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Political Information
Jun 28, 2019 - Sir Thomas More's Utopia

SARTRE: From Bartleby Writings the importance of natural law is established by More, while his error upon relying on reason to achieve this understanding negates revelation based upon faith.

Ron: It is not an error to rely on reason to understand natural law. The problem faced by humans on this planet has been that demonic entities and their Talmudic and other controlled agents have distorted and falsified the truth about life, the universe and everything including the natural law. Arguably reason cannot negate revelation since true revelation is truth and reason properly exercised will accept truth.

SARTRE: "The detailed description of Utopia acts as More's mode of expressing his humanistic views, commenting on the fundamentals of human nature and the importance of reason and natural law while gracefully combining the two seemingly conflicting ideals of communism and liberalism."

Ron: The seemingly conflicting ideals of communism and liberalism were created by Talmudists and reflect their demonic collectivist ideology. They were created as part of the Talmudists' Hegelian dialectic methodology whereunder opposing  movements are created to cause societal conflict so that the Talmudic instigators of the conflict can provide their desired solution to it. The mechanism is designed to create chaos and destroy rational thought and hence genuine social relationships and community peace and unity.

SARTRE: Note the outlook expressed by More back in the 16th Century is quite different from the godless [Ron: Talmudic] culture that has engulfed the planet. In Utopia Book I the outline of the systemic problems are examined. However, in Book II the factors and answers to create More's Utopia are presented.

Most notable are the conditions under:

Officials, "The leaders or government officials, chosen from the citizens of superior intelligence and integrity."

Ron: Ordinarily leaders and government officials will also have an adequate knowledge of life through experience.

Community Life, "Menial tasks are performed by slaves."

Ron: The Cosmos is created by Love energy. Accordingly, in "Utopia", the ideal spiritual community capable of experiencing Light and Life will emulate love energy and hence community members will seek to serve others more than self. This means that when and if needed, everyone will perform menial tasks within their capacity. However, as humanity evolves it is being gifted with ideas that create mechanised and electronic technologies culminating in artifical intelligence and these developments are rapidly eliminating the need for human beings to do most menial tasks. ALL that is required to ensure that future human communities live in increasingly utopian material and social conditions unburdened by menial tasks is that community members develop a sufficient degree of higher consciousness, ie greater spiritual maturity, so that communities agree to intelligently control the use of technology and properly and reasonably share its abundant benefits with everyone in society. Eventually this will require dispensing with the money meme and the various mechanisms currently associated with its use and abuse such as privately owned corporations.

Economy, "There is no private property among the Utopians and they have no money."

Ron: Once HUmans evolve spiritually to reach the Utopian level of Light and Life money will no longer be needed to grease the wheels of social interaction. At that point, communities will understand and agree that the Creator is the true owner of everything and that HUmans are stewards and guardians of the natural physical world in which they live. Individuals will become caretakers of the land and housing they occupy and have tenure as long as they need it, provided that they properly maintain and care for it. Occupiers would have quite possession of land, housing and any other property that they validly occupy and have guardianship of, provided that they properly maintain, use and adequately preserve the quality of such land, housing and/or property.

Similar attitudes and responsibilities will typify the control and use of all industrial and commercial premises and property. Local, district, regional and national governance organisations would be tasked with ensuring the proper and reasonable allocation, usage and stewardship of all such premises and property; and the proper and appropriatly equitable distribution of goods and services produced from enterprises using them. Relevant governance organisations would also oversight and control the use of all unoccupied lands.

Philosophy, "The belief that a life pattern must accord with the dictates of nature; since nature prompts people to seek pleasure, pleasure is regarded as the goal of life."

Ron: I agree that life patterns need to accord with the dictates of nature, ie energetic cosmic laws, but disagree with the proposition that 'pleasure is regarded as the goal of life.' Each individual HUman being is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness and endowed by the Creator with a unique  mind and personality. Arguably the ultimate goal of every created spirit and of everyone incarnating in this physical world is to grow in knowledge, wisdom and love and thus to become more like the Creator. That requires that HUmans must strive to grow their minds through rational thinking and action in accordance with that thinking.

Laws, "They have no lawyers. Their body of laws is brief and readily understood by laymen."

Ron: We have it on good authority that Humans incarnate to learn to love their neighbour (everyone and everything) AS themselves (ie we need to learn to accept and love ourselves) FOR the love of God, ie ALL. This requirement to learn to love everyone and everything unconditionally is a simple concept that doesn't require reams of man made laws and regulations. It requires good will and personal honesty and integrity. In a Utopian (Light and Life) situation everyone needs to accept responsibility for their actions, and failure to act when action is necessary. If that is done, there is no need for large legislatures, police, security forces and judiciaries.

A Utopian community will accept responsibility for ensuring that all responsible members have adequate housing, nutrition, health care and transport; and the ability to avail themselves of educational and recreational facilities commensurate with the community's capacity; and each individual's personal capacity to contribute to general community productivity and affairs.

Religion, "There is uniformity in the belief in immortality, and, as a consequence of this, they have developed a cheerful attitude toward the approach of death. They regard atheists askance and refuse to let them hold office."

Ron: Arguably it is a precondition for the existance of a genuine Utopia that its members uniformly believe that they are spirit beings and hence immortal. This requires that members understand that the Creator (God) has established reincarnation as the methodology whereby HUman beings can have myriad incarnations in order to learn about life the universe and everything and thus learn to love unconditionally and become ever more like the Creator. Current experience in our world adequately demonstrates that those who do not believe in God and Creation create dystopias not Utopias. Accordingly people with such beliefs cannot be allowed to have any power or control over any Utopian community.

SARTRE: It is obvious that the Thomas More notion of Utopia would fall flat with today's secular humanists. Based upon this historic reaction, drawing the conclusion that any expectation on a Utopia is relative. Entrusting on reason when the intellectual standard varies with every generation and ideological outlook results in a constant redefinition and make-up of what constitutes Utopia.

Ron: The utopian conditions needed for a community to experience Light and Life is not subjective or subject to redefinition.

SARTRE: Yet the dream to secure an imaginary never-never land keeps recurring because the human condition is so dissatisfied with the state of affairs that offer continuous despair and disillusion. The political injustices are a direct result of the malevolent nature of evil which is the heart of human beings. It is absurd to speculate that mankind can attain paradise here on earth.

Ron: I disagree. The idea of reaching Utopia (Light and Life) is NOT imaginary and delusional as this author implies. Current human conditions on this planet ARE perceived to be unsatisfactory because they ARE; and HUman being here sense that to be so.  Careful analysis reveals that the malevolent and evil nature of life on this planet is due to demonic Talmudic influences that have controlled and subverted HUman consciousness over millenia causing many people to think and act in evil ways. BUT that does not mean that evil necessarily and irrecoverably resides in the heart of all or even any HUman beings. Humans have been endowed with free will and hence they can CHOOSE good or evil. Evil is an option but not innevitable for anyone.

Arguably the reason for the Creation and the creation of spirit beings and their ability to experience physicality via the incarnation process on this and other planets, is to grow in experience and knowledge and hence to learn to love unconditionally so that we become ever more like the Creator.

