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Changing The Face Of Religion : CMGSN Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Reserve Corps of Destiny
By Monjoronson TR Daniel Raphael
Jun 27, 2009 - 5:10:00 PM

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Monjoronson – Reserve Corps of Destiny – June 14, 2009 – NOCO TeaM, #108


Northern Colorado TeaM, #108

Loveland, Colorado


Teacher:  Monjoronson


Topics:  Reserve Corps of Destiny

                Critical positions of world decision-making

                Very few are aware of membership

                Adjuncts to the Most Highs

                Given options for decision-making

                Currently more than 1 million members

                Decisions are worthless without actions

                Many brought into corps as youngsters

                Trained by their Thought Adjuster

                Given character forming environments

                Complemental beings are networked

                The work is special, not the individual

    Q & A:   Race improvement through mate selection

                 Monjoronson’s experience in dealing with rebellion

                 Difficulties and chaos

                 Did we choose this world and our parents?

                 The effects of not having immortal beings present on this world   


TR:  Daniel Raphael


June 14, 2009


MONJORONSON:  Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson.  (Group greets him.)  Thank you for your presence here this afternoon, and thank you for your conscious presence as well, for you do make a difference with your presence here, just as you make a difference in the wider realms of your world.  Those who remain in consciousness, having raised consciousness to understand and accept and supplement the consciousness of oneness of your humanity and the spiritual realm on your world, you do tremendously make a difference.  We thank you for that.


Today we will continue our discussion of personnel matters, so to speak.  We do not have an HR Director, but we do have a Director of Morontial Relations with mortals.  This is a real position on Machiventa’s staff, which has guidance and teaching and training for those who are visiting here to this world.  What I am going to speak to you today about is the Reserve Corps of Destiny. 


As you have read in The Urantia Book before, the Reserve Corps of Destiny was a small corps of individuals who could be used in times of emergency, a time of great stress, in critical positions of world decision-making.  They could be small individuals who would appear to be powerless in your society, and your political and economics scheme, but who nonetheless would play a pivotal role in the development of events in your world.  Most of these individuals do not know—have not known in the past—that they were members of the Reserve Corps of Destiny.  Even today, very, very few are aware of their presence and their membership in this corps.  This is not so much revealed by us, but by their understanding of their placement, their understanding of the importance of position and timing.  Also, they are members who have read The Urantia Book and have become aware that there is a possibility that they may be members of this corps.  So you see in numbers, [those] who are possibly aware of their membership in this corps is very, very small.  Perhaps less than a dozen in all the world.


The Reserve Corps of Destiny was formed many, many millennia ago, as an adjunct to the work of the Most Highs.  They could use individuals who were or were not God believing, who would be useful in times of crisis.  It is not that the Most Highs, or their Thought Adjusters, or their Guardians or celestial teachers coerced them to make decisions—certainly not—this is never the case, but they have provided these individuals options for decision-making, with great detail of understanding of the repercussions of those options.  Many individuals have not understood their role in global events, until long afterwards.  Very, very few have understood their pivotal position in the decisions and actions that they have taken, knowing the options that were available for them.


So you see, it is a rarity that a member of the Reserve Corps of Destiny is conscious of their membership, is conscious of their positioning and place, and conscious of the decisions that they are making and the impacts and repercussions that will follow that decision.  This is a rarity.  One would not even consider 1 in 100,000 possibilities that this would occur.  Yet, it does occur.  God conscious individuals do become aware in many ways, through the influence and the revelations that are given to them by their Thought Adjusters, for surely the Thought Adjuster is intimately involved in the life of this individual, as it connects to the lives and Thought Adjusters of others in the world at that time.


This is another realm of coincidence and serendipity of Divine Order and Divine Timing, which is at the level of the Morontial, the level of Thought Adjusters reaching down and teaching their students, their mortals, in conjunction with those other mortals around the world, who receive instruction from their Thought Adjusters.


