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Changing The Face Of Religion : CMGSN Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

11:11 recent messages part 2
By varies
Apr 7, 2013 - 11:52:06 PM

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Chicago, US of A, February 2, 2013.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Government.”
Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Government, before it signifies a socio-political structure in control of a state or nation, stands for direction, control, management, rule, order. Even on Paradise and Havona, where perfection is innate, there is a form a government that ensures divine harmony. Anarchy is the opposite of government and order, and where allowed it will eventually bring chaos to any situation. Essential to government is Pattern – without which no rule or law can be applied. Government needs established patterns that in all situations and by all people concerned must be followed. Government is essential to order, and order is essential to life. Accordingly, personal beings experience government as follows: first as imposed; then cooperatively; and finally autonomously. 

“Externally imposed government is necessary on the evolutionary worlds as a time allowance so the planetary races may evolve and mature to a status in which they no longer represent a threat of extinction to themselves. Government, in this way, has a directive and educational function. The individual is free to choose if he or she wants to be part of the order (the will) of God, or not, but the over-control of evolutionary races and nations of a world is the prerogative of universe authorities, as you read: ‘The Most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomsoever he will.’ In the same way a child needs direction and control from parents, human beings on Urantia need the wise and beneficial direction and control of our Nebadon authorities. This supra-government is effective through the celestial administrators, and through the supervision and direction of your actual earthly governments, irrespective of their evolutionary nature and status. 

“Cooperative government is an advanced phase of control, both in terms of earthly and spiritual administration. From an earthly viewpoint, typical cooperative governments are the authentic democratic ones, as they make room for popular decision and participation. Spiritually speaking, though, cooperative government is not experienced by an evolutionary sphere until it enters the Life and Light Era, resulting from the continuous ministry of local universe and Paradise Sons, along with increasing cosmic consciousness by its inhabitants, allowing, at that time, real, intentional and cooperative work between human and spiritual authorities. The government of the Light and Life Era is, usually, and in its broaden aspect, a worldwide government, in which nations have learned to no longer resort to wars to solve their differences, and in which most mature individuals are self-governed, with minimal need for civil and social control. Cooperative government is the highest of evolutionary world experiences, even through the most advanced phases of Light and Life, but self-government is a common expedient in the morontia worlds on High. 

“Therefore, my pupil, government is not a necessary evil, as some people may think. It is, on the contrary, a derivative of the value of Beauty, which allows God’s creatures to recognize divine patterns in Creation and through them, God’s will itself. Always keep in mind that self-control is the most elevated form of government. I am Prolotheos, your tutor-teacher on High, always only a thought away. Peace to all.”



Alabama, US of A, February 14, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Trust.”
Received By Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There will always be tension within groups due to difficulties in harmonizing individual impulses with the goals of the group. All human beings have a unique way of functioning. Be aware of the fact that no one knows what is on your mind, or what your intentions and motivations are. Even if your commitment is firm, others will only notice this after some time has passed and they will have seen the results of your work. This is how trust is developed in this world.

“Remember this the next time you feel unjustly criticized. It is very difficult to trust in a person that is not well known. Be patient and accept that in this world you must always show good results before others will appreciate your worth. This is natural and up to a certain point desirable in the transactions of the material world. Trust can only be obtained by experience and by mutual understanding. Focus on being better every time, on serving your peers the best way you can envision, and the results will speak for themselves.

“On the Mansion worlds and beyond, trust is given without any pre-condition. Those beings who have experienced certain spiritual advancement know there is great potential locked within the human souls, even when at times they stumble into darkness and confusion. Michael trusted without reservation while walking upon this world, because He knew that each human being who crossed His path was indwelled by the presence of His Father in Heaven.

“Even when you don’t know a person, and you don’t know at what stage that person is on her spiritual journey, you should offer your love without conditions and your service should extend even to those that are strangers to you. They – as well as yourself – are illumined by the presence of God, and, just like you, are advancing toward the same destination, each one on their personal path. What you think of them is much more important than what they may think of you. An authentic love for your fellow human beings can tear down even the highest wall of intolerance, and avoid the traps of mistrust in overcoming prejudice and fear.”




