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Changing The Face Of Religion : CMGSN Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Pilot Project
By Monjoronson and Raphaelo
Jul 9, 2009 - 1:37:00 PM

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Candace: I introduced Raphaelo recently. Do not confuse him with Daniel Raphael!  Raphaelo is angelic name of this individual, we are not posting his earth name. These are taken in German, and this is the translation to English.


“Pilot Project“

Monjoronson through Raphaelo

(Translation: Harald Kuehn/Anja Shakira Reuter)


Raphaelo: Monjoronson, I greet you. After the last days of insight it became clear to me, why originally I didn’t want to be on active service for the planetary management. With your help, however, I was able to absolutely clarify this, and now I am ready. From the Creator inside of me to the Creator inside of you you, let us begin.

Monjoronson: Raphaelo, I salute you in the Light of the One. I very much appreciate having been able to assist you clearing your mind. You are a perfect healer of yourself and therefore you have always been part of the ground crew‘s spear head“. The accelerated process (in your perception of time), which you went through, has been triggerd by your willingness to resonate with the wounds of the German collective. Now let us come to your questions; as I have noticed, a lot have piled up.

Raphaelo: Well, the first question that comes to my mind has been induced by your phrasing ... your questions...“ I have a vague idea how to perceive the questions of the core team, but perhaps you can make it more understandable, please.

Monjoronson: You have created a powerful field of resonance in your readiness to entrust yourself to Christ Michael’s, Esu’s and my guidance. In this field all of you permanently participate, and in this way a free flow of information arises among you, which by your approval is being protected by us. As, in cooperating with the GalFed, you consciously took part in the anchoring of fields before, you now have an acquired approach to this. And do not underestimate the other team members‘ potentials.

Raphaelo: How can access to the field be achieved?

Monjoronson: Total centering in your heart and a clear focus, just like always. Very easy.

Raphaelo: I would like to assist in your special part of bringing light into the German field.

Monjoronson: I know, and now comes your...

Raphaelo: I can only make this possible if we had a permanent connection, like a non-switched line, which enables contact whenever necessary...

Monjoronson: You don’t have to explain this any further, you know that. We have developed this together, you are only just beginning to implement it.

Assistant: Now that I have decided upon this I feel very much relieved.

Monjoronson: Dear Raphaelo, let your recording stop now; this way you can handle the information easier.

Raphaelo: OK, see you later and thank you, Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Truly, it’s a pleasure, my Dear.


Raphaelo: Since I woke up this morning, I have been feeling the urge to continue clearing my nature. This urge is free of any wish for personal revaluation; I am at peace with my material existence. Again and again Monjoronson leads me to those well known informations concerning his person and his mission. I am realizing the importance and necessity for my true self to become more integrated into my day-consciousness, because thus I understand my role inside the Magisterial Mission and thus my resistance is being healed.

Monjoronson: The background story of your life career is running synchronously with your awakening towards your original mission. As a Seraphim of Completion you are serving in the Corps of Finality.


Raphaelo: First I had to digest the latest statement, and now I am curious to know how we will be carrying on today. Much of the resistance inside of me can be described as follows: “Monjoronson is an Avonal, a Paradise Son, Magisterial Mission etc., what am I supposed to do except wasting his time?” - “I am a Seraphim of Completion in the Corps of Finality, one of the countless options for a Seraphim to serve, very well, but why can’t I simply go on a cruise with my MerKaBa, then????” – “Does the essence of my being explain my feeling of being permeated by the Source, which is a different feeling than the Father Fragment inside of me?” – “If my career has been that long, have I been personally known to Monjoronson for the same period of time?” “I don’t feel like throwing myself into this work, just to find out that on the occasion of the VIP’s and GalFed’s landing everybody signifies me consolingly how totally wrong I have been - pooh, what a terrible thought!” - As all of this reasoning is being saved/stored in the Akasha Chronicles, I know that Monjoronson can read them comfortly, and therefore, I am ready now for an informative conversation.

Monjoronson: The communication between us is getting better every day; your striving to bring your fields in resonance with me is a strong catalyzer, as you realize. Your physical indispositions are tranformational processes of energetic remainders in your cell memories, as you have already suspected. Many of the concepts we have been discussing lately seem familiar to you, correct.

Raphaelo: Yes, very much so; that’s why I take a break in our dialogue from time to time, to feel our connection, as I don’t like to deceive myself, actually.

Monjoronson: The concepts you have been working on for years, are data packs that you have been opening gradually. We have already designed and filled these packs before your incarnation. You have always been an inherent part of the Magisterial Mission.

