightenment separate themselves, and you in enlightenment must be strong to protect yourself from those elements of darkness, which would destroy you. 


Do not be naïve in your spiritual development that you, by surrounding yourself in light, need do nothing else.  Your society needs police officers and firemen and civil servants who are enlightened and of the light.  Surely your primitive society needs effective administrators within the difficulties of your society.  You support them with your consciousness.  Sometimes the decisions that those protectors make are difficult, but necessary, and yes, sometimes they will make mistakes and that is most unfortunate.  For the protection of a society you must be strong and not withhold decisive action to protect yourself.


You recall—at least some of you will recall—that last year, or perhaps even the year before, and early this year, you began to feel that something was going to happen.  And that something that was going to happen, some of you surmised, would be an atomic attack on this or some other nation, or a viral pandemic, or a major earthquake of a large city in this country or some other country.  You surmised many of the historic calamities of a physical nature on your world.  Few of you surmised that it would be the rapid economic meltdown of your society’s financial institutions.  This is far more difficult to control, manage, or to remediate than an isolated earthquake, or a city that has been destroyed, for this affects all of your global societies equally. 


Some individuals in your nation and other technologically developed nations have lost billions of dollars on the stock market.  This repercusses to the local level, even in Namibia, even in the poorest of nations in your world.  Everyone will suffer from this.  This is, has been, and will be a very difficult situation for your world to heal, and it will require the opening of hearts, the heart energy of individuals and of institutions and of societies.  You see, money, finance, is earned, made and generated principally by the intelligence, the mind, and only on occasion is the heart energy involved.  Applying heart energy is the fundamental element for healing your society at all levels, whether it is healthcare, education or finance.  Opening the lines of heart energy so it flows easily is essential to your future. 


When you connect your consciousness to all of your societies, and project that to your world, do so with your heart energy, my friends.  Your intelligence and mind activities are only a small part of the activity to heal your world and to help your societies mature and grow.  It is heart energy that is supreme.  It is the archetypal healing energy that is needed at all levels, and this energy knows no differentiation between healing another person’s sorrows and healing the wounded-ness of an economy in a collapsed society.  Connect these two activities—the projection of your consciousness, with the healing energy of your open heart energy stream, as you project it forward to your friends and family, to those at work, to those in other countries.  It is a most powerful stream of energy that can be applied and projected to an individual, to a family, to a community, to a society, to a nation, to a continent and to your world.  Do so with a clear intention.  Do so with an intention that has no selfish elements to it, no return for you.  And as you do this with that clear intention, do so with the invitation to Nebadonia and the Infinite Spirit to engage the heart energy of all the worlds around your planet, for there is a stream of great energy coursing to your world from other enlightened worlds, from the very center of Nebadon, from the very center of Orvonton and from the very center of Paradise. 


You are not alone, and you are not forgotten.  Know this surely, always.  Yes, your times will be difficult; yes, your society may suffer; yes, there may be even more difficult times to come.  This is an opportunity for you to evolve, to grow, to invite Spirit into your life to see answers and to see invitations for opportunities where there were none before.  What is going on in your world that seems so destructive is not personal.  This is not personal!  It is a part of the evolution of your societies, your economies, and your global structure.  You are only 100 years out of the woods, and still you are in the shade of the trees and will be there for some time to come.  Know that we will guide you forward, when you are open to receive that guidance.  In any case, our energy pervades your world, and your world will be guided forward into an era of light. 


It may be difficult, as many of you are feeling and seeing, even within yourself, and in your communities and your job places, but it will evolve; it will move forward.  Pray that your children and grandchildren will live in an enlightened world, where there is a sustainable economy.  Surely you have the intelligence to bring this about when you are open to do so.  Some of you—many of you—are in leadership positions in your society.  Do not be afraid to invoke the presence of Nebadonia and Christ Michael and the whole of the spiritual realm, on the first few moments when you go to work.  We are there to help you.  Be open to receive enlightened answers.  You will not be left alone in the darkness, for we are guiding you forward now and always into the future.


Your world is more prepared now to enter into enlightenment than ever before.  This is the generation, and the next two generations are prime to do what needs to be done in your world for its foreseeable future.  You are effective when you are strong and when you are courageous.  Thank you for this time.  Let us take a moment to let your mind still, and then ask questions if you have any.


Student:  Monjoronson, what are you referring to when you state it’s just 100 years out of the woods?


MONJORONSON:  Your world was being prepared for this era now.  There was active involvement with many people as individuals, before the last century, but we have become much more active in bringing whole societies into enlightenment.  The Most Highs have been active in the organizations of mankind, whether they are societies, associations, or fraternal or sororal organizations.  The Most Highs have been influencing larger groups of people over the last century.  The preparation has been for this era now, where there would be enough people of light to support the broad expansion of maturing and evolving societies.  Does this answer your question?  (Yes, thank you.)


Student:  Monjoronson, it seems to me that our current economic crisis is precisely the situation that the Co-Creative Design Teams were to address.  Are the Most Highs working with any specific individuals in the economic world, where these ideas will be developed and made right?