As demonic Talmudic influences have made life her a dystopia, Christ Michael Aton, the God of this planet, has returned to remove ALL evil individuals and energies from the planet so that the remaining inhabitants can learn to love unconditionally and evolve into Light and Life, ie into what this author calls Utopia. This process is called the Millenial Reign and it commenced on 5 February 2019. See eg: AND SO IT BEGINS - Tuesday February 5, 2019,   Mark’s the first day of the Millennial Reign of Michael of Nebadon. -

SARTRE: Since all Utopia ambitions are wishful desires it should not be surprising when they are never fulfilled.

Ron: I disagree for the reasons mentioned above. The ambitions of those who wish to experience Light and Life will be fulfilled provided that they persevere in their efforts to reach that goal.

SARTRE: "In Utopia, the freedom of the individual, the ability for each to choose how and where to live, is sacrificed for the maximization of the collective happiness of all citizens. This self-sacrifice comprises the base of Utopian society, and paradoxically serves to both enslave and liberate its citizens. Utopians forgo their individual freedom of will for the sake of nationwide material and spiritual contentment with the world.

Ron: I disagree. This argument assumes its conclusion and smacks of Communist ideology. A real utopia can only exist where its members have and exercise free will. What constitutes a utopian situation is that community members CHOOSE to love one another as Jesus the Christ loves them. The loving members of truly loving families DO NOT cease to have free will because they CHOOSE to serve members of the family more than they serve themselves. Family welfare and spiritual contentment DO NOT eliminate the free will of parents and children, they enhance them.

SARTRE: In Utopia, there is no struggle because all temptation has been systematically eliminated. The ultimate end of humanity on Utopia is thereby limited, and this grave flaw at the heart of Utopian philosophy is loudly reflected in the policies of the island on deliberate death, imperialism, war, and the dissolution of the family."

Upon this supposition one should conclude that Utopia, in reality is really Dystopia.

Ron: I disagree, unless this author's definition of Utopia is consistent with his false premises. The idea that "sin", ie mistakes by HUman and Celestial beings, are somehow completely eliminated by the Utopian (Light and Life) concept is self fulfilling and automatically justifies his conclusion BUT that is not the way the Creation works. An obvious instance of enlightened individuals existing in "utopian" conditions using their free will to reject their "Utopian"situation is the Lucifer Rebellion in which Lucifer and about a third of his staff in the Satania Sector of the Nebadon Universe, deliberately refused to live in their angelic circumstances as Sector administrators. Indeed, their deliberate free will choice to reject their angelic situation has resulted in the severity of the demonic dystopia we suffer on this planet.

Illustrations For The Urantia Book
Jun 26, 2019 - Urantia Book Illustrations - The Supreme Trinity Personalities

SUPREME Trinity Personalities are all created for specific service. They are designed by the divine Trinity for the fulfillment of certain specific duties, and they are qualified to serve with perfection of technique and finality of devotion. There are seven orders of the Supreme Trinity Personalities


Illustrations For The Urantia Book
Jun 25, 2019 - Urantia Book Illustrations - The Seven Supreme Executives

The Seven Supreme Executives

THE seven Supreme Spirit groups are the universal co-ordinating directors of the seven-segmented administration of the grand universe.




True US History
Jun 24, 2019 - US Bishops give $750K Grant to Group Pushing Homosexuality, LGBT Propaganda

Michael Hichborn: The bishops of the United States, through this $750,000 grant to the Ignatian Solidarity Network, are morally complicit in the promotion of the grave sin of Sodom, which cries to Heaven for vengeance.

Ron: NO it doesn't!  The word "sin" really means "error" or "mistake" and in and of itself a personal behavioural mistake primarily impacts upon the maker(s) of the mistake. The idea that "Heaven" or anyone else must automatically seek vengeance against persons making mistakes in sexual or any other behaviour is itself a MISTAKE. The community in which a "mistaken" behaviour occurs need only get involved in curbing or preventing its repetition if the activity involved adversely impacts otherwise uninvolved members of the community in some significant way. As sodomy is phychologically and physically, and hence spiritually, harmful to participants; AND detrimental to the well being and even the continued existance of the wider community if the practice spreads; communities have a duty to discourage proselytising and dissemination of the practice. BUT that does not mean that "Heaven" or the community must wreak vengeance on sodomites.

Cosmic laws are simply statements about how the Creation operates. The Cosmos is created by myriad interacting divine energies and the results of those energetic reactions is balance. Imbalances due to inappropriate thoughts and actions are simply the effects of those inappropriate causes. Accordingly, harmonous and loving thoughts and actions result in balance while inharmonous and unloving thoughts and actions result in dysfunctional physical and psychic effects.

It is true that sodomy, like all mistaken human activities here, results in creating an imbalance in the planet's genetic mind. However, ideas like seeking vengeance against sodomites or anyone else also increase that negativity in the genetic consciousness of the planet. The solution to problems created by inappropriate consensual private sexual activities is not punishment but understanding and compassionate education. This article suggests that the Jesuits and other organs of the Catholic Church are going beyond compassion and prosleytising for sodomy and gender dysporia. That is inappropriate and contrary to the community interests the religion allegedly supports.

Illustrations For The Urantia Book
Jun 23, 2019 - Urantia Book Illustrations - Introduction

Creation is a vast and diverse place but it is not uncontrolled nor chaotic. Creation is planned, ordered and managed by a vast array of beings under First Source Creator, also known as God. It has a definite plan and a definite future purpose and direction. This section is a Urantia book based illustrated introduction with excellent digital artwork by Jeff Haworth - and Gary Tonge - and - to some of the beings and worlds managing Creation. Welcome to the Living Universe.


Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 22, 2019 - Kalifor to NY- from Sodom to Gomorrah; Twisting on the Dance Floor with the Fallen Angels.

We are on the verge of all manner of world shaking transformation. This should be clear enough to anyone who is not wandering in darkness. I sense all manner of things but hesitate to comment further on what I do not know. Time will tell and we shall see. Les Visible

Selections from the Urantia Book
Jun 20, 2019 - TREE OF LIFE

Ok this fine Monday morning I am finally after several heavy days on my time getting links and such added to this post will shall remain on top thru June 20.  These links I am placing INSIDE are to some websites on which there is stupendous artwork.. much of it digital mostly about the beings covered in the Urantia Book and some other related artwork.  I will post inside some selections from the Urantia Book on the Tree of Life.. a real tree in the Garden of Eden long ago when Adam and Eve were there.  I found this painting beautiful... and wanted it here to start this posting of source images of great value.  Hano on our private forum has been placing collections and there is an excellent you tube also from work in Europe. We carried some of these on Talk It Up before we had to close  and hide it to keep it from being destroyed.  ENJOY.  KAN DAEK

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 19, 2019 - Who Dares Say He Believes in God?

This 1 hr 43' 33" video was published by best Audiobooks on Jun 9, 2019:

Ron: Jordan Peterson's somewhat tortured views on life the universe and everything seem to stem from an over focus on the Talmudic Old Testament in the Bible. As a result he seems to think that Christian values, ie the spiritual values taught by Jesus the Christ, arise from Judaic origins. They don't. Jesus was not a Hebrew, an Israelite, a Pharisee or a Judahite. His mother was of Sumarian stock and his father's seed was supplied by the Gabriel of Nebadon. Jesus didn't incarnate to establish a religion and didn't. The Pharisees crucified Jesus in an attempt to eliminate his divine teachings and then distorted his Good News about reincarnation and the fact that all ensouled humans are indwelt by fragments of Creator consciousness making them ALL sons and daughters of God, by influenced Roman Emperors to create the Christian religion. The Pharisees then inserted the Torah into the Bible, labelling it as the Old Testament. Accordingly the statement that there are Judeo-Christian values is bogus. The Judaic Torah is a materialistic, ethno-centric political ideology that is diametrically opposed to Jesus' teaching that salvation consists in learning to love everyone and everything unconditionally, including one's self, FOR the love of God (ALL).