Raphaelo: Well, now here you go again. So I am working for the Corps of Finality, as an incarnated Seraphim of Completion, with amnesia and the feeling of being far away from home. Great to finally recognise this after 37 years. What’s the deeper meaning of this secret-mongering?

Monjoronson: The meaning is easier than you admit it to be. Christ Michael’s seed planet also stands for the highest possible non-interference, which means that the learning processes only unfold their highest potentials, if they can develop from inside. That’s so particular about your material density, and for souls like you, most dangerous, too.

Raphaeleo: What do you mean by “dangerous”, I thought, during my career I have been through all possible ups and downs?

Monjoronson: Yes, you have; your service is a very multifaceted one. You always jump in wherever you feel resonance between your task and your soul. All of you, for example in the core-team, do that. “Dangerous” means that you could indeed experience traumatisations, which then would be looking for healing on the soul level. You and your Seraphim Spiritual Guide are such an example. Perhaps we should now make a few notes on what you found out about this with me and others.

Raphaelo: Gladly, here is the abbreviated version. The result of various kinds of consciousness-work like (systemic) constellations, Kryon School, meditation, daily pondering etc. is the following: On this Earth, my sister and me are actually our earth-parents’ only children, but if everything had worked out well, we would have been four. In particular, there is a strong bond between my supposedly dead brother and me, although I have never met him on this earth-level. He died at birth, and a year later I came into this world. By means of his death, my earth family somehow was prepared for the arrival of a new, quasi extraterrestrial energy. Their resonance fields were so old, crusted and ill, that he was not able to live in them. But his “landing” had caused huge cracks in those crusts. I had been his spiritual guide on the other side of the veil, and then we changed roles. This time I dared the incarnation, and since then he has been my companion.

Monjoronson: Very good research and memory, my Dear.

Raphaelo: You feel like “home” to me, but why this reluctance during the past years to play the channel for anyone?

Monjoronson: Firmly fixed information in your light-systems which you yourself had embedded there, have very much delayed your awakening. This was a precaution to prevent you from becoming visible.

Raphaelo: Becoming visible???

Monjoronson: The powers involved in this game of souls can be very destructive on many levels, and that is why there are those in my staff who protect and advise souls like you. Otherwise, those of your kind would thrust themselves into these crusts of consciousness time and again without hesitation, and without regard for themselves. Also, these scenarios have already been acted out in all variations; you even remember this!

Raphaelo: What do you mean, do we have a carte blanche and can we do whatever we want?

Monjoronson: You teaser, while asking the question you already know the answer, but you want me to verify it. Your carte blanche is the Father’s Eternal Love, penetrating you thoroughly. Souls of the Corps of Finality rather slip away from their incarnation, than to take part in any crime against this Love.

Raphaelo: I feel very much blandished; surely a lot of resistance will be brought up when other people read this.

Monjoronson: This is our intention. Resitance is caused by wounds that urgently need healing. All incarnated souls may and must become aware of their true identity; that’s what so called progressive civilisations are all about. A collective of individuals who are aware of their own greatness and dignity are moving gracefully and beautifully within the creation, heading towards ever new paths of abundance and oneness. The memory and acceptance of your true nature will create a perfect humbleness on service.

Raphaelo: Indeed, I do not feel any arrogance - I sincerely hope so, at least. To know who I am clearly shows me the incredible greatness of the events on Urantia. I am feeling like a small part of the whole, who - taken by itself - points out the greatness of God’s ways of Love.

Monjoronson: Very well, you are already becoming softer to yourself (grinning). On this planet you have never tried to heal real wounds inside of you.

Raphaelo: HUH ???

Monjoronson: You have been prepared, and you are now prepared to go in resonance with all wounds and to bring them into healing inside of you, in order to let this healed resonance affect the field of all wounds.

Raphaelo: I see, sounds familiar to me, heal yourself first, and then the others, or so.

Monjoronson: Yes, only that until now you have always thought you were walking through life with countless injuries, which actually were not your own – Finalists do not have any – but you had the solution.

Raphaelo: Well, I believe the time has come now to digest all this again; all of that sounds too good to be true.

Monjoronson: That’s another collective manipulation, “too good to be true”; it‘s a consequence of the rebellion. Just relax a little, we will continue our work when the time is right. As you always say (by the way, this has already become a “running gag” amongst my specialists), your synapses are about to be blown. Have a lot of fun, my Dear.


After having had enough time to let my synapses cool down, I am beginning to feel it might be appropiate to start now with the more general information. I always thought Monjoronson was responsible for the larger framework.

