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Changing The Face Of Religion : CMGSN Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

“Co-creation and Inspiration.”
By Celestial Artisan Athena
Apr 24, 2013 - 7:36:40 AM

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Illawarra District, Australia, November 1, 2011.
Midwayer Messenger Sharmon.
Celestial Artisan Athena.
Subject: “Co-creation and Inspiration.”
Received by George Barnard.

Sharmon: “This is Sharmon doing the honors this evening. I am here with you this evening to pass you on to Athena right now. My love to you all.” 

Athena: “This Athena. For those of you who are not familiar with my task – the work that I do with many on your planet – I am a Celestial Artisan, a former human though not from your planet. I have taken the name, Athena, because my real name is unpronounceable to you. On my world I spend most of my adult life as a government employee busy with artistic work of all kinds, of pottery, of sculpture, of painting and of drawing including some interesting work and rather unusual things for an artisan – architectural models for building projects. 

“My fusion is on hold, which is typical for very many Teachers that prefer to do creative and cooperative work with human beings. And for me it is a great honor to have many students on your world. All of you are entitled to Teachers and in addition all of you are entitled to have the input of a Celestial Artisan in a wide range of creative work. Many of you do not understand, or perhaps overlook, the fact that you are creators, co-creators together with that Fragment of God which inhabits you and it is possible for you to so create many things. 

“I am not in this particular instance discussing the making of paintings or the production of sculptures. Creative work may involve cooking, it may involve mathematics, it may involve active problem solving in areas where nothing physical is produced but solutions are to be found. I encourage you to try finding a Teacher for your specific lessons and do your meditation until you have contact with this Teacher. In addition also request that you may be given access to a Celestial Artisan to allow you to solve the most complex of problems, to be creative to your utmost ability with the input of the advanced minds of the Celestial Artisans, who will make themselves available to assist you. 

“This is Athena saying it is wonderful to be in touch with you again. My love will be with you all your days. Goodbye for now.” 

George: “Thank you both.”




Well the Celestian Artisans are covered in  Paper 44 of the UB. Its a long chapter, and artisans are volunteers and can be spirits or ascending mortals, to make it short.

Here is a few selected paragraphs.  I recommend reading the whole paper though.

(497.1) 44:0.1 AMONG the courtesy colonies of the various divisional and universe headquarters worlds may be found the unique order of composite personalities denominated the celestial artisans. These beings are the master artists and artisans of the morontia and lower spirit realms. They are the spirits and semispirits who are engaged in morontia embellishment and in spiritual beautification. Such artisans are distributed throughout the grand universe — on the headquarters worlds of the superuniverses, the local universes, the constellations, and systems, as well as on all spheres settled in light and life; but their chief realm of activity is in the constellations and especially on the seven hundred seventy worlds surrounding each headquarters sphere.

(497.2) 44:0.2 Though their work may be almost incomprehensible to the material mind, it should be understood that the morontia and spirit worlds are not without their high arts and supernal cultures.

(497.3) 44:0.3 The celestial artisans are not created as such; they are a selected and recruited corps of beings composed of certain teacher personalities native to the central universe and their volunteer pupils drawn from the ascending mortals and numerous other celestial groups. The original teaching corps of these artisans was sometime assigned by the Infinite Spirit in collaboration with the Seven Master Spirits and consisted of seven thousand Havona instructors, one thousand to each of the seven divisions of artisans. With such a nucleus to start with, there has developed through the ages this brilliant body of skillful workers in spirit and morontia affairs.

(497.4) 44:0.4 Any morontia personality or spirit entity is eligible for admission to the corps of the celestial artisans; that is, any being below the rank of inherent divine sonship. Ascending sons of God from the evolutionary spheres may, after their arrival on the morontia worlds, apply for admission to the artisan corps and, if sufficiently gifted, may choose such a career for a longer or shorter period. But no one may enlist with the celestial artisans for less than one millennium, one thousand years of superuniverse time.

(498.4) 44:0.13 The original teachers of these seven groups all hailed from the perfect worlds of Havona, and Havona contains the patterns, the pattern studies, for all phases and forms of spirit artistry. While it is a gigantic task to undertake to transfer these arts of Havona to the worlds of space, the celestial artisans have improved in technique and execution from age to age. As in all other phases of the ascending career those who are most advanced in any line of endeavor are required constantly to impart their superior knowledge and skill to their less favored fellows.

(499.2) 44:0.21 I can do no more than attempt to sketch a crude parallelism between mortal material activities and the manifold functions of the celestial artisans. If the Urantia races were more advanced in art and other cultural accomplishments, then could I go that much farther in an effort to project the human mind from the things of matter to those of morontia. About all I can hope to accomplish is to make emphatic the fact of the reality of these transactions of the morontia and the spirit worlds.

(507.6) 44:8.1 Although celestial artisans do not personally work on material planets, such as Urantia, they do come, from time to time, from the headquarters of the system to proffer help to the naturally gifted individuals of the mortal races. When thus assigned, these artisans temporarily work under the supervision of the planetary angels of progress. The seraphic hosts co-operate with these artisans in attempting to assist those mortal artists who possess inherent endowments, and who also possess Adjusters of special and previous experience.

(508.1) 44:8.3 There is no caste in the ranks of spirit artisans. No matter how lowly your origin, if you have ability and the gift of expression, you will gain adequate recognition and receive due appreciation as you ascend upward in the scale of morontia experience and spiritual attainment. There can be no handicap of human heredity or deprivation of mortal environment which the morontia career will not fully compensate and wholly remove. And all such satisfactions of artistic achievement and expressionful self-realization will be effected by your own personal efforts in progressive advancement. At last the aspirations of evolutionary mediocrity may be realized. While the Gods do not arbitrarily bestow talents and ability upon the children of time, they do provide for the attainment of the satisfaction of all their noble longings and for the gratification of all human hunger for supernal self-expression.

Here is a list of 8 sorts of artisan activity in the paper.  I leave you to read the explanations.

(497.6) 44:0.6 1. Celestial Musicians.
(497.7) 44:0.7 2. Heavenly Reproducers.
(497.8) 44:0.8 3. Divine Builders.
(497.9) 44:0.9 4. Thought Recorders.
(498.1) 44:0.10 5. Energy Manipulators.
(498.2) 44:0.11 6. Designers and Embellishers.
(498.3) 44:0.12 7. Harmony Workers.

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