Peterson also talks about the Holocaust as if it really happened. It didn't. Any intelligent person who has examined the issue would know that. Anyone who fears being called an antisemite for saying the Holocaust didn't happen can simply refrain from talking about it. By consistently and gratuitously referring to the Holocaust and proclaiming that it must not be allowed to happen again Peterson is spreading the Jews' BLOOD LIBEL of the entire German nation and indulging in gross ANTI-GERMANISM. Moreover, by consistently referring to the Holocaust AND the alleged Judeo-Christian origins and values of the Western World, he is a spokeman for the Jews' faux religion of Holocaustinaity which is a core constituent of their global propaganda used to enslave all gentiles on this planet.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 18, 2019 - It's a Curious Kind of Road, where only the Traveler Bends. It's a Most Unspoken Place where Mirrors End.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 14, 2019 - Fake News and Amorous Hippos Sucked up into the Porthole of the Posterior of the Prince of Darkness

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 5, 2019 - Once One has Melted their Own Selfishness with Love, There is No More Devil.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 3, 2019 - Lead Us Not Into Bad Translations: Pope Francis Enacts Change to Lord’s Prayer

Ron: Religions are socio-political control mechanisms. They are not necessary for spiritual development because each ensouled human being is a temple of God being indwelt by a fragment of Creatorr consciousness.

Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) didn't incarnate to establish a religion and didn't. He came to teach divine truths that had been lost over millenia and corrupted by Pharisees and others. The Pharisees influenced Roman emperors to establish the Christian religion and they deliberately inserted false doctrines into it in an effort to eliminate knowledge of Jesus' teachings. They also organised the inclusion of the Torah into the Bible as the 'Old Testament'. The Torah is an ethno-centric, genocidal, collectivist political ideology and its core contents are diametrically opposed to Jesus' teaching that human beings are here to learn to love UNCONDITIONALLY our neighbour (everyone and everything) AS self, FOR the love of god (ALL).

A major LIE inserted by the Pharisees into the Christian religion was that Jesus came to sacrifice himself for the salvation of all humans. He didn't and he couldn't. Jesus taught that ALL ensouled human beings are indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness and hence each is a sovereign son (daughter) of God Accordingly every individual human being is responsible for his/her own thoughts, actions and inactions, ie each must save self. That is the reason for reincarnation which was another divine teaching by Jesus that was suppressed by the Pharises. It takes myriad incarnations for a new soul to garner and learn from sufficient physical experiences to graduate in wisdom and knowledge to reach the higher levels of consciousness needed to traverse the many worlds between this lowly planet and Paradise. The growing human spirit graduates through the local System and Constellation HQ's and then on to our universe HQ of Nebadon and thence to Uversa, the HQ of the super universe of Orvonton and finally to the Paradise Isle to meet with the Creator. Then the imortal spirit returns to the Creation to assist with its administration and management. Currently there are many such spirits here to assist this world and its inhabitants to progress into Light and Life.

Be aware also that Jesus did not die on the Cross but was resussicated and went to Damascus where he frightened the bejabbers out of the Pharisee, Saul of Tarsus (St Paul) whereafter he went to India, married and had children to improve humanity's DNA. He died at about age 115.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 1, 2019 - Let Slip the Dogs of Tofu and Thus does Cochise Make Cowboys of Us All

Something happens in the heart and mind of the one awakened from the dream of life. A hunger is awakened that cannot be satisfied and it leads to the cessation of all hunger. A love is awakened that renders every other love pedestrian and trivial. It cannot be described except in the silence that passes between those singular souls that share the same consuming passion. It is pointless to attempt to communicate it but that effort will never end, however futile it may be.  Les Visible

David Crayford and the ITC
May 29, 2019 - Responding to DAVID CRAYFORD ............... RESPONDING TO RON'S RESPONSIVE ARTICLE RE: Political Information ----- May 24, 2019 - After Trillions Printed Under QE, Politicians Now Say Deficits Don't Matter.

Other Spiritual Pieces
May 28, 2019 - Slaloming down the Fecal Sidewalk Fantasies of San Francisco's Gender Neutral New World Disorder.

Other Spiritual Pieces
May 28, 2019 - Jordan Peterson on Catholicism: ‘That’s as sane as people can get’

Ron: Anyone who truly believes that God exists will strive to love self, and others AS self, because God IS LOVE and Loves everyone and everything unconditionally. When any human soul loves unconditionally as God does, his/her action is God-like and s/he becomes a spirit manifestation of his/her indwelling fragment of Creator consciousness. Jesus the Christ reportedly said: 'By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you love each other as I have loved you.'

Jesus the Christ was a dual incarnation, a representative in human form of Christ Michael Aton, the God of this universe, and of Esu Immamual Kumara.

Human/Animal Rights
May 22, 2019 - Milo: Forbidden Conversation

This 1 hr 45' 21" video was published by Jordan B Peterson on May 20, 2019:

Other Spiritual Pieces
May 20, 2019 - The Lure Of The Physical Body

Jon Rappaport: No wonder life on planet Earth brings on such difficulties. The soul, unencumbered, can fly and soar. It can invent, and deal with, energies in all sorts of extraordinary ways. It is immortal. Yet the soul, cloaked in a physical body, presents a very different picture to itself.

Ron: As I understand it, ascending souls grow from scratch. That is, ascending creature souls start out as nascent consciousness imbeded in inanimate physical matter and evolve through flora and fauna into higher physical creatures culminating in human beings that inhabit a variety of physical forms of which variations of the human forms on this planet are common in our universe. The reason and purpose of this process appears to be to accrete to the individual and through him or her, to the Creator, myriad experiences only attainable in physicality. The process is designed to have trillions upon trillions of sovereign  souls that have unique God-given minds and personalities evolve through developing the ability to think and make positive moral choices during a series of incarnations that require undergoing myriad physical experiences so that they become eternal spirits who will eventually unite with the Creator from whence they come.

Souls individuate by seperating from a group soul and subsequently reach a state of consciouness in which they becomes capable of free will choices. Once a soul grows in knowledge and experience and chooses some moral action it is infused with a fragment of Creator consciousness and becomes a sovereign human spirit albeit still in a physical body. This transition may require enumerable incarnations. In due course the human soul grows in knowledge and consciousness through experience and positive choices and eventually chooses to seek to love and live a moral life. When that happens the indwelling fragment of the Creator fuses with the individual's soul and the human soul becomes an eternal spirit. The spirit retains all true valuable knowledge on photons hence the association of spirits with light.

After the soul's fusion with the Creator fragment called a Thought Adjuster in the Urantia Book,  the human soul journeys through myriad incarnations growing in knowledge and wisdom and moving through ever higher realms of physical experience and spiritual consciousness levels, graduating through the Local System HQ on Satania, then through a local Constellation HQ  and on to the HQ of our local universe of Nebadon. Thereafter the human spirit/soul continues its physical incarnational journey through the local super universe of Overton and thence on to Paradise where the spirit meets with the Creator. Thereafter the spirit returns to the Creation to continue his/her experience, education and evolution by assisting in some form of Cosmic management and administration.