MONJORONSON:  Yes.  The Most Highs are working with groups of individuals particularly, and through liaison personalities the Most High are working with the minds of many individuals, not to bend their decision-making, but to offer them a broader spectrum of opportunities and solutions to the current crisis situation.  The Most Highs have and enjoy the capacity to influence individuals in collective association, meaning boards of directors, and so on, where there is not a common personality of this group, as there exists on more evolved worlds.  They have the opportunity to work with individuals within those groups, those bodies.  There are many economic bodies of control around the world in each nation that has an organized banking system and financial regulation.  It is difficult to bring them rapidly into an evolved state without them going through a developmental sequence of growth and evolution.  Some individuals see clearly into the future, but know they would have little influence and would be scoffed at for their suggestions.  It is [an] unfortunate consequence thereof that societies will have a longer difficult time before better times are enjoyed.  Does this answer your question?  (Partially.  Are any of the humans aware that they have celestial help any time they ask for it?)


Let me answer that in two parts.  Very few are aware of the influence that has been made upon their minds by celestial personalities.  Many have come from religious backgrounds, but few are spiritually evolved to know—and have the awareness—to ask for direct celestial influence immediately.  Most accept that there may be a spiritual influence in the world, but that it is not something that is immediate or effective in the worldly affairs of their organizations.  Thank you.  (Thank you!)


Student:  Monjoronson, how much do we do, and how much does God do for us?  Is there like a proportional relationship?  In Christianity, they say that God gets all the credit – can we pat ourselves on the back and give ourselves some credit, and how much credit can we give ourselves for the progress that we make?


MONJORONSON:  That is a beautiful question, thank you.  First of all, let us take the back end of your question:  Yes, you can take credit and you should be applauding yourselves for the courage to invite God into your life, and to move ahead making decisions that aid your world, and aid yourself.  Many of you have little selfishness in your lives to overly congratulate yourselves for enjoying the wonderful, beautiful relationship that you have with God, with your Thought Adjuster, with Christ Michael and your Guardian Angel, for example.  This self-appreciation and self-congratulation, remarkably, is a necessary step, a necessary activity to fully integrate your spiritual activities into the history of your experience.  It is much like you giving yourself a “high five,” slapping the hand of your neighbor on the accomplishment of something good.  We wish that you would do this more often.


The difficulty lies in the egoistic mind and the arrogant individual, for they are self-congratulatory in an inappropriate way, for inappropriate accomplishments.  How much can you take credit for?  The answer is that you can take credit where you have participated actively, in the good that comes into your life, with God.  Remember dear ones, if you do not ask for God’s participation, and will to do God’s will, then you have not begun to enjoy the active relationship that God has for you.  For when you make this invitation, when you do release your will to God’s will, then you have begun the wonderful process of an evolving spiritual relationship.  When you do this for the first time—and I know many of you have had a first time to do this—it was not easy, was it?  For you began to release control of your life to a higher power, the release of your life and its course to a path that you really were unfamiliar with, and perhaps even lacked confidence in.  You can congratulate yourself for that portion of your life where you released control to God and to the course of your life.  How to do that is worth the “whole book,” but basically, you will to do God’s will, release your will to God and invite God to invite you into the future, where you are needed and productive.  You release yourself to that higher opportunity.  You can congratulate yourself for having done that, for it is no small task to do so, for those of you who do not speak to or listen to God in your daily life.  I congratulate you for your question.  Its humble origins are appreciated.  Thank you.


Student:  Monjoronson, recently I was contacted by a young man who believes that he is enlightened—I believe he’s right—he’s attempting to participate in building a retreat center for Buddhist teachings, not too far from where we are.  At the same time, I received information about the Garden Project that a group of Urantia readers are getting involved in.  I wanted to ask you if this would be of help to you to have such a garden project or a center where you can talk with people who are desiring to be a part of that, to create a better world, or are you just going to come in when you come in and mingle amongst all of us that have done each, and greet each person individually, or small groups of people, not necessarily in one physical location.  Maybe you could elaborate on those points and give us an idea how you’d like us to prepare for your coming?


MONJORONSON:  The best preparation for my coming is to invite Jesus into your life, the Christ Presence, and have an active relationship with him.  He is the Creator of your world where he had his last bestowal.  His presence is more important to you than my own.  The healing of your world will begin with the healing of individuals.  The Garden Project and this retreat center are certainly worthy causes.  They offer opportunities for people to be in meditative states, to go forward and help others around the world heal.  These do prepare the way for me, though it is actually the inner preparation of each individual that is far more important.  People are at their homes more often than they are at retreat centers.  They are by themselves more often than they are in groups of others, who meditate. 