At one time, the corps was limited to almost 100 individuals; now we can easily say that there are far greater than one million individuals, who are members of the Reserve Corps of Destiny.  Again, most of these individuals are completely unaware of their membership in this corps, and remember that they are completely unaware of the importance of their position and the timing of their decisions.  The Reserve Corps of Destiny has been inflated in numbers for several reasons.  First of all, is that your world has become much more complex.  Second is that the population of your world has increased and made the complexity of society even more developed and complicated.


The options for your world are many, and require the near simultaneous sequencing of decision-making by individuals who understand, in some form and at some level, the magnitude of the decisions that they are making.  And, of course, decisions are worthless without actions.  One can sit on a board of directors and make a decision, yet without actions to follow that up, oftentimes those decisions are fruitless.  In these cases, the members of the Reserve Corps of Destiny are those who are usually of formidable intelligence, dedication and perseverance, who have higher values—though some, of course, do not have higher values—but can nonetheless make decisions that are pivotal for the outcome and the development of your civilization.  Most often these individuals have a higher sense of purpose, a higher sense of commitment and involvement in their world.  These are individuals who oftentimes feel that they are on the platform or the stage of society of the world in some form.  Many do not understand these feelings and would perhaps not even verbalize them when asked; they would deny that they have such ideations or thought, yet nonetheless these subtle, subconscious or lower level conscious ideas and inclinations are important for the decisions that these individuals make.


As we speak this afternoon, there are many of these individuals who are now in contemplation, thinking of their position in their society, the activities and the work that they are contemplating and doing.  They are in preparation for making those decisions.  They have thought about the time and place that they may make these decisions.  Some have been prepared for these events, even in their childhood, when they were susceptible to greater downward leading of their Thought Adjuster, to contemplate and think about the repercussions of these areas of interest, in the lives of others, let alone themselves.  They have been prepared for this, and it may be that each individual would make only one decision, and oftentimes it is such that members of this Corps never do make a decision or take action, but have been there in reserve, in preparation for the significance for an important decision and the significance of its outcome.


You see, these individuals are the working members of the higher order of management of your planet.  These individuals have been placed in positions where they will aspire to and rise to levels of occupation, where they can make these decisions.  Very few of these individuals have been brought into the Corps later in life; almost all have begun their early life’s course in their early years, shortly after the Thought Adjuster was invested in their life.  Many come to that decision, or that inclination of occupation in their early teens — their late first decade of life, in the early years of their second decade of life.  These individuals have been gaining knowledge from others, or through books and from their own experience, which would later assist them in making these decisions.


You in your individual lives understand divine timing, divine development, divine flow and sequencing of decisions.  This is oftentimes a natural outcome of your participating in the consciousness of your world, where you have an influence on the unified energy field of your world, what some call the quantum field of energy.  You are arranging the world for yourself and the world is arranging itself for you.  There is this wonderful coincidence of developments and events, which makes your life so much easier, when you can have those wonderful “Ah-Ha's” that excite you, tease and please you at the same time.  On the macro-social level of a world such as yours, there is a necessity for individuals to be placed in positions where they can make right decisions, at right times, with superior outcomes for the larger part of your societies and your civilization.


Of course, at all times the decisions they make are purely their own.  They have what we have provided to them, a greater awareness of the impact of their decisions, the consequences of each option that they have at hand to make decisions about.  They have been well prepared; none of this violates the self-will actions or decisions of any individual whatsoever; it is as though they have become experts in a field where few may be experts, or have been prepared emotionally for the events that are to follow, and will make right decisions due to those influences.  There are many factors involved in planetary management, which would seem to you to be of the least significant detail, yet in the over-care of a planetary civilization, no item is left uncared for or un-discerned or under-valued, for there is always a presence, an awareness of what is occurring.  In spite of this great wonderful over-care of your world, your world has “gone downhill,” as you would call it, in many ways.  Yet if you look among you and in your societies, you will see the development of great individuals, people who are so much more aware and who have tremendous capacity and capability for superior performance, exceptional performance, and you have seen these.  Yet, you are aware of the many millions among you, who aspire to high levels of performance, and so I am saying that through the abundance of education and life experiences and care in a person’s life, they have developed skills which are of great interest to us and their placement is of even greater importance.