Energy contains information and spirits are conscious energy. As spirits evolve into a state of higher consciousness their energy vibrates at increasing rates so that higher spirits vibrate at rates too high to be accomodated in a physical body. Thereafter, if a spirit being such as Esu Immanuel  (aka Jesus the Christ) wishes to incarnate in a physical body the spirit overshadows that body rather than dwelling within it because the physical meat suit cannot contain the high vibrating energy and would be destroyed by it.

To get a real grip on this process one needs to read the Urantia Book.
The UB says of human consciousness:

[9. Reality of Human Consciousness]
16:9.1 (195.7) The cosmic-mind-endowed, Adjuster-indwelt, personal creature possesses innate recognition-realization of energy reality, mind reality, and spirit reality. The will creature is thus equipped to discern the fact, the law, and the love of God. ..... (KD EDIT)
16:9.4 (195.10) Human self-consciousness implies the recognition of the reality of selves other than the conscious self and further implies that such awareness is mutual; that the self is known as it knows.  This is shown in a purely human manner in man’s social life. .....  And these cosmic gifts [science, morality, and religion], socialized, constitute civilization.
16:9.7 (196.3) Unselfishness, aside from parental instinct, is not altogether natural; other persons are not naturally loved or socially served. It requires the enlightenment of reason, morality, and the urge of religion, God-knowingness, to generate an unselfish and altruistic social order. .....

16:9.9 (196.5) Self-consciousness is in essence a communal consciousness: God and man, Father and son, Creator and creature. In human self-consciousness four universe-reality realizations are latent and inherent:
16:9.10 (196.6) 1. The quest for knowledge, the logic of science.
16:9.11 (196.7) 2. The quest for moral values, the sense of duty.
16:9.12 (196.8) 3. The quest for spiritual values, the religious experience.
16:9.13 (196.9) 4. The quest for personality values, the ability to recognize the reality of God as a personality and the concurrent realization of our fraternal relationship with fellow personalities.

16:9.14 (196.10) You become conscious of man as your creature brother because you are already conscious of God as your Creator Father. Fatherhood is the relationship out of which we reason ourselves into the recognition of brotherhood. ..... We worship God, first, because he is, then, because he is in us, and last, because we are in him.

Jon Rappaport: All metaphysical philosophies and religions brush up against the question of the soul...THE SOUL CLAIMS IT CANNOT DEVELOP A SENSE OF ETHICAL ACTIONS, EXCEPT BY REFERRING TO THE PRECEPTS OF A RELIGION.

Ron: The soul doesn't claim anything. People do. Religions are socio-political control mechanisms created and operated by rulers and priests whose primary objective is power in this physical environment. Arguably it is a mistake to confuse religion as it is understood on this planet with spirituality. That mistake has been fostered by Talmudists and others who seek power and control over human beings by concealing the truth that EVERY ensouled human being is a temple of God in that they are indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness and hence each is an only begotten son (daughter) of the Creator. It follows that ensouled humans do not need external authorities such as priests, gurus and  religions to direct their lives. All they need to do is "go within"and heed the divine heart messages they receive from their Thought Adjuster (however described).

Jon Rappaport: The individual soul is a master chess player who keeps demanding millions of games of tic-tac-toe.

Ron: I disagree. Arguably it is the physically based human ego, NOT the soul, that wants to pfaff about playing silly games.

Jon Rappaport: "Immortality wants to become mortal." For what purpose? To find out what it is like to "abandon the act of lifting a mountain in favor of the act of struggling to climb it?"

Ron: Some highly evolved spirits, including ascenders who have reached higher levels of consciousness and others who have attained Paradise and returned to the Creation, have incarnated in our world to assist with its evolution. Similarly, some angelic spirits have chosen to descend into our world by means of incarnation. Their purpose in doing this is to assist in raising the consciousness level of the planet and its human inhabitants. Such assistance is very necessary because of the placement here of Lucifer and some of his fallen assistants (said to have been about a third of his Satania System staff) plus other miscreants quaranteened here, causing the planet and its inhabitants to be inveloped in negative energies. The result has been a massive corruption of knowledge and understanding and a great reduction in consciousness on this planet that has grossly impaired the planetary genetic mind. These massively negative energies have threatened to destroy the planet. In that sense this is a very unusually dark planet and Universe Management is having to provide considerable assistance to set it and its inhabitants on the upward path to Light and Life. That assistance is about to culminate in a Magnetic Pole Reversal and a stasis period that is needed to cleanse Gaia of accumulated negative energies.

Jon Rappaport: The soul apparently seeks to wipe out knowledge of itself and what it can do. Rather, it seeks to wear a badge of materialism, which insists that physical matter is all there is.

Ron: I disagree. Because of the quarantine imposed on this planet to keep evil inhabitants and negative energies from escaping and contaminating other parts of the universe, new souls and spirits who volunteered to come here, have to experience amnesia. New souls and spirits come here to experience physicality and because of the fact that Talmudists have dominated and controlled the planet and its inhabitants, our world is awash in materialistic and atheistic lies such that many inhabitants think that physical matter is all there is. Unfortunately, because these negative Talmudic energies have thoroughly contaminated the planet and global consciousness, many higher consciousness beings who volunteered to come here have apparently not woken up.

Jon Rappaport: THE SOUL CAN INVENT ENERGY-but it prefers to spend its days "standing on a ladder in a room changing light bulbs."

Ron: The Creator is the source of all energy in Creation. Spirits and souls can manipulate energy but they do not create it.

Other Spiritual Pieces
May 18, 2019 - Eva Cassidy - Time after Time

This 4.16" video was published by 'Eva cassidy' on Oct 31, 2014:

Other Spiritual Pieces
May 18, 2019 - Who knows where the time goes? II

This 5' 42" video was uploaded on Jun Oct 12, 2015 by 'Eva Cassidy':

Other Spiritual Pieces
May 16, 2019 - The Tinder of Hell's Smorgasbord Flambe is Ignited by the Low Spark of High Heeled Boys.

Other Spiritual Pieces
May 13, 2019 - The Holy Hook

Other Spiritual Pieces
May 13, 2019 - The Holy Hook: Yahweh’s Trojan Horse into the Gentile City

“the Son of man was destined to suffer grievously, and to be rejected by the elders and the chief priests and the scribes, and to be put to death, and after three days to rise again” (Mark 8:31).

Ron: Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) did not die on the Cross but was resusscitated and went to Damascus where he frightened the bejabbers out of the pharisee Saul of Tarsus (St Peter). Thereafter Jesus went to India, married and had children, dying at about age 115 years of age. The Phaisees inserted into the Christian religion they created the LIE  that Jesus suffered and died for the salvation of the rest of humanity because he was the 'only begotten Son of God'. He didn't. He came to teach divine truths lost and corrupted over millenia by the controllers of Talmudism and the Pharisees. He didn't suffer and die in order to 'save' anyone because he couldn't. EVERY ensouled human being is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness and is responsible for 'saving' self (ie learning about life the universe and everything and living in accordance with that knowledge). In other words: Every ensouled human being is AN ONLY BEGOTTEN SON (the term includes males and females) OF GOD.

TUT Editor: Christians cannot even see the Jewish plan for world domination that is written in plain language, right under their nose. If the Jewish Tanakh had not become the Christians’ Holy Book, it would have been exposed as the proof for Israel’s racist and supremacist ambitions long ago.