The Garden Project is a wonderful idealism that will be fulfilled in time.  It is a wonderful beginning and its purpose is noble.  What we see so often is that the organization and the activities for its support become far more important than the activities of individuals in their own lives, as they contemplate this group activity.  This puts the organization and its support before that of the individual.  Many organizations flounder because of this, and this would be detrimental.  We do know, however, that this project will be forthcoming and ongoing; there will be, so to speak, a candle lit and burning in perpetuity for this ideal.  It represents the place and beginning where the Father’s Temple will be maintained.  It will be an enclave of peace and one that is sustainable, not only materially, but also because of the love that it shares with others and the love that they share when they are at that site.  Thank you for your question.


Student:  During the recent election process and the economic downturn, it is very obvious at how deeply divided our nation is about everything that is important, and how reluctant they can be to compromise and to adjust to other ideas and ideals.  I find that I am almost looking forward to the coming earth change challenges, in hopes that it might give us a common focus and direction to bring us together.  Do you anticipate a beneficial effect in our relationships due to shared adversities, and might this be a reason that we are not going forward with the Co-Creative Design Team program at this time?


MONJORONSON:  I will take the first part first.  Adversity, scarcity, and difficulties promote survival.  That which is superficial, withers away.  This is an inherent aspect of surviving.  It is a way to get to the heart of a sustainable society quickly.  It is a way of bringing discordant perspectives into focus.  It is a way of helping position taking to wither away, so that common interests become most important and clear to those everywhere.  Yes, this is an inherent aspect of these difficult times.  We do not call them earth changes, for they are far broader than just the physiology of your world, but also involve all elements of the society and social aspects of your world.


The Co-Creative Design Teams have not been put on hold, but the circumstances in your world at present, do not encourage us to move forward with them at this time.  There are developments coming into existence very soon that will make the promotion of the Co-Creative Design Teams, and eventually the Working Teams, become more important aspects of your world.  The Internet is an inherent and necessary element of this work, as people begin to search for words relating to sustainability, social balance and an equation that provides more equitable financial and economic balance around the world for the haves and have-nots.  Greater public awareness of the activities of these Teams will provide a focus of work to aid your world to balance itself and come into a sustainable existence.  It begins by people asking questions [on the Internet] and searching for answers.  When people are “fat and happy” and economies are abundant, few people question their existence; but wait for the time when there are difficulties, as [there are] now, and then the questions come in abundance.


Just as there must be a push from our side, and you individuals who are involved in the Co-Creative Design Team process, to move this process into the larger global public, so too must there be a vacuum or a drawing in from national and global populations to draw in and accept alternative processes for the betterment of their world, even one that involves spiritual entities who are unseen.  When times become more difficult, this relationship that, as difficult as it is for humans to deal with unseen helpers, will be more palatable to them.  Your world, as you know, is evolving very, very, very rapidly.  The economic process that you have experienced in the last four months, historically have taken four years or forty years to bring into existence.  Now it is happening rapidly, and the process of promoting the Co-Creative Design Team by us and by you, will meet its match soon, from those who want to know how to help their world evolve.  Just as we said that the energy of your world has changed tremendously, due to what occurred in this last election, so too will your world begin to open up to alternative answers, some that do not seem to be financially rewarding, but have a social equity to them that is sublime.  Thank you for this excellent question.  (Thank you.  Your answer was very helpful.)


To refresh you, I mentioned earlier that many in your world were wondering what was to come about – an earthquake, a pandemic, or similar?  Now you have the answer:  it was the economic turndown of your world, which has many months to endure yet.  So, too, there is a group of you here, and around the world, who have this feeling, this sense that you are on hold, waiting, and you feel a bit of angst about this.  Waiting for what?  Waiting, waiting—how long will we have to wait, before answers come, before we are drawn into the future.  Thousands around the world are experiencing this sense of being in a “waiting time”.  They feel as you do.  When the answer arrives, it will be evident, very apparent to you, when it does appear. 


We are not forthcoming with disclosing what that is, for we have learned through centuries and millennia—even hundreds of millennia—that it is unproductive in the long term to reveal what is coming next, for then hopes are pinned on solutions, or fears pointed to when they see these revelations.  We are not forthcoming with details because you would not be focused on the process, but rather on the destination.  Remember the process of living is a process of soul growth, having experiences, then reflecting upon those experiences, gaining the wisdom and adjusting your behavior in the future.  Your destination is Paradise, and you have so many lives to go, before you reach there.  Do not be stuck on Paradise, but NOW, this moment of living and decision-making so that you do arrive there whole and on time.  Thank you.  (Thank you.)


Student:  Does your help and actions accelerate the process on this world, or would the world go just as slowly as if your help hadn’t been given?


MONJORONSON:  (Laughing.)  Yes, we have had an affect, and we continue to turn the wheel faster, so that social change is less destructive to more people, so that fewer people suffer, though the suffering may become quite acute for a very few.  Thank you for your very insightful question.


I wish to close now, and as I have said in moments past through a sort of benediction to you, know that you are loved, you are appreciated, and truly you are needed—not needed as addled, fearful individuals—but needed as a focused, present, aware, consciousness that emanates with love towards everyone, and particularly towards yourself and to your neighbors.  Good day.  (Thank you for coming!)


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