Alabama, US of A, February 11, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A New Way in Which to Perceive Life.”
Received By Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The desire to serve the Father is the main indicator of spiritual progress. This desire signals that the days of fear have been left behind, and the will of the creature now strives to become like the will of the Creator. This desire is paramount. It is not just a declaration of purpose, but a force that transforms all impulses and all thoughts of a creature toward the eternal goal – being like God. It is a new way to see life, not as floating adrift in an unknown universe, but as a journey toward a definite purpose that can only be known by faith. However, this purpose can progressively be discovered, and it becomes more real through the decisions based on the guidance of the Divine Spark.

“Some among you have reached this level of maturity and the best attribute you now possess is that you know which way you should walk. However, many live today without knowing why they are alive, or what they can do with their lives. Many are searching for something to dedicate their lives to, something worthy of their time, without having a hint of an idea what this something might be. Many find temporal things to be entertained with, and even when some of these endeavors can promote the development of aspects of their personality, they are only distractions from their main task.

“The purpose of life is to know the Father and to find Him within your own being. This is the main objective, and this search is enough to develop the aspects of personality that will benefit spiritual growth as well as performance in one’s material life. This intent should be the priority for all, even when many among you don’t think so. Those who have awakened know where to address their efforts and reap the rewards. However, the first steps are always taken in faith. You need to search in order to find, and for you to have the desire to search, you need to believe you will find what you desire.

“By taking the first steps, merely hoping that you have a Celestial Father, you open your heart and your mind to receive. After the first steps your faith will become stronger and more confident, because, if you pay attention, you start to get what you ask for, you will start to ‘see and hear’, and you will realize you made the right choice.

“Our Father doesn’t hide from His children, asking them to blindly believe as a condition to reveal Himself. However, in the same way you can receive a radio transmission by tuning into the right frequency, you can only begin to ‘hear’ the voice of the Father when you focus your attention upon Him.”




Urantia, February 24, 2013.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “An Undefinable Moment.”
Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear child, it behooves you to remain for an additional while in the Silence of your heart, and feel My love like a holy hush enveloping you. It is one of these undefinable moments when time seems to stand still. Everything fades away as it is this one moment which matters, when the mind is receding into the ‘background’, so to speak, yet while a wonderful heightened awareness remains. It is this holy hush which not only envelops you but also nurtures the heart, soul and mind with the most wonderful surge in the form of a healing happening in the physical self.

“It cannot be otherwise, as this is a direct result of your wholeheartedly being with me, spending time, which at present is of no consequence as all you desire is to come closer to Me. Only one overriding thought is in your mind as to how you can come closer to learn to understand Me better, and therewith cooperate more in doing God’s will. Just enjoy our togetherness, child. Let all questions go for now, and enjoy this moment, which is undefinable, as you are in contact with eternity.

“Such moments are forever etched into the human soul. These are the moments which nurture and help the soul to expand and grow. Such moments are the healing balm for the totality of you, as nothing is left untouched by the hand of God. Your desires are always recognized and noticed as they are from each mortal. None are left behind who desire to open heartedly do the will of God. I ask you, how many mortals are there who even unknowingly to themselves entertain that question in their hearts as to how to fulfill God’s will in their earthly existence? I tell you that all souls have this inner longing but not always do the desires of heart and soul come to the surface of their minds as there is a great deal of preoccupation with the mundane, still the overriding factor in many people’s lives.

“However, the seed-soul always is in contact with the unbreakable attraction of Paradise. It cannot be otherwise, unless the mind gets so twisted that the personality can no longer think straight. In this way they lose out on that wonderful gift of moving ever so slowly, but surely closer to the All That Is. And they cannot experience these infrequent yet superb moments, of this undefinable togetherness with the Creator of their being. Prayers for ‘wake-up calls’ for those souls are always gladly accepted on High. The Gods always hear the petitions from their mortal children when they pray for others.

“Thank you for allowing Me a moment of your time, child. How wonderful it is to have your full attention so we can share one of those undefinable moments, which in truth and fact are tiny growing spurts for the soul. And remember, child, I am always with you.”

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