Ron: The fact that morally reprehensible passages in the Torah were inappropriately and fraudulently inserted into the Bible by Pharisees, says NOTHING about the divine truths taught by Jesus and totally distorts his teachings. Why? Because the Pharisaic Torah was a corrupt ethno-centric, collectivist political ideological plagarisation of earlier Sumarian spiritual writings, done for socio-political and economic control purposes, by Levites and Pharisees. What could be more opposed to Jesus' teaching that we must learn to love everyone and everything UNCONDITIONALLY, than the materialistic, collectivist, ethno-centric, genocidal political ideology set out in the Torah and fraudulently inserted into the Bible?

The Christian religion and the Bible didn't exist in 325 AD when Emperor Constantine organized and presided over the Council of Nicea. In 331 Constantine commissioned fifty Bibles for the Church of Constantinople, but little else is known (in fact, it is not even certain whether his request was for fifty copies of the entire Old and New Testaments, only the New Testament, or merely the Gospels).

The Pharisees were not satisfied with inserting the Torah into the Bible and calling it 'The Old Testament'. They sought to ensure that virtually all references to Jesus' GOOD NEWS such as reincarnation and the fact that EVERY ensouled human being is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness making each one an only begotten 'Son of God', were deliberately ommitted or subsequently deleted from the Bible. For instance Jesus's teachings about REINCARNATION was successfully eliminated from the New Testament during the Fifth Ecumenical Council in 554 AD. At that time Emperor Justinian arrested Pope Vigilius for 'Believing in Reincarnation' and had the Council declare:

If anyone asserts the fabulous preexistence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema. (The Anathemas against Origen), attached to the decrees of the Fifth Ecumenical Council, A.D. 554, in Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, 2d ser., 14: 318). See eg: Pope [Vigilius] Arrested for Believing in Reincarnation -

Eradication of the doctrine of Reincarnation, ie knowledge that the evolvement of life and hence MIND is based on the reincarnation process (which is essential to enable spirit beings incarnating into physicality to avail themselves of a sufficient number of physical incarnations to adequately explore and understand the immensity of life, the universe and everything) is the mechanism used by neo-Pharisees (Talmudists) who call themselves Jews but are not, to convince gentiles (ie all who DO NOT accept Talmudism) that they are merely physical creatures having one, only, lifetime which has no meaning, destiny or purpose. Concomitantly this LIE, reinforced by the Jews' funding and coercion of scientists to accept and promulgate false science about life, the universe and everything as typified by falsely promulgated Darwinian evolutionary theories about the Origin of Species, has made it easy for Talmudists and the Christian religious puppets they control, to instil fear of death into congregations. The truth is scientifically explained by Bruce Lipton. See eg:
Bruce Lipton - Fear vs Love State and Stress's Effects on Your Body -

This process of inserting LIES into Christian teaching and the Bible has made it feasible for Talmudists and materialists generally, to distort human consciousness and science by having scientists, academics, educators and commentators like Dawkins, as well as the MSM, promulgate false and ridiculous ideas about consciousness arising from random chemical reactions. This also enables Talmudists et al to contend that people on this small planet on the edge of the universe are the most, and probably the only, consciously intelligent beings in the Cosmos. LOL.

Quantum physics demonstrates the scientifically verifiable truth that all matter is composed of variously vibrating energies that constitute information. See eg: Becoming Immortal and Fearless - Bruce Lipton EVER -


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May 13, 2019 - The World is a Rumor Formed from the Daydreams of God.

The entire world you move through is composed of the body of God. The force alive in you, that animates you is borrowed from God. Everything in this world or any world is controlled by God. Would it not seem that making contact with that force is of supreme and singular importance? Perhaps you don't call this force God. Perhaps that term offends you. That does not change the verifiable truth of what I say. That does not change the physics of it. It is what it is as it is. It may be indefinable or incomprehensible but that does not change it. It is what it is as it is. You adapt to it, or you will be adapted. You can fight it and lose or you can embrace it and win. You can call it what you like but you had better come to terms with it. You had best meet it at the marrow.  Les Visible

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May 10, 2019 - The Power of God is Limitless and the Power of God is Love.

Political Information
May 8, 2019 - The Growth of Popular Democracy

Graham Peebles: Democracy has been hijacked by ‘the economy' - twinned with capitalism and the ‘free market', and corrupted thereby. Democracy is, or should be, a living organism, an evolving form that sets the parameters within which society functions, based on principles that are rooted in and cultivate expressions of unity and love.

Ron: The democracy meme hasn't been hijacked by capitalism and the 'free market' and corrupted thereby. The democracy meme has been deliberately created and foisted upon our world  by the Talmudists who first foisted the money meme and usurious fractional reserve banking upon Western Christendom and then the rest of our world. The democracy meme hasn't been corrupted by Capitalism, it has always been an instrument of Capitalist control of society.

The democratic governance meme is bullshit. Even in ancient Greece, the alleged birthplace of this idea, participation in the democratic voting process was denied to most of the population, notably females, children and slaves. To appreciate how ridiculous the egalitarian democracy meme is please note that a Cambridge professor called for the voting age in the UK to be lowered to age six because he reckoned that by that age most children could read. See: Pro-EU Cambridge Professor: ˜Lower Voting Age to Six" - This suggestion exposes the duplicity and absurdity of the democratic governance meme.

At best, democratic elections in our world give everyone who has reached some arbitrary age of, say, 18 or 21, an equal vote for candidates in their local area and perhaps a direct vote for a national leader. That means that everyone over that minimum age seemingly has an equal say in electing those responsible for community and national policy. That mechanism effectively eliminates the ability of older, wiser, more knowledgable, concerned and experienced voters to positively influence political decisions because such people are a minority of the voting population. This "democratic" process tacitly and falsely assumes that everyone has equal mental and emotional stability, intelligence, experience, knowledge and moral rectitude. That is simply not true. Equal universal suffrage is a recipe for allowing political candidates to appeal to the lowest common emotional, intelligence and moral denominators in the population. It also enables wealthy people and people already controlling a government to use propaganda and other methods to unduly influence the votes of droves of gullible voters.

The democracy meme is a corrupt scam imposed on our world by the covert real controllers of the global control matrix. Those controllers are banksters and corporatists because banksters have been given exclusive licences to create money out of thin air and distribute it to whomever they choose at rates of interest (usury) that unjustly favour their corporatist mates and penalise everyone else.

The result has been for the wealthy Rothschilds and their brethren and agents to control most governments globally. in some cases the banksters literally own governments like US inc., which they have owned since 1871.(1) The banksters also own many other corporate governments, viz. the Commonwealth of Australia which is listed with the SEC in the US. In such cases the banksters use the democratic ideological scam to covertly control so-called elected democratic representative assemblies such as the US Congress and the Australian Parliament without the dumbshit US and Australian electorates being any the wiser.

