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Changing The Face Of Religion : Candace on Religion Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

The Disappearance of the Universe
By Candace
Jan 28, 2011 - 2:53:11 PM

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I am getting letters about the Course in Miracles.  This came today. And is followed by another that came after.

Hello Candace

It has been a long time since we have communicated, though I still read your site, and updates, and yes I am still waiting for some validation. So I like that you made the suggestion about A Course in Miracles for those still waiting.

Further to your suggestion for ACIM I found the book by Gary R Renard 'The Disappearance of the Universe' a useful read before some one starts the lessons, and as it is suggested the text be read before starting the lessons, I suggest the book be read for people to really get it. The book is a simplification of the message of what the course is trying to achieve in plain language any one can understand.  "J"

Candace: This is the link I got when I put the Title of the Book into google.  Just one part of the website of this man Gary Renard.  These are previews to the book which make for interesting reading.


The 2nd letter, from "I"

Hello Candace,
Interesting that both you and I got turned on to the Course  In Miracles about the same time.  I have had it and used it, studied it for years, but that does not mean I really "got" it.  Just sent this out today:

Hello My Dear Friends,
Today I wish to share with you something about "Miracles,"  which is something, a seeing, a perception of the truth that all is Divine.  According to the "Course In Miracles" it is our salvation and that of the world (those we see and know).
This fertile ground comes from a re-doing of the Workbook of the Course in Miracles book.  Some of you know I have been healing a stroke since last April, and most recently some very challenging situations with my teeth.  As you probably know already, if we have something in our bodies or lives that is not working divinely, there is something to be forgiven that we may or may not know about.  I have been doing the forgiveness in many ways for many years.
Many, including myself also have the knowledge that ALL are Divine (Love, Light).  And we know that most of our journey has not been experiencing this in ourselves or everyone; not able to see it because we were still coming from the misperception that their actions reflected what was true about them.  Thus we judged, hated, sought revenge, blamed, and unknown to us at the time, we did this to ourselves. These perceptions, negative emotions and how we saw things got lodged in every cell of the body, causing illness, injuries; and emotional upheavals, continuing the lie of separation.  And even though we may have said, "I forgive myself / I forgive you," it was only skin deep.
This past week, I have spent most of my time in deep focus, calling forth the  truth to manifest, the pain to go away, and all that I needed to help me get on the other side of this. Finally one day,  I screamed to the heavens, "I need a MIRACLE !"   That is when I realized I needed to get back into the  Workbook lessons in the book, "The Course in Miracles."  I had done the entire 365 lessons some years ago.
For those of you who have or might obtain the book, I will give references here, and believe me, if you allow and do the exercises in passionate intent, with the Master Jesus (Esu Sananda / Christ Michael /   Holy Spirit (no separation here),  you can be set free of all grievances and thus the results of them in your body and life.
I began again with Lesson # 77, on page 137, - "I am entitled to miracles."  That day my miracles included an awareness of what to do about my teeth, then later a loud pop in the back of my head, as the occipital cranial bone on the right side was adjusted into the proper place.  I sure felt that and was grateful.  My eyes right away began to better adjust in seeing together.
The next one, #78 on page 139 is "Let miracles replace all grievances."  In this lesson, we are taken  through the truth about our Divininity and that of all others; what grievances are, etc.  Then in a process given there, we are invited to state all our grievances against one person we choose to let go and free in ourselves.  Then we practice seeing that the light and love of the Christ is all that is true about them.
The power in this is the fresh (already known?) truth given with the power of the Word, and that we have Divine help to lead us through this.  Just takes our willingness and focus.  I did three people that day,and  there is a deep peace inside my fourth seal, and my body is hot in the places where love is purifying the grievances that were stuck there, and my teeth have stopped hurting.
It is also helpful with this particular lesson to also read the same in the TEXT portion.  This is found on page 166 +, " III. The Correction of Error."  (C.I.M. was first published in three books, so each section has its own pagination).     Key here is:  "To perceive errors in anyone, and to react to them as if they were real is to make them real  to you."     ...."The Holy Spirit in you forgives all things in you and in your brother."
So SHINE, baby SHINE !  It really is a DIVINE world IN there, in all, in you and in me....
Halleluiah !

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