Not all of the experiences of individuals are pleasant in this preparation time, and that is not to mean that they have been placed in positions of great despair—no, quite the contrary.  Your guardians and your celestial teachers and midwayers are very much aware of those who are in distress, those who are in those character forming environments, which help them morph into powerful characters of faith, endurance and perseverance.  Those individuals will overcome these challenges around them, to place themselves through their aspirations into positions and situations which will eventually enable and empower them to make decisions and lead others with them.  Nothing goes unused, nothing is discarded; only the negative is left behind, and it disappears in time.


As you have witnessed, even in your own personal lives, you have become aware of the meeting of individuals of like-minds, of like-natures and like-temperaments—even those people who are opposites, but who complement each other in powerful ways.  You are beginning to see the coming together, or what we call “the subtle network” of social energy on your planet, where individuals come together at odd places, at odd times, unexpectedly for great reward for their world, eventually.  Sometimes this occurs without any evidence of any rewards for your society—that is not a wasted project; everyone benefits from these happenstance coincidences, which have in some ways been arranged.  There are many influences to arrange individuals at right times and right places.  As I was saying about the energy and training of individuals, their experiences which bring them into position for great decisions, there, too, is the influence of the greater human consciousness, and the quantum field of energy that helps bring them into right positions, at the right times, for there is a natural drawing power of these individuals to those situations.  It is not magic—it is simply the gravitation of like-interests to like-situations that have like-energies.  It is much like a lock and a key—the lock remains closed until the key appears and is turned by decisions and options, and so the door of opportunity opens for one, opens for many. 


Many things are going on in your world.  Now that sentence sounds nebulous and fuzzy, and not very objective, does it not?  Yet we cannot tell you of the depth of influences on your world.  In spite of these, this tremendous effort by Michael in the Correcting Time, and the reconnection of the circuits of energy, humans continue to make self-defeating decisions for themselves and for others.


You have now recently heard of “wrong culture”—wrong culture in the automotive industry, wrong culture in other technologies.  The old way of doing business no longer is profitable and in fact is highly detrimental and even destructive to the interests of investors.  Your world is in the process of culture change.  You who have a higher consciousness are completely involved in this project and this program.  Even if you are not called to the Teaching Mission and to the Magisterial Mission, or have faith that the Correcting Time is here, if you raise your consciousness to unite the best interests of all humankind, with the best interests of your Creators, Christ Michael and Nebadonia, and all the spiritual influences on your world, and you project that onto your world, you will have been a great and tremendous agent for good on your world.  You are the “Eveready Battery Bunny,” who helps us do things where we cannot.  You must be the individuals who project this energy.  Do not hold it within yourself. 


Just as you have been taught to allow the divine stream of energy from Paradise, the silver stream, to enter and fill your whole body consciously with your presence and your consciousness along side that energy to help heal you, so too we ask you to do that with your world.  It, too, has a divine stream of energy, streaming into the Northern Hemisphere and out the South to universe center.  It is powerful, and you with your consciousness can fill the world with that light and that energy, so that each individual who stands upon its surface literally glows with that energy.  You are far, far, far more powerful than you can imagine.  Those of you who appreciate those with the quantum physics of spirituality, understand this, even in a partial way.  You understand that your capacities are far greater than you realize, and if you engage spirit, God the Creator, your Thought Adjuster, for right and perfect action of directing your consciousness, your will, and you will have made a difference on your world, for you are the stream of energy that knits the good together.  You are the fishermen in your world, who cast your net of consciousness out into the world, and you bring in those of higher consciousness, into the net of Christ Michael’s work.


