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Changing The Face Of Religion : CMGSN Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Mercy and Harmony
By Monjoronson Thru Donna DIngillo
Jun 17, 2011 - 7:38:00 PM

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Conference Call with Monjoronson
Center for Christ Consciousness
June 12, 2011

Topic: Mercy and Harmony

T/R Donna D’Ingillo

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my brethren, this is Monjoronson. We are so pleased you could be here with us this day as we combine our energies to send into this beautiful world. As you recall, we have been building the energies of MERCY upon Urantia—this growing circuitry of the quality of love that surpasses most of your abilities’ to forgive and understand and to be compassionate.  This is an energy that is truly liberating to the soul. We are here to establish a dominion of MERCY upon Urantia.

Today, in the theme of increasing the spiritual pressure upon Urantia through the encircuitment of MERCY, we invite you to go into that place in your heart where your affection for your world is strong and secure.  You all are in various relationships with your brethren that sometimes cause you to wonder about your ability to communicate—to share ideas and information. There has been much discord, disharmony, and miscommunication between the people of this world. MERCY tends to level the playing field as it takes much emotional pressure off of your need for understanding. We are here to help you become more lighthearted and more joyful in dealing with your brothers and sisters.

As we help you infuse MERCY not only into your own beings, but into the planetary fabric—you  might call it the social fabric of Urantia—we also invite you to feel your desire for more joyfulness, more lightheartedness to exist between you and your peers, you and your family members, you and your coworkers in whatever relationships you have.

Focus on these two desires of your heart: your affection for your planet and your need or your desires for more joyfulness or lightheartedness in your relationships. Focus on this in the next few moments and we will build, we will add more into these constructs later in the call.

What we aspire to create in you are those circuits for greater HARMONY in understanding one another, especially in your arenas of communication. It is very important for the inception of Light and Life for there to be more UNITY and HARMONY among people.  Sharing of ideas is simply sharing. You are not trying to convince one another of your positions for there is no one on this world who has the perspective that would be so correct as to, what you might say, corner the market on truth.

In sharing your understandings with one another, please keep in mind that it is the energy that you convey that people feel. When you feel you are in a position of rightness and that energy is stronger than your feeling of love or lightheartedness, that tends to be divisive.  We are helping you to outgrow this need to pronounce your own truth in favor of a gentle sharing of information that will foster greater unity or harmony among people.

We ask you to embody these qualities that you may truly be the spirit leaveners that Michael requires, that you are better conduits of his words of TRUTH to your brothers and sisters. So as we minister to you now, allow these desires for becoming more harmonious and playful with your brothers and sisters in your communications to go deeper into your beings.  This will add to your spiritual radiance and charm to make you more highly attractive to your brothers and sisters.

Each one of you in this small gathering can generate a powerful heart signal that is applied to the greater whole and generates or donates a growing desire for MERCY and HARMONY to penetrate through those existing forms of communication that have been divisive, contentious, competitive and spiteful.  Let these energies influence you no longer, my brethren. Let your desires for MERCY and HARMONY dwell within your heart. We will prepare you to project it outward in a few moments.

Now in your mind’s eye, envision the world Urantia before you. You live in an age where communications are instantaneous. You have many forms of communications that you have access to. These form circuits over the planet; they use various frequencies to deliver their information.  This is in a manner similar to the informational circuits that are used through the universe to convey information. Today, I would invite you to project those energies of HARMONY and MERCY into the communications circuits that you have over the globe. It is not important that you know where these hubs of communications are located or what they look like; simply project, from your heart, the words MERCY and HARMONY into the world before you and we will add our endowment into what you are generating where they will be of great usefulness. Take a few moments to do this.

Harmonization sets a pattern for various forms of communication to come into alignment with the Father’s will—the Father’s plan. The MERCY circuit that has been generated and continues to grow will benefit greatly from these harmonizing languages you are building now into the planetary fabric. At some point Urantia will be speaking the same language, the language of the heart, albeit it will be many centuries until there is one unified language, but it begins here with the harmonization of the heart energies that have been prepared through the energies of MERCY, LOVE, RIGHTMINDEDNESS, and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL.

Harmonization does not necessarily mean standardization of your thoughts. It is more an attitude of tolerance and appreciating that another person has a constructive and valuable perspective to share with you which would be highly beneficial to your own spiritual growth and development. It means you are no longer holding purely onto your own ideas as the sole repository of truth, but allowing another person to share a valuable aspect—who they are as a child of the Father—with you. So welcome this energy of HARMONIZATION, my brethren. Let it go deep into the places where you feel MERCY for your brothers and sisters. This will be greatly aiding your ability to communicate with your brothers and sisters. You will be more effective and attractive, more spiritually magnetic. Continue to focus your outward energies toward the planet. We are building these circuits here for your brothers and sisters to avail themselves.

There are many places around the world that require this energy. Send this to the region of the Middle East. In your mind’s eye, see this region. You can make it as broad or as small as you desire. We will be focusing this energy here for several weeks to come, in addition to other areas. This is one region that is very needful of it at this moment.

A great exchange is occurring in this region. It is the groundswell desire for more human and civil rights, breaking up regimes that have been repressively coercive in maintaining certain institutionalized tribal and theocratic mindsets. Feel your compassion and mercy for this region. Direct the energies from your heart now into these places. Lift up your brothers and sisters who are gaining strength in their voices. Freedom is becoming more clear and vibrant.

In your mind’s eye, envision a white shaft of light embracing the region where the U.N. headquarters is located, the building, the environs around this headquarters is now being imbued with a great ray of light. Simply thank Michael for his presence, for his will. Draw down into this visualization with his will, his mercy, his harmony and his peace.


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