(1) In 1933 when the US corporation went bankrupt, the banksters ostensibly took the population of the US as collateral for bailing out the US government corporation. See eg: An Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz - And: The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are -

To conceal their domination and control of most nations the Talmudiic banksters concocted the meretricious democratic political party system ideology and have foisted it upon the Anglo-US nations and subsequently upon most of the rest of the world. Democracy may be a good slogan and it may help people to feel good but it is NOT a viable form of governance. It is merely a propaganda mechanism. Think about it. First, a tiny group of banksters, oligarchs and plutocrats have the wealth needed to BUY or coerce the services of elected politicians, commentators and mass media organisations that purvey virtually all news and opinions that get a wide circulation. That precludes anyone lacking wealth from really being heard or seen by most electors unless they are 'blessed' by the elite controllers. Second, these wealthy Talmudic banksters and corporatists have effectively created a primary pool of pliant political candidates usually divided into two seemingly opposing political parties and these two parties are the only ones given the publicity and status needed to get elected. As both parties are beholden to the same wealthy corporatist elite, it matters little which party is elected on any given occasion. Sooo, when a governing party has lost popularity because its policies favour banks, corporations and wealthy people generally, the electorate is mollified by being able to vote into power the alternate party which covertly carries on the same Talmudic policies. This occurs all the time and the general population is slowly and incrementally impoverished without understanding what is happening. A good current example is the BREXIT debacle in the UK.

Of course the real joke about the so-called democratic governance meme is that the people vote for individuals who make promises to them but the voters then apparently have no problem with the fact that the individual politicians they vote for belong to political  parties and are bound to support the policies of their party, NOT the policies they may have promised their constituents they would support in Parliament. Again, BREXIT  is a good examle. In other words the democracy meme is just another mind control mechanism with no basis in reality.

Accordingly, praising democratic governance is part of the problem, not the solution. Suggesting that democracy is or can be 'an evolving form that sets the parameters within which society functions, based on principles that are rooted in and cultivate expressions of unity and love.' is whistling in the wind. We cannot solve the world's current problems using the same level of thinking that has created them; namely in this case, the democratic meme. We need to increase our awareness and understanding so that we attain a higher level of consciousness that enables us to perceive the truth about our world and its problems so that we can then conceive of appropriate solutions for those problems.

Democracy is a propaganda slogan endlessly repeated by all organs of the Talmudic societal dystopia in which we live. The term is used to conceal the truth that the general population has almost no real say in its governance. As previously mentioned, the reason for that is the fact that banksters have an exclusive licence to create 'money' (ie fictional electronic debt tokens that people choose to value because governments use force and violence to prevent anyone else establishing any alternative means of facilitation of the exchange of goods and services) which the banksters have an exclusive licence to distribute as they see fit, at rates of interest (usury) they choose, to whoever they please at their sole discretion. THAT is the core reason for the creation of our global dystopia and its concealment using mechanisms like the democratic meme.

Apart from the denial of the existance of the Creator of the cosmos and the fact that every ensouled human being is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness which makes him/her a sovereign eternal spirit with a unique mind and personality, the Talmudists have supressed the truth about our history, science and health and virtually everything else, substituting in their place, faleshoods like the money meme, the democracy meme and fraudulent constructs like the Christian religion, Darwin's alledged 'Origin of Species' and so on.

Graham Peebles: The democratic ideal seeks to guarantee basic freedoms, establish social justice and equality and ensure government accountability. It recognizes that human beings are equal, diverse but united, that their needs are universal and that meeting these needs is a right not a luxury.

Ron:The so-called "democratic ideal' is really a Christian ideal - a god-centred ideal; an understanding that all ensouled human beings are sovereign spiritual fragments of the Creator. ALL ensouled humans are "equal" in that sense. And accordingly they have divinely bestowed rights and responsibilities. Those rights are NOT available on the remit of the UN or governments or ANY human individual(s).

Graham Peebles: True democracy cannot exist where the ideology of commercialization, consumerism and greed resides. The crisis in democracy is inextricably linked to the socio-economic crisis; changes in one will trigger a revolution in the other. And this process is well underway.

Ron: The Talmudic global controllers are not just greedy, they seek total domination and control of all humans on this planet and the planet herself. That is what the New World Order, One World Government is about. The joke is that the democracy meme is camoflage for global control of humanity by corporations, ie FASCISM. See eg: How Interlinked Corporations Rule The World. - And: Corporate Transnational Warlord Pirates Are On the Run- Vanguard - And: The corporate stranglehold on food and agriculture. - And: Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia & World Wide. See:

The global socio-economic crisis has been caused by greedy, genocidal  Talmudists who have used and abused religious, money and democratic memes to create commercialism, consumerism, collectivism, materialism and atheism. In the process they have invented and employed Capitalism, Fabianism, Communism, Bolshevism, Fascism, Feminism and a host of other "isms".

Graham Peebles: At the heart of many of the protest movements that have swept the world since the Berlin Wall came down, is democracy. Demanding democracy where none exists, as was the case with the Arab Spring (widely put down), for example, and more recently in Algeria, Sudan and Ethiopia, or, in countries broadly aligned with democratic principles, calling for a deepening of democracy, the structures and institutions opened up, and for the voice of the people to be heard and concerns acted on.

Ron: I disagree. The Berlin Wall came down because Christian Russians ousted the Bolsheviks from power in the Soviet Union in 1977 and gradually restored Orthodox Christianity in Russian life and thereafter the Christians steadily unwound the Soviet Union's Talmudic Bolshevik policies, encouraging the Orthodox religion and humanising governance arrangements. Putin followed in the footsteps of Yuri Andropov and Yevgeny Primakov and the Christians who gradually transforming Bolshevik Communism into a form of Christian socialism throughout the 1970s and 1980s while Bolsheviks fled to the US. Unfortunately, the illness and death of Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko in the early 1980s led to the election of  Mikhail Gorbachev in March 1985 and Gorbachev proved susceptable to Talmudic liberal propaganda. He also treasonously sold out his nation to Judaic Deep State influences once more. As a consequence US financed Jewish oligarchs were able to destroy and loot the Soviet Union causing much misery and millions of deaths in the 1990s before Putin and Primakov were able to regain control of Russia for the benefit of Russians after Putin became President in 2000. See eg: Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 26 ff - And: RUSSOPHOBIA: The Zio-Anglo-American Conspiracy to Conquer Russia Unravels in Real Time -

Similarly, the Arab Spring and all the Colour Revolutions this century including the rape and pillage of Libya and Syria have been instigated, fostered, funded and their terrorist cadres armed by the US, UK and EU. They were NOT genuine outpouring of a yearning for democracy. To suggest otherwise is either naive or worse.

Graham Peebles: As more people engage and the power of popular democracy grows, democratic platforms for engagement such as Citizens Assemblies will become increasingly relevant. In early 2018 the UK government commissioned a Citizens Assembly to discuss Social Care: 47 individuals chosen at random, and, with the support of experts spent two weekends discussing the subject. At the end of their deliberations a report was sent to the government and their views helped fashion government proposals.

Ron: Really?! And the result has been what? The Grenfell Tower Fire and Brexit?!!!

Graham Peebles: A positive example of this is the decision by the Scottish parliament to declare a ‘Climate Emergency', in response "to young protesters who went on strike from school to urge action." The declaration of a climate emergency by governments has been a key demand of environmental campaigners, including Extinction Rebellion (which staged huge, peaceful protests in London for two weeks recently), for some time.

Ron: Apart from the fact that the Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change and NOW "CLIMATE EMERGENCY" are/is a humungous, fear mongering, Talmudic taxation SCAM; the declaration by the Scottish Parliament to declare a 'Climate Emergency' because school children 'went on strike from school to urge action' is ridiculous beyond parody.

Graham Peebles: The UK government followed Scotland's example on 1st May, making it the first national parliament to declare a Climate Emergency.