You are active.  You may sit in your home and say, “Oh, I am disabled, I cannot move, I cannot go out to meetings, I cannot help others—I don’t channel, I don’t project energy, I don’t think I can do anything.”  Well, I tell you friends, do not sit upon your hands, but clasp them together and engage the hands of Christ Michael to help us project energy into your world, for where you project it, then we can enter far more easily.  It is as simple as that.  Many of you—most of you are not in the Reserve Corps of Destiny, and those of you who read this, yet you are powerful members.  You are no less powerful than those individuals, and it is not that these individuals who have been placed in the Reserve Corps of Destiny are special, but that their work is special.  The placement of them is special and the timing of their decisions is very special.  They have the potential to actualize the effectiveness of Christ Michael’s program, the Correcting Time, in your world in the most co-creative way.


These individuals of the Corps may not be conscious of their partnership of their spiritual work, with the destiny of this world—that is not necessary.  It is not even necessary that they believe in God.  It is necessary, though, that they be placed in the right and perfect places, and the decisions that they make—if you were to ask them—they would often say that, no, they have no effect upon the world, they did not do this for Christ Michael, Nebadonia, their guardian angel, or even for themselves, but they knew it was the right decision to be made of all the options that were available.  We surely do not influence the individual for the selection of those options; we do, however, influence them tremendously in the education and understanding of every option that they do make, so that when the time comes, we along with them, hope that they make the right and perfect decision for that situation.


I have been chatting on rather rapidly, so if you have any questions, you are most welcome to ask them.  Give that some thought, my friends.


Student:  I was just thinking, since we have such a large population, and the Edenic plan to infuse the Adamic genetics into the mainstream population hasn’t quite gone the way it should have, and we still have to deal with the problems of defective strains, if there couldn’t be some[thing] from a higher source of selectivity in eliminating [specific] members of the population, and bring the population down to manageable levels, rather than having it go helter-skelter, like a domino effect that you sort of implied would happen through warfare and other actions that are more natural?


MONJORONSON:  I would be glad to engage your question.  As we have said, and you have been instructed many times before, the Father and the plan of Christ Michael is for the positive.  There are no plans to eliminate any individuals, just as there are no plans for families to beget more than one or two children.  There is, however, a plan and it has been long engaged for the improvement of your races.  While the overpopulation of your world is a very definite problem, it nonetheless offers us a tremendous opportunity for assistance of gene selection, through the same process as we use with the Reserve Corps of Destiny members.  There is tremendous influence upon the lives and the minds of families for educating their children.  There is tremendous influence upon the lives of individual children, beginning at a very early age, shortly after the investment of the Thought Adjuster around age five, for mate selection.  Mate selection has always been a highly focused interest of youth, and it is easily influenced by Thought Adjusters, by guardian angels, by midwayers, and celestial teachers.  The life carriers have an adjunctive group of educators, who are in your world, assessing the selection of individuals and helping to attune them to mates would make a very positive contribution through their children to your world.  This is an unending program. 


Your world is overpopulated, so there are many options for assisting this selection process.  There is no deliberate process of selecting “out,” but of selecting “in” those individuals who are needed in future generations of your world.  This is the process of Adamic influence that we have at this time, though in future generations after my staff is present and visible, there will be a significant effort to upgrade the gene-pool of your world, through volunteers.  That is some time away, and this will not occur until after your world population has decreased.  It is important that in these critical times of your world, that the best gene pool survive, and that it be augmented in time.  Does this answer your question?


Student:  Yeah, I thought the way it sounded in past sessions that it was going to be helter-skelter, random causes, and I thought it just seemed like with the population as high as it is, there would be more room to select viable strains, and there would be more viable strains to bring together, but if it were just helter-skelter and random chance, take who goes, then you wouldn’t be taking advantage of the situation.


