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Changing The Face Of Religion : CMGSN Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

By Monjoronson thru Raphaelo
Jul 2, 2009 - 8:32:00 AM

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Candace: It is my pleasure to introduce a new channel of Monjoronson, Raphaelo, from AH Team Germany!  There is another piece coming when the translation is done.  It is Daniel Raphael refered to in this piece, as there was a plan to do some work in Germany, and it was not yet time for this to manifest.  Thankyou Raphaelo for bringing more of Monjoronson's, and any other future works from others that might come your way!   
Thru Raphaelo
Raphaelo : Hello Monjoronson, I can hear your gentle knocking very well, and after these intense times with you I am prepared to let you speak whatever you feel is appropriate. I will put all my questions on side, as there are so many I don’t know where to begin.
So let us start now, from the Creator inside of me to the Creator inside of you; I am ready.
Monjoronson: A hearty welcome to you, too, my Dear. I am very glad you chose this path. Although our previous talks were basically correct, we could not transport the energy you felt, because of your excitement to do everything correctly. I will start a series with you that deals with the subject of resistance. To begin with, resistance is very useful, as it gives you the opportunity to pause for a moment and feel into the deep. This kind of resistance is fine and needs no further consideration.
I am talking here about the kind of resistance, or oppositions, that have become chronical for various reasons. These blocked fields exist everywhere in your daily life, inside of you and around you. As a general point of reference, let’s take those intense outbursts of feeling around the workshop you wanted to hold with Daniel in Germany. Observe these large fields, how they contain smaller fields and smaller fields again, just like concentric circles appear when you throw a stone into the water.
All those fields are connected to each other, and together they form a movement of energy, and in its center there is a handful of people, in America and in Germany. While this stone initiates only a singular/unique movement in the water, you have triggered/caused one movement after the other in the center, with the result that the fields‘ movements have escalated resp. stopped each other.
Now, there is an infinite number of possibilities, how fields can be arranged towards each other. In this particular case, the overlapping fields consisted of oppositions which were responding to each other, and then you came in as a stone (smiles). To simplify things, I am going to give you an example that will show you, on how many levels information moves inside and outside of you.
Many years ago, in your computation of time, there is a son who is arguing with his father about the old subject who can do better – whatever this may be. Inflamed with rage, the son slams shut his home door from outside and emigrates to a new continent, where many similar stories are among the people who are living there. A circle in the water develops, to keep to this image.
I think it becomes clear to you now what I was up to and how the story moves on. Can you see the circles/fields/spheres, every single human being on this planet represents/displays? They all gather/come together where they can most likely find resonance. In the course of time the fields of resistance come together in this way, too, and like all the experiences that are being stored in those fields, the resonances will change as well.
Some day the son comes back to his father, and in his joy to see him again immediately wants to show him how he can do better now. And although the father could learn from the son, he goes back to the old resonance which has not yet been healed. In his field he pushes forward the pain/distress of the old events and tries to touch the pain in his son, who reacts in a similar way, and they start the whole thing anew.
Until now this has always been like that, but in times of transition widely healed fields will come into conflict with each other, which means there will not always be just sunshine and roses, but the potentials of never walked paths are so strong that (in all probability) another outcome is very likely. To take up again the metaphor of the circles in the water, this time you have moved so many circles at once like never before.
All together you have touched your fields of the human origin/root family, the fields of the family of mankind in the sense of your states as well as the constellations between different approaches of the star nations, and finally you have pushed on with the healing of your Lemurian and Atlantic heritage. You have done this very well, and I would like to ask you once more to occupy yourself a little with the image of the circles in circles. Calmly observe these circles and then stimulate their movement. Hopefully, you can go back to this when your work proceeds. Raphaelo would like to go on to the next subject now, but I know it’s enough for today. Thank you for your attention, you are blessed,

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