Ron: Words fail me! The UK government has refused to implement BREXIT for almost three years YET it makes a virtue of signalling and declaring a 'Climate Emergency' because environmental activists WANT it too! If school children and 'climate activists' demand that the UK government 'move the Sun' or shroud it, I suppose the UK government will seek to do that too.

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May 7, 2019 - Awash in the Conscious Joy and Appreciation of an Embarrassment of Riches.

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May 5, 2019 - Trump: America Believes In ‘power of prayer…most powerful thing there is’

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May 4, 2019 - The era of socialized behavior

Political Information
May 1, 2019 - Let's Be Real

Nothing we can say or do
will enable us to live forever - John Kaminski

Ron: Every ensouled human being is indwelt by a fragment of the consciousness of the Creator. That means that they are spirits having a physical experience in a meat suit. Each spirit is unique and has a God given mind and personality. That mind and personality is a spirit being who will live forever unless s/he chooses to cease to exist. Only the meat suit dies and dissipates. This truth was taught by Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) and was a major reason for the Pharisees forcing the Romans to crucify him. The Pharisees then tried to suppress this GOOD NEWS by influencing Roman emperors to establish a Christian religion which eliminated this teaching and to replace it with lies and distortions like the claim that Jesus was the ONLY son of God and that he 'sacrificed" his life to save humanity. The truth though, is that Jesus didn't incarnate to create a religion but  to teach divine truths lost and corrupted by Pharisees and others. In fact EVERY ensouled human being is a son or daughter of God and endowed with eternal life. To reinforce their lies the Pharisees influenced Emperor Justinian to eliminate Jesus's teachings about REINCARNATION. It was successfully eliminated from the New Testament during the Fifth Ecumenical Council in 554 AD. At that time Emperor Justinian arrested Pope Vigilius for 'Believing in Reincarnation' and had the Council declare:

If anyone asserts the fabulous preexistence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema. (The Anathemas against Origen), attached to the decrees of the Fifth Ecumenical Council, A.D. 554, in Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, 2d ser., 14: 318). See eg: Pope [Vigilius] Arrested for Believing in Reincarnation -

Eradication of the doctrine of Reincarnation, ie knowledge that the evolvement of life and hence MIND is based on the reincarnation process (which is essential to enable spirit beings to avail themselves of a sufficient number of physical incarnations to adequately explore and understand the immensity of life, the universe and everything) is the mechanism used by neo-Pharisees (Talmudists) who call themselves Jews but are not, to convince gentiles that they are merely physical creatures having one, only, lifetime which has no meaning, destiny or purpose. Concomitantly this LIE, reinforced by the Jews' funding and coercion of scientists to accept and promulgate false science about life, the universe and everything as typified by falsely promulgated Darwinian evolutionary theories about the Origin of Species, has made it easy for Talmudists and the Christian religious puppets they control, to instil fear of death into congregations.

John Kaminski - Two of America's longest wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, provide us perfect examples of this - Iraq for its oil and Afghanistan for its drugs, the two main commodities that keep the Deep State in power.

Ron: Arguably the Talmudists who control the Anglo-US-Judaic Empire also had a deeper motive, namely to genocide as many gentiles as possible and to turn Iraq into a failed state. Also, they sought to bring about the gradual weakening of the US so that eventually in would be reduced to Third World status at which point they planned to transfer their power centre and control to China.

John Kaminski: How is it that government can lie to us repeatedly? Well, they learned it from religion, which pretends to believe all these amazing tales that wind up concealing a hidden bottom line

Ron: Religions are socio-political control mechanisms created and used by rulers and elites to control populations. Religions are thus mostly political ideologies cloaked in religious terminology and dogma. To the extent that priests run them those priests are really rulers, politicians or enablers.

John Kaminski: You don't take your consciousness into the afterlife, only your soul goes there. Souls can't speak. They can only feel. Your soul can only leave its mark upon the world.

Ron: This is misinformation. Your spirit mind is your consciousness and it knows all that your soul knows. Spirits communicate telepathically. It is only when overshadowing a meat suit that the soul communicates through speech.

John Kaminski: Nothing we can say or do will enable us to live forever.

Ron: As discussed above, at best, this is misinformation. While it is true that an ensouled free will being can choose to be uncreated, that decision has to be consciously made. The default situation is that, once created, spirits live forever.

True US History
May 1, 2019 - The American destiny

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Apr 29, 2019 - Love is the Everlasting Primary Expression and Personality of the Divine.

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Apr 25, 2019 - President Camacho, Dancing with Rainbow Hellelujah Morning at Coachella

Only a few decades ago, you would never have imagined society or the culture to be manifesting in the way that it does. Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, H.G. Wells and others, were capable of seeing well ahead by simply paying attention to the trends of the moment and when one has a conscious grasp of things like Materialism, they can readily intuit what stages will occur as B follows A, as C follows B. Therefore it is not a reach to consider that where liberty is held in high regard, or where it was instrumental in the construction of a social or political form that... tyranny might well be up around the bend. It comes to you under the guise of protecting your freedoms. As Ben Franklin wisely put it; "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." One should pay careful attention to just what liberties and freedoms are most defended these days.  Les Visible

Human/Animal Rights
Apr 24, 2019 - It's OK To Be a Woman !

Henry Makow: Feminism was not a spontaneous, grassroots social phenomena. It was top-down elite social engineering i.e. behavior modification orchestrated using the mass media, government and education.  It was wholly sponsored by the Illuminati (satanist) central bankers in order to make women have careers instead of families.

Ron: See eg: Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society -

Henry Makow: Film producer, the late Aaron Russo was told this by the Rockfellers. Watch this video. The purpose is to undermine the family as the primary social institution so people will be dependent on government and corporations.

Ron: It was also designed to almost double the paid employment workforce and the income taxation thereon. It also ensures that parents no longer have the time to raise their children and be their primary life educators. THAT function is now assumed by the state with its child care and schooling institutions.

Henry Makow: Essentially this is a willingness to sacrifice for the right man. (This will make him love you.) And the right man is someone you admire and love, who is dedicated, trustworthy, loyal and demonstrates his love for you.

Ron: It is not possible to make others love you. Those who love others unconditionally will tend to call forth love from those they love. But that result cannot be demanded, required or expected. The ability to give love has to be self generated.

Political Information
Apr 23, 2019 - The End of Cathedral Culture

Political Information
Apr 21, 2019 - Easter And Why Government Is Not Our God

Leesa Donner: An era of government tyranny does seem to be fast approaching if it has not already arrived, as many would argue that, indeed, it has. When people labor under such laws as to which straws they are permitted to use and a tax code that is 60,000 pages - an estimated seven times the length of the Bible - one can safely say that the hand of tyranny is upon us, pushing its way into every aspect of our lives.

Thus, individual liberty and freedom suffer under myriad regulations that are tantamount to oppression. Step out your door, get in your car, and head on down to the McDonald's drive-thru; you will likely be violating one law or another. Yes, government can be suffocating, which again shows us that it cannot and should not be our God...

During the last supper, Jesus said the following to His disciples: "In this world the kings and great men lord it over their people, yet they are called ‘friends of the people.' 26 But among you it will be different. Those who are the greatest among you should take the lowest rank, and the leader should be like a servant. 27 Who is more important, the one who sits at the table or the one who serves? The one who sits at the table, of course. But not here! For I am among you as one who serves." (Luke 22:25)

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Apr 20, 2019 - Beyond the Flaming Kaleidoscope of Humping Hermaphrodites, Coupling in the Wheel of Fire.