MONJORONSON:  We are fully taking advantage of the situation, and we have made good progress.  As you have seen in your own children, and their children—your grandchildren—you have seen tremendous increases in the progeny of the world at this time.  Of course this is completely dependent upon environment and intention of parenting.  The focus is on quality of life for parents and their children.  Now we are into the fifth generation of this process, and there are definitely wonderful results being found.  And as well, these individuals who grow up to be parents, also feel they have a special place in the world to produce responsible, capable, talented, insightful and aware children, and so the intention of child-bearing has changed radically, since the time that this program began.  Yes, there are those individuals, literally billions of them, who are still producing children through self-selection, through accident and through the vagaries of old traditions that require someone to marry another due to position, power or wealth.  Though this has some advantages, wealth is no measure of genetic capacity, as you know.  Thank you for your question.  Are there other questions?


Student:  I have another question.  (Certainly.)  Is it possible for you to review how much experience you have dealing with planets that are in default, because according to The Urantia Book, it says that rebellion is not the norm in the seven superuniverses, but is more of a rarity.  So I just wondered if you have any prior experience in dealing with a world that defaulted like ours?


MONJORONSON:  Yes, I would be glad to answer.  Some of this information is limited, but I make you aware that I was in the third superuniverse at a time when there was rebellion; this was many, many billions of years ago.  There is much experience in the universe concerning this, and those are available fully to the Descending Sons of the Avonal series.  We have complete access to all archives of these uprisings and the solutions involved in them.  You would not be surprised however, that the main origins of rebellion are ego, and ego, and ego.  The solutions to those in a loving universe are oftentimes very slow to deal with.  I congratulate my brother, Christ Michael, on his patience and his perseverance to show and demonstrate to the universe that good overcomes evil, not by might, but by love, by connection, the perseverance of that endures forever.  This is in effect the outworking of a sustainable universe system, based on good, on positive, on love. 


I come well prepared for this assignment; I come well prepared to assist my brother in this opportunity.  What once was a crisis is now an opportunity.  It is of the position of the eleventh-hour, and the fifty-eighth minute that we are working in your world at this time.  Evil must outwork itself; must satisfy itself, either in going to the light, or releasing itself to non-existence.  Christ Michael has brought this about with the adjudication of those who brought this rebellion into existence.  Through the adjudication of the seventh superuniverse and beyond, these individuals no longer exist; those who do have been rehabilitated and appreciate their humble new beginnings in the world of light.  Thank you for your question.


Student:  I have a question, and please excuse me in advance for asking this—it may have been covered at some other time.  I have not been a party to this group for some time.  (Monjoronson:  Unfortunate!)  It is my understanding that events are accelerating in terms of the changes occurring on this planet, and that we may be entering into times of some difficulty.  These may include some earth changes, and we may have some without …?…, chaos within the population, during these times.  Can you comment on that?


MONJORONSON:  Yes, I would be glad to.  First of all, the acceleration of change continues unabated.  It is energetic, of course, and invests itself in all levels of human existence, and on energetic and planetary levels.  Greater change will continue, and resolutions will be more rapid, to accompany those rapid changes.  Slow remediations or corrections will fail.  There must be rapid adjustment of these changes, and difficulties must be addressed rapidly.  Yes, there will be more energetic difficulties on the physical plane in what you call earth changes.  This is a part of this era; it is an inherent part of the energetic elevation of your world, and it is something that has been delayed, but which now has been released to work itself out. 


Chaos is easy to bring about in a primitive world as this.  Chaos can occur simply by stopping the electrical generation of power.  It can stop through the lack of distribution of water.  It can be caused by many events.  Those that are most difficult are those which effect all of your infrastructure.  Where an earthquake occurs, there is a loss of electrical power, there is a loss of communications, there is loss of water, there is a loss of sewage disposal and the breakage of roads and so on.  Distribution of petroleum products and other energy products is disrupted so that these areas become highly isolated.  And, they become insulated as well from the outside, because it is most difficult for others on the outside with resources, to penetrate these areas of chaos.  When that situation occurs, then there is a loss; the infrastructure goes first and then the social institutions which stabilize and sustain your societies in those areas, begin to be over-burdened or disintegrate due to destructive lines of communication or loss of leadership—or leadership that will not respond. 