Monjoronson: Good morning, my Dear. Let’s see if we can put your last night’s lesson on paper. Have you already opened all the info-packets for today?

Raphaelo: Oops, just a moment, please.

I am ready to start.

Monjoronson: Today we will start trying to illuminate the cooperation between the different levels of social coexistence. The factors that determine a peaceful, enlightening and sustainable cooperation are the same in all superior and inferior systems. “Superior” and “inferior” in this context is not meant to be better or worse, but bigger and smaller. This is an approach towards the topic of divine order or admimistration.

Raphaelo: I see, now it’s getting exciting! When I try to perceive the essence of your being and intuit your grandeur, your immeasurable age, your wisdom and your warmness, I am feeling very small. Then I would like someone like you to take over here, but at the same time, there is the rebel inside of me. This rebel has helped me to survive all those soul-killing institutions such as school and similar establishments in my everyday life. This rebel doesn’t want to be restricted by the next authority, after having successfully resisted those bums from earth’s public authorities for decades. Admittedly, most of the time my resistance consists in hiding and deleting resonance, but that’s better than nothing at all, isn’t it? Most people here are fed up with leadership, and it should be difficult to establish a new one, even more if it is divine.

Monjoronson: You really got the heart of the matter. The new divine human being will be of such a high and comprehensive vibration, that a “unity-consciousness” will be formed which will easily provide access to the human collective for everyone.

Raphaelo: Yes, this is what many similar messages have been saying again and again, in one way or another. But how can we make this approach more efficient, without coercion?

Monjoronson: The first step was a linked one: The spreading of information from the Divine Reality in connection with the pinpoint accuracy of one to one-healings. The result of this was a slow rising of mass-consciousness. This trend has been slowed down in the 60s and 70s by the growing tendency to create small religious communities and life partnerships. Thus, higher knowledge became elitist and less and less accessible for the general public. The compensation of this stagnation of consciousness, among others, were the indigo-waves, beginning in the 70s, and the appearance of more and more new healing methods (“alternative medicine”), all of them containing awakening-potential. In the meantime, you have in general regained a certain level of acceptance among the masses, regarding profound truths. At the same time the so called “dark forces” have been causing a lot of trouble, which is only understandable. As always, it is your focus that determines the way you experience this change in society.

Raphaelo: So what can we do???

Monjoronson: Keep your focus on establishing a lightfull and sustainable society. By doing so, you have an impact on your common morphic field, so that after Stasis you will easily be able to recall the ideas. For the time being we recommend you not to go in resonance with a direct clash with dark, confused and deformed souls. Many are in a death-struggle, and in such a situation every being is surprisingly strong. The creation of healing-centers, as you have already designed and partly created, will have to wait for completion until after Stasis. The work there will then also become much easier, even though often rather intense.

Raphaelo: Could you please once more explain for all of us, why healing – of all things my favourite topic - is supposed to be so important for our society?

Monjoronson: With pleasure! We will connect this answer with the subject of administration. As you have always stated, healing means the restoration of the Divine Order. If this order reigns in every individual, the result of this will be that the resonance with all conflicts in the outside will be touched and healed. That is one of the reasons why not even GalFed is able to heal humans - just for the fun of it - with their living technology. High technology has influence on cell-collectives and light body systems, but not on the substance of the soul. In your future healing-centers you will need a multistage procedure, during which as much soul- and emotional pain as possible is healed, until – by means of this re-established sense of basic trust - the contact to the cell-collective is strong enough to respond to this high technology. You will only be able to achieve this kind of healing, if all social contacts are also recognized to be a reflection of past lives, representing old conflicts between star nations. In the end, conflicts between nations, communities, cities, villages and individuals differ from each other by the number of involved souls, supporting the field of conflict, consciously or unconsciously. This is also the reason why we call to you to become active. If you completely withdraw from the field of conflict, very well aware of what’s going on, in order to deprive war-like processes of their energies, the field will lose a chance for solution, namely you. It is much more effective to stay in temporary resonance with the conflict and to perceive all rising emotions, until you have integrated them in peace. Finally, you can let this insight flow into the conflict by pure intention and request. Many of the beacons among you have already mastered the particular elements of this process, so that now you are ready for the major correlations. Any more questions?

Raphaelo: Yes, but I can’t quite take hold of them. Please let us carry on later. Thank you, Monjoronson, I am surprised how easy communication is with you.

Monjoronson: I thank you! If there were not those scattered light warriors like you who have continuously prepared themselves for this phase of transition, noone would listen to me.

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