My problem with religions is that they tend to identify God as something apart from and outside of ourselves, even when they say otherwise. The problem with any religion is ALWAYS the priests. The church is their income. I know God lives within our interior. I know this. I want my god direct! I want to be 'in the company and presence of the almighty god'. I don't need robes and funny hats, or Byzantine twists of scripture, that argue a spiritual path, which accommodates my peculiarities of behavior. I don't want God to change to accommodate me. I want to change to accommodate God. I want to celebrate the indwelling in me... and in you. Les Visible

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Apr 17, 2019 - You Don't Need a Tinfoil Hat to Operate as a Human Short Wave Radio Receiver.

Apr 13, 2019 - Jordan Peterson & His Mission

KAN DAEK statement: I have listened to a fair amount of Jordan Petersen.  In the recommended ENDING of the video inside.. the last few minutes which has a video clip.. Jordan ASKS as he has before.... to be guided by the LOGOS. This man KNOWS what the LOGOS is .......WHICH IS  THE FATHER THAT INDWELLS HUMAN BEINGS OF MORALITY SEEKING TO GROW.  LISTEN TO THAT. OMG PLEASE LISTEN TO THAT.  LOGOS IS YOUR THOUGHT ADJUSTER... per the Urantia Book usage.  It has many terms.. the God within.. the Indwelling Divine Spirit... That which LIGHTS the HUMAN BEING.

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Apr 13, 2019 - A Priest Defends Jordan Peterson

Ron: Jordan Peterson (JP) doesn't need a priest or anyone else to 'defend' him. And I don't find this article is worth discussion. JP speaks from the heart and is far more understandable than this article. JP is a very lighted soul and a truly great human being who is obviously making a huge difference to the lives of many people especially young men.

I suspect that much of JP's angst and tortured inquiry processes stem from his apparent acceptance of false and misleading information in the Bible and especially the Old Testament (Torah) which is a pastiche of lies and half truths written by politically motivated Levite plagiarists some 2600 years ago. The Torah includes many lies and barbarous, genocidal injunctions and should never have been included in any document purporting to represent the teachings of Jesus the Christ.

The Pharisees also inserted many lies and half truths into the New Testament portion of the Bible. Those lies grossly distorting what Jesus taught. JP appears to accept  some of those fundamental lies, notably the idea that ensouled human beings are primarily physical entities existing in a separate material reality from the Creator whereas the Creator enlivens ALL of Creation ALL of the time and without that presence the Cosmos and its creatures would not exist.

Human beings represent the peak of the Cosmic physical evolutionary project because each individual ensouled human is indwelt by a spark of Creator consciousness which makes each and every one an 'only begotten son or daughter of God'. This means that Jesus was NOT the ONLY, 'only begotten Son of God' as the Pharisees' LIES in the Bible have pretended for almost two millenia. It follows that we humans do not need external assistance from religions, priests or gurus et al, to "find" God. We merely have to 'go within' to experience the divine presence. That means we don't need some external divine intercession let alone some alleged "sacrifice" by Jesus the Christ in order to be "saved". Each human must "save" self by learning from mistakes (so-called sins) and as a result, changing his or her thoughts and behaviours which results in an increase in consciousness. In this connection be aware also, that Jesus did not die on the Cross but was resuscitated and went to Damascus where he frightened the bejabbers out of Saul of Tarsus (St Paul) before going to india where he married and had children and lived to about age 115.

The difficulty JP has with the concept of the resurrection seems to centre upon the false notion of "the resurrection of the body". That didn't occur with Jesus as he didn't die but was resuscitated. The real meaning of the resurrection story is that the spirit that enlivens the physical body never dies but is eternal. Once created by the Creator an individual spirit cannot cease to exist except if that spirit, which is an individual MIND, chooses in full awareness and consciousness, to cease to exist. Apparently Lucifer made such a choice recently after having been adjudicated in the appropriate Nebadon jurisdiction. Lucifer apparently could not face the fact of his errors and  consequent necessary rehabilitation processes and chose uncreation.

In fact the spirit that enlivens our physical body ordinarily cannot 'die' and merely transitions into another dimensional realm when it ceases to overshadow and enliven our physical body, ie when the biological body ceases to function. We also need to remember that while it is enlivened by our spirit, the physical human body is constantly renewing itself from the divine energies surrounding us which create everything in the Cosmos. Thus a fully mature spirit can 'will' the renewal of the body s/he inhabits indefinitely, as a matter of choice. This means that in appropriate circumstances a human can live for hundreds or even thousands of years apparently retaining the same, albeit constantly renewing, biological body (meat suit). the Bible hints at this in the stories about Methuselah and Noah.

The truth is stated by Bruce Lipton:

We are very powerful. Our beliefs and attitudes [ie our minds] determine our growth, health and well being by determining what our genes will do. Some 95% of cancers arise without any apparent genetic predispositions. Our genes are generally very appropriate and oriented to keep us in good health. What happens though, is that because of stressful environments many people live in fear and their fears filter the actual signals from the environment and change them into signals requiring the body to create protective cell responses rather than growth responses throughout our bodies.  As our DNA is merely a transmitter and replicator, receiving signals from our perceptions of the environment, it does NOT control our biological being but rather it responds to signals created by our behaviour and  awareness and replicates proteins in accordance with that awareness. The DNA is a data base - a repository of blueprints. The choice of which blueprints the DNA (RNA) is to replicate comes from the signals emanating from the brain [And heart neurons.]. Sooo, since in essence we have only two basic orientations - Love and Fear - our physical makeup will tend towards growth  (love) or protection (fear). The truth is that WE, through our thoughts and beliefs, NOT our genes, determine our health and well being. Moreover, when the blood supply to the body's organs and brain are constricted by the fear induced "Fight or flight mechanism, we become LESS INTELLIGENT because the brain receives less blood. See:
Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception Parts 1-7-

By concealing the truth about reincarnation and out divine origins and destiny the Pharisees have made it easy for Talmudists and the Christian religious puppets they control, to instil fear of death into congregations. The truth is scientifically explained by Bruce Lipton. See eg: Bruce Lipton - Fear vs Love State and Stress's Effects on Your Body -

But I digress.

Jesus incarnated to teach divine truths lost and corrupted by Pharisees and others over millenia. He did not come to establish a religion or to sacrifice himself for our "sins", ie our mistakes made in learning about life the universe and everything in order to progress in knowledge, wisdom and spirit so that we can eventually progress through the Creation and meet with the Creator.

Each human being is gifted by the Creator with a unique mind and personality, ie a non material, eternal spirit mind. The assumption that we are merely physical beings has lead to the false idea that we are only our physical bodies whereas human beings are spirits having a physical experience in a temporary material meat suit. Because our spirit is enlivened by a fragment of Creator consciousness we are NOT our material bodies but merely experience physicality using them.

Thus the thoughts and feelings with which JP wrestles are the normal processes attendant upon spirit beings thinking about their existance while living in a material Cosmos and unaware of their divine origin, purpose and worth. Through our experiences in physicality we eventually learn the truth about our self and the material Cosmos, ie life, the universe and everything. This process involves a very long period of trial and error but there is no limit to the incarnations and length of time an eternal spirit can take in an eternal Creation in order to achieve AT ONE MENT with the Creator and Creation.

To get a realstic appreciation of the sincerity and depth of Jordan Peterson's soul and spirit I recommend watching and listening to the video entitled: Jordan B Peterson - Liberty University -

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