Yes, you will have a great difficulty in these areas, if you were there.  It is important for you to listen to your “gut,” to your intuition.  This one I speak through has a personal experience of a friend who was recently repeatedly told through several avenues of communication, not to go to a certain city for a celebration.  She nonetheless went there and had horrendous personal problems at that location, which caused her physical injury, loss of employment and on and on.  It is important that you listen to the messages.  She felt it intuitively; she asked a friend about this who was sensitive to the energies and was told as well, that she should not go.  Nonetheless, she went and suffered the consequences of that decision.  You who are in touch with your heart energy stream, and those who are in touch with the energy stream of others, whether it is this moment or future moments, it is important that you heed these warnings, these notices, these communications, and confirm them through others.  It does not matter how important the occasion is that you go to, or how much it would cost to get there that you may forfeit; it is important that you honor this communication.  We will not inform you mistakenly.  When you have been called, when you have been touched, when you know what the right decision is, (tape turned) …, you will be informed.  It is important that you heed that.


Once again, this is a self-selective process; will you live or will you die?  Will you be injured?  Oftentimes these are due to decisions you make—you place yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and then suffer the consequences.  This is an era of tremendous change.  One of those changes is an increase of communication from us to you.  It is almost palpable, and in many instances you cannot avoid but hear what we have to tell you.  Is there any other part of your question I did not answer?


Student:  I’m wondering if some of these chaotic events could be used as a means of cleansing this planet from the adverse effects of human civilization.


MONJORONSON:  That will be a natural outcome of natural events.  There are many people who live in the wrong place and who will be affected at the times these occur.  Yes, it will be a cleansing, just as the pandemics will be a cleansing of your world.  Many who are unaware of pandemics will be affected; many will be gone, within a short period of time.  We are hopeful that individuals with awareness, with connection of consciousness to others, to the consciousness of your planet will place themselves outside of those areas of destruction.  Once again, it is a matter of selection.  Many of you—all of you—have been informed and educated, you have gone through a life-learning situation, which has guided you to this moment now.  You have made decisions which effect where you live and how you live your life, and so you have placed yourself in positions co-creatively with us, to be more safe than many others. 


Once again, this is not the development of a special group of people, but through offerings to everyone, everywhere, to tune into the universe, to their world, to human consciousness, the stream of human consciousness that exists.  When this is united, everyone is united on your planet, and almost no one but the most hardheaded can ignore what they feel, and what they see, and what they know in their heart.  My friends, you will be greatly surprised at who remains afterward.  Do not count that they have any education whatsoever, but they have right alignment with their minds and their hearts, with the greater good of the universe.  (Thank you very much.)  You are welcome.  Last question?


Student:  I’ve heard many, many times that people within the Teaching Mission itself, and with other groups of individuals that receive celestial messages, that we chose to come to this world; we chose our parents, and that we chose these things because of certain experiences we need to have, yet The Urantia Book does not back that up.  Can you comment on that?


MONJORONSON:  Yes, I would be glad to.  The Urantia Book provides teachings that are strict, which do not allow a great variance of belief.  It is the solid foundation to build upon.  It is not useful for that sort of device, instrument or document to give tremendous latitude in options for believing or thinking, by those who read it.  Your world has enough difficulty with extraneous thinking and impulsive leadings to be given many options for belief.  Remember, this teaching, this revelation is foundational; it is something upon which you can succeed in life.  It echoes many fundamental beliefs in many other fundamental, foundational documents and beliefs that have been given to this world in millennia past.  It does not give you great latitude in understanding the journey for which you came.  It does not prepare you well for the preparation and influence of your Thought Adjuster upon your life.  Your Thought Adjuster was fully aware of your coming into existence generations before you ever appeared, and that you would provide a special opportunity for the Creator to experience this world in new ways, and for the fuller development of God the Supreme, the experiential God.  This is a way of preparing you for the larger parameters of your participation in the universe. 


