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By request from Mark Rogers
By Mark Wilson
Nov 1, 2008 - 4:13:00 AM

The following email was received from Mark Rogers - I have removed his direct email address in the email.  By his request we have removed all occurrences of his transmissions on AH.

Contact us form completed:
1. Name :Mark Rogers
2. E-mail: 
3. Subject: Use of my transmitted material without permission
3. Message: Dear folks, I could not help but notice that you have posted transmissions of mine on your site without my knowledge or permission-under Daniel Raphaels name no less and with no aknowledgment of any kind. Have you also copyrighted them as well? I hereby request you remove all material transmitted by me and cease and disist including any of my material as Candice has declared me a \"false\" transmitter ( as if she has any authority to do so).I pray this site be released from the shackles of fear and ego to be a force for good and not just another purveyor of fear. Untill such a time I demand to not be associated with such as would commondeer my work in support of such self serving efforts as are evident here.Please send me confirmation you have recieved my request and your intentions to honor my request. Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Mark Rogers of the N.I. Team.(CC sent to Daniel Rafael)


Candace: What a shame. The man has identified himself then as a maker of false material. Monjoronson would never have wished this. And everything I have posted with Mark as TR has been given exactly as given with credit of him as TR. I copy them as posted from the Teaching Mission or

I will report this to Monjoronson, because the material he puts out is to be freely distributed.  We do not copyright other's work, as clearly stated in our copyright notice, and the copyright notice exists simply for the purposes of material by members of AH must be given in original form without modification and clear notice as to where it came from, simple ethics. 


My section he is also falsely complaining about is a double section which contains Daniel Raphael's material and Monjoronson's material thru Daniel or anybody else. I assume Mark Rogers is angry because I have caught him and Henry Z putting out false teaching. So be it. The material was initially correct and something has changed, so it shouldn't be here on AH anymore anyway. I am greatly saddened at this turn of events. So be it, however. 

I have had email conversations in the past with Mark who had no problem then with my posting his work. So what has changed? I currently have a problem with this mode of work on   as I perceive there are no witnesses to at least some of these transmissions, and TRing is ORAL, not telepathic. I realize there is no witness to my telepathic work, however, with TRing, there have been sporatic issues with the Teaching Mission, in that some people would attend more than one group, and would notice differences in technique, and it was discovered some CIA types or others would be using microphones, and thus it was not true TRing.  The issue here, in the Questions section, and in the Light Line transmissions, who is witnessing? 

There is also an issue with the one called "Light" in the Teaching Mission. "Light" is not a creation of the higher realms. "Light" is the creation of several on this plane, and this is not possible in the incarnate situation. Only a very few entities can create new entities, and under quite restricting situations.  This is a game and I did not like the material from "Light" since the inception of it. So it is fitting that AH does not carry material with discrepancy issues.  I am very careful with what I post here, it must meet my standards, as AH is in partnership with Esu and Christ Michael.

Please understand I am not deriding the Teaching Mission. I am simply saying this is a planet of great corruption and there has been a great deal of difficulty in all arenas in the United States in particular with getting accurate material before the public.

 The Phoenix Journal project faced a huge amount of difficulties and many came to work in it and were corrupt. An example was the owner of America West, George Green, who did great harm to the project, and now George Green is out there claiming Pleiadian contact, which he has apparently merely borrowed from others. Google him, he is quite active as a new age whatever. Perhaps he has changed for the better, I don't know, but I don't like what he puts out either. George Green stole a large quantity of gold coins donated to the project and apparently also caused some changes in material here and there during publication. The George Green story plus others are long and complicated in the Journals.

PS:  For a time I was sent emails showing the weekly webvisits to and MOST of those webvisits came as a result of my support of this new website. I withdraw my support at this time. I will continue however to post any honest and revelant material from Monjoronson and others.




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