Even as basic as this book is, without going into the other numerous volumes that could be added to it for greater explanation, still many, many readers have tossed this book aside, not believing its fundamental, basic beliefs.  It is a safe way to proceed in introducing a new spiritual culture into your world, rather than augmenting those which may already exist.  Those will be adapted to it; it adapted to them.  It is a process of slowly, slowly ingraining your world with a higher consciousness of their Creator, and how it experiences itself with you, co-creatively in your world, for your greatest good, and the greatest good of your world.  Know this is a safe way to proceed, and I could not, and do not fault the commission that wrote it and brought it into existence, so long ago.  Thank you.


Student:  Can I ask one more question?  (Sure.)  One of the [problems] due to the planetary double default, one of the elements that is missing is the [example] for immortality, and I just wonder how much of that element of immortality that impresses on the planet, influences the planet and whether there will be immortal presences in the future on this world?


MONJORONSON:  Excellent question, my fine friend!  Yes, the presence of immortality in the presence of an immortal being among you has a tremendous influence upon a world.  It offers a comparison to those mortals who live on a world, whether they live eight years, eighty years or eight hundred years.  The presence of an immortal being has a tremendous influence on the course and development of societies and civilization.  I am immortal; I was infinite in existence; I have almost an eternal mind, as it joins with the Creator, through the First Son.  I have the capacity to be here with you, as an immortal, though that must be revealed in a time appropriate for your world. 


Your world surely does not need the presence of an eternal being at this point, for people to make right decisions.  Right decisions are in front of everyone.  We do not want to “buy” people’s decisions for coming over to the side of light, but through the agondonter decision-making process for joining light, without knowing for sure.  This era now is in the grips of the greatest formation of character for agondonters ever to exist, in almost any world in the seven superuniverses.  Characters of incredible nature are being developed in your world at this time, people who make decisions, right decisions for right reasons, even in the face of great, great personal difficulty.  This is a process which will end eventually, as the outworking of this era of tremendous change comes to a close. 


When that occurs, then it will presage my appearance in your world, as a physical immortal being.  For all intents and purposes, I am immortal to you, for I have no physical death.  Only at times have I given up a life to pass on to my continuing adventure of service.  It is important that one leaves this world at the right time, and also come into the world at the right time, as many of you have decided to do.  You have come here for great service, for great growth, through the experience of living a very difficult life as a mortal upon this world.  Yes, immortality has a tremendous influence, but it would throw your world into incredible chaos at this time, and it would cause far greater detrimental damage than it would benefit your world. 


There is a right time for all of this, and this has been decided upon long ago, between Christ Michael, the First Son, the Administrators on Uversa, Edentia, Jerusem, and so on.  Christ Michael has been under advisement by all these individuals, upon his request.  He is a Sovereign and he can now take action as he sees fit, and that decision has been to bring my appearance onto your world when it is timely, when it is most beneficial, and when your world can receive it with glad tidings, rather than mixed feelings.  I thank you for your question.


My friends, let us call it a close for today.  I appreciate your presence here; it is wonderful to be among you.  I am heartened by the depth of your questions that you have brought to this forum.  You are thinking on new levels of awareness, and new levels of appreciation for your world, for those who are unconscious on your world and for the benefit of many on other worlds throughout Christ Michael’s kingdom.  His universe is grand and glorious, and is becoming brighter and brighter, as the blight of the rebellion recedes into the past.  You have a very personal, deliberate, intentional effort, and process and energy to bring this about with him.  Do not underestimate your importance to him.  You make yourself important by the important decisions you make, how you act them out and how you contribute to the larger spectrum of your civilization and to your world.  Yes, you are in for hard times, but yes, you will experience them and you will survive in ways that will surprise you.  Thank you again for your time and your thoughtful appreciation of these messages.  Know that God is present with you, present within you and that the anointment of all of us is upon you in all ways, ways that would surprise you.  Good day.  (Group gives thanks to Monjoronson